Who Is Archangel Uriel?

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Archangel Uriel – Archangel Uriel’s name is often said to mean “Fire of God”, in truth, his name he tells me represents “Light of God”, he works to help shed light on our life, so we can attain balance and harmony, it is through this light that we access and learn about our own inner light.


Archangel Uriel works with nature by balancing the elemental forces of the creator. Working with Archangel Uriel can help us to attain the ability to use our own inner forces as a source of continual power to help our lives attain balance.


When we have a balanced perspective we can choose how to react to the drama and chaos around us. To use our own inner light of God, Uriel asks us to work from a place of truth. Only when we are operating from this place of truth, can we truly soar above the negativities of the earth plane and create our own miracles.  With Archangel Uriel, if you are in need of a miracle, or you need to create a miracle, entering into stillness, to hear our own truth, to become aware, to acknowledge where we currently are, without blame, enables us to liberate ourselves and use our divine heritage of creative power to transform our troubles into joy.


Part of the healing process requires our physical bodies to be in homeostasis, in balance. Although we often think of Archangel Raphael as the angel to work with for healing, let us not forget that Archangel Uriel is also a powerful healer, particularly for those who seek a more organic, holistic approach to healing.


Working with healing plants, colour, aromatherapy and crystals, Archangel Uriel and his team of ministering angels can help you to maximise your own holistic approach to dis-ease not just in humans but also in animals too.

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06 Archangel Uriel - Vibrational Healing Meditation MP3 06 Archangel Uriel – Vibrational Healing Meditation MP3

Who is Archangel Gabriel?

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Archangel Gabriel helps people with their life purpose. Archangel Gabriel’s vibrational energies bring the lesson of Judgment. Mercy and Judgment create diversity, like opposites, we must as humans, learn to find the balance between both mercy and judgment.

When we need to apply judgment, Archangel Gabriel can help us define and discern the right pathway to take. Gabriel’s name means “Strength of God” and as humans we must use our inner strength to support the choices we make in life.  If we have a self-centred nature, Gabriel can help us to resist our lower vibrations and move into being at peace with our self.

When we find it hard to creatively express our feelings, or we hold a lack self-worth, self-love, self-esteem, Archangel Gabriel helps us to understand the importance of balancing the needs of self with the needs of others. Only when we can transform our desire to receive for the self alone into a desire to serve all, can we truly move towards the light and connect to our spiritual nature.

If you have entered into the earth plane under the Ark of Gabriel, then the keywords you must learn to master are responsibility and accountability. When we become empowered we step into the Light of Self. We can judge what supports us and what hinders our own growth. Working with Archangel Gabriel will help you to leave behind self-limiting behavior that stops us from experiencing joy, feeling good, pleasure and well being.


Entering into the earth plane under the Ark of Archangel Gabriel means that during your life you will experience the Martyr. The Martyr’s role is one of suffering and foreboding, with the assistance of Archangel Gabriel and his legion of angels, we are learning to relinquish resentments, guilt, blame and sacrifice, to move from Martyr into an fully empowered soul.

Archangel Gabriel will help us to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives, to become truly empowered so that we have the ability to not only serve our own interests but the interests of others for the greater good. If you need to let go of Anger, resentment, guilt, self-recrimination, inferiority complexes, then you must be ‘Willing’, to enter into a state of willingness, for only when we are ‘Willing’, can healing begin.

If you are currently accepting situations that you’re unhappy with, if you’re life force is blocked, if others take advantage of you, or your relationships are co-dependant, Archangel Gabriel can help you. If you truly desire to enjoy who you are and life, call upon Archangel Gabriel and ask him and his ministering angels to help you achieve soul empowerment, ask to be guided to those who can help you learn to become independent, strong and self-assured.

Archangel Gabriel teaches us awareness, acknowledgement, accountability and leads us towards becoming the spiritual empress/emperor. If you need to discover your own life purpose, become more empowered and move your life from being passive to engaging, from reactive to active, this particular session of the master class will help you identify those aspects of the soul which require a shift in energies for personal healing and growth. Once you have learnt this for yourself, you will have the insight and awareness of how to help others heal themselves too.

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03 Archangel Gabriel - Vibrational Healing MP3 03 Archangel Gabriel – Vibrational Healing MP3
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Got Diabetes and Want to Get Rid Fast?

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fat camp for kidsType 2 diabetes is reversible. You can reverse it in a few weeks if you know how. Type 2 diabetes used to be called adult-onset diabetes; but now children get it through being overweight, so the medical profession had to change the name. Diabetes is a chronic disease where the pancreas fails due to being overloaded. It’s REVERSABLE! You just have to take the load off the pancreas and your immune system, so that your immune system can get to work repairing the damage. Your immune system can do this.

People with diabetes eventually have problems with eyesight, some go blind, and many others lose limbs through amputation. If diabetes is reversible, how come so many people have it? One reason is because we are not educated properly about what causes it. Another reason is because so many of us are in denial of it. Another reason is because so many people choose not to change their diet; because their food is more important than their health.

Don’t think it’s possible to reverse it? OK, consider this. Chantel (Shanny) is a good friend of ours. When she saw me lose weight and start reversing my cancer, she asked me to educate her how to reverse diabetes. Shanny is a tall woman at 5 foot 10 inches, age 46, and she weighed in at 16 stone 5lbs. That’s around 40% over her ideal body weight. Shanny had Type 2 diabetes. When she came to us, the first thing we did was make some records of her current health and medication. Her blood sugar levels were 22. That is so high she should be in hospital, under supervision. She was taking 72 units of insulin a day. She was taking Metformin to stabilise her blood sugars too: 2000mg a day. She was also on a high dosage of anti-depressant drugs; Peroxetine.

After 5 weeks of changing her diet, she had stopped taking insulin completely, and was down to 500mg of Metformin. She was also free of the anti-depresssion drugs. She felt great, her skin was glowing, her eyes bright and she was losing weight at the rate of around 5 pounds (2kg) a week.

The diet she went on was not as aggressive as it could have been. She could have lost much more weight and been off the drugs much earlier, but I am not her Doctor, so we took things slowly and let her body tell us how she was doing.

In a few weeks I am teaching people how to reverse and prevent diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis… and much more.

I lost 62lbs in 5 months. I couldn’t believe how the weight just kept dropping off. I was 17 stone 3lb and dropped to 12 stone 11lb, just by changing what I ate. I am reversing heart disease and cancer.


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