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bigstock-Woman-and-man-silhouette-with--25140983Blessings, todays energies are increasing to help bring about a higher consciousness however this may cause some of you to feel more overwhelmed than usual.

However, whilst it is easy to blame the energies, someone else, or a situation for your current emotional state, recognise that it is also a message from your soul that you have lost sight of your purpose. Firstly it may help you to understand that around the world, at this very precise moment, there are millions of men, women and children, who feel overwhelmed, so you’re not alone.

Also on another positive note, you may need to remember that there is support from your overseeing archangel, your ascended master, your spirit guide, your family members , your guardian angel and support angels around you.

If you ask them to help give you strength, to nurture you, they can help you, but remember God helps those who help themselves. In a period where you feel overwhelmed, take some time out to fill yourself with colour. Visualise, meditate on bringing in the colours of the rainbow, to help raise your vibrational frequencies.

Your soul is calling for you to stop and smell the flowers. Life is more than doing, responding and thinking, life is also about feeling but so many of you ignore your feelings. A strong spiritual being recognises its frequencies, its energies. Focus upon choosing experiences that contribute and support you at this time.

Wherever you have the most adversity, be very aware that it is a call for you to change your thoughts, your attitude. Running away, giving in, is not always the answer. Sometimes a challenge, which in reality is an opportunity to grow, requires a bit of DIY.  If you’re home is looking drab, you redecorate, you clean, you tidy, and so too must you apply this to your thoughts, emotions and physical state.

Also consider how your emotions, thoughts and behaviour may be affecting others if you project them into the workplace, the home, they affect your loved ones too. Not only does it affect other humans auric fields, it also inhibits manifestation, it slows down the ability of you being able to draw to you more positive results.  Negative thoughts, feeling as though there is no end in sight, will manifest this for you. Focusing on lack of money, will result in greater lack of money. Focusing on having no support will result in less support, need I stress this point anymore?

Use affirmations such as: –

  • I am free of restrictions.
  • I am powerful beyond measure.
  • Every day I am experiencing more abundance and joy.
  • I am free of the past.
  • I now have the ability to release negative patterns in my life.
  • Every day my love of self and others deepens more and more.
  • Every day I am charged with spiritual light. I am free of fear.
  • Every day I choose to support others by shining my positive light wherever I go.
  • Today I consent to giving my healing energies wherever they may be needed.

Today choose try to move your thoughts into light and spend some time rebalancing, charging and aligning your chakras.

Blessed be

Archangel Metatron


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