Increase of White Orbs Heralds Times of Great Change – Archangel Chamuel

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white light angelAs the spiritual realm prepare to activate and anchor accelerated healing, it is possible for light workers to see large masses of white orbs over the next few days.

For those who see spirit, please don’t be alarmed or concerned at seeing so many spiritual orbs. Please understand the energies at this time are working to awaken everyone to ancient wisdom. In your fast paced society, the ‘want it now’ attitude is creating much misery and illusion.

On the 30th September  there will be a series of unexpected spiritual sightings, as the angelic energies pour forth to heal and strengthen humanity at this time. This may well cause some people to feel a deeper commitment and bond to one another as the energies usher in great change. What was once considered old or antiquated, will once again become the new accepted way of doing things. Honouring your ancestors, and they way of tradition is now being brought back to help re-establish community and sharing of knowledge.

Some people will desire to reconnect to those who they have lost contact with. Memories of childhood, parents, happy family times may well arise in your hearts so that you yearn to experience belonging and togetherness once more. The next few days is a time of great healing for the heart chakra, use this time to reorientate yourself in memories of traditions, times  of innocence, truth, love and freedom.

True love and wisdom always stands the test of time, and if you believe in something enough, you can manifest into being. Although life seems particularly harsh, if you look you will see things are beginning to change for the better. You are called upon to ensure you don’t compromise on standards of quality, truth and morality.  Mother Earth calls for you to connect with the healing energies at this auspicious time. Feel the sun, rain, wind and allow yourself to be cleared of unwanted feelings, emotions, habits which no longer serve you.  When you spend time with Mother Nature, you can often gain a new perspective, embrace this positive time of inspiration and healing.


Archangel Chamuel

If you experience any of the above, please share your experiences with us, capture pictures of any orbs you see this magical time ,and send them to us, to share with others via email. It sounds like it will be a great day for healing, meditation and consciously assessing where we are at in our spirituality and physicality.


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13 Healing and Balancing - Spray (50ml) 13 Healing and Balancing – Spray (50ml)

This crystal essence soul spray was given in trance to Jill Harrison, by Archangel Raphael. Spray this essence into your auric field and breathe deeply to promote self-healing and balancing of energies. This essence will help create a sense of calm. This spray contains a blend of Frankincense, Juniper and Cinnamon essential oils.

Reviewer: Jules Brook from USA   4 Stars
I sprayed this on me every day and also around my home. I sprayed it on my pillow at night. So light and refreshing. Love how it made me feel.

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Channelling Your Guardian Angel

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bigstock-Angelic-being-obscured-45663433Looking for an online angel class?

Join our ON-LINE ARCHANGEL THERAPY MASTER CLASS  and we’ll  show you how to…

Connect With And Channel

Your Guardian Angels!

So that you can receive constant access to angelic healing, support and guidance whenever you need it.

When you know how to channel your guardian angel, you will be inspired, uplifted and focused. If you’ve tried to connect to your angels and struggled to get clear specific guidance, it may be because you don’t yet understand your own spiritual gifts.

In this on-line archangel therapy master class, we take time to help you recognise your own spiritual skills, along with all the ways in which our guardian angels communicate to us. Once you understand the requirements for angelic communication, you will discover how easy it is to have a two-way conversation with your own guardian angels whenever and where ever you want.

Not everyone has the ability to attend a weekend class, so to help spread the angelic realms teachings further I have made our Archangel Therapy Classes available on-line. This means you get the opportunity to join in with exercises, meditations and interact with your tutor in the comfort of your own home.

Once you’ve attended this on-line master class you’ll find your ability to talk with angels and receive clear angelic guidance will greatly enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The great thing about this online master class is it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can still benefit from this from event.  If you’re drawn to this master class, then it may be you are being guided by your angels so that you can help to share your spiritual gifts with others.

What will you learn on this Archangel Therapy Master Class?

Module 1

  1. The difference between Ascended Masters/Archangels/Guardian Angels
  2. What angels really are, and what they can and can’t do for us
  3. Understanding your own spiritual energies and how to use them for angelic communication
  4. A Guardian Angel Attunement & Healing session

Module 2

  1. Preparing to channel your guardian angel and evidence of angelic communication
  2. Angelic Signs
  3. Meeting your guardian angel
  4. How to have a two-way conversation with your Guardian Angel
  5. Review


Comments from previous delegates about this archangel therapy master class:

Reviewer: June from Sheffield   4 Stars
It was a very moving and inspirational experience. Connecting with guardian angel excellent, thank you

Reviewer: Tetyana from Leicester   5 Stars
I learnt a lot about angels and how to communicate with them which is very important for me. The meditations and technique of how to communicate with your guardian angel was most useful, thank you so much for a brilliant course Jill.

Reviewer: Denise from Sheffield   4 Stars
Jill has a friendly and fun way of delivering the class and information. Learning about different energy levels and the different angels working at these levels was excellent. I can’t wait to learn more.

Reviewer: Lynne from Doncaster, UK   4 Stars
Jill’s people skills and her ability to make people really comfortable, learning about our spiritual skills, and the way our guardian angel communicates with us, was excellent. I would love to do the second part and learn more with Jill I feel completely comfortable with her and trust her!

Reviewer: Louise from Nottingham, UK   4 Stars
It covered a lot of material and information. Jill is a very knowledgeable and gifted teacher Guided mediations, tips on connecting with guardian angels excellent.

Reviewer: VMK from Nottingham   4 Stars
Loved all of it. Jill makes everything very understandable even for beginners. She is also very funny, so plenty of laughter.

Reviewer: Christine L from Nottingham   5 Stars
Absolutely brilliant. I have learnt so much and it was done with humour which I liked. I didn”t think I was good at meditations, but I found these enlightening.

Reviewer: Lynne W from Peterborough   5 Stars
Outstanding. Loved learning about my spiritual gifts, angel cards, energy fields and aura’s. Also, the manual was very clear and well written.

Reviewer: C Loader from Bishop’s Stortford   4 Stars
This was a very enjoyable day, and I am sorry to be missing Masterclass 2. I most enjoyed the communication with angels and understanding vibrational energy levels. Jill is very knowledgeable and had brilliant delivery, also we were given a very comprehensive manual. Thank you.

Reviewer: Yvonne K from Leeds   5 Stars
This angel course is so interesting, and I feel I have gained knowledge. Jill is an exceptional spiritual soul, I feel so calm and relaxed in her presence. I know I will make progress with my life purpose and happiness. Finding out my Ascended Master and Archangel to help me with my life purpose was very interesting and useful.

Reviewer: Judit D from Newport   5 Stars
Outstanding. I really enjoyed my day, thank you.

Reviewer: I Webster from Worksop   4 Stars

Reviewer: Sue H. from Lancashire, UK   5 Stars
Outstanding. I thought I knew a lot but this class proves there is always more to learn! Enjoyed learning about vibrational numbers with the bobbers.

Reviewer: Emma M. from Oldham, UK   4 Stars
Excellent! Learning about vibrational levels was the most interesting and useful thing for me.

Reviewer: Martin A. from Derby, UK   5 Stars
This class was outstanding. We were made to feel welcome, comfortable and valued individually. Really enjoyed learning about vibrational energies.

Reviewer: Susan from Glasgow   4 Stars
The parts i found most interesting were the meditations and learning about my spiritual gifts and vibrational reading. Excellent.

Reviewer: Jackie B. from Nottingham   4 Stars
This was a clear and easy class to follow with guidance and an introduction to working with angels. I enjoyed the Meeting Your Guardian Angel meditation and learning about my spiritual gifts and vibrational energy levels. In all, it was very helpful, informative and fun. Lots of food for thought.

Reviewer: Elaine B. from Mansfield   5 Stars
Outstanding! Thank you, I loved all of it and really enjoyed the day.

Reviewer: Sheila C from Kings Lynn   4 Stars
I had laughter and joy which was very beneficial. I learnt a great deal although I was familiar with some of the information. Having a two way conversation with my guardian angel was particularly interesting.

Reviewer: Maureen from Manchester, UK   5 Stars
Learning about my spiritual gifts was most interesting and being able to ask my guardian angel yes or no questions.


Module 1 – Tuesday – 08 October 2013 – 2 hours – 10am or 8pm London GMT Time
Module 2 – Tuesday – 15 October 2013 – 2 hours – 10am or 8pm London GMT Time

In the USA? Normally you’re between 5 to 8 hours behind the UK

In Aus? Normally you’re between 9 to 10 hours in front of the UK

In Japan? Normally you’re 8 hours in front of the UK

To check out the correct time difference you can view your country with the UK here:-



How Do These On-line master classes work?

Once you have booked your place, we send you an email so that you can watch us LIVE over the internet via your iPad/ipod/PC/Mac/Smartphone/Tablet. You don’t need to download any fancy programmes, just log on using your web browser, put in your email address and password which we send to you and hey presto, you are on the class. During the class you can interact using the chat facility. You can ask questions by typing them into our ask us box and when I read your questions, I will respond in LIVE time. You can also communicate with others too, who are joining in.

We currently have a wide audience, so you could make friends with people all over the world. The sessions are fun and interactive.  You choose the times which are most suitable for you.
What’s Your Investment?
As well as our master class which is full of information to help you channel your guardian angel, work with the archangels and receive guidance, support and healing, you will also have acces to the following:-

One week prior to the master class you will be emailed the full 50-page manual for this master class so you can continue to work on your develeopment before and after you have attended this master class.

BONUS 2 – 2 ANGEL MEDITATION MP3’s. (Value: £11.98)
You will also receive access to the guardian angel attunement and connecting with your guardian angel guided meditations which were specifically trance-channelled through Jill Harrison from Archangel Metatron. These meditation mp3’s are yours to keep and enjoy, so you can continue to practice and use them for further angelic healing and guidance. These will be emailed to you along with your manual.

BONUS 3 – Your Vibrational Energy Levels will be channelled by Jill Harrison (Value £24.99)
As a free gift from your angels, Jill will channel your own vibrational energy level so that you can understand which Archangel and Ascended Master is currently working with you and why. This will help you to understand your current spiritual lessons and what challenges you face at this time.

The price for this ONLINE ARCHANGEL THERAPY webinar broadcast master class, including the digital manual, meditations and personal channelling, including your opportunity to ask Jill Harrison questions, get feedback and receive personal tuition during this event, is £97.00 (If you were to attend the master class in the UK, you would pay £138.00)

If you don’t have a printer, you can purchase a hard copy manual and guided meditation CD’s for a nominal fee.

It is our aim to spread the lessons from the angelic realm to as many people as we can, so that they can live life from a fulfilled, joyous and abundant perspective.  Attending this master class will enable you to further your spiritual growth and develop your abilities in the art of angelic communication. We hope you’ll join us.

To book your place now – Simply Go To: –



Buyer Beware – What you need to consider before you have a psychic reading

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Don’t Book a Reading with a

Psychic Medium/Clairvoyant


or Tarot Reader Until

You’ve Read This…..

Make Sure You’re Not Wasting Your Money!

When you have a psychic reading, you’re paying someone to give you answers and advice to the problems, or worries you have in your life.A psychic reading is more than finding out what the future holds, you are paying for spiritual counselling, so it make sense, that you check out the psychic you’re asking advice from, is qualified to give you that advice.

Here’s your checklist you may want to consider to ensure you get excellent guidance and help.

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient or Psychic Medium? What do you want from your reading?

A clairvoyant is a person who has the power to see the future and spirit. A Clairaudient is a person who can hear spirit. A Clairsentient is a person who can sense spirit and energy vibrations. The best psychics have all these gifts.A psychic medium is someone who can speak with loved ones who have passed over. Not all spiritual readers are the same. If you want to ensure you get the best, be sure to ask the reader about their gifts.

Emotional Intelligence.

Does the reader have the ability to perceive, assess and positively influence their own and other people’s emotions?

A good psychic reading is also a good counsellor?

• Is your chosen psychic able to professionally counsel you and give you a variety of solutions to your problems?
• Do they treat you with respect and make you feel understood?
• Are they able to focus on your problems?
• Does your psychic make you feel comfortable and at ease?
• Will they give you advice that lets you learn how to deal with your problems in a positive way?
• Are they able to support and encourage your self-confidence, so you’re able to follow your life path and be in control?
• Beware of psychic clairvoyants who appear to have issues themselves, i.e. They don’t have a good word for the opposite sex, or they tell you what you should do, like you should leave your partner.
• Are they able to help you confront the issues you have in a positive and understanding manner?
• Are they defensive and arrogant, or open and non-judgemental?
• Do they have substance/physical abuse counselling experience?
• Do they have bereavement counselling experience?
• A true psychic will not make decisions for you.

Solutions to Relationship Problems?

• What experience do they have in relationship counselling?
• What experience do they have with abusive relationships?
• What experience do they have in gay relationships?
• What experience do they have when dealing with parent/child relationships?
• Are they able to offer ‘real’ solutions to your problems?

Will they give you bad news?

A good psychic will never tell you that someone is about to die, or that they see an imminent death around you. A good psychic will only give you details of things that are changeable. There’s no point in telling you that someone is going to die, for you to start to grieve early; and anyone who does, doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

A true psychic may raise issues you didn’t want to have to deal with and they may at times tell you things that you weren’t prepared to accept. So when consulting a psychic, make sure you’re prepared for answers you may not like.

How accurate are they?

Beware of advertisements that offer ‘FREE’ accurate psychic readings. Naturally gifted authentic psychics provide their services for a fee, just like doctors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other professional advisors. They have to earn a living like everyone else. If you don’t feel your psychic is being very accurate, tell them so, don’t just sit there letting them tell you a load of information that isn’t relevant. No psychic is 100% accurate, but they should be able to give you enough details and insights for you to connect with what is being given to you.

Can they prove their expertise?

Do they have hundreds of recommendations from people?
Can they provide you with written testimonials, or people to contact, so you can talk to them about how their reading went?
If you’re psychic is on the internet, are they continually adding to their testimonial page?
If you’re visiting your psychic, do they have a client book where people have added their comments for you to see whether or not; this is the right psychic for you?

Beware of psychics who feel the need to claim they read for celebrities? Unless they have an endorsement.

Can they read for you, without having to ask you a load of questions?

Beware of someone who gives you general information, then follows the advice with a question. For example, they may say something like… “I see a white cottage, is this your house?” A true psychic will not pump you for information.

How long has your psychic had their gift and is it a natural gift, or have they been professionally trained?

Ideally they will have had their gift from birth and have also trained with reputable training organisations to enhance their own skills further.

What experiences of life have they had, to be able to give you impartial, sound advice?

• Love
• Marriage
• Divorce
• Sexual Abuse
• Bereavement
• Physical Abuse
• Mental Abuse
• Drug Abuse

Do they have a family of their own and expertise with children?

A psychic who’s not had to raise children is unlikely to have had the right kind of experience to be able to give you advice on matters involving parenthood.

Pricing – Cheap as Chips!

How much should you expect to pay for your psychic reading? – There are no right or wrong answers here, but if you were building your own home to live in for the rest of your life, would you pick the cheapest materials or would you try to find the best you could, that offered value for money? I would certainly caution you to beware of those who sit at a psychic fair offering readings for less than £25.00. If it’s cheap, you are running the risk of being scammed, alternatively it indicates that the reader doesn’t value themselves and their services very highly.  At the same time, neither does someone who charges a lot of money necessarily represent the best.  Look at the readers reviews, if you’re at a psychic fair, don’t be afraid to ask someone who has just had a reading, what they thought of their reading, once they have left the readers table.

Finally, not all psychics are the same: –

A psychic who asks you your date of birth may just be checking you’re old enough to have a reading, but they could use this information to give you a numerological reading.

A psychic who asks you what your star sign is, or the month you were born, will use this information to give you a general horoscope reading.

Psychic Facial Readings or Psychic Signature Readings are not intuitive readings. Physiognomy (face reading) is a personality analysis. Graphology is a way of analysing your personality from how you write. Neither of these are psychic intuitive readings.

Tarot Readers – Did they learn to read their cards, or do they interpret the cards? Ideally you want a reader who not only reads intuitively but they also have attended training for greater depth of knowledge.

Angel Readers – Do they actually channel and intuitively receive messages from the angels or do they just read the message off angel cards?  Aim for guidance and facts not fluff.


Looking for professional accurate advice? Click Here

Here’s just a few comments about my readings: –


Reviewer: Jennifer from Australia   5 Stars
I ordered my Celtic Cross reading because I was at a crossroad in my life and needed some guidance as to what I needed to do, to move on to the next stage in my life. I opted not to ask for help on any particular aspect. Jill gave me very detailed information, some scary, some testing, some great news and I was glad I didn’t specify as I feel we get what we really need, not what we think we need, by being open to what comes. I hope that anyone who feels stuck like I did will have one of these great readings. My thanks Jill:) xx

Reviewer: MARYAM from Birmingham West Midlands!   5 Stars
Thank you so much Jill! The reading was spot on! I felt emotional when I read it, I felt the loving presence of the angels! I had to read through it few times, to fully absorb it all.

Reviewer: Judy Crane from Australia   4 Stars
Hi Jill, Many thanks for the Angelic Reading. All of the information that came through was very in-depth and spot on in terms of personal truth. I feel that the guidance was very supportive and honest. I appreciate having this reading done, and know that I will refer back to it time and time again. Thank you very much. Blessings be. With love and light Judy

Reviewer: Jodie Archer from California   5 Stars
Thank you Jill for this wonderful new reading. I am a soul and angel channel myself and can confirm that without knowing me at all you gave me a lot of what I have been told by my own angelic guides about my soul needs, and what my own heart has told me. It was the confirmation I needed to accept truths I already knew, and wonderfully and clearly put. As a channel, I recognize good ones and consider you one of the best. Blessings.

Reviewer: Lana Leiner from Texas, USA   4 Stars
This was my first reading of this kind. There was so much specific detail given of my soul. Very enlightening, especially the past lives. The kind of reading that needs to be reread very slowly so that I can truly understand. One part that described my soul now in this body rang so true that it brought tears. Did not understand the codes at the end of the reading but will work on that.

Reviewer: David Weaver from LA, USA   5 Stars
Ancient knowledge from an oracle to help me with life’s challenges was something I decided to try. I was at a crossroads and just didn’t understand how to move on spiritually. This reading has helped me shed light on what to do. There is a ton of information in this reading for those initiated into understanding of the higher self. It explained the cycles of life and how to navigate through it from a spiritual perspective. A mixture of native american wisdom with god/goddess wisdom and… elemental wisdom, so, so much stuff it will take me a long time to tire of reading this. Thanks for this.

Reviewer: Bar from New York, USA   5 Stars
Thank you so much Jill, you were very accurate on many counts. I’m amazed at some of the things you knew about me and enlightened me about my future greatly. As a sceptic, I’m quite blown away! Love Bar xxx

Reviewer: Julia from Chelmsford, Essex, UK   5 Stars
I’ve just had a full reading and it was excellent. Many aspects of my life were seen accurately and I KNOW I can go into the future and leave my past life behind. Thanks very much.

Reviewer: Kelly from Sydney, Australia   5 Stars
Thank you so much you helped me more than you’ll evey know. Love Kelly.

Reviewer: Maisie Weston from Oxford   5 Stars
An extremely accurate and calming reading. A moving inner experience. Thank you

Reviewer: Lisa from LA, USA   5 Stars
Very good reading. Lots of interesting points and guidance. Very accurate!

Reviewer: Russ from Ibiza, Spain   4 Stars
Provided spiritual guidance and a sense of direction – Accurate

Reviewer: ***** Stacey from **   5 Stars
Thank you, a lovely experience and something to think about.

Reviewer: Yvonne Walker from Leeds   5 Stars
A truly delightful experience. Thank you so much.

Reviewer: AnneMarie from Cheshire, UK   5 Stars
Thank you, I realise its time to move on. I just needed to be reassured I was making the right decisions. xx

Reviewer: Cathy from Derby, UK   5 Stars
Thank you very much. I asked 3 questions and you picked on each one in turn (I didn’t tell you what the questions were.) So amazingly accurate!


The Meaning of Life – Archangel Chamuel

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meaning of life - archangel chamuelArchangel Chamuel: Hello! It is my greatest pleasure that I speak with you today. I am Chamuel. My purpose is to assist humankind, and help each and every one of you, in finding your life’s purpose and how to build firm foundations and maintain relationships.

For the purpose of Glenn, who I know will ask of you where my strengths lie, I lead the ‘Powers of Angels’ who guide and protect this world from negative energies. I assist those in need of comfort and intervention. I am here for those who seek God; in all its truth and light.

Perhaps we should begin with one of the oldest questions in human time.What is the purpose of life?

So many of you spend hours, weeks, days, years; wondering where you came from, why you are here, where you’re going and what your purpose is on this planet?

By listening with your heart, you will discover your origin. Your origin is from God; light; the one conscious thought, which is in fact the one supreme TRUTH.

Unfortunately, most of human kind has turned away from their light within. They have denied themselves the truth for so long, it is sad. For all of human kind’s claim of progress, ‘what’, we would ask, do you call progress? More so than ever, the numbers of wars being fought; murders, people stealing and lying; has never been so great. Your purpose on this planet has and always been humanity.

Instead of creating barriers between yourself and others, you should have been creating and building togetherhood. The reason why so many of you are so unhappy and have lost faith, is that you lack true understanding about yourself and the greatness that lies within.

Your origin is from God, therefore just like God; light; the one conscious thought, you have within you a greatness that needs awakening. Your universe is one energy. God; light; the one conscious thought; created everything from within itself, as you so have the power to do. You’re not different from anyone else. You are not different from God; light; the one conscious thought.

It is your understanding of yourselves that has caused you to lose direction. You believe yourselves to be men, women, children; fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, rich, poor, strong, weak, happy, miserable, English, Jewish, Arabic, American, Russian, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists; and yet you all come from one origin:- God; light; the one conscious thought.

It is time to teach your children to put aside these titles and roles they play. It is time children and adults learn there is only one role in life; to access the divinity within. Then and only then can you truly know that you are all one; God; light; the one conscious thought.

Your free will allows you to define your own life. Do you choose to see yourself as ordinary and weak? Do you choose to just pass through life, accepting whatever is said to you, and then die?

Or, do you choose to see yourself as someone who has the power to be the best they can be? That they can make a difference in their own and others’ lives. By your own choice, you can reach God; or descend into your own creation of hell. If you look into your heart and access your emotions, you will feel the power of God within your very being.

By accessing this power, you could if you so wish, become powerful and almighty like God; light; the one conscious thought; for remember ‘we are all one’. You were given this ability, so you could discover the greatness you possess; and yet, the vast majority of the population on this planet waste their energy fighting over petty material gains, chasing the pleasure of senses with food, alcohol and sharing brief moments of intimacy; fighting with others, having a family and then they sit back and say they’ve fulfilled their purpose.

Compare yourselves with animals, for every day they wander into the jungle to ensure longevity for themselves and the ability to provide for their offspring. So too, does mankind wander into the corporate jungle and then return back to their families. So what is it that makes you different?

For were you to not look further than what I have just said, you would feel that perhaps you are no different from the animals.

What is it that makes a human being special; unique?

You have within you, the unique ability to experience your identity with God. You are here on this planet to get to know ‘you’, the creative being that you are; the being that has the ability to help make dreams come true. The being that has the ability to bring forth and give love to others and also to experience receiving love.

Once you understand, you will see ‘YOU’ are the temple within which God dwells. This not only makes you someone who is great, but also something to be valued. Do you value yourself? Do you value those around you?

Learn to understand the divine consciousness within yourself, for if you do not truly understand and learn all about yourself, you will never know God.

Every one of you really wants to eliminate suffering, and experience happiness. You all cry out for acceptance and love. Even when you do harm against another, in reality, it is with the sub-conscious hope it will bring about happiness for yourself.

Look around you. What do most people do to attain happiness? They pair into couples, have children, work to earn money so they can buy possessions and experience entertainment. But all these things are reliant on external factors. When you connect with the divine consciousness within yourself, you will uncover the truth; that the ability to create happiness lies within; and not in the possessions and people you have around you.

Perhaps it’s time you taught yourself; your loved ones and the future of your world: the children; to look within themselves, for all of you have the choice whether to sow seeds of pain, or seeds of happiness.

What is truly amazing is that despite the thousands of years that have passed, and the amount of historical data you have to look back at, on human kind’s follies; no one has stopped to look at how they can change and end this horrible cycle you all seem stuck in. Instead it is easier to whine, complain and point blame at others. You continue to waste your time on ‘if onlys’.

How many people do you hear saying, “If only my partner loved me.” “If only we had more money.” “If only I could get a better job,” and so it continues until you run out of tomorrows.

Look at your life with new eyes. Start to discover the God; light; one conscious thought that lies within you. Start to look at how you can access the happiness within. Learn to stop super-imposing your hopes and dreams on something external, for it does not come from there; it comes from within.

Look at your material possessions; the people around you. When your day has ended and you close your eyes, everything that you have, is unnecessary. Whilst asleep you don’t need love. You don’t need possessions. You don’t need sustenance such as food, drink. When you awaken, you have, on your own, renewed your energy. You’re strong! For you have accessed the power that was within you.

The vastness that is within each human body, is that of a universe. Your light within you is far brighter than the planet you call the sun. Nothing can compare with the human ability to create, when it is one with the divine energy within.

I hope that what I have given to you today, will resonate within the hearts and minds of mankind. We will bring further lessons to those who wish to reunite the Self with God. We want you all to awaken, so that you may see, and experience oneness with God.

For when you experience God; light, the one conscious thought; you will experience virtue, beauty and most importantly true love. By experiencing and connecting with your inner divinity, you will see a radiance emanate from the very depths of your soul, that the world you see as a beautiful environment, will pale in comparison.

Everything you seek, is within. God; light; the one conscious thought dwells in every human being, and everyone’s true purpose is to connect and learn about Self so you may identify and experience God.

In love and light, we will commune again soon. Blessings to you this day…..


Archangel Chamuel.


Find your inner God/Goddess…

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44 Sanat Kumara - Your Spiritual Growth MP3 44 Sanat Kumara – Your Spiritual Growth MP3



New Moon Energies – Emotional Healing – Archangel Metatron

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angel meditationFrom today, a period of emotional healing will take place upon Planet Earth. This means that those who are sensitive to universal energies may feel unusually emotional. Mass consciousness is currently like a pressure cooker waiting to release the steam, so many of you have not said what you wanted to say, or done what you wanted to do, that the emotional stress is calling out for release.

To stave off further worldly unrest, anger and frustration, the angelic realm are raising vibrational healing frequencies to interact with the hearts and minds of humankind, in an effort to help you all release any emotional stress, without the need for further pain, chaos, arguments and disruptions.

During this period of time, should any emotions or old hurts that rise to the surface.  You may find that old memories return, memories you perhaps thoughts had been dealt with. Just be in a state of openness and allow everything to rise to the surface. If you feel the need to cry, laugh, mourn or celebrate, do so. I would encourage you to just allow everything to unfold, breathe deeply and as you release your breath,  announce that you lovingly release your emotions and that you are now lovingly embracing the now.

This period of emotional healing will last  until the New Moon Energies on the 19th September. If you currently hold old behaviours, hurts or regrets, now is the time to release them for transformation. The angelic realm are waiting to help you unburden yourselves from anything you have kept locked up inside you.


Archangel Metatron

Would you like to protect yourself from
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The Orgone Pendant has been shown to help you balance your chakras, boost your immune system and remove negative energy; in just 1-hour of you wearing it.

This amazing pendant helps to break down negative energies, which attach themselves to our bodies and auras. Carrying negative energy, or entering negative environments, obstructs your natural flow of energy, which is required to maintain a healthy immune system.

Now, by simply wearing this pendant you can enhance your immune system and harmonise your chakras with ease.

Do you have these symptoms, from too much negative energy?

  •      Feel run-down and exhausted?
  •      Suffer from depression or nervousness?
  •      Lost your appetite?
  •      Have developed any allergies to food?
  •      Affected by headaches, depression and illness from electricity?
  •      Having trouble absorbing the necessary vitamins and minerals?
  •      Tired, but experience insomnia or restless sleep?
  •      Body experiences cramps.
  •      Tingling in your arms and legs?
  •      Awake with a fuzzy head in the morning?

All the above symptoms can be an indication that you are suffering from too much negative energy. Discover how to overcome environmental energy sensitivity here


The Pathway to Unity Consciousness – Mary Magdalene

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Ascended Master Mother MaryGreetings beloved ones! Today I am pleased to have this opportunity to commune with you, and help you understand the greater need for depth, discipline and devotion, if you truly want to eventually experience unity-consciousness with the Divine.


There are many who purport to be spiritual, but there are different depths to spirituality, and it is very important, beloved ones, that you understand those depths, and how they relate to your ability to eventually experience unity-consciousness.


There are those who say they are spiritual, but often doubt. They doubt their own ability to meditate. They doubt others. They swing from believing, to non-believing, as their moods rise and fall. These people are often referred to, in spiritual terms, as gatekeepers; they neither stray away from the gate which opens to the spiritual path, but nor do they enter fully through the gate; to embrace all that spirituality has to offer them.


We also have those who believe themselves to be spiritual, as long as everything is presented with love and light. They prefer to pixie hop from rose to rose, seeing their world through rose-tinted glasses. These poor souls struggle greatly when truth, diversity, or reality is revealed.

Then we have those who steadfastly continue to walk in their light, learning from their actions, their choices. They seek to add depth to their existing knowledge, understanding that knowledge is key to spiritual growth. They meditate; they try through their actions, words and choices, to be the example of spirituality. These are the souls who are ready to experience unity-consciousness.

Normally, human-beings experience consciousness in the form of awakened consciousness, which is your everyday awareness. Then you have dream consciousness, and deep sleep consciousness.  These states of consciousness help you to deal with the physical world around you, and assist the physiological functions of the human body.

Through regular meditation it is possible to achieve higher states of consciousness. As you become disciplined and devoted in the art of meditation, you develop the ability to detach from the physical body, and view yourself, and life, from a different perspective. When you can constantly and consciously detach yourself from the physical body, you have reached soul-consciousness.

The benefits of achieving soul-consciousness, means you are able to protect yourself from life’s dramas. You discover the natural ability to bond with all beings; show great compassion. You find you can experience one-ness with the elemental and plant kingdoms.  Working towards achieving soul-consciousness is important if you want to be immune to the chaos, physical/material life contains.

When one is working on achieving soul-consciousness, it is very important to move towards a diet of nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains, fruit and pulses. The body cannot attain soul-consciousness if it is fed animal products. This is because animal products contain the lower vibrational energies of planet earth.

Through discipline, and devotion to spiritual study and meditation, you can, in time, raise your vibrational levels further, to what is referred to as cosmic-consciousness. This is what is referred to as the state of ‘being ‘in’ the world but not ‘of’ it’. In other words, you are consciously aware you are more than your mind and body. You perceive yourself as timeless, without form.  It takes many years of devotional service to spiritual practice, to attain a constant state of cosmic-consciousness.

After this state of consciousness, there is a further form of consciousness known as Divine-Consciousness. This is where the soul has the ability to access and connect to God. When this happens, the consciousness experiences the presence of Divine love; and through this presence is able to express and manifest peace, love and harmony to all that it is connected to.

Unity-consciousness is where a soul no longer identifies with the self. It is formless, limitless; it is pure consciousness; alive in all forms. This state is often referred to as the state of Nirvana. All of creation is one, and operates from an illuminated state; pure white light.

The way to unity-consciousness is through continuous clearing, charging and opening of the etheric higher chakras, and working with the pink/blue/gold vibrational energy levels in a specific sequence.

In recognition of the need to help more light-workers accelerate their spiritual growth towards achieving unity-consciousness, the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Higher-Dimensional Beings of Light, will be bringing into the physical for the very first time, new ways of anchoring vibrational energy levels into Mother Earth and the physical body.

There will be a specific call sent throughout the universes, to those who are ready to give spiritual re-birth to their soul, and enter the new gateway of ascension.

In 22.2.22 a new awakening of Mother Earth takes place. It promises to be a new dawning of humanity; one based on unconditional love, peace and harmony. Those who continue to show depth, discipline and devotion to their spiritual development, and who are constantly updating their spiritual knowledge, will hear our call.

Energy changes on 3 November 2013, will usher-in the call for those light-workers who are to prepare themselves for the higher vibrational energies of 2014.

This is a wonderful and excite-g time, offering clear vision of spiritual purpose for those light-workers who have felt misunderstood, blocked or alone in the physical world and their spiritual work.

I, with the help of the Archangels, the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, the Andromedans and Acturians, along with Ascended Masters El Morya, Lady Qwan Yin, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Serapis Bey, Sanat Kumara, St Germaine, Lord Sananda, Lady Nada and the illumined Mother Mary, look forward to teaching you in 2014, new integrated 9th dimensional healing principles for the greater good of humanity.

For now, I ask you to build your ability to focus during meditation, and develop the ability to simply attain an inner state of peace and harmony. Work at this time on the physical chakra system.

Develop a daily devotion towards clearing, charging, aligning and opening your chakras; then develop the length of time you can attain inner-peace and harmony, without thoughts or distractions to one hour. Until the 3 November, be of the light.

Blessed be.
Ascended Master Mary Magdalene.

New ****

Spiritual Expansion Training Programme 2014

Please contact Jill if you wish to be placed on the list of initiates (Maximum places available 25 per programme). This is your unique opportunity to be personally mentored and supported by the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Higher Dimensional Beings of Light on your own spiritual pathway.

Please note these are advanced spiritual practices, you must be able to meditate, focus and control energies to attend this training programme. Any enquiries can be made by emailing Jill Harrison using the contact from on our websites, and

Harnessing The Power of The Red Ray – Ascended Master Lord El Morya & Archangel Michael

In this trance-channelled session with Lord El Morya and Archangel Michael, learn how to connect to the power of the red ray to help you achieve clear vision. If you feel misunderstood or blocked in your spiritual journey. Archangel Michael and Ascended Master El Morya will help you explore new frontiers, and overcome any issues you may have with trust, or surrender to divine guidance.

This particular event will involve cleansing, clearing and activating the crown chakra for full connection to divine guidance.


Please ensure that you have eaten a light vegan meal approximately one hour before the start of every training session and please ensure you have drunk a minimum of two pints of water throughout the day. 

The energies that will be channelled will be strong and they will initiate a detoxification process, therefore it is essential that your body is not hindered by lower vibrational energies.


The Initiates Guide to the Pathway of Peace – Lady Qwan Yin

In this trance-channelled session with Lady Qwan Yin, you will learn how to walk on the path of peace and access the ninth trans-dimensional level for spiritual integration.  This vibrational energy level helps those who wish to channel and connect to other galaxies.  Working specifically with the Third Eye chakra to stimulate the brain to open the channels for full personal integration healing. This trance-channelled session will assist healers who wish to bring a new vibrational and dimensional level to their healing abilities.

Embracing the Divine Feminine Energy of Love & Wisdom – Lord Kuthumi and Mary Magdalene

In this trance-channelled session with Lord Kuthumi and Mary Magdalene you will access the blue vibrational energy ray to help you focus upon self-nurturing and self-love. Specifically aimed at light-workers who wish to accelerate their service work for the greater good of humanity. Working specifically with the heart chakra, you will be shown how to focus purely upon the vibrational energies of love within and with clear intuition bring this into manifestation of the physical for healing and support of planet Earth.

Travelling the Star Gate to Sirius – Ascended Master Lord Serapis Bey and Archangel Chamuel

In this trance-channelled session Lord Serapis Bey will help you to access divine intelligence for spiritual illumination. Working with the Throat Chakra, you will first be shown how to access the inner planes of the mind and use this to connect to the star gate which leads to Sirius.  You will be taken to the Sirian School of Higher Consciousness and through the use of pyramids be shown how to elevate your consciousness for direct communication and access to divine intelligence.

Harnessing The Power of the Magenta Ray – Ascended Master Mary Magdalene and the Seraphim Choir of Angels.

In this trance-channelled session Ascended Master Mary Magdalene introduces you to the vibrational energies of the magenta ray so you can embrace and experience the qualities of beauty, power, wisdom and your sacred sexuality.

Accessing this powerful vibration you will work with the threefold flame of power, love and wisdom through the heart chakra.  It is also the access to the angelic healing matrix grid where you will tune into the vibrational healing energies of the Seraphim for healing, cellular rejuvenation and etheric healing.

Entering the Vibrational Energy of the Brotherhood of Light – Archangel Gabriel and Ascended Master Sanat Kumara

In this trance-channelled session Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, over-lighted by the brotherhood of light and Archangel Gabriel will show you how to access the Platinum 8th dimensional portal  for etheric healing. You will be able to access energies which will completely regenerate the physical and emotional body through the use of sacred geometry, colour and sound.

This particular session will help to harmonise the body so homeostasis of the immune system is achieved, thereby helping those with auto-immune diseases.

Further sessions to come:-

Opening up to Unity – Ascended Master Mother Mary and the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light

Entering Transcendence – St Germaine and Archangel Haniel

Devotional Service – Lord Sananda

Integration of the God Self –  Lord Sananda and the Andromedan Council

Accessing the Ray of  Iluminated Truth – Archangel Michael and Lord Kuthumi

Embracing Divine Consciousness – Lady Nada and Archangel Metatron

Start working towards Unity

Consciousness today – Here’s how…

14 Mary Magdalene - The Importance of Grounding 14 Mary Magdalene – The Importance of Grounding
14 Mary Magdalene - The Importance of Grounding MP3 14 Mary Magdalene – The Importance of Grounding MP3
23 Mary Magdalene - Crystal Cavern Healing 23 Mary Magdalene – Crystal Cavern Healing
23 Mary Magdalene - Crystal Cavern Healing MP3 23 Mary Magdalene – Crystal Cavern Healing MP3
29 Mary Magdalene - Beach of Angels Healing Meditation 29 Mary Magdalene – Beach of Angels Healing Meditation
29 Mary Magdalene - Beach of Angels Healing Meditation MP3 29 Mary Magdalene – Beach of Angels Healing Meditation MP3
48 Mary Magdalene - Activating Your Third Eye CD 48 Mary Magdalene – Activating Your Third Eye CD
48 Mary Magdalene - Activating Your Third Eye MP3 48 Mary Magdalene – Activating Your Third Eye MP3
49 Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing CD 49 Mary Magdalene – Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing CD
49 Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing MP3 49 Mary Magdalene – Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing MP3
53 Mary Magdalene - Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts Meditation CD 53 Mary Magdalene – Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts Meditation CD
53 Mary Magdalene - Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts Meditation MP3 53 Mary Magdalene – Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts Meditation MP3
Ascended Master Mary Magdalene Revelation Reading Ascended Master Mary Magdalene Revelation Reading
Mary Magdalene Spiritual Development CD Set Mary Magdalene Spiritual Development CD Set

Sacral Chakra Healing

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  • Are you struggling with your relationships?healing with angels - chakra healing
  • Do you feel people don’t relate to, or understand you?
  • Suffer from a lack of self-love/self-esteem/self-worth?
  • Is your life like a drama, lurching from one crisis to another?
  • Struggling to get ahead at work?
  • Difficulties with money or health?

Did you know that all the above,  could be symptoms of a blocked/dysfunctional or even an over-active sacral chakra?

Our sacral chakra helps us to remain balanced and rational. When our sacral chakra is out of sync, we lose our ability to manage our emotions. If our emotions are suppressed, we can go into withdrawal, or we can be drawn into unhealthy situations such as addictions. the other end of the spectrum is we can suffer from angry outbursts, road-rage, fits of jealousy.

Our physical bodies may also become at dis-ease, thereby making us prone to health problems such as fertility issues, ovarian cancer, prostate/testicular cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones and bladder infections.

Did you know there are lots of simple effective things you can do, to help you keep your chakra’s in peak condition? It’s more than just sticking a crystal on your abdomen, or doing a meditation. Chakra healing requires a holistic approach, if it is to be sustainable and long-lasting. 

If you can understand the psychology of the chakra, the symptoms, the behaviours we exhibit, we can identify and heal at the deepest level possible.  If you’d like to find out more about how to free yourself from low self-worth, boost your ability to express yourself, know how to recognise warning symptoms of a blocked/dysfunctional or over-active sacral chakra, then join us tomorrow night for a live webinar mini-master class with Jill Harrison.

In this particular webinar, Jill will talk you through the symptoms, how it affects your relationships, your career, your emotional health and how to fix any imbalances that may appear.


Book Now:–balancing-927-p.asp

11th September 2013

Fee: £5.00 Starts 7:30pm London GMT (Duration: approx. 1hr 45mins)


Not sure it’s for you?  Here’s what just a few of our delegates said about the last webinar:-


Jennifer – Australia: – Excellent! Great meeting. Full of very helpful information – thanks Jill

Julie – UK: – Excellent! Very informative. The meditation was very good.

Sandra – UK: –    Absolutely Fabulous. I get so much out of the webinars and some great exercises to help me further my spiritual development. Thank you so much!

Tetyana from UK: –   Absolutely brilliant evening, highly recommended.


Learn at home, all you have to do is log-on to our dedicated server, and watch the show. It’s as simple as that. Watch on your iphone/ipad/tablet/pc/mac/phone or if you’re in the states you can also call and listen in on the phone.

Missed the first webinar on the Root Chakra and think it’s too late to join in? WRONG!!

You can catch up by watching our webinar video here:-

Chakra Clearing & Healing - Module 1 - Root Chakra (Video) Chakra Clearing & Healing – Module 1 – Root Chakra (Video)
Discover how to have a holistic approach to healing the root chakra.


Blowing Your Own Trumpet – The Power of Words and Choice Archangel Gabriel

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Archangel GabrielCommunication is more than speaking, facial or body gestures. Communication triggers energies, which lead either to beneficial, or detrimental effects.

Often karma is considered a ‘bad debt’, to be repaid to spirit for a deed done incorrectly, but this is not so. Karma is merely an opportunity to re-learn, evolve and grow, so that suffering, chaos and pain are removed from your experiences.

When someone lives in denial, or doesn’t acknowledge truth, they can only draw to them trouble and suffering. Why? Because they try to avoid or escape the consequences of their actions, beliefs or decisions.

Focusing on your gestures, your thought patterns, and what you say; can either trigger a negative response, or a positive one.  Very little thought is given to what comes out of the mouth, and more importantly the manner in which it is said. Are your words just spoken?  Do you consider whether your tone is loving, or something else? Are your body-language gestures open, kind, encouraging; or are they closed? Are you often only focused upon blowing your own trumpet, indicating only self-interest?

Being spiritual calls for you to communicate from a place of love, a place of compassion, but also a place of truth. Truth and love are the light-essence of the soul.

Everything within the universe is energy. You push one way, energy will react in kind; therefore choosing to be conscious of how one speaks and how one acts, is extremely important.

Those who seek not to communicate, to isolate themselves away from others, do not evolve; because without communication, no one can learn. When a soul is learning, it is exploring cause and effect. Each exploration offers choice, so being aware of what choices are available to you, and considering the consequences of one’s words, thoughts and actions, can help you experience joy and happiness or pain and suffering.

Every experience you have, teaches you something. Each experience may not be perfect, but with practice, you becomes learned in particular aspects of physical life.

Don’t ever be afraid to make mistakes, for when mistakes happen, you learn a valuable lesson of what wasn’t right, and you gave yourself the opportunity, consider how your next choice or action can move you into joy and love.

Humans have a tendency to focus on the gravity of making a mistake. Blame, punishment, constant regurgitation of what went wrong, and why. This is so wrong. It simply requires an acknowledgement that this particular method did not bear fruit, and then focus should be placed upon how, if presented with a similar situation, you may well fare better.

Make a point of learning about body-language, for without this knowledge, the signals you give out to others, can also be responsible for what universal energies are returned back to you. If others constantly treat you as a doormat, are your gestures weak?  Do you walk with slumped shoulders? Do you display timid behaviour which makes it possible for others to take advantage of you?

On the other hand, is your body language aggressive? Do you jab your finger at someone to make a point, thereby creating a defensive or aggressive reaction from someone else, because they feel threatened?  Remember, every action brings about a reaction.

When you awake, take some time to connect to your energies. If you awake and feel lethargic, a little bit down in the mouth; what reaction do you think will occur if you continue to allow your emotions to stay as they are?  Your experiences will ensure your path crosses others who are moody, disinterested and lazy, because energy draws to it similar energies.


Awareness of your energies is key to ensuring you live in joy, happiness and abundance.  When your energies are low, consciously choose to act with loving kindness, patience and tolerance for others. Focus on finding, or getting the best out of others. Often the term, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ is bandied around, but this is one of the most important phrases you can use, for it is a constant reminder to be aware of what you are sowing.

For example, if you sow doubt, hatred, anger, criticism; you will only grow and achieve a harvest of the same. Just like you cannot sow potatoes and expect apple trees to grow, what are you currently sowing in your life?  And if it is not sowing you joy, fulfilment; you are not living in truth.

“As you sow, so shall you reap,” is such a deep truth, that by living by this law, you can learn to grow a life that is rewarding and enriching.  Those who choose to dismiss this law, will find their lives blighted with anxiety, stress and chaos.  “As you sow, so shall you reap,” is part of cosmic law.  This law teaches you judgement, reasoning and balance. If you watch Mother Nature, she is the best example of, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Too much drought and nothing grows. Too much moisture and everything decays. Life really is a simple exercise of keeping balance, and you must be the ballast to your ship, which sails upon the seas of life.

All of you must learn to reason, judge and choose. The law of cause and effect, karma and dharma, exist in all things, and the way in which you experience this law, is through your communication skills.

All children should be taught to thoroughly understand the law of cause and effect, followed by communication skills, emotional intelligence, self-confidence and self-esteem. Without these, they cannot be the ballast in their ship.

Without these skills, no amount of mathematics, languages, sciences, philosophies, or anything else, can be truly mastered.

Mis-communication is why you have arguments, wars, anxiety, chaos, and suffering.  Grasping the art of communication enables one to speak the truth, but more importantly, for it to be conveyed in a way that others can accept, acknowledge and understand; without the experience of pain and suffering.  How many times have you perhaps fallen out over a misunderstanding and then when you have realised what really was meant to be conveyed, you said, “Oh well, when you put it like that, that’s OK?”

How many times do so many of you withdraw, sit in silence, brooding, hurting; because someone upsets you and you couldn’t bring yourself to tell them? All this pain and anxiety is caused through mis-communication.

If you wish to eradicate war, suffering and chaos, not just on a personal level, but also a worldly level; seek out those who are highly-gifted in communication skills, behavioural skills. Read books on emotional intelligence, body-language; seek to understand the psychology behind why you do what you do, and I promise you that you will tap into the ability to get the best out of yourself and others.

Community, communication; these are slipping away from your societies. Alienation, seeking solace; constantly impedes a soul’s growth.  You evolve when you share, when you communicate, when you experience with others the beauty and joy of life. If you start with the self, and learn how to communicate effectively, you will see your relationships develop very deep bonds. You will vastly increase your ability to be taken seriously in your professional life. Spiritually, you will find your connection to the Creator deeper and more profound. So need I say more?

If life is serving you lemons, perhaps it may be wise to consider sowing new seeds.


Archangel Gabriel.

Are you in need 0f healing, realisation, guidance?

Connect with Archangel Gabriel’s energy for healing and guidance. Archangel Gabriel has given Jill Harrison through trance-channelled sessions, these beautiful meditations to help you all with your spiritual growth and development.  These meditations offer you a form of inspiration, guidance and angelic healing.

03 Archangel Gabriel - Healing Meditation CD 03 Archangel Gabriel – Healing Meditation CD
03 Archangel Gabriel - Vibrational Healing MP3 03 Archangel Gabriel – Vibrational Healing MP3
04 Archangel Gabriel - Finding Your Life's Purpose CD 04 Archangel Gabriel – Finding Your Life’s Purpose CD
04 Archangel Gabriel - Finding Your Life's Purpose MP3 04 Archangel Gabriel – Finding Your Life’s Purpose MP3
57 Archangel Gabriel - Manifesting Your Desire CD 57 Archangel Gabriel – Manifesting Your Desire CD
57 Archangel Gabriel - Manifesting Your Desire MP3 57 Archangel Gabriel – Manifesting Your Desire MP3

Amazing Spiritual Development Opportunities

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archangel-hanielJust a Gentle Reminder…

Don’t miss out …



11 September 2013 – Chakra Clearing & Balancing Live Webinar Broadcast – Sacral Chakra

Did you know that your sacral chakra is responsible for ensuring you have a pleasurable and healthy life? Do you struggle to see yourself as ‘sexy, attractive, worthy” if so you’ll probably often draw to you, others who are completely incompatible for you. If you struggle to put yourself first, or say ‘No’, then let Jill help you heal, clear, and balance your sacral chakra, isn’t it time you got rid of feeling guilty or insignificant?  Find out more by joining our live broadcast. To Book Click Here


14 September 2013 – How to Read Angel Cards Master Class

Allow yourself to journey through the Angelic Realms to explore the energies of the angels for personal and spiritual guidance. Discover how to use your angel cards to heal and empower yourself and others. Allow yourself inner intuitive abilities to be awakend through angelic frequencies and take your spiritual development to another level. To Book Click Here

21/22 September 2013 – Peterborough Mind Body Spirit Fair.

Prebook your reading with Jill to avoid disappointment – More details


28/29 September 2013 – Harrogate Mind Body Spirit Fair

Prebook your reading with Jill to avoid disappointment – More details


01 October 2013 – Eat to Live Webinar/Broadcast

Abusing yourself and your loved ones with food is the pathway to chronic disease and premature death. Our body reacts in response to what we eat and drink. Join us and listen to Glenn Harrison show you how you can become healthy and  disease-proof. As childhood obesity becomes a universal crisis, childhood premature death is rising at an alarming rate. Learn how to ensure your children don’t become another national average statistic of childhood premature death. To book – Click Here


05/06/October 2013 – Manchester Mind Body Spirit Extravaganza Fair

More details

08 October – Live Webinar Master Class – Archangel Therapy Level 1 – Module 1

Join with Jill and discover how to open yourself up to the angelic realm. Deepen your knowledge of angels, learn how to experience powerful angelic vibrations of protection and healing in this master class. To Book – Click Here

12/13 October – Mansfield Mind, Body, Spirit Fair

More Details


15 October – Live Webinar Master Class – Archangel Therapy Level 1 – Module 2

Join with Jill and discover how to open yourself up to the angelic realm. Deepen your knowledge of angels, learn how to experience powerful angelic vibrations of protection and healing in this master class. Truly experience one-to-one communication with your guardian angel. To Book – Click Here


19/20 October – Cheltenham Mind Body Spirit Fair

More Details


22 October 2013 –  Chakra Clearing & Balancing Live Webinar Broadcast

Solar Chakra – Did you know that your solar chakra is your power-house? When this area is balanced, we have confidence, self-esteem, our ability to be empowered and empower others is at its strongest. However, when this chakra isn’t working, we experience struggle, we find it hard to focus, make important decisions and we feel powerless to change our lives. Physical symptoms of stomach issues, digestion and ulcers to name just a few can all be symptoms of a need for you to clear, heal and balance this chakra. Join Jill to find out how to reconnect to your own powerhouse and become the change you want to see in the world. To Book Click Here

Expressing the Goddess Self – A Journey into Soul Healing with Goddess Isis

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Goddess Isis MeditationIn this special meditation webinar, connect with Goddess Isis and open yourself up to the opportunity to recover soul fragments that may have been lost to old karmic contracts and soul agreements. Experience the healing temple waters which will connect you to the feminine goddess energies by clearing, opening and recharging the Soul Star Chakra.

If your Soul Star Chakra isn’t functioning correctly due to old soul imprints, this can block emotional healing, your spiritual connection and your ability to meditate.  Re-aligning your Souul Star Chakra will help energise your adrenal glands,it will fully awaken the heart chakra and detoxify the body so that you can access and open yourself up to higher, more spiriual realms.

Once your Soul Star Chakra is fully activated, journey on with Goddess Isis to visit the temples of knowledge to understand the destiny of the soul.

This Goddess Isis healing meditation will be a journey which offers you the opportunity to experience a Soul Star Chakra meditation from the only UK level 12 trance-channel psychic medium Jill Harrison.

Join us:-

Sunday 27th October 2013 @ 7:30pm (London GMT Time)