Are you ready for a miracle? – Archangel Jophiel

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Greetings beloved ones.

Are you ready for a miracle?  Do you begin each day with a smile and a positive outlook?  The universe will always answer your input, therefore to help you experience a miracle, I call  upon you to consider, what you can do, to bring joy into the lives of others.

It can be through a greeting, a saying, it can be in sharing a joke. Seek to bring light into the lives of others, and you can rest assured that the light will be returned upon you ten-fold.

Consciously use your power. Be it your thoughts, your actions or your words, to help or bless others. As you are driving along, bless the drivers going in the opposite direction. Ask for us to ensure others make it home to their loved ones. When the traffic light is stuck on red, or a traffic jam has appeared before you, give thanks for this moment to rest in the midst of chaos. Recognise the universe has chosen you to experience a little bit of divine intervention so you can breathe and regather your thoughts.

If you focus upon sharing your light and helping to create mini-miracles in the lives of others, you will discover that you are feeling happier and more confident. Perhaps for some, that may be a small miracle in itself.  By seeing the blessings of your experiences, you will begin to experience many miracles. Life really is that simple 🙂

Archangel Jophiel

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