Overcoming Intolerance – Archangel Haniel

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Today, consider if your experiences are asking you to learn the lesson of tolerance.  When we lack tolerance, the universe, will try to help your soul’s evolution by showing you aspects in others, which perhaps you may be failing to accept in yourself.  When one has a lack of tolerance, it is often programming from childhood that has taught you that this is something to fear, or not accept, as normal.  Whether your differences are racial, political, sexual, attitudes, tastes, when you are presented with feelings of intolerance, the universe is gifting you with the opportunity to embrace diversity.

Learn to de-personalise intolerant situations. You do not have to change your own opinions, beliefs, values, behaviour or actions BUT at the same time, if you expect this of others, you must also offer them the same in return.

In spiritual terms, everything is created equal. If you are faced with something that is intolerable, you must begin to recognise this is a spiritual message for you to begin healing yourself.

Peace and love cannot exist whilst ever you cling to your intolerances. Strive to create peace in intolerant situations, even if this means you must turn your cheek and walk the other way. As humans it is not always easy to love your fellow man, but your gift of free will, enables you to distance yourself from them.

Should you not be in a position to distance yourself from them, then tolerance and respect for them, their beliefs and values will create inner and outer peace. It will also mirror to them, the need to do the same for you. Only by confronting your fears, will you overcome intolerance. We, the angelic realm hope today, you will consider those intolerances you may have, and how you can begin to heal yourself.

When times are very hard, fill your environment with magenta coloured energy. Visualise it connecting with everyone in the room, yourself and ask for my help in cleansing the situation, so a balanced and accepting perspective can come into being.


Archangel Haniel


Connect and talk with angels

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How often do you find yourself saying “I wish I knew how to connect and talk with the angelic realm?”

Well now in just one day you can learn all about how to connect with the angelic realm and talk with them and more importantly have them communicate back to you.

This may seem strange but it is true, we have taught hundreds of people how to talk to the their angels and we can teach you too.

Why not consider giving yourself the gift of spiritual knowledge that will help you for a lifetime.

In our Archangel Therapy Master Classes we focus on showing you all the different ways in which your angels communicate with you. You will come away knowing your psychic strengths and weaknesses so you know which type of spiritual development will help you fast-track your development. Working with the angelic realm you will also discover what your challenges are at this present time and the life lessons that are being brought to you to help you advance your soul evolvement. You’ll come away with a personal meditation, guidance and self-help notes to assist you with your spiritual quest.

If you decide to attend level two the following day, you will discover and learn how to recognise Archangel Michael’s energies and the different areas you can call upon Archangel Michael for. Develop a relationship with Archangel Michael so you can feel Archangel Michael with you. We will also focus upon Archangel Michael healing tools so you can work on your personal development as well as helping protect and heal others with Archangel Michael.

In the afternoon you will connect and work with Archangel Gabriel to rediscover your life’s purpose. You will look at how Archangel Gabriel can help you advance your psychic ability and the tools you can utilise to help you see, feel or hear spiritual guidance.

Benjamin Franklin once said “You may delay, but time will not”  Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity, the sooner you attend, the sooner you can receive angelic guidance you can understand and act upon.


Someday is not a day of the week

For further details click here


The Power of Tarot

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The tarot since its creation has been something mysterious, frightening and fascinating. Around the world many people use this fabulous tool as a way of seeing future events and gaining insight into what is happening at this moment in time.

How to read tarot cards.

One of the misconceptions of the tarot, is that when something in the future is shown, it is often predicted as something that will definitely occur in the life of the person you are reading for. The angelic realm’s take on this is, this is WRONG. The tarot is merely a guideline of what is currently about to occur. Used as a tool to help you make better informed decisions and have the ability to change your thoughts, actions and situations knowing how to read tarot cards can change your future. 🙂

Let us say, Mr B comes for a reading and six months down the line, the tarot reveals loss of fortune, some readers will tell Mr B, he will lose his money. Some won’t tell him the truth and just say everything is going to be OK. If we tell Mr B, he is going to lose his money, he will focus on this and his thoughts will create his reality. However, if we look at the cards and advise Mr B that he ‘runs the risk’ of losing his money, we give him the opportunity to rectify his current situation thereby ‘minimising’ or ‘removing’ this situation altogether.  Mr B has the option then to take control of his life, seek professional financial assistance and overcome what ‘could’ potentially be a very unhappy time in his future.

Learning to read the tarot can be a very exciting and useful skill to have, particularly when your emotions are over-riding common-sense. They can also make your own advice more credible, because people can see the pictures of their life unfolding before their very eyes.

Many people learn to read the tarot by memorising what the card means from a book that either came with their cards, or further book purchases. Unfortunately, this can make your readings very one-dimensional. Why? If you read for three people who are friends, and every one of them draws the same cards, but just in a different layout, they are still going to end up with a very similar reading, which doesn’t do your credibility any good, nor does it instil confidence in them to believe what you’ve just said, or return to you.

Learning to read the cards intuitively is a must, because there are so many different ways in which the tarot can help you and spirit to convey the right message and guidance. Tarot cards can help open up your medium-ship abilities. Tarot cards can help to build your own confidence in your clairsentience, clairvoyance or clairaudient skills. They can offer healing guidance, not just physical or spiritual matters if one knows what the spiritual symbols are and how they offer a prescription to treat the issue or symptoms.

If you’d like to master the tarot cards in a multi-dimensional way, check out my Intuitive Tarot Master Class

What is Pleiadian Healing

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Pleiadian healing is a highly advanced form of spiritual healing that works on a multi-dimensional level . It steps outside of reality, space and time as we know it, working on much higher planes of existence than other healing practices which humans currently utilise. It is really only limited by the thoughts and beliefs of the Pleiadian Healer who is channelling and receiving Pleiadian energies.   

Why should I consider learning Pleiadian Healing? 

This year, we are in the midst of a very important energy shift. Globally, energy changes are taking place and utilising Pleiadian Healing means that you will be able to offer assistance to humanity and help with the strong limitations and fears which many people are feeling tied to.

All of us will face over the coming months, transcendence and transformation as the world enters a chaotic phase of re-creation. At a time when many humans have feelings of immense confusion and fear of what the future holds, Pleiadian healing will help you to utilise esoteric Lemurian/Atlantian and Egyptian healing skills which have helped humankind evolve and grow. Pleiadian Healing will show you how to move beyond the limitations of our 3D world and effect healing that affects the whole of the physical, emotional and spiritual body helping it to return to a state of homeostasis. 

Pleiadian Healing is limitless when it comes to the scope of healing skills, but it incorporates, energy transference healing, psychic surgery, energy/alien implant removals, DNA restoration, spinal karmic record removal to name but a few of the classifications involved with this type of healing.

Would you like to:- 

·         Be open to new ways of achieving enlightenment, guidance and self-realisation?

·         Change your life for the better?

·         Discover new ways of spiritual exploration?

·         Quickly remove old programming and beliefs?

·         Connect with your higher self more easily?

·         Awaken to a new way of living?

If you wish to cast off the shackles of fear, anxiety and understand your higher purpose, then our Pleiadian Healing master class will help you to remove those conscious implants society has placed upon you, which restricts you operating on the love and light frequency, and achieving realisation.

This Pleiadian Healing Master classes offer you the opportunity to rediscover who you are, so you can accelerate your own evolution.

Pleiadian Healing will bring you many paradigm shifts (a radical change in somebody’s basic assumptions about or, approach to something). If you’re ready to take the next step in your evolution and leave behind old programming, then book yourself a place now.

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Important Energy Shifts for Indigos & Planetary Healers – Archangel Metatron

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Blessings, my guidance today is specifically for those who are attuned to the indigo vibration and planetary healers, for now those working upon the indigo gateway will experience a major transition and you will recognise it as a transient period which opens new doorways and encourages you to begin working towards that which you agreed to do, prior to incarnation.  Messages and impressions will now come to you through your dream state, and to help you, beings called the Travellers from distant universes will reach your consciousness and connect with you from a great distance. These travellers  are extremely tall light beings, do not be afraid of them, will not harm you. They have been specifically chosen to help  you fulfil your mission. Expansion of awareness on a holographic level will become clearer and as you tap into your soul’s mission, be prepared for others to feel you have changed and are not the person you once were. Do not concern yourself with others feeling, or saying, you are different. Just reassure them that you are still you. Healing energies will be extremely strong at this time and when healing others, they may experience a healing crisis, therefore try to harness and temper the strength of your healing when dealing with others.

New coding’s will  be given to you. You will find yourself in unique and unusual situations where you are there to help bring resolution and healing. This is a historic spiritual expansion programme that is about to take place.  Within the next month, many healers and indigo’s must unite on a mass consciousness level to bring about healing on an evolutionary scale. This means that during this time, many healers and indigo’s will be encouraged to disconnect from lower entities, individuals and situations which stress the energies within them and their environments. It is very important that you watch and listen, a period of solace and silence will help you pick up the signs of when and where you are to bring in the healing energies.

As your move onto July, these influential frequencies will dissipate, as the healing resonances that emit from your Auric and emotional bodies are anchored into Mother Earth.  Be careful at this time, to be discerning about the resonance energy from others, as others may well seek to steer you towards their cause. You must stay focused upon your own cause by sitting and sending healing into Mother Earth and consciously choosing to send loving thoughts and blessings to all things.  The travellers will help you stay on track. They are merely assisting you fulfil your role, you may well have to leave behind tasks or responsibilities you were dealing with on a physical level and resistance will only make matters worse.  As healers and indigo’s you are instrumental in helping the energies align, you are encouraged to relax your hold on the physical, surrender physical life concerns to God. Take hold of the reins which  you choose to hold and begin to work with the colour indigo, implant this into Mother Earth and weave this indigo light into a figure on eight, connecting the cosmic consciousness with the consciousness of Mother Earth and all who inhibit the planet. Some of you will be drawn to plant programmed crystals to create new energy portals and grids which will connect around the planet over a period of six months.  During this time, be very strict about the energy (food) you consume and get plenty of sleep 🙂

We thank those of you at this time for being part of a higher consciousness which is working towards creating open hearts and oneness in all things created.

Blessed Be

Archangel Metatron


Expand Your Healing Abilities – Take it to a higher level

If you’re already being affected by these energies, please share your experiences here, to help others who may be unsure of what they are getting.

Cosmic Vibrations – Archangel Jophiel

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Todays energies call for you to look to the sky, as  cosmic vibrations offer you a unique spiritual opportunity to look at the bigger picture of your life, where you are, and where you plan to be.  The energies from the cosmos offer you a change to feel re-energised, motivated and driven to do, see or experience things which will create lasting change in your lives. If you look at the skies when they are pure blue you feel a sense of calmness, openness, expansion.  Entering into this state of being enables you see what is flowing within your life and what you need to let go of.  Use the energies to today, make time to take a good look at your life from a higher perspective, a sky blue perspective. Do no judge and have compassion for yourself.  Make today a day for planning, initiatives and dreams, for what you believe and think on the inside will be manifested by the universe on the outside 🙂


Archangel Jophiel


Nurturing – Archangel Chamuel – Angel Message of the Day

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Beloved ones, even though your senses do not allow you to see it, you live in a multi-dimensional world which offers you opportunities and nourishment. It is essential that time is given to nurturing, for without it, you cannot possible be ready to embrace new experiences, opportunities and challenges. Nurturing isn’t about the odd day of relaxation, or an hour of doing something you like, whilst this may help, it isn’t what nurturing is all about. Nurturing is learning to live in the now, to experience every thing around you, as it is happening, so you gain a wondrous experience of joy, in the magic of life.

Women are particularly gifted when it comes to nurturing, they are used to experiencing the cycles of life, they are able to tap into their creativity and bear children. Part of a mother’s role is to nurture. Sadly, the one person they forget to nurture is themselves.  If you are finding it hard to find time for self-nurturing, if there are not enough hours in the day, after you have served everyone else, then you must become aware that your brain, needs a complete overhaul. You need to update your data bank, because you have forgotten the small print that is on your soul contract. Your soul contract states that you will take care of, and nurture, your physical, emotional and spiritual body to the best of your capabilities. You also further agreed to make self-nurturing a priority.

STOP making excuses, today it is time to tell everyone else IT IS YOUR TURN, you will no longer blockade your progress by putting everyone else first. Your vehicle, your physical body, is in dire need of an MOT. You are exhausted from considering everyone else’s demands, and this is your wake up call, so take some time out, go into meditation and read your small print on your soul’s contract. Ask to be reminded of those key aspects you agreed to complete. Start to acknowledge you deserve time to yourself, acknowledge that you are now dehydrated and under-nourished in the nurturing department.  Ask to hear the voice of mother earth and invite her to ground and nurture you. Honour your body by feeding it fresh raw vegetables and fruit and feel the energy transference from  the foods to your soul.  Today, is the day you must begin to experience and receive nurturing, you are worth it you know:-)

Archangel Chamuel

Reducing Stress & Anger – Angel Message of the Day – Archangel Metatron

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Reducing Stress & Anger When Your Personal Space Has Been Invaded.

Blessings Beloved Ones…

When you are feeling stress and under pressure from someone, it is usually because on a deep rooted sub-conscious level you feel threatened and insecure. When you become insecure, you will either flee or get angry. The problem with anger is that when someone invades your own personal space, it forces your dominant logical brain to start over analysing what is going on. When this happens you loose perspective because all of your focus is on rationalising and justifying, again forcing all your energies to become to deeply internalised. When this happens, you put the physical body under a lot of stress and you send signals to the brain to instruct the body to release insulin in readiness of a fight or energy to run away.  When you don’t either run or fight, and you simmer in your anger, this insulin when it isn’t used poisons your body and puts all your internal organs under extreme pressure. The practical way to deal with  this type of situation when your own personal boundaries being tested, is to go outside for a few moments, take a deep breath and ask yourself “How much energy am I losing over this and how much of my focus is being lost?”. When you have done this, make a decision, either tell the person who is invading your space that you are upset with them and to give you some space, or choose to refocus your energies towards those things that help you put it behind you and move forward. If you find yourself in this type of situation on a regular basis, it would be wise to recognise this is one of your soul’s evolutionary lessons and all these people will stop invading your personal space when you say enough is enough. Saying ‘No’, will quickly disseminate those who truly support you and those who are using you. If you need extra strength, call upon me, or Archangel Michael to give you the strength to speak your truth.

Archangel Metatron

Want to exercise but can’t find the motivation?

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There’s a lot to be said for people who study and learn about colour therapy. British scientists have discovered that those people who are exposed to bright green are more inclined to exercise. So next time you want to exercise, pull on the green t-shirt, or…. take your workout into the garden. Wearing bright green makes exercising less strenuous and drastically reduces stress levels.