Archangel Metatron – Earth Energy Changes for June 2013

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archangel-hanielBlessings one and all. Currently at this time, in humankind’s evolution, as the cosmic energies align to bring in new magnetic frequencies, it is possible that the Earth-plane could experience extreme weather conditions for the rest of this month.

As comic energies fluctuate and realign themselves, so too will planet Earth react to these new vibrations. This means in some areas of your planet, severe weather can bring droughts and fires in some places, and floods in other areas.

As these energies are quite fractious, those who are susceptible to environmental vibrations, may well feel anxious, nauseous and out of balance. These energies are expected to affect the Earth-plane for the next three weeks.  The mass consciousness of humans may well be affected, so it would be in your best interests to seek peaceful and calm environments. Inner cities and built up areas are at most risk of community and political unrest.

As these new energies are coming in to help support the new spiritual foundations of mankind, it is quite normal that when existing foundations are removed, a period of resettlement is required.  These magnetic energies which travel through the cosmos, all energies are absorbed by all matter. During this month, these magnetic energies may stir within human consciousness, a need to migrate, move home, change career paths; as a feeling of unrest ricochets through your universe.

Whilst it may seem these new energies are having a negative effect on you all, the influences of these magnetic energies will affect, not only the population of your planet now, but also generations to come. These new energies will affect the way in which human consciousness absorbs knowledge. They offer humanity an ability to experience a new sensory and spiritual awareness. Children who are born into the world in this month, will be helping, on a collective level, to awaken their parents to the lessons and need for compassion.

These children will be very gifted. We call them the luminous ones, for they herald a new dawn, a new light; and they will bring about a deep-seated spiritual re-orientation of humanity. During this month, new concepts will be embraced; particularly ones which seek to overthrow dogmatic biased religions and governmental control.

Collectively, humanity is already achieving a greater heightened spiritual sensitivity.  Those who are tied to the old energies will experience this through the spiritual lesson of sacrifice.  Those focused purely on material gain, lower energies of gambling and gluttony, will find happiness hard to attain, as these new energies help to teach others, success comes through helping and serving society and humanity as a whole, rather than on a selfish personal level. Do not pity those who have these experiences, for these experiences will help to refine their spiritual nature.

I would encourage light-workers at this time to withdraw from society and seek to be at one with nature. Use creative arts as way of expressing the self. New opportunities to tap into these power energies will certainly challenge accepted views. For some of you, you may experience a nagging dissatisfaction connected with your life’s purpose. This is the soul’s call for you to begin doing what you believe in, and not what you think you ‘should’ be doing.

During this month, I encourage you to speak your mind, and take confrontation in your stride, should it arise. This is because, not only is the cosmos trying to clear the air, but so too it is time to clear the air on your own planet, and in your own lives. By being honest, balance will quickly be acquired.

I would urge you all to analyse your own behaviour during this period. I would ask you to seriously consider what you are about to say, before you open your mouth to speak. Perhaps you should ask yourself, “When was the last time I really listened to what I am really saying?” Focus on refining your own life, and put your own business in order, before you focus on what is happening outside of you.

Blessed be.

Archangel Metatron.


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