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Energy Alert Update – Archangel Metatron

Greetings, over the next 48 hours the earth will be hit with a series of magnetic energies which could bring some testing periods for those who are still operating on a lower vibrational level. These energies not only affect the weather conditions of your planet, but more importantly they affect…


Improve Your Life with Guided Meditations

Meditation – For years, scientists, psychologists, and civilisations have been baffled by its apparent mysticism and viable healing powers. Origins of the spiritual practice date back to ancient China, when, in order to connect with a great power and receive a deeper understanding of life, the Buddha practiced the art under…

2014-02-20 13.52.49

Have you got yours yet?

Hi Glenn & Jill Received your parcel within 3 days of ordering – amazing thankyou. Wow!!!! is the only word – It’s beautiful, brilliant and an amazing tool. It has opened up my senses literally within a 2 day period, I am hearing quietly all sorts of things, people talking,…


Why Are We Getting Sicker?

She is 66. She is in tears on the phone. She tells me she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and they want to cut ‘it’ off in two weeks. What do  you say to a woman in distress like this, when she calls you for help? She knows…


Understanding Magnetic Flux Energies With The Help Of The Angels

Are you aware of how the universal magnetic flux affects the earth and our behaviour?   The universe is a thick soup of charged particles, which absorb and emit energies. These energies, like radio waves, are picked up by our pineal gland**which is located in the brain.  These particles are charged…


Magnetic Flux Energy Alert

Due to a change in the magnetic flux energies within our universe, some of the following symptoms may be felt over the next seven days. Lethargy, lack of energy Inability to focus/concentrate Headaches/Sensitivity to light Mood swings leading to feelings of depression Anxieties leading to nightmares/feeling insecure/restlessness If you experience…


Amazing Energy & Cosmic Activity Changes – What does March Have in Store For You?

With lots of energy changes and cosmic activity taking place, you need to be on your toes to make the most of March. See what you are currently attracting towards you during March with our Fate & Fortune Monthly Reading so that if you don’t like it, you have the…