Angel Message of the Day – Convergence – Archangel Haniel

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spiritual transformation - archangel urielBeloved Ones, today the universal energies are in a state of convergence, this means some of you may well feel very pressured and strained. As the new transcendence energies begin to anchor themselves into the Earth place this means that the older heavier energies will be pressured into changing and embracing the new energies.

How does this affect you today?  It is a timely reminder that if you are not progressing well today, what are you clinging to that is old, is it old beliefs, is it old material or physical clutter, or maybe it is the clinging to the old status quo. What are you doing that you have always done, isn’t it time for a new routine? A time to look and see if things need updating?

Within every soul you are either growing or sliding, to grow means to adapt, to change, to take on something new, use what you have learnt or know in the past as a foundation, but like technology, you have to be willing to move with the times. If the energies around you seem strained, what are you being resistant too? Someone else’s opinions or values?

All souls long for freedom, only when you are learning and growing are you giving yourself the ability to become emotionally, mentally or physically strong. with this strength comes renewed hope and optimism.  Today, try not to resist your obstacles but look for the lesson contained within that obstacle, like a puzzle, you have the ability to overcome it with patience and discipline. Often the status quo may cause you to deal with this in your usual fear based way, you may ignore it, hope it will go away.

Change calls for action, if you take action now, if you take responsibility now, you will be able to free yourself from the obstacle or emotion you are having at this time. As all humans are programmed to avoid pain, sometimes the best way to eliminate pain is to do the work and take on the challenge.

If you consciously choose to work with energies of a higher level you will find your challenges today are keys to helping you attain inner peace, fulfilment and happiness.


Archangel Haniel

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