Attaining Magnificence Through Joy & Passion – Ascended Master Lady Kuan Yin

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Are you struggling to reach your potential in life?

Do you sit and wonder about your life purpose?

Is your internal compass not working?

Today let me share with you a little bit of spiritual wisdom to help you. Only when you enter into a state of joy do you bring together all the elements that will help you to achieve your fullest potential. Passion is the main ingredient for success, and without passion success will always remain elusive. As human nature is blinded by its belief of limitation, I want you to begin to raise your consciousness and understand, integrate and experience that you and everything around you is light energy.

This energy that is you, is a vibration. A vibration going through cycle after cycle, acquiring knowledge and it is each experience that creates greater acceleration or deceleration towards your hearts desire.  I am amazed that so many of you, are unaware of how strong your energies are and the potential that gives you.

Within the universes are many dimensions in existence, all in holographic form. Your world is a unique, beautiful and magnificent ball of energy. It is sad that within your sphere, your world, you take so much for granted. You allow your limiting beliefs to hold back your mighty presence and potential.

The world is a sphere of energy which offers you a place to learn how to manifest, how to create. Those who are drawn to spiritual guidance seek it but then do not tap into the energies of that guidance. They do not use the conscious energy which is given through the message to bring it into their own heart chakra and use this energy to tap into their greatness. The ascended masters and the archangels channel messages to many of you, and yet you sidestep our guidance, you prefer to use your own thoughts and impressions, and you miss out on the enormity of the lessons we bring to each and everyone of you. The lessons are not merely words, they are energies, they are joyous, magical notes to help you with your lives. Reverence, awe and gratitude appears to be a diminishing trait within the earthly plane, don’t allow yourself  or others to disconnect you from the very energy that feeds you life.

Every day you are given an opportunity to step into your joy, your greatness. To achieve super prosperity, super fulfilment, you have to be in awe of the marvellous sphere in which you are a part of. Nothing is irrelevant, nothing is insignificant, all is valid in the heart of the creator.  In order to be magnificent, you have to be able to see magnificence. You have to differentiate between the human limiting sense, and your spiritual higher consciousness. Try to eliminate singularity consciousness, try to see that all things are possible.

True growth and greatness is achieved by having a thirst for knowledge, a thirst for life, are you thirsty?  If not, you need to find your passion, where is your passion, in what does it lie? What brings you joy?  If you don’t know, you must widen your horizons, socialise, travel, be in nature, taste life and discover what fuels and creates your own inner joy.

Many of you have magnificent ideas and dreams, yet you do not consciously hold onto them, you fail to breath life into them. You have to learn to tap into the inspirational energy that is given to help you achieve your dreams. As an aspect of light, do not allow your inner light to diminish and never allow human beliefs to limit your potential.

Your thoughts are the first point of manifestation, try to think of shards of light reflecting out from you into the universe, like a star they shine bright, if you consciously hold onto those shards of light and begin to visualise in your mind how to grow this shard of light, you attract to you within the universe the energies, the micro energy particles, like a magnet, to help you build upon what you have already begun to create.

Manifestation is about tuning into the joy of what can be accomplished, into the passion and the joy of the experience. Joy is the presence of the creator in all its form. It is the energy that feeds your desires, if you cannot express joy, your ability to feed your dreams and keep them alive is greatly diminished.

Life is an incredible offering. When you are passionate and joyful, you are just as bright as the sun in your universe. Do you desire to be dazzling? Do you desire to shine?

So many times you fill yourselves with cant’s. Remove cant’s. Even choosing can’t is a choice, and life is full of joyful choices. Everything you think of, everything you feel, is a manifestation. I encourage you to move beyond your humanness. Seek to see magic and beauty for everything around you. Begin to comprehend how profound and inspiring everything around you is.

Often we speak of holding gratitude in your hearts, and this too is such an essential ingredient, so how will you sculpt your life? How will you form your own inner light and the light you emit? What lies in your heart is radiated out into the universe. When you hold your consciousness in joy, you eradicate negativity, doubt and fear. You elevate your energies into higher vibrations which transcend the lower vibrations of the earth plane.

Consciously choose what energies to absorb and what energies to repel. When you are filled with joy, you will repel those who are negative. Isn’t it time you catapulted yourself forward, like a shooting star, begin your day with bringing in the light, feel it energise you and lift you up. Allow joy for this most precious opportunity to experience life to catapult you into your day. Throughout your day find a joyful reason for each moment. Similar to counting your blessings, I call upon you to count your joys. Even conflict with a loved one can be joyful, for it holds a joyful moment where you both felt you could express yourselves and this in turn gave you a greater insight into what lies in both of your hearts.  Through your disagreement it brought about a deeper joyful bond.

So you see beloved ones, joy is everywhere. Joy and passion are the fuel for your manifestations to become a reality. I hope you will now consider how dazzling you want to be and once you have decided how bright you want to shine in the world, you will, like a lotus flower, open yourself up to the cosmic light of opportunity.

Blessed be

Ascended Master Lady Kuan Yin


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