A time for temperance – Archangel Michael

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Cease The DaySpiritual growth requires temperance, self-restraint in the face of temptation or desire. Have you considered how much is put before you in the way of temptation or desire every day?  And, if so, do you make a point of consciously choosing only that which supports your spiritual growth? Can you easily recognise the difference between need and want? Do you temper your reactions to the experiences you are having?

Self-mastery is attained through the heart chakra. When you see a rainbow, it is a reminder, a symbol to the soul to be truthful, hopeful and remember the promise of God, light, the one-conscious energy, of eternal life.  Therefore when a rainbow appears before you take heart beloved ones. The rainbow is the bridge to that place you call, the other side.

Temperance is a virtue. It is also a great spiritual tool where you learn to recognise the difference between your wants and needs, courage and ego.  During times of challenge, chaos or transformation, temperance can be the key to unlocking the way forward.  When faced with anger, those on a lower level instantly retaliate with anger back.  However, if you can temper that energy, use it to create a driving force within you, without burning any bridges, you can master the situation.  You will also acquire greater wisdom and learn how to decrease discomfort.

Temperance asks you to bring into your thoughts, deeds, prayers and actions a spiritual purpose into your daily life. Speak words of love, hope and comfort. Consider in your thoughts how to benefit all, not just the self. Pray for those in need, and act in the interests of yourself AND your brothers and sisters.

Your voice is a spiritual instrument, use it wisely. Your words are the way in which you reveal to the world what lies truthfully in your heart.  Truth is the foundations upon which true spiritual growth is built. If you find your foundations weak, then you must seek a renewed sense of purpose, refine your awareness and seek to transform what is in your heart.

Attitudes, behaviours and outcomes can all be transformed with loving kindness and patience. Perhaps reflecting upon your life at this time, you can seek to see what areas of the self, require temperance.  If you are experiencing difficulties, how can temperance help you move forward?  Have you lost your drive, your motivation? Because if you have, then seek counsel with the Higher Self and ask your Higher Self to show you what you must temper and what must be transformed.

The only true battle mankind has, is the ability to keep spiritual consciousness and awareness at the forefront of the mind at all times.

Blessed be

Archangel Michael

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