Refuge & Strength – Archangel Metatron

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Today if you feel weary, know that I am here for you. My energies and guidance, connection to me is there, but how do you receive it? You receive it by being in a state of acceptance, knowing that God’s promise to always provide you with strength and support is there, like a rainbow of various colours, how you will feel my connection to you will be unique to you. I may be a thought, a touch, a feeling of knowing, for I come to those who call upon me and ask for help and support. The world you live in, has in your minds reality many real problems, but this is not the experience we wish you to have.  When you awoke this morning you don’t know what the day will bring, but what you can count on, is that it will always bring angelic support and we will help you to have experiences so that your soul’s lessons and desires can be fulfilled.

Draw on my strength today, feel my presence, wrap yourself in gold and white light, I will help you overcome discouragement, and show you the way to approach life. To overcome negativity, spend a moment in prayer, for when you enter into prayer you are strengthened and filled by the Holy Spirit, our presence at times is often perceived as a sweet-smelling perfume, if you sit there this perfume, this energy will surround and uplift you.  Most people wait until they have failed to pray. If you pray and seek our help you needn’t fail.  Hold the conviction that we do support you, have faith, trust that life is abundant. A thought can quickly change you from negative to positive, the power to do this lies in prayer.

Blessed be
Archangel Metatron