Another Christmas Giveaway until end of November.

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Archangel Gabriel

Here’s the










Have you read our book about our first contact with angels?


Did you know there are 6 more books full of angel messages for YOU, full of inspirational and educational information from the angelic realm?


6 ebooks are normally £35.94


but from now until the end of November


You can have all 6 for just £18.00.


That’s right… you get : –


Conversations with Archangels


Book 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7


with a massive saving


of almost 50%


Just want one of the books?


You can have any book for just £4.99;


that’s still a massive saving of 29%.



Glenn Harrison


Tel: 01777 710999


Archangel Messenger. Teacher of what the trinity of ‘God, light, the one conscious energy’ really is, why we are here; and how to make the best of our time with good health and happiness whilst on Planet Earth.

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