Do You Worry About Being Overweight?

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Obesity Weight LossLosing weight is easy, right? Just keep your mouth shut. Seriously, though, we only gain weight when we eat too much and we get chronic disease from eating the wrong food. I lost 62lbs in 5 months. I couldn’t believe how the weight just kept dropping off. I was 17 stone 3lb and dropped to 12 stone 11lb, just by changing what I ate.

I tire from hearing the excuses, such as having children, getting older, drugs putting on weight. The hard fact is, we gain weight when we over eat for the needs of our body. I was 6 stone overweight; no, get real, FAT at (84lb) (38kg). I could have had excuses about mobility and age, but I get real; I was over-eating; AND I was eating the kind of food which is slowly killing us all. I knew why I was overweight.

I have lost 62lb and I still need to lose more; but I made a massive impact into being thinner. I lost 25% of my body weight in 5 months. I still need to be slimmer, but the massive change I made has improved my health immensely.

What I don’t fully understand, is when people say they are happy with their size, when they should know that being big creates so many debilitating diseases. Even worse, is being big and eating the wrong food. This accelerates the chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, varicose veins, thread veins, angina, cancer, osteoporosis, asthma, psoriasis, candidiasis, bronchitis, acid reflux, thrush, hair loss, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and much more.

Now, some of you may be in denial and shout, “Fat bully!” My passion is to educate people about how what we eat is slowly killing us; and then let you decide if you want to do anything about living a healthier, longer life.

What is your life expectancy? 60? 70? 80? Mine is 104. Being old isn’t naturally being decrepit; it’s just normal in the Western World, because of what we eat, and our lack of exercise. We are designed to live way beyond 100 years, and be fit and healthy, but our eating habits are killing us slowly.

When you are overweight, your organs are working overtime and so your immune system is compromised. This means you are generally susceptible to more illness than a thinner person. If, on top of that, you are not eating the right food, your immune system is further compromised and you develop illness and chronic disease. Chronic disease is slow growing debilitating disease, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


The latest news in the UK from the Government, is to introduce foods with lower saturated fat. What a joke! It will make no difference to reducing the obesity epidemic. Education about food is what is needed. Simple bite-size  bits of regular information. Let me give you an example.

Lack of sunlight on your skin in the Northern Hemisphere means you produce less vitamin D3, which you need to produce calcium for bones and help your immune system function properly.

  • It is crucial for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, for the maintenance of healthy bones.
  • It is an immune system regulator.
  • It arms the immune system against disorders like the common cold.
  • It reduces the risk of developing multiple sclerosis and can reverse it when taking enough vitamin D.
  • Has a key role in helping the brain to keep working well in later life.
  • It plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body weight.
  • It can reduce the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms.
  • It reduces the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It protects you from radiation damage.
  • The right levels of vitamin D have a significantly lower risk of developing cancer.
  • Low levels of vitamin D increase the risk of heart attack and early death.

So what is YOUR current level of vitamin D3 in your body? Do you know? If not, it is a great example of the way we are not being educated. If you go to a Doctor for a check-up on wellness, the chances of you being told you are low in vitamin D are slim. And if you don’t go to the Doctor, what chance do you have anyway?

The medical profession put a safe limit of Vitamin D3 at 75 n/mols. The medical profession work on the basis of crisis management, in that if you have less, you are definitely in danger. You should be working on getting your body in excess of 150 n/mols. People in sunny climates have less of the problems listed above. When I was diagnosed with cancer, no Doctor told me about vitamin D3. I researched it myself and paid, yes paid, £25.00 for a test, which showed me I only had 32 n/mols in my system.  That was a major reason I had cancer.

Now I am beating cancer. I have 200 n/mols in my system regularly and it is part of what I am doing to beat cancer, heart disease and arthritis.

When you are overweight, you can change the way you eat, lose weight, and get healthy. Anyone can do it. You can reverse the heart disease which you are growing. You can reverse diabetes. You can reverse cancer.

If you want to know how this is possible and how to lose weight without going hungry, come along to our Master Class: Eating to Live.



Carrot, Feta and Coriander Quinoa burgers

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Serves 2


1 cup cooked quinoa

1/2 cup of crumbled feta

¾ cup coarsely grated carrot (approx. 2 medium carrots)

¼ cup fresh coriander- coarsely chopped

1/4 tsp ground cumin or chilli powder

1/4 tsp salt and pepper to taste

3 tbs fine almond flour

3 tbs ground chia

approx 1/4 cup hot water

extra water if needed


1. Mix the almond flour with hot water in a small bowl to form a thick paste.

2. Mix all remaining ingredients together.

3. Combine parts 1 & 2  if it is a little dry add extra water

4. Using a small ice-cream scoop, scoop out some of the mixture and make small burgers with your hands. I wear rubber gloves when doing this.

5. Place on a lined or grease proofed baking sheet.

6. Bake at 180c for approximately 25 mins until golden.

Serve with fresh salad leaves, warm wholemeal pitta bread and raita.


How I Lost 62lb (4.4stone)(28KG) in 5 months…without going hungry

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Yes, I lost 62lbs in 5 months. I couldn’t believe how the weight just kept dropping off. I was 17 stone 3lb and dropped to 12 stone 11lb, just by changing what I ate.


There’s no getting away from it, we are getting fatter, as a species, as the years go by. You read it in the news every day: – the obesity epidemic. Children are at great risk. But we are not really told why. Yes we are told that we run the risk of heart disease. Yes we are told that we run the risk of diabetes; but we are not educated well enough to really frighten ourselves into changing our eating and drinking habits.


If we could take time-caption photographs of the insides of our bodies, so that we could see the damage we are doing, most people would change the way they eat and drink.


When you are decorating your home, and you find woodworm, termites, rotten wood or mould, do you leave it, or just cover it up; or do you find out the cause and get it sorted? Problem is, with disease, Doctors are programmed to cover it up and not waste time educating you about the cause. With a Doctor, you get a quick fix; and most people are looking for a quick fix.


In the UK in particular, due to our wonderful free National Health system, we have become a nation of freeloaders. We have become complacent with our health, because we know that if we get sick, we can get it fixed for free. Our work policies of protecting people’s payments when they are sick, allows people who are employed, to be sick without fear of losing money at work.


There are certain foods which make us sick and fat. We all know too much sugar is bad for us, but talk to someone about not putting sugar in their tea or coffee, and it’s a sacrifice they seem prepared to make. Yet, there are so many sacrifices, that we gain weight and become diseased.


From an early age, with the wrong foods, we start packing on the pounds and our body starts to deteriorate. We just can’t see it, because it’s wrapped up in skin. But there are signs: – asthma, eczema, psoriasis, itchy ears, runny nose, athlete’s foot, joint problems, teeth problems, regular sickness; just to name a few.


The signs you don’t see, you would need a camera inside your body to see. The blood vessels which are slowly clogging in a child, which over many years will cause varicose veins, heart problems, strokes and heart attacks. The candida albicans (bacteria in the colon and intestines) which is getting out of control and growing throughout the body, causing the skin conditions, the athlete’s foot, the itchy ears and the runny nose. The deterioration of the joint tissues, casing arthritis due to overloading joints from being overweight and from eating pig products.


For most people, it’s only when we get to the brink that we make radical changes. The diabetic who finds they may have to have a lower leg amputated. The cancer victim that has to have chemotherapy or surgery. The fat person who can no longer wear fashionable clothes or tolerate the indignity. But even then, if that person is not educated, they simply try to follow the regime that the doctor gives them.


Then you have to ask yourself, if your Doctor is fat, and he/she is asking you to lose weight; what credibility do they have, and how inspired are you to follow their lead?


I educated myself, spent thousands of hours of research, and found out why so many of us are getting sicker and fatter; and it’s all down to the food we eat. Processed and refined food, sugar, meat, dairy and vegetable oils. We are consuming theses to excess, but we are not being educated in the mainstream, about what they are doing to our body.

I found a simple concept. Every other species on the planet eats things which are alive, unless it has been designed to clean up the planet, such as an ant, a cockroach, a crow, magpie, or a pig. You can grow a whole cow on grass and water.


We, on the other hand, are now eating things that are dead. We used to only eat things which were alive, such as vegetables, roots, fruit, beans, seeds and nuts. We only occasionally ate fish and meat, and it was fresh, eaten within hours of killing; not long dead. This gave us all the vitamins, nutrients and in particular, the enzymes we need. Our food today lacks these important enzymes and much of the nutrition is gone in processing, so we eat more, to compensate, and our body breaks down, because of the lack of some of the nutrition needed.


The minute you stop with processed food, and start eating fresh (alive) vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts and seeds, you will start feeling alive. The moment you stop eating lots of meat and dairy and cut it down to a maximum of 5% a week (a mother’s milk has only 6% protein) your digestion system will start to become unclogged, and mire efficient, and I guarantee that weight will just drop off you. You won’t be hungry. You can eat as much vegetables as your stomach can take.


Oh, and by the way, here’s a bonus; when you stop eating meat and dairy, your farts stop smelling


If you want to take advantage of how I lost 62lb in 5 months, and even meet a lady who is doing the same thing right now, started 2 months ago, come along to our class, Eating to Live.

This lady was diabetic, on 72 units of insulin a day. With our help, in 3 weeks, she was off her insulin.


So, are you eating to live, or are you eating to die?


You can learn in one weekend, what it took me thousands of hours to research, You’ll be shown how to juice, make delicious smoothies, amazing salads with tasty salad dressings, and cook great food; bake delicious scones, and even bake great chocolate cake without dairy or sugar. Jill, my wife, will be with us to help with the cook-off.


You’ll get access to all the resources that I’ve found, for vitamins and minerals, books and newsletters.


You’ll get information on what to ask your Doctor for, in the way of blood tests so that you know what condition you are really in; but more importantly, understand what the figures mean, and where you need to get to, to be healthy.


You’ll be shown what the difference is, between what the Doctors tell you are normal (for today’s overweight unhealthy population) and what is a healthy target to aim for.


Did I forget to tell you I am also reversing heart disease with this change of diet?


Oh yeah; and did I forget to tell you that I am reversing cancer with this change in diet, without medication, without chemotherapy, without surgery and without radiation?


Click here for more details on our Eating to Live master Class….



Geomagnetic Energies 21st October 2013 – Time of Recalibration – Archangel Metatron

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universal life force gridGreetings Beloved Ones.


It has become apparent that despite technological innovation and evolution, human evolution appears to be going backwards not forwards. Therefore in order to protect you from yourselves, the universal life force grid is in the process of undergoing recalibration. This means that your ability to err more towards the negative energies will be recalibrated, so that all of you can achieve a better sense of balance emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You will have noticed that a new trend is developing, and this trend is essential if mankind is to continue to exist. Over a period of the next ten years, energies to make you more environmentally and health conscious will begin to be anchored into human awareness.

Greater emphasis at last is being made towards looking at the obesity levels and the unhealthy lifestyles most humans have. When you look at how you have all managed the world over the ages, there is a greater lack of care and attention now, than ever before. In order to combat this, we felt a recalibration of the universal life force energy grid which surrounds your planet was in order. This recalibration does not stop your free will but it does reduce your ability to be so negative.

Let me explain that the universal life force energy stores all the conscious energies since man first walked upon earth. Every thought, word, action is stored there and cumulatively the vast majority of the energy since the early 1900’s has been noticeably more negative. This is why it is still possible for you to enter certain environments and connect with the pain and suffering of the past. As the calibration is taking place, certain light workers will feel drawn to sacred sites, or places of great suffering to heal and life the energies.

Those efforts at this time are greatly assisting us with the recalibration of the universal life force grid and are very much greatly appreciated. This means that the negative energy imprints that used to attach themselves to certain places will be lifted and transformed. They will be recalibrated and balanced. This means that from now until the end of November many of you may feel as though you are in mourning, in a state of bereavement.

You may feel as though a great void is opening up, but please be at peace and enter into a state of gratitude, as the recalibration will bring unto all of you a way of removing your propensity towards negativity.  Look around you and you will currently see the taste for negativity is strong. You act out terrible, tense, dramatic stories. Your media spreads negativity keeping you locked in feelings of doom and despair. You allow your children to play games which programme violence, sex, these games place very little value on life. You’re all consistently programmed that to ‘FEEL’ happy you fill that need with material objects. You blindly ignore the plight of your planet, this fear, this negativity has to be removed and as a large selection of the human population do not want to be responsible for the upkeep of their home, we have to step in and begin to eradicate the deep rot which is threatening to break down everything, however this is a temporary measure.

We are not allowed to interfere, the world has to realise how much it is consuming, like locusts, many humans are blindly consuming more and more, and by this I don’t mean just food, I also mean water, resources, the planet will not sustain all of you much longer. You cannot continue to keep taking without replacing what you take. The rate at which you are taking is not allowing enough time for balance to be restored. There has to be a complete awareness of the part you are all playing in contributing to the degeneration of the human race and planet earth.

Free will is a beautiful gift to have; the freedom of choice is a powerful thing if it is used for the betterment of everyone and not the self. During this period of recalibration, it will be hard for you to connect with loved ones who have passed over. The time has come to let go of the past and move the human consciousness awareness towards the now and what the future holds. We will eradicate the soul imprints in the universal life force energy grid, particularly in those areas where a great number of losses of life has occurred. It is one thing to learn from the past, but to continually return back to it serves no purpose for the living.

Although the recalibration will end in November, further stages of recalibration will continue throughout 2014.  How can you play your part and assist us?  Focus your attention on erring towards the positive. Use your consciousness, to see similarities not differences. Use your consciousness to remember that there is duality in everything. What may seem an injustice, can be a blessing in disguise.  Whilst today and tomorrow will be particularly draining on the emotional and physical bodies, be aware that life for everyone has to change.  If you want to make a greater impact, begin creating your own community groups and work towards tackling environmental and social issues.  Protect and let your voices be heard with those in power that no longer will you stand by and watch your planet be destroyed through greed.


Turn off your media if it is negative and does not inspire, lift and bring joy to you. As you begin to take action, you will create a wave of greater awareness. The power does lie in all of you. If enough people say no to that which is negative, others will listen. We can assist you, but the choice of whether the human race survives is down to education, awareness and a true desire to serve one another in love, light and truth.


I will bring more updates as the need arises.


Blessed be

Archangel Metatron


Take advantage of this recalibration period and experience a

re-alignment on a personal level.


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Goddess Isis – Soul Star Chakra Healing

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Goddess Isis MeditationAdvancing Your Spiritual

Growth with Goddess Isis


In order to utilise your power and wisdom from your past lives, you need to open aspects of your Soul Star Chakra. It is the soul star chakra that enables your soul to travel not just in this universe, but also inter-dimensionally to other universes.


The Egyptian Goddess Isis learnt how to master her Soul Star Chakra. Learn how to breathe in new energies  through your Soul Star Chakra to revitalise and awaken the goddess within. Goddess Isis will assist anyone who wishes to harness the powers of love, insight, beauty, wisdom, faith, love and spiritual vision. You don’t have to be female to take advantage of this wonderful experience.


Experience Deep Emotional Healing.


When you enhance and strengthen your conscious connection to your soul star chakra you develop the ability to not only move forward and back in time, but you have the opportunity to connect with the wisdom and knowledge you will have gleaned from other lives in alternate universes.


Empower Yourself and Learn How to Use Your Special Gifts.


The soul star chakra can be located approximately four to five fingers width from the crown of the human head and it is through this chakra that your ability to heal on an emotional level is determined.


It is through the Soul Star Chakra that your ability to connect to different vibrational levels and raise your spiritual awareness is also determined.


Learn how to live the life you desire, instead of the life you’ve currently accepted.


If your Soul Star Chakra is not fully charged, aligned and balanced, this means that the amount of spiritual energies from your angels and guides is hindered from entering into your own personal energy fields. This in turns affects your abilities to be empowered, wise, artistic and creative.


Join our special meditation webinar with Jill Harrison Level 12 Psychic Medium -Avatara
on Sunday 27  October 2013 at 7:30pm London GMT



Full details of our Goddess Isis Meditation evening can be found by going to:-—a-journey-into-soul-healing-with-goddess-isis-948-p.asp


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A webinar is just like watching a television show, except you watch everything through your computer, smartphone, ipad, tablet, iprod or mac via the internet. This also allows you the opportunity to interact with the people who are giving the webinar.


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During the webinar, the audience can interact with us and ask questions in real-time through an instand messaging factility.


Webinars are great because you don’t have to travel anywhere and many of our webinars are available afterwards for you to rewatch through our private video viewing factility.


Our webinars are usually no longer than two hours long, which means you can fit them in and around your busy schedule. We make sure we pack a lot of information into a very short period of time, so you learn a lot more, in less time.


Because you can review the video of our webinars again and again, this means that you have the ability to revisit them for reference, so you get long term value from attending our webinars.


Easy to use – Our webinars are very simple to register for and attend. The whole process is managed by email and online. There is nothing to download or any complicated technical knowledge needed. In fact, if you can access YouTube, or Facebook, then you can also access our webinars, they are just as simple.


Webinars are an easy way of adding further options for spiritual and personal development, we hope you’ll give us a try.

2014 and Handling the Precipice of Global Recession – Archangel Metatron

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According to Archangel Metatron, the USA are considering pulling all support for Israel, within the next two years. If this happens, this would see the rest of the Arab states converge to destroy what was once known as Israel. For any nay-sayers, just for this message, I highlighted the uplifting comments.


Archangel Metatron: The USA pour billions of dollars into nuclear programmes, espionage, anti-terrorist and terrorist activities, however it should be very conscious of the decisions it is making, and the effects such decisions will have, not just for the USA, but also globally.

We are on the precipice of a global recession once more, which if not carefully handled, could create horrific times for mankind in the guise of nuclear and biological warfare. The angelic realm are currently focusing their energies towards raising the consciousness of mankind, to deter such events unfolding, but human co-operation is also an integral part of ensuring war is not the answer.


As the Middle-Eastern revolution continues to expand, missiles have already been developed by the Arab states which can already easily travel halfway round the world, with further investment being currently spent on ensuring these missiles can reach the USA.  The words of reconciliation between the Middle East and the Western world are hollow words. Particular attention should be kept upon Israel, Palestine, Iran and Pakistan at this time.

Whilst ever focus is made upon instruments of war, war will continue to ravage the world. The money spent upon weapons, espionage, terror and anti-terrorism, is the reason for the poverty in the world. Respect for life, in all its forms, must be the first ingredient to attaining peace, even if that means creating new borders for countries.


The angelic realm are aware that planetary energy changes, which encouraged development of transportation for travel between countries, came at a time when mankind was still not advanced enough to value the benefits. Rather than widening our horizons and learning from one another, ideologies and insecurities poisoned the opportunity for a worldly community. As such, recreating new borders, and returning to the original homeland, may be the only way to attaining peace once more, until mankind can harness tolerance and compassion for all life.

Glenn: On first reading, these words can seem harsh. What many of you will not know, is that when Jill is given a message like this, she is also given images, to accompany the messages. Often these images are like watching a movie. Jill is shown what is possibly going to unfold, not what will definitely unfold, because we have free-will, which gives us the power to change forthcoming events.


Jill very rarely elaborates on these video images, because they don’t always happen, and they can be traumatic. She is often brought to tears at the sight of some of the things which are to come, if we don’t make changes.

Reading between the lines, it seems Metatron is explaining that air travel between countries, was given to us too early, and the ego-driven men who seek power, have used the technology to destroy and control with missiles and aircraft for war. Most of our wars are about control.


Metatron told us a long time ago that there were initially 12 species put on our planet, which were never expected to meet or mix, until such time as we were emotionally and spiritually advanced enough to work and live together in harmony. The growth of these species has evolved so rapidly, way in advance of what was expected, that we are now in conflict with one another. It doesn’t take too much thought to write down what those 12 different species are, and I’ll leave you to think on that one. If you do decide to research it, you might check out blood types too.

When Metatron talks about returning to the homeland, it is because of this conflict and misunderstanding between races. Let me give you an example: in Israel, Muslim children are programmed to hate Jews. I watched a documentary on TV a couple of years ago, made in Israel and the Gaza Strip.  Muslim children aged 5 to 13 were being interviewed. They referred to ‘the Jews’ killing their families. To them, ‘the Jews’ were not people, they were faceless, emotionless objects of hatred.


When war breaks out in an Arabic country, or any country which has a large Muslim population, and American or English people suffer, there is persecution of anyone who is Muslim in America and the UK. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, Japanese people who were citizens in America, were persecuted. When fundamentalist Muslim terrorist cells, target innocent people in public places in England or America, anyone who is Muslim living in that country, is persecuted by much of the nation. It’s irrelevant that they may have contributed to the community all their lives. We have to remember that people are individuals, yet so may of us still want to typecast, stereo-type and group people. 

This is what Metatron means, when he says we are not ready yet. The vast majority of our species, hasn’t learnt to live in harmony with other nations. India and Pakistan. Muslim and Jew. Iran and Iraq. North Korea and South Korea. Even the Simpsons get real with this with their own town Springfield, and neighbouring town, Shelbyville.


Do we live on the right side of the tracks, or the wrong side of the tracks?

We still have many prejudices to overcome; but remember, it starts with one person. No-one is any better than another person. We are just different. Be the one who spreads the word, so eventually, the soldiers say no to war and no to their leaders. I use the word soldier generically for anyone in the armed forces. Without the soldiers, there is no war.

So that raises a question, what would we do with all the redundant soldiers? Simple! Use the same resources to rebuild, clean up and sustain our planet.


May your light shine brightly in the darkest of places.



Uplifting angel messages, or the truth: What do you want?

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Living in a bubbleDuality in all things. You can’t have upliftment without depression. We are going through a period of great depression; far greater than most people want to acknowledge; because they are in denial.
Are you living in a bubble of denial?
We just received another update from Archangel Metatron about the future of our planet, which we will post after this message, so some of you may wish to unsubscribe before it arrives. We truly hope not. There are those of you who will moan that some of our information is negative and should be uplifting. To you, I would pose a question; if you were sinking in quicksand, up to your neck, which action would you prefer:-  I was stood at the side of the sand, saying soothing uplifting words, like, “Keep calm, you will be alright, the angels will help you,” as you slowly sank into oblivion; or would you rather I tell you the angels have asked me to throw you a life-line, make sure you hold on tight, while I pull you out; but it will need your effort too?
If the angelic realm tell us that microwaved food is slowly killing us with Alzheimer’s disease, would you sooner we not tell you, because you don’t want to do with out your microwave?
If the angelic realm tell us that eating pig is slowly killing us, and feel frustrated that they have told us many times not to eat from the pig, in the Bible, the Qur’an and the Tanakh; would you sooner us not tell you, because you like your bacon, ham and pork too much?
The angelic realm are there to guide us in the right direction for a happy, fulfilled, evolving life. Their covenant of free-will they gave us, prevents them from doing things for us. We must do it ourselves, with their guidance. They will tell us if we are taking the wrong road, but they won’t stop us from taking that road.
They will tell us what is about to happen, which then allows us to change the tide of events, if we so choose too.
But now, I already hear some thoughts of, “But what can I do, I am only one person? I can’t change the world. I can’t change Governments.”
It starts with one person; you! One person stops eating the processed food. One person says no to the existing Government and votes for a different party. One person decides to go for election. One person says no to the medicine they are being given. One person starts to read about how to get their body healthy again, naturally, and starts to talk about it. One person decides to stop feeding their children badly. One person says no to all the crap we are fed on TV, and turns it off. One person says no to eating lots of meat. One person says no to the support of corrupt charities… and the list goes on.
It starts with you, which eventually will grow into thousands, then millions.
Glenn and I are messengers. Our messages from the angelic realm are not changed by us, to give a veil of illusion that everything is OK. Our world and our species is dying slowly, and we have time to do something about it. The angelic realm are giving us guidance to make changes, for the future of our planet and our children. Our species has always fought for the betterment of our children. Never has there been a time so crucial for the betterment of our children’s future health.
One of my favourite films is INDEPENDENCE DAY. Many of you will have seen it. A group of uplifting people gather on the roof at the top of a skyscraper in New York US. They raise their arms in joy and upliftment to greet the aliens in the huge spaceship hovering above.  They are still cheering as the ship opens the doors underneath the craft. They are still cheering as there is a build-up of power from the open doors; and they are still cheering, when the energy blast from the ship destroys them, and the whole of Manhattan, New York. Elsewhere, the people who know the truth, and are not in denial, are making plans to handle the inevitable; and eventually, they make changes to free our world from oppression.
We currently have a world of oppression, causing depression. The angels are giving us choices, which, although some people don’t realise it, are uplifting.
We want to lift you out of the quicksand. We want to lift you out of depression; but you have to grab the rope yourself and pull too.
Glenn and i will continue to bring these ‘uplifting’ messages from the angelic realm, because we are both people who believe it just takes one person…. …. ….
Glenn Harrison
Inspiring people to communicate with emotional intelligence and be an outstanding presenter


Fallen Angels – Archangel Metatron

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Extract from Conversations with Archangels

Book 2 – Archangel Metatron:
Fallen Angels

17 November 2006

Archangel Metatron: Greetings little one. It is wonderful that we commune again. However this time it is a little different yes?

You made a conscious choice to connect today with me, which is a way of showing that you are now able to elevate your energies at will. Although this will not always work the way you wish; by continuing to consciously choose to direct your energies, you will be able to learn much more at a quicker pace, for it is similar to choosing your class and teacher for the day.

I know you have questions, and all I will say is, I hope that you are ready, to ‘Rock the Kasbah’, as Glenn says; once again (Laughingly).


Glenn: This was the first time that Jill had settled to meditate and specifically invoke Archangel Metatron. She’s tried before to change the level of her vibration and managed to invoke different Archangels, but hasn’t been able to call upon a specific Archangel.

Archangel Metatron’s humour is referring back to something we wrote in our first book ‘Cashing in on God’, where we uncovered some controversial information about what was written in the Holy Bible.


Jill: I want to know if there is such a thing as a ‘fallen angel’ and if there is, who and what they are they; and more importantly ‘where’ they are.

Archangel Metatron: Firstly it is important that everyone acknowledges that everything in the cosmos is in alignment; and in complete control of The Creator. No-one, or any thing, has deviated from the divine plan. It is also important that by answering your question, you do not make judgements yourself; but understand there is a divine plan to everything.

There is no such thing as a fallen angel. Human beings have been deluded and misled about fallen angels for so long, that you will find it virtually impossible to change the minds of the vast majority of those who follow traditional religions. For without Lucifer, as you have opted to call the leader of the fallen angels, you would have no one to blame for your downfall and current demise.

As angels, we have free will; and it is the vast majority of angelic beings that consciously choose to work with the divine creator. For we have seen many glorious and wonderful things; and nothing can compare to the joy and happiness of being one with God; light; the one conscious energy.

In the beginning, there was no free will. As I have stated before, the past attempts to manifest life failed miserably, both without free will and with free will. God; light; the one conscious energy created duality, so as to experience and see how free will affected the cosmos. There needed to be participants willing to see what would happen, if there was a choice between positive and negative. To put this experience, or experiment if you prefer, into action, it required those closest to God; light; the one conscious energy, to experience free will. As angels, we were granted free will; and a selection of angels were chosen to experience dis-connection from source, and have the ability to try to create their ‘own’ worlds.

In your religious texts, you are aware that this became a battle between Archangel Michael and Archangel Lucifer. As I have stated before, we do not have names, for there is no need, so for ease, we will use Lucifer, to help those who read this, comprehend what is given. Lucifer is a being of light, that was to see if one could consciously transcend their consciousness, from negativity to positivism.

These angels were to see if they could create, just as God; light; the one conscious energy could. In other words, just as you have your archetypes, so did the angels who chose to be a part of this experience. They chose to emulate God; light; the one conscious energy. This is similar to your scientists working towards being able to recreate humans by cloning.

As angels, we have had the immense honour to watch life be created. We are part of God; light; the one conscious energy. Our bonds are based on pure love; and for most of us, we have no wish to be separate from God; light; the one conscious energy.

The angels who chose to experience negativity, were to disconnect themselves from God; light; the one conscious energy, to see if they were able to manifest and create a world for themselves. The planet chosen for this experience was Mars. You will, over time, through scientific research, discover proof of what is given. Life did once take place upon this planet; hence the pyramids that are there. But as you are now aware, failed miserably. Without this experience, God; light; the one conscious energy could not view creation separately. It is one thing to create; but to experience your creation creating, is another.

A simpler way to explain this is, it’s very similar to how a human takes pride in nurturing their own child; and then takes pride in watching that child create their own offspring.

This free will was passed to the human race, to see if they would consciously choose to align themselves with God; light; the one conscious energy; or whether they preferred to disconnect themselves from the source of love-energy, and experience pain, unhappiness and exist through ego alone.

Through free will, many possibilities exist. As spirit you have the ability to separate yourself and exist in two realms. For many, part of you live in negativity and part of you also co-exist in love, light and positivism. It is similar to water. This can exist in many dimensions, as liquid, steam or solid, as in ice.

When you were created, you (all of you) chose to have the ability to consciously choose, to ascend the negativity, pain and suffering of existing, just as a lower-self being. You are all working towards achieving unity. The separate energies will eventually reunite and become one.


Glenn: Just to clarify; we are working towards being ‘higher-self’ beings, to enable us to become more highly evolved. ‘Lower-self’ beings feed the ego, and do everything for the purpose of self-gratification, through the acquisition of material things. We (lower-self beings) use placebos to manifest the same feelings we could just as easily get through our spiritualism. We ‘keep up with the Joneses’ to artificially raise our self-esteem, instead of working on our true self-esteem and fearlessness.)


Jill: So what happened to Lucifer and the other angels? In the Bible, I am sure it said that the angels who disconnected from God, can never return to the light.

Archangel Metatron: These angels are still working on this experience. However it is soon to change. For as we prepare the universes to undergo transitions, all energies negative and positive need to come together to create a new reality. These angels will return to God; light; the one conscious energy. For everything returns to source in the end.

These angels currently work with technology; and those very technically minded. They try to recreate and manifest, through the use of third party objects. Those who are more aligned to God; light; the one conscious energy have no need for such things, to manifest the things they need. Those who are investing their energies into technology, believe they are becoming a superior strong race. But the reality is, they ‘are’ in fact becoming weaker, and working towards their own extinction. For in relying on external factors, they have no control over their lives, and their world reality around them.

Those who work with their inner consciousness, to create and connect with God; light; the one conscious energy, will experience higher dimensional worlds, which in your sacred texts are referred to as ‘the many rooms of God’s mansion’.

We will discuss this further tomorrow.

Blessed be.

Archangel Metatron

Quest to find the people who are feeling unfulfilled – Archangel Metatron

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We often receive many valuable lessons from the Angelic Realm, here is an extract from our second book “Conversations with Archangels – Book 2” which contains many teachings from the Archangels on how we can all bring more light into the world.


Archangel Metatron: It is our wish to try and help you in the human quest to alleviate pain and suffering from your homeland: Planet Earth.

To follow a spiritual life, requires much determination and dedication. It also requires that you opt for good consciousness. Good consciousness is created through sharing of yourself with others, and judging your ‘own’ actions, not that of others.

The energies that fluctuate between the parallel universes, can be accessed by anyone who chooses to embrace a life of light; and turn away from the negative, critical darkness that surrounds the planet presently.

The information given, is to bring renewed energy to those in search of enlightenment; and to re-establish beneficience to all. It will take determination to overcome the misconceptions that have been created by past nations.

Anyone can access connection to God, through love and compassion. It matters not whether you are Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Christian, or Atheist. You are all born spiritual beings. It is only through listening to manipulative leaders who do their best to enhance their egos and positions, do you allow yourselves to be led away from the light.

Currently, many search to reconnect to the light-force-energy of God. They may call it many things:- Allah, Jehovah, etc; but in reality it is one and the same. There are many so-called religious leaders who claim to have a highly spiritual consciousness; and yet, in reality, they bring about destruction, pain and suffering to the world. Sadly there are many religious and political leaders who are quite prepared to sacrifice entire populations to satisfy their own status. Alas, there is more immeasurable harm yet to come, unless more people can begin to spread the word of love, sharing and oneness.

Unfortunately those who try to share this path of lightness, must in their wake do their best to destroy Mankind’s greed for power. Spiritual enlightenment will not be enough to change these leaders’ characters. For the darkness within them totally blocks the possibility of them receiving the light, hence their own making of eternal hell and damnation.

A harsh future for these eternal souls is not of God’s doing, but their own. For by not embracing love, sharing and higher consciousness, they ensure that within them lies no hope for happiness. You are wondering why I speak of this. It is so that those so-called leaders, for you ‘will’ come across them on your journey, may read this; and it will resonate within them, that no matter how much they may try, they will self-judge for themselves and convict themselves guilty. They know only too well that what we speak of, refers to them; and this will be their last revelation to enable them to change their ways.

Through the love and sharing of people like yourselves, we do see that their success in manipulating the masses of humanity, will begin to show the cracks, as people begin to search in truth for the answers; and recognise that creating differences is what has been the downfall of humanity.

So much information has been suppressed over and over again. People who have tried to present their visions; philosophies; were accused of being sacrilegious and yet in reality it is those said leaders who were the sacrilegious ones.

So the question remains how humanity can change the energies and landscapes of this planet. There are many ways in which these lessons can be learnt. You have at your finger tips:- meeting places, internet, books, radio and television. By speaking to people who you meet in the street. Through your actions and words. Those who are lost will be drawn to the light you spread. Do not be afraid of those who may think you’re mad, for it is those people whose lives will continue to be one of pain and suffering.


(Note from Jill: Whilst Archangel Metatron speaks with me, I am often shown images, similar to flash cards. It’s as though through visions and experiences; thoughts are being implanted into my sub-conscious, for what I feel is for future reference. On this occasion I am shown people meeting in homes, in schools, images of TV shows and radio interviews.)


Which parallel universe would you prefer to live in? One free of pain and suffering, or one of chaos and destruction? This is all you need to ask people. Find out if they feel unfulfilled. Talk to them about how you have felt this also. Ask them ‘why’ they feel unfulfilled. Notice if they speak of material egotistical things, or yearn for true spiritual consciousness such as love, warmth, caring and sharing with others.

Ask them if they’d be willing to perhaps read material that they may find interesting. Do not make promises that they will find enlightenment; but allow them to go in search for themselves. Make your web-site a haven for those in search.

As well as ‘our’ teachings, Glenn has much knowledge of behaviour and communication. Together these form a huge part of the energies that surround someone. Perhaps you could also consider offering to talk to groups in schools, associations; on communication; and show how these communication skills helps the world’s energies be more harmonious.

Information on your web site will show others the expertise; and why perhaps they should continue to be in search of positive change. Glenn has an eye for fostering positive change in many people who cross his pathway.

First and foremost, teaching people the simple methods of meditation is a must. To go inward and achieve an elevated state of consciousness will enable them to rise above physical reality; and tap into the life force of God; light; the one conscious energy.

Silence; inner reflection; is the only way. Prayer is ‘not’ the way to connect with God. For whilst you are thinking in your head or speaking the words of a prayer, you are not listening.

For those who are reading this; just for now; push aside your thoughts. Just for a few moments, feel the peace and harmony around you. Feel the energy of your breath as it enters your body and then the relaxation that you experience whilst expelling that same breath.

The amount of external noise and media manipulation you subject yourselves to, is a monumental energy to overcome. But unless you can discover the silence, your individual consciousness, will be forever subjected to external manipulation, which will block you in your quest for fulfilment and the truth.

Begin each day by being open to truth. Learn to recognise when you may be facing illusions. As an example, when you ask your leaders a question; and they struggle to give you answers; and then bring about some lame reply, refuse to accept this as truth; and look at whether what has been said will bring about peace or chaos.

Learn to ask questions. Ignorance is the primary cause for the chaos in your lives. Your opting for security instead of enlightenment, is what brings about chaos and disease. Awareness is your ally. Learn to be aware of yourself, your thoughts, your energies, and how your actions dictate your experiences each and every moment. Yes it takes time. But continually being aware, will ensure that peace and harmony is maintained; and not chaos and destruction.

The energies of your thoughts and actions travel great distances and will affect all the parallel universes. Focus your mind and body. Yes this requires mastery. But to do so will enable connection and fulfilment beyond your wildest dreams. Make a conscious effort to practice inner silence and reflection. Learn to be aware of how your actions will resonate through the parallel universes. Don’t be so quick to chastise or raise your voice. Choose to proactively be ‘in the moment’ and contemplate how your actions will bring about a reaction. Do you wish to receive negative reactions or positive ones?

With that I will leave you, for there is much to contemplate upon. Meditation and inner reflection does not have to take hours. Five minutes in a morning. Five minutes in an evening. Once experienced, and practiced, you’ll desire to share this peace with others.

Bringing you as always, love and light force consciousness.

Archangel Metatron.


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