Ascended Master Mother Mary – Spiritual Grace

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Ascended Master Mother MaryWith love I step forward to greet you. Today, the energies on the Earth-Plane call out for you all to relinquish the hold that anger, frustration, resentment and hatred has on your heart. The world you live in truly can be a majestic place of joy. Can’t you see the pain you are creating for yourself. Many of you go to war, to fight for a cause you did not create. Many of you allow others to cloud your judgement and poison your ideologies of the world around you.

All of you are beautiful souls capable of creating and manifesting magnificence. Please allow your love and light to shine through. Refuse to argue and fight. Does this mean I ask you to give in? No! Love has a way of winning even the hardest of hearts. By focusing upon all that you have, for showing gratitude, you would begin to see the abundance and joy, not the chaos. Does this mean I am asking you to look at the world with rose-tinted glasses? Again no, I am not.

But you have to shift your perspective; you have to move your consciousness to see that attacking each other, waging war, seeking revenge, only creates more diversity. When you focus on what is good, what is supporting you, you have the ability to move beyond the pettiness of materialism. Holding gratitude in your consciousness creates the space for peace in your life. Peace becomes joy and joy becomes abundance. All that is required for you to experience this, is to release yourself from the chaos.

You can still assert yourself, whilst refusing to fight or get angry. You can with love, show understanding and express your point of view. Eventually, either a compromise will occur, or you will find a separating of the ways takes place. Release all your frustration and anger and choose to breathe in peace, and breathe out love. When you reach a place of peace, wisdom awaits you. Know that you are eternal light, eternal love; therefore everything you are struggling to attain is an illusion, a mirage. Let it go and let it be.  Focus on your blessings, your joys; and know that what you seek can only be found in the present, therefore enjoy the now. Embrace the now. Embrace it with spiritual grace and peace.

Ascended Master Mother Mary.


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