Archangel Raphael – Clearing The Cluttered Heart

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Raphael the Archangel

(Trance-channelled by Jill Harrison 11 Jan 2016)

Beloved ones today consider the work and support your physical heart does to give you the opportunity to exist and experience life in a physical body. The doorway of your heart is forever taking in new experiences, new feelings, energies. Sometimes however, the heart can grow weary, in the place where you feed yourself the wrong foods, the valves within the heart can go congested and thick, thereby putting the physical body at risk of a premature death. However, sometimes it holds a storehouse of old experiences that no longer serves you. It may be feelings of rejection, anger, frustration, resentment, pain of old relationships. All of these are hindering the space within your heart.

Just like a cupboard, you cannot keep storing things forever, a regular clearing and sorting out is called for. When you fail to clear and cleanse your heart chakra, you become a hoarder of emotions and these can cause anxiety attack, irregular heartbeats, stress and a lack of vitality.

Today, spend some time to focus on your own heartbeat, give gratitude that your heart is beating and give your angelic helpers and guides permission to clear and cleanse any old resident energies, that perhaps you have failed to release. Acknowledge that you are ready now to let go of old emotions and stagnant energies. Mix if you like, one drop of Rose essential oil that has been blended into a teaspoon of almond oil. Then apply a little of this onto your heart area. This will help your heart to heal itself of heartache and stagnant energies. If you have time, take a few moments to pray for peace and love to reside in your heart for all times.

Know that today I am working with you to help you heal your heart and that soon you will find a new lease of life.