Spiritual Workers Must Step Up To The Line

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Archangel Metatron: Greetings little one, your world is undergoing a lot of spiritual transformation and whilst worldly issues create great consternation, I would ask you to help others be aware for the need to begin Spring cleaning. By Spring cleaning, I mean that if humankind is to create a greater shift towards peace, love and truth, the next coming months will create experiences and opportunities for everyone to clear karmic debt, and clear away those issues which keep being avoided.

Due to the fluctuations of energies, the male species will experience feelings of being confined, unable to move forward. They will have great resistance to any form of discipline, or authority, so it can for some, herald a time of emotional upheaval. As the energies of the feminine begin to grow upon the Earth plane, females will feel the need to move forward, to overcome their fears and they will also no longer be willing to be confined, controlled or dominated.  This means that the battle of the sexes will be prominent in your world, as the new way of love and understanding breaks down the old patriarchal energies, built on fear and control.

You have to understand that many humans are still resistant to embracing change, and the energies that are going to occupy your world for the coming next four months, will create behaviour patterns that may be extreme. For those with little emotional intelligence, you may see symptoms such as emotional swings between feelings of hurt, not being appreciated, resentment, a need for retribution, and anger releases.  Unfortunately, this may mean in some areas of the world there will be a mass explosion of anger directed toward one or more parties of people.  To avoid these experiences, one must face one’s own dark demons of the past. The heart must be broken open, so all the wounds, can be released into the universe and absorbed by God, light, the one-conscious energy.

Whilst those who are negative will read my words negatively, I wish to emphasise this is a wondrous opportunity for healing on many levels to take place. To accept and receive this healing, all that is required is that you pray and confess your truths, and then begin to build your life only on truth. No more lies. No more denials. Just plain truth of who you are and where you are at.  From this place, you then release your fears and step into accountability. When you have accountability, you then have at your disposal, power to control your own destiny and the destiny of your countries and your world.

The vast difference in education standards will become very apparent, and this will create an opportunity for everyone to realise the need for investment in emotional intelligence, not just academic education. Diversity within people will be very much at the forefront of being able to move forward.

Many government illusions will be revealed over the next four months. Those who have sought to deceive for their own personal gain will find the truths revealed.  In particular, that of human trafficking and the governments who gain from promoting war, disease and enslavement.

If change for the greater good is wanted, all spiritual workers must unite and make the truth known to those who are ignorant of the corruption around them. The continued process of promoting addictive behaviours within the mass consciousness,  is aimed at creating separation at its most critical point; that of the family unit.  Unfortunately this year, there will be a greater rise in the number of sexually transmitted diseases, and crimes against women and children will rise to an all time high.  The younger generation will be targeted to escape reality, through encouragement of gambling, drugs, promiscuity and violence.

Am I telling you this to make you feel depressed and helpless?  No, I am telling you this so that you can become aware of the challenges you face, so you are prepared and equipped to handle the truth and overcome the plight of your planet.

If you are to overcome the changes, and finally remove the old patriarchal ways which have ruled you and kept you enslaved, you must place emphasis on maintaining a strong sense of family. It is your responsibility to create a strong family unit, built on love and strength.  History has taught you all, that if you continue in your denial of the truth, society as a whole can and will break down.

However, the number of spiritual beings on the Earth-plane is now stronger than ever, and growing, to the point where you can turn everything around, and overcome the years of systematic abuse and enslavement.

As spiritual beings, you must be willing to recognise that some people will never embrace change, or truth. You must learn to use your strengths to overcome oppression. Choose to support only those who you feel work in the light. Cease to be a part of anything that is attached to the old patriarchal methods of control and conformity. Those who work within the light, must seek to restore the Earth-plane back to its natural balance. They must seek to live in harmony with all things created.  In order to do this, you must seek to create a greater consciousness of the truth, for when you create this, you will have the ability to change the rules that bind you.

I would like you to adopt a mantra:- “truth must prevail”.  When you are faced with situations that appear to be not of the truth, call upon Archangel Michael and his legions of angels to help bring light and truth to the situation.  Consciously choose not to support anything that is grounded in negativity, fear, oppression and control. Embrace and accept that an invisible war is taking place, between fear and love. This year, you must choose which side you wish to take.

If you wish to overcome and avoid the negative energies, we would encourage you to completely eradicate media which seeks to draw you into fear and confusion. We ask you not to be drawn into reality television, gossip and soaps, which keep you focused on lower energies, and stops you focusing on the need for change.  For a moment, I would ask you to consider what would happen if everyone in your country stopped watching, listening, reading or purchasing news for just one week. This would create mass confusion in your governments, and those who seek to control you. Begin to realise the strength in mass consciousness. What would happen if all of you refused to purchase fuel for your cars until such times as it benefited everyone?  Can you begin to see how you have the ability to create change now, you do not have to wait, all you need to do is unite and decide what needs to be eradicated and doesn’t serve all.

For too long now there have been too many light-workers who are not prepared to roll up their sleeves and become an active beacon of light to inspire others of the need for change. The new energies that are going to affect your planet are calling for all spiritual light-workers to take a stance against negative energies and raise the vibrations of the planet. Meditation is one way of helping, but there also needs to be a collective determination, to now talk about oppression and control. Lift your hearts and minds. It is time for spiritual communities to bring healing to the world.

Many of you seek our help without wanting to meet us half way. You must step up to the front line, and for those of you who do, we will support you with everything you need to create a better world for you all, and your children. If you want change beloved ones, then you mustn’t just sit and wait for it to happen. You must reclaim your spiritual courage, move through your fears, and claim your spiritual heritage to live in joy, love and prosperity.

Make a pledge to shun all negativity and fear. Seek to stand only in truth, love and light. Do not be complacent. No more excuses. Utilise your ability to alter energy. Focus on creating energy which is based on truth, and the universe will help you all heal yourselves and the world. You live in a time of great change. To experience it, it is now time for you to become that change.

Be of the light, and live in truth,

Archangel Metatron

Which spiritual skill is your strongest?

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If you want to develop your ability to communicate with spirit it is very important that you understand which spiritual skill you are strongest in.

Many people make the mistake of trying to see spirit and become very despondent when they can’t see.  But have you ever realised that if your biggest skill is being able to sense spirit, and you’re focusing upon trying to see spirit, then you will be missing all the messages from your guides and angels?

If you’re not sure of what your spiritual strengths are, take a look at the list that follows and try to identify which is your strongest, and which is your weakest areas.

We all have within us spiritual strengths. By understanding our spiritual strengths we’re able to connect to our spirit guides and angels more effectively.

No one spiritual strength is better than any other. Once you’re able to identify your spiritual strengths, you will be able to look to developing that strength, to enable you to progress along your spiritual pathway.

Clairvoyance – Someone who possesses clairvoyance as their main spiritual strength, is a visual person.  They learn best by being visually stimulated rather than through hearing or touch. They have the unique ability to view life from another person’s point of view.  Clairvoyants tend to be optimistic people who have the ability to see outside the box, for creative answers.

Clairaudience – Someone who possess clairaudience as their main spiritual strength will find their inspiration through thoughts and ideas in their head.  Those with clairaudient abilities are born leaders, and have a tendency to want to forge ahead.  At times they can appear aggressive, but this is because they have a thirst for knowledge and crave achievement.

Clairsentient/Healing – Those with healing as their main spiritual strength will be sensitive to others feelings.  They have a tendency to want to heal situations, or make a difference.  They are great at understanding how a person feels and tend to work in areas that are service orientated.

Prophecy – Those with prophecy as their main spiritual strength tend to be orchestrator’s; able to handle a wide range of tasks at any one time and also good at promoting and inspiring others into action.

Which is your strongest gift?


  • Has inner hunches or knowing about the future.
  • Often sees things others can’t.
  • Has the ability to see outside the box.
  • Accomplished in their chosen profession.
  • Has a creative eye.
  • With training, can channel spirit.
  • Tends to be artistic and philosophical.
  • Likes to be involved with others and is inquisitive.
  • Enthusiastic about new projects.
  • Has empathy for all things.
  • Has strong morals.
  • Good at taking charge.
  • Multi-talented.
  • May use dreams to prophesy future events.
  • Has strong intuition.
  • Quick to learn and understand things.
  • Can be flamboyant and dramatic.


  • Very visual person; thinks in pictures.
  • Positive person who likes beauty and harmony.
  • Tends to see things from all angles.
  • Good at seeing people for what they really are.
  • Has empathy and compassion for others.
  • Likes to help people fulfil their potential.
  • Good at organising things.
  • Is able to lead people to success.
  • Has a thirst for knowlegde.
  • May see colours or aura’s around people.
  • Intelligent, quick off the mark.
  • Can see between the lines.
  • Wants to be noticed and make a difference.



  • Listens to the thoughts and inspirations inside the head.
  • Likes to be in charge.
  • Likes things short and sweet.
  • Good at helping others with spiritual growth.
  • Overcomes obstacles through persistance.
  • Respects themselves and others.
  • Calls a spade a spade.
  • Empathic towards others feelings.
  • Quick to make decisions.
  • Doesn’t like to be told what to do.
  • Likes things short and to the point.
  • Very strong when challanged.
  • Good at influencing others.
  • Change agent, doesn’t like to stick to the status quo.



  • Also known as a healer.
  • Intuitively knows how others are feeling.
  • Serene and unassuming.
  • Able to tell when someone is upset.
  • Likes to touch people to make a connection.
  • Good at making others feel better.
  • Will be sociable and have many acquaintances.
  • Has a very caring considerate attitude.
  • Tends to be drawn to humanitarian themes.
  • Happiest when working with their hands.
  • Always tries to have deep meaningful relationships.
  • Deeply intellectual.
  • Puts others before themselves.
  • Generous to a fault.
  • Finds abundance in simple things.

If you’d like to learn more about discovering your spiritual gifts, and how to work with them to develop yourself, you may benefit from attending our Archangel Therapy Master Class Level 1. To discover more about this class just click here.

Creating an Angel Sanctuary

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In the hectic day-to-day lives we lead, it is very hard to sometimes make time for spirituality and just as importantly to find a place where we can access peace and harmony.   In the old days, many people would find sanctuary by going to church. The churches offered a place with little distraction, and just by stepping into the area, people would often just feel a greater connection to God and peace.

In modern times, not everyone is religious, and neither can we sometimes make the time to go to our local spiritual centre, so have you considered creating an angel sanctuary at home?

An angel sanctuary is not about worshipping angels, it is about creating a sacred space, one where as soon as you enter into the sacred space you can just connect with inner peace and open yourself up to spiritual communication.

When I teach people about setting up a sacred spare, one of the first hurdles I get is, I don’t have enough space at home. However, there are ways around this, you don’t need a great deal of space. You can even create an angelic sanctuary with just a tray. Alternatively, I often recommend you visit your local store and purchase yourself a 6 foot diameter rug. This, like a yoga mat, can be opened and rolled up to suit your day-to-day requirements.

Even having just a spiritual mat, will help you to create the perfect vibrational meditation area to help you connect with your angels.

Some people like to create an angel alter to help them focus more clearly on their angel or Archangels. Your sanctuary can be anywhere you like. Indoors or outdoors. So don’t feel limited to what you can and can’t do.

Any of the following can be used to create an altar:-

  • A table
  • A shelf
  • A cupboard.
  • A tray.
  • A box.
  • A drawer.
  • A corner plot of your garden.
  • A garden shed or summer house.

The whole idea of an angel alter, is to use items to inspire you and help you to feel connected with your angels.  Gather together a collection of items that are significant to you and place them on your altar. For example:-

  1. Place a piece of fabric onto your altar.
  2. Place something that is symbolic of angels in the centre of your altar, maybe a statue of an angel, a card with a picture of an angel on it, or an angel pin.
  3. You may want to place on the altar a particular crystal associated with the angel you’re wishing to make contact with.  If you’d just like to connect with all angels, you could use a quartz crystal. Alternately if you’ve collected a pebble or stone from a memorable or sacred place, you could use that.
  4. You could also place a lit coloured candle or tea-light to help connect with your angels. Lit candles are good as they’re a natural source of energy which the angels can utilise to manifest themselves closer to you.

Other items you could use are:-

  • Fresh flowers.
  • Aromatherapy oils.
  • Angel cards.
  • White feathers.
  • Angel essence sprays.
  • Natural herbs/plants.
  • Incense.
  • A small water feature.
  • Photographs of anyone whom you wish to ask the angels to help or send healing to.
  • Play relaxing music or a meditation CD.
  • A small notepad, in case you receive angelic messages and wish to write them down.

Try to keep your angel altar clean and free from disturbance. If you’re burning candles or incense, ensure the area is safe and free of anything that may be flammable. Used regularly, you’ll find the energy vibrations at your altar will build over time, so eventually, just by entering your sacred space, you’ll feel calm, collected and in the presence of your angels.

Kabbalah Vibrational Sounds – Using sound vibration we can affect our consciousness and neural pathways so that we can connect to the frequencies of the angelic realm. If you commit yourself to using this method, you will find you have the ability to eliminate fears, negative emotions, and experience profound healing on all levels. This method is particularly useful when you have make a wrong decision or seem to be stuck in a cycle of bad luck.

HEY – ZAYIN – YUD (pronounced heh – ziyeen -yud)

Use this phrase like a mantra to access the network of angels for healing, guidance and upliftment.

If you’d like to know more about connecting with the angelic realm, take a look at our wonderful range of trance-channelled guided meditations which have been given by the archangels and ascended masters to help you connect with them and raise your vibrational energies. To view our development meditations just visit our meditation website http://www.AngelGuidedMeditations.com

Archangel Raphael Healing & The Emerald Ray

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The wonderful thing about angels and archangels is there are no specific days, times, astrological signs needed to work with any particular angel.  All you need to do is, call in prayer to the specific Archangel and ask them for help with whatever your issue is.

Archangel Raphael works in many different fields of healing. In particular colour healing. Colour Healing, in other words using colours like energy can help us to improve our well-being. You may notice there are some colours which you are drawn to more than others. There will also be some colours that you shy away from as much as possible.

All colours carry energy vibrations and utilising these energies you can with the help of Archangel Raphael heal and bring about transformation within the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

During meditation if you visualise the colour emerald green coming down from the heavens and into your physical body, you enable the body to regulate and balance itself. Bringing emerald green into the heart chakra will help you to heal inabilities to show or receive love.  What a lot of people are unaware of is that Archangel Raphael will help you heal any limitation or blocks with your third eye.

You can call upon Archangel Raphael to help develop your third eye chakra. Give him permission to use the Emerald Ray to remove any feelings of being separate from spirit and any limiting beliefs that inhibit you from being able to use your third eye.

Archangel Raphael’s energies are very strong and powerful, like Archangel Michael’s and yet at the same time they are very peaceful and healing too.

A lot of people are unaware that Archangel Raphael will help them heal environmental issues, relationships and heal negative energies. To embrace the energies of Archangel Raphael, you can also incorporate the colour emerald green into your wardrobe. Perhaps wear a scarf or carry an emerald ribbon to help you keep an awareness of your connection with Archangel Raphael.

Once of the major lessons Archangel Raphael likes to help us with is embracing universal love and self-acceptance. In order to heal ourselves, Archangel Raphael  advises us that it is best to work on healing at the etheric level first.  If this is something you haven’t done before you may well benefit from the trance-channelled guided meditation Archangel Raphael gave us to specifically help people do this, details are below if you’re interested.

If you want to experience the beautiful healing energies of the emerald ray for yourself but aren’t sure how to ask, you may like to use my short request below:-

I call upon Archangel Raphael to draw close. Today Archangel Raphael I open my heart, my soul to receive the healing flow of the emerald ray. I give you permission Archangel Raphael to release all negative thoughts, doubts and fears which inhibit my ability to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. I am willing to receive the healing emerald ray and your assistance now. Thank you.

I then just sit quietly in meditation. If you’re not very good at meditation, you can request healing whilst you sleep. If you do ask for healing whilst you’re sleeping remember to ask Archangel Raphael help you remember the experience of the Emerald Ray, so that in the morning you can explore how you feel and any prophetic dreams you had.

If you want to receive Archangel Raphael healing, check out our trance-channelled guided healing meditations here

Healing & Protecting with Archangel Seraphiel

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Sometimes when we have had a hectic period where we have had a lot of challenges to deal with, lots of people entering our home; its best that we make time to clear and release all the energy that has built up around us and in our home.  One of the ways we can do this, is to use crystals to clear stagnant energies, geopathic stress and negative energies from our lovable, but mumping and moaning family or friends.

I often recommend that rather than investing in lots of specific crystals, it is best to purchase every time you’re at a mind, body, spirit fair, small clear quartz points. They needn’t be large. Infact, small ones are best in my opinion, because they enable you to make sacred geometric shapes to enhance your meditations, healing and clearing intentions.

Start if you can, with a minimum of 12 small clear quartz. Remember that the darker the crystal, the lower the resonance (energy) it emits. In this instance because we want to clear energies, higher resonance crystals like Amythest, Rose Quartz and clear quartz will effectively help you.

Sit yourself down in the middle of the room. Place the 12 small clear quartz points around you in a circle like a clock. Close your eyes and then take a nice deep breath in. Close your eyes and call upon Archangel Seraphiel to overlight and help you clear and cleanse yourself and the room you are in. When Seraphiel draws close you should feel a change in energy around you and a wonderful sense of peace, as though you have just been wrapped in a blanket. You’ll feel very relaxed and safe. Seraphiel often also likes to caress your face or the top of your head to confirm they are with you, but don’t worry if you don’t feel anything, with practice you will over a period of time, find your energies getting stronger and stronger each time you do this clearing process.

Now with your eyes closed, try to imagine a beautiful bright white light coming down from the sky and entering into the top of your head where your crown chakra is located. With each breath in, draw the white light into your heart and when it feels full of white light, ask Archangel Seraphiel and the angels of light to help you release all negative energies held in your body and this room. As you breath out, imagine and feel the white light coming out through your chest and completely bathing the room in pure white light. Continue to pull in white light energy and push out through the chest on the out breath white light, and when the room is completely filled with white light, take as long as you would like, to feel the energies being released and cleansed. You can also utilise this time to release any pent up emotions.

When you feel that all the energies have been cleansed and cleared, imagine the pure white light turning into an iridescent rainbow, feel the multi-colours of the rainbow flowing down into the crown chakra, into your heart and out into your home. Ask the angels now to assist you in embracing and feeling their energies and give them permission to heal any aspect of yourself which requires healing. As that your will be aligned to divine will. You may sit and receive these beautiful energies for as long as you would like.

When you are ready open your eyes and give thanks to the Archangel Serpahiel and the Angels of Light for their assistance. Drink some water to ground yourself and then when you feel ready, rinse your crystals in some water to cleanse and clear them too.

If you’d like to experiment with different crystals, you may wish to try this meditation whilst holding one of the following crystals in your hands. Try to keep a journal, so you can have a record of which crystals were most effective in helping you connect with the angelic realm.

1.    Angelite

2.    Aquamarine

3.    Danburite

4.    Morganite

Until next time, remember to check out our website for further guided meditations to help you in your spiritual and personal growth. You can view all our meditation CD’s/MP3’s and Cleansing Soul Sprays at www.AngelGuidedMeditations.com

Until next time, be of the light

Pork: To die for – Archangel Metatron Channelling

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Archangel Metatron: Greetings little one, you have asked for further insight as to why pork is not suitable for human consumption, and therefore, I feel it is important for you to understand that swine flesh is at the root of many of the ailments the human body is afflicted with.

The flesh of a swine contains many worms, parasites and toxins. A swine will eat anything that is put before it, including its own excretia, and even dead carcasses of its young. This means that within the flesh, there is an excessive amount of mesenchymal mucus. By eating this flesh, which is very similar to the flesh of a human, you confuse your auto-immune system, thereby programming your immune system to attack itself. This leads to swelling, and deposits of mesenchymal mucus, in and around tendons in the physical body, thereby creating the conditions you call arthritis, rheumatism and other auto-immune diseases.

(Glenn’s comment: You can check this above information out with many similar reports on the internet. The list of auto-immune diseases is massive, from Alzheimer’s to Wilson’s disease; alphabetically. The mesenchymal mucus leads to swelling and deposits of mucus in tendons and cartilage which cause firm human tendons and ligaments, to be replaced by the pig’s soft mesenchymal tissues, and degeneration of human cartilage.)  

The swine is biologically similar to a human; therefore many diseases are shared by both creations. As an example, if you look at medical research, you will find that pig insulin is often used as a substitute for human insulin. Swine, like humans, are intelligent creatures, and they do the land much service by filtering out many toxins that would otherwise poison the lands.

Only animals that eat a vegetarian diet are healthy for humans, due to their slow digestive process. The swine has a very fast digestive process, which is not effective at removing toxins from what it has eaten. Humans who eat swine-flesh are prone to absorbing these toxins, thereby creating acrid body odour and obesity.

(Glenn’s comments: When toxins are difficult for the immune system to get rid of, the body engulfs them in fat and deposits it around the body.)

When it comes to shellfish, again recognise they are scavengers of the sea, and as such, their purpose is to cleanse the sea of bacterial and viral contamination. In particular, now due to the heavy pollution of the seas, shellfish are prone to very high toxic levels of mercury and industrial contaminants. The health implications of this are extremely disastrous for humankind.

Recognise that the guidance given to you is because God, light, the one-conscious energy who created you, knows the best way of sustaining physical functionality. Although you cannot always comprehend our guidance, it is important to recognise that there is a very valid reason for our guidance, for it is our intention is to help you be free of disease, and rid humankind of suffering, and at worst premature death.

I hope this helps you Jill.

Blessings. Archangel Metatron

(Glenn’s comments: go to www.youtube.com and search ‘pork and coke’. Then do a Google search for ‘dangers of pork’. Then see if this link is still available:


Creation is constantly evolving and changing

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Greetings! I AM Ascended Master Melchizedek, and I come forth to speak with you this day, for I know that you seek answers to questions regarding the tapestry of light; and whilst I may be able to shed some light upon your questions, it is important to know that the desire to know God, in particular the mind, the thought of God; this is not something which in your current human form, and level of consciousness, you can fully conceive.

I am an orchestrator of light, working together with Archangel Metatron. We help form and maintain harmonic light radiation and energy, which we refer to as the breath of God, so that all energies of creation are in balance. Whilst in human form, it is very difficult to see and feel the inter-dimensional vibrations of God’s consciousness. Yet, when you look around you, the essence of God is there in all creation for all to see. Every creation holds and radiates light, and this is how you are known to us. When you are together, we watch and are aware of the interweaving of those light radiances of your Divinity.

Together with Archangel Metatron, we maintain your physical environment, your universe’s environment and the underlying matrix of energy for all God’s creations.

Jill: When you say all of God’s creations, do you mean other universes?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: Yes and even beyond that.

Jill: What do you mean, beyond that?

Ascended Master Melchizedek:  Beyond the universes, are pinpoints of light and vibration which are bringing into existence new dimensions, new planes of creation. With each level of creation, there are Archangels who work for the greater good of all.

Jill: I wanted to learn about the hierarchy of our universe and wondered who was who, and in what order.

Ascended Master Melchizedek: Remember that it is very difficult for you to perceive and understand in your current manifestation, that there is no hierarchy. There are different dimensions, but yet they are intrinsically the same. One cannot exist without the other. Within the beauty of the cosmos and its galaxies, our understanding of the greater good means, each role, each duty performed, is for all, so each role is just as important as any other.

Perhaps in order to understand us better, know that our whole purpose is created from love and desire to serve others. Our breath, our energies, understand that when we radiate, emanate energy. We sustain, enlighten and assist others, and yet, in doing so, we create harmony and experience the beauty of God’s creations. In your physical reality, humans have turned away from this, when you look, each human seeks to serve only the self, without a thought for others. When one seeks to serve the self, the energies transform to negative energies, because there is nothing to sustain and feed the positive energies. When this happens, the desire for dominance and power grows. This in turn creates the need to do whatever needs to be done, to serve the self; thereby creating energies that will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to maintain the welfare of one. The desire to serve just the self is not in harmony with the laws of creation, and it is this that creates the cruel and unpleasant experiences in life.

When a soul seeks to serve only itself, many hard lessons must be learnt. This is where the creation of evil arises. Many believe the evil exists outside of God, but it is a necessary energy, so that through absorption of experience, one can understand, and through ‘free-will’ choose a more harmonious existence. Just like sometimes a child has to touch a fire to understand the experience of pain of being burnt, so too must some of you experience evil.

Evil is born into being through the desire to serve only the self. Nature, the world around you, tries to teach you the importance of give and take. We understand that in giving, lies true power, true happiness, for we all share together joy, love, peace, and we rejoice that God has given us the gift of existence.  Sadly there are hardly any souls in human form who are willing to sacrifice themselves.

Jill: Sacrifice themselves? Do you mean die?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: No! Remember that physical death is not the end. Sacrifice is to know within yourself, that the greater good of the world is more important than serving the self. Sacrifice doesn’t mean you lose everything. It means you honour God, knowing that in serving others, you become Divine. For those of you who have read your Bibles, Jesus taught of giving, of serving others. It is sad that even now, you all have not taken the quintessential points, that if you truly wish to have happiness and harmony, you must serve each other. Jesus came to teach all of you that when you give, you become free. Every day, God gives you warmth, light, and energy from the Sun. At night you are given the moon to reflect upon your day.  Many of you seek to be spiritual, but you are not, for you only seek to serve the self.

When you go to church, to a spiritual meeting, you may kid yourself that you are there to learn, but you show your true desire to serve the self through the need to gain recognition from others. You seek to attract attention. You seek to take knowledge and then use this for yourself, as a way of showing dominance, up-manship over others.  The desire to serve the self seeks to tell others of what you know, as though you are the most important.  When this happens, we see a pale shadow of light, instead of the beautiful light, colour, movement and sound, of those that give. Spirituality means to give of the self, purely to help others.  Within each and every one of you lie a trillion aspects of strength, love and beauty.  Seek only to share knowledge when asked for it, for this is a sign that a student is ready to learn.

Within the space-time continuum of your universe, there are those souls who are content to live a life of simplicity. There are those who seek to understand thought, to understand existence, and to understand God.  There are limitless possibilities open to each of you, but if you seek the pathway of happiness and true understanding of God, seek to serve others, as we do.

Within the solar systems, galaxies, universes, there is magnificence which are mere reflections of God’s imagination. Colours, energies, light, sound, vibration; each existing in pure geometry. Everything exists as a whole. Each layer of energy requires the other to exist. You are all part of this existence.  The Parable of the Unjust Steward speaks of this. Understand that there is a lot more happening than you can perceive.

Jill: So if you don’t have a hierarchy, how do you know who should be doing what?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: Each Archangel and Ascended Master assigned to your universe has a particular office, for their energies of service support. They are created with specific energies to serve, not just humanity, but also the different dimensions of creations in a particular quantum field.  This means that each Archangel or Ascended Master has the ability to work, not just dimensionally, but also inter-dimensionally.

Jill: So where do angels come into this?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: Each angel is assigned, similarly to the Archangels. It is considered an honour to work within particular energy fields, and help maintain energy balances within that particular office.

Jill: So what office do you have?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: I have the honour of supporting God’s consciousness from a molecular perspective. Every atom, molecule, microcosm and macrocosm I have knowledge of. Every form of creation holds a soul, and it is on this soul level, together with Archangel Metatron, that we serve God.  Each molecular structure is held in form through consciousness. Each form holds and radiates geometric form, and each form creates a prism of light which reflects back to God. Everything created is constantly changing, like watching a film unfolding. Each change creates new geometrical forms, and I am responsible along with Archangel Metatron for balancing these changes.

Jill: Is there anything God has created, that is finished, and remains as it was originally created?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: No. Everything in the universe is evolving and altering.

Jill: So from this, would I be right in believing that Archangels and Ascended Masters are evolving and changing too, even God?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: Yes. Each facet of light is moving, building, shaping and re-shaping itself. Each form is in a constant state of change.

Jill: This is brain-aching to try and understand. If I understand what you are saying correctly, it sounds like we will never have all the answers. We will never find this ‘thing’, fill this ‘ache’ inside of us, to understand, to make sense of our existence. The more I ask, the more daunting it becomes, I just don’t get what it is we are supposed to be, supposed to do, and most importantly why?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: You are not meant to. That is not what matters. Within all creation lies consciousness. You are God. I am God, and you are in existence in a particular form. You are God consciousness, the I AM that I AM. You have the ability through consciousness to exist in any concept you wish. In your current form, you are experiencing the ability to create. Each day you show a different expression of who you are, and this light, this energy, reflects back to God. Everything is so intricately created. It is so beautiful that you cannot conceptualise this. Just as your mind is not blank, neither is Gods. As you continue to build upon your knowledge, your experience, so too does God.

Your current physical life offers you the opportunity to infuse your expression of self within the world. You all seem so unaware of this. You blindly accept life is this way, or that way, and it is so far removed from the truth. You are evolving constantly, and if you are evolving, you can alter for better, or worse, the experiences and level of joy you have within your life.

You are an illuminated soul with your own form, your own beauty. All of you are so incredible. You all have the ability to serve each other, and create a light so bright. This is what you should be rejoicing in. Life is not about focusing on the destination, it is about embracing the wonderful opportunity to express your consciousness, open yourself to the magic of intention, energy and creation. As you travel the highway of energies, each energy is a world within a world to be explored. Your existence is a gift, a gift without boundaries. You can expand if you wish, or remain as you are.  You can exist to create more light, or you can exist to decrease light. You can be all you want to be, or you can be as you are, but what you will always be, is an important prism of light, in the infinite whole.

Blessed be.

I AM Ascended Master Melchizedek.

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© 2005 Jill Harrison. All Rights Reserved.

Shifting Your Attitude – The Sacral Chakra

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  • Do you have a poor self-image?
  • Are you taken for granted in your relationships?

Having an ineffective sacral chakra means we carry a poor self-image and this seriously affects all of our relationships. For example, within the professional environment, if you don’t appear confident and value your worth, it is highly probably that your employer won’t value you, nor will they think you are capable of a role with greater responsibilities.

Chakra’s that are blocked, dysfunctional or over-active can all be healed. When you work upon your Sacral Chakra,  it enables you to leave your past behind. It allows you to release all the emotional scars which are behind your inability to be yourself.

Think about this, if we fail to work upon ensuring our sacral chakra is balanced, we will live far below the blessings of what spirit wanted us to have and enjoy. Not focusing on how important it is to consider your own needs first, can mean you deny those who you love the most, of having a very deep and meaningful relationship with you.


The Sacral chakra energies are associated with our sense of self, our sexuality. It is the area where you explore pleasure, sensuality, it’s about how you value yourself and your ability to have a relationship with yourself.

In all of my work, the one constant denominator I come across, which I believe is the cause of all suffering, is that we don’t love ourselves enough. I see so many people who are unfulfilled, unhappy and in short, just plain damn miserable with where they are in life and all this is because they don’t like who they are, what they have and the life they are creating for themselves.


During the ages of 8 through to 14, our sacral chakra comes into being. By this I mean, it begins to rotate, and as we learn to express ourselves, the experiences we have during that time, along with our initial puberty experiences, are what will dictate for the vast majority of people, their sense of self-worth and self-love throughout the remainder of our lives.

If our experiences during the age of 8 through to 14 are awkward, or, unpleasant, we will discover a whole host of issues which affect our ability to relate to others and the world around us.


Blocked/Dysfunctional Sacral Chakra

Symptoms associated with a blocked Sacral Chakra:-

  • Anorexia – very aware of body image and being fat.
  • Bulimia.
  • Tendency towards water infections.
  • Pain connected to lower joints, hips, legs, knees, feet.
  • Endometriosis/Polyps/Fibroids.
  • Infertility problems.
  • Lower back pain/sciatica.
  • Low sexual drive.
  • Inability to enjoy life/relax.
  • Lives in the head, doesn’t connect with the physical body.
  • Self-critical.
  • Stress.
  • Prone to emotional outbursts.
  • Feels as though everything is hopeless.
  • Manipulative.
  • Prefers to be alone.
  • Deceitful.
  • Overly affectionate.
  • Feels they don’t belong.


How your blocked/dysfunctional sacral chakra affects your professional and financial abilities:-

Your sacral chakra is about honouring the self, learning to let go and be yourself. If your sacral chakra isn’t healthy, you will find success and your ability to be financially secure hindered greatly. Why?  You will have difficulty expressing your needs, balancing the needs of others with the needs of self.

You will struggle to be creative, this means others will be under the illusion that you are a doormat, uninspired, easy to please and gullible. You will have great difficulty saying ‘No’ and then spend much time criticising yourself for not speaking up or out. You will tend to feel second best when in the company of others and not be inspired to make the most of your image, thereby limiting your professional and financial ability to get ahead.


How your blocked/dysfunctional sacral chakra affects your relating potential.

If your sacral chakra is blocked or dysfunctional, you may use sex as a bargaining tool. Often you either withhold sex to punish or manipulate. Alternatively you may use the enticement of sex to help you get what you want. You may use your sexuality to have power over the relationship. At other times, you will be disinterested in sex and have little desire for the opposite sex.

Symptoms of an over-active chakra can mean you will have great difficulty in sharing your stuff with others, because your stuff will represent your self-worth. When this happens it is because you have been programmed to believe that love is dependent upon what you have and do, instead of who you are. You may carry guilt and therefore find it hard to relax and just enjoy yourself.

You may feel the need to constantly prove yourself which means often you will compete with your partner and this will cause stress and disagreements.

You may also cause your partner great anxiety because you will rarely let on what you feel or want. This means your partner can spend a lot of time analysing and imagining what you may be thinking or feeling.

You will be apt to bring the barriers down very quickly if you’re hurt, as a way of protecting yourself thereby creating even more isolation. You will yearn for love and approval but will be so scared of rejection, you will not allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to a full loving and trusting relationship.


Over-active Chakra

Symptoms associated with an over-active sacral chakra:-

  • Nymphomania/Satyr mania.
  • Jekyll/Hyde personality.
  • Inability to settle and focus on any one particular thing.
  • Tends to have sex so they are liked and accepted.
  • Lower back and leg pain.
  • Prone to water infections.
  • Prostatitis.
  • Easily over-excited.
  • Flamboyant.
  • Gets bored very easily.
  • Emotionally draining on others.
  • Prone to cravings for gadgets, stuff, cloths, make-up, the latest trends.
  • Finds it hard to have an orgasm/ or has a constant need to orgasm.
  • Dominant.
  • Won’t listen to advice.

How your over-active sacral chakra affects your professional and financial abilities:-

The behavioural traits of an over-active sacral chakra are quite different from other chakra imbalances. If you have an over-active chakra’s you tend to be very glib, out-going and will often find yourself promoted, however due to the inability to pay attention to detail and your glibness, you will often find yourself being demoted, or being sacked.


Life lesson of the sacral chakra

It is your challenge to learn to balance polarities, in other words the needs of others, with the needs of self. You must learn the value of self-respect, self-love and self-worth. This chakra is all about empowerment and the fine balance of power for the betterment of all.


Suggested Therapies to help balance and heal the sacral chakra

  • Participate in a course on self-love/self-worth/soul empowerment.
  • Regular massages to encourage enjoyment of sensuality (Blocked)
  • Daily meditation until symptoms subside and behavioural changes can be seen.
  • Daily journalling of thoughts, feelings and recording of behaviour to re-examine alternative ways of dealing with situations.
  • Hypnotherapy.
  • Tantric Yoga/Dancercise
  • Colour Therapy/Chakra Sanctum (see below)



Additional Therapies You Can Use:

  • Aromatherapy/Essential Oils – The sacral chakra is connected with sensuality. Suggested essential oils are rosemary, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, juniper.
  • Crystal Healing – Amber, Citrine, Moonstone, Fire Opal, Fire Agate.
  • Sound/Mantra/Vibrational Tuning Forks – “Vam” (Tuning Fork D)
  • Nutrition – This chakra is stimulated by taste, therefore incorporate seeds, nuts, honey, exotic fruits, spices into your daily diet.
  • Colour Therapy – If dealing with a blocked/dysfunctional sacral chakra you need to utilise the colour orange.
  • It is interesting to note that studies show the colour most people have trouble relating to is orange, very few people wear orange clothing. Orange represents life, fun, sociability, sunshine, happiness, creativity and confidence.
  • In the event you have an over-active sacral chakra don’t use orange, instead utilise blue to help balance and subdue the excess energies.

Chakra Sanctum – Some people find it useful to create a chakra sanctum a place or part of the house where they can incorporate items/colours/aromas to help balance and treat any chakra issues.

We all use colour in our homes to help us feel at peace, safe and balanced. Take time to look at your rooms in your home, do they create stimulation, do their inspire, do they promote rest and relaxation? Ensuring you have the right colour and the right tone of colour is very important in helping you to create the right effect.

In chakra sanctums we use items to help connect us to archetypes, memories, goals, to create relaxation and meditation.


Chakra Sanctum ideas:-

  1. Orange Throw to represent warmth, joy, creativity.
  2. Citrine Shaped Heart to promote self-acceptance and self-love.
  3. Photograph of someone special to represent love.
  4. Photograph of your family to represent acceptance.
  5. A toy to symbolise playtime.
  6. A journal to write down feelings, emotions, wants and needs..
  7. A moonstone to represent the element of water, as a reminder to go with the flow.
  8. Ylang-Ylang oil to promote feelings of sensuality.


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Archangel Metatron

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Archangel Metatron is with Jill Harrison constantly and he has referred to himself as being the overseer of all Archangels, Ascended Masters and Angels. The way he differentiates himself, is by stating he is ‘after’ God, and everything else is ‘of’ God. He is the voice of God. In a recent conversation with Ascended Master Mary Magdalene, she referred to Metatron as God, in that she said if we want direction from God directly, we must speak with Metatron. I asked her if she meant Metatron ‘was’ God, and she replied with a yes. Technically, Metatron is a part of God, in that he is the voice of God which mediates to others.
I was watching a video presentation last night, about making videos, and the subject of ‘meta’ came up, which was explained as ‘after’ or ‘alongside’. I had a brainstorm. Meta-tron… after ? Then I started researching ‘tron’ which is ancient Greek for ‘an instrument’ (a voice is an instrument). Can you tell where this is going?
Some years ago I asked Metatron to explain why his name is different to other archangels, in that it isn’t an ‘el’. He was vague with his answer, telling me he is known by many names. Maybe, we weren’t yet ready for the answer.
Consider that ancient Greek may have been learned from the Ascended Masters and Archangels. Tron, is a Greek word with a number of meanings. I don’t accept the explanation many give, that tronus or thronus means throne, and so Metatron means ‘alongside the throne’ (alongside God).

Tron is used to affix to scientific words, like electron. An electron is a sub-atomic particle of energy. The Creator is energy. Light contains electrons and positrons and neutrons. Meta…tron.
What if…. Meta (after) tron (God)? What if, Tron, is the spiritual name of the Creator? We all have spiritual names. Mine is Yannai. It means ‘God will answer’. How do I know? Ascended Master El Morya told me.
What if we haven’t been told God’s name because the timing hasn’t been right? It may be too shocking for religious sects. Another meaning for ‘tron’ is matrix. God ‘is’ the matrix of everything.
In the film, Tron Legacy, Tron is depicted as God. We (Jill and I) are often told by the angelic realm that we are given these ideas for films, to prepare us for the future. Examples given were Star Trek and Star Wars.
Remember that the word God is also used to describe other things. Old English spellings of God, are Gud and Gad. What if that name simply came for describing all things that are good (gud). Good will prevail. Good in all things. Good is everywhere.
As Metatron said, he is after God… Meta (after) Tron (God)?
Watch this space. When I get the opportunity, I will ask.

Glenn Harrison


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Every answer to every question we have lies within us. The voice inside, the feeling in our gut and in our bones is our intuition. Intuition is another human sense. Today Archangel Michael asks that we make time to listen to ourselves. We are being fed so much information that tells us what to do, how to feel and what to think. We are so busy doing and distracting ourselves with tools of escape in our spare time that it is easy to forget to stop and just be with the self. Archangel Michael asks you to stop, be still and feel the truth within you. Have faith in yourself and take a moment to listen to our intuition, it will always steer you in the right direction.