Angelic Beauty – Archangel Haniel

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angel readingsWhat is beauty? Is it in the eye of the beholder? Is beauty dependent upon your looks?  Know that the angelic realm view you all as beautiful, for we do not judge beauty on how you look, but on the radiant light of God which shines from within you. When you are open to seeking the radiant light in others, you will connect with all of creation and see through the synchronistic eyes of the universes. Every day is a new opportunity to see this beauty. By choosing to seek this inner light in others, you will find yourselves connecting with the energies of Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene, it will stir within your own heart a deeper understanding of compassion and gratitude.

Honour your unique beauty, do not seek to poison and disable your unique features with injections or surgical procedures. Do not feel you are less than another by your creed, sex, physical or intellectual ability.

Whether today is an up day or a down day for you, try to see this radiant light of beauty for it will lift you and transcend your experiences. Most importantly of all, I call upon you to see this light within yourself. Everything is already perfect, you have no need to fix yourself or others. Today open your eyes, heart and soul to the joy of life, in doing so, you will invite so many blessings and abundance, you will not fail to realise that life is simply about connection to the spirit that lies within everyone and everything. You are beautiful, shine your radiant light into the world and see what a difference you really can make when you make just a little bit of effort.

Blessings Archangel Haniel

This message was channelled by Jill Harrison. To have the opportunity to receive your own channelled message visit


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