It is time for you to embrace temperance. When you embrace temperance, you will discover a way to restore harmony and balance to your life.   The current energies are calling for you to stop living hectic lifestyles, that push your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies to the extreme. Is it any wonder you… Read More »

Your Life’s Purpose from the Voice of an Angel – The Archangel Gabriel Guided Meditation

Each of us struggles to find our life’s purpose. We seek it in our careers, our love lives, and, sometimes, in the wrong places.   The angels are here to help you discover everything you need in life. This includes your life’s purpose and mission.   The Archangel Gabriel communicates from a place that is… Read More »

Archangel Raphael – Clearing The Cluttered Heart

(Trance-channelled by Jill Harrison 11 Jan 2016) Beloved ones today consider the work and support your physical heart does to give you the opportunity to exist and experience life in a physical body. The doorway of your heart is forever taking in new experiences, new feelings, energies. Sometimes however, the heart can grow weary, in… Read More »


(Trance-Channelled by Jill Harrison 12 Jan 2016) When everything seems muddled or confused, take a moment to regain your clarity.  Often very little conscious thought is given to the amount of energy one expends and for what purpose. So busy in a never-ending list of tasks, responsibilities and chores, I ask you for today to… Read More »