Healthy Food Bars

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As I am often asked for recipes from my delegates, you can now find healthy recipes here. As the kids are returning back to school, its time to wean them off high sugar and high fat bars and onto real food which delivers a slow release of energy through out the day.

Here’s a recipe to try:-

Serves: 8
  • 2 cups quick-cooking organic jumbo rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1/2 cup raisins or chopped dates
  • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts
  • 2 large ripe bananas, mashed
  • 3/4 cup finely chopped apple
  • 2 tablespoons ground flax seeds
Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl until well combined. Press into a 9-by-9-inch square baking pan and bake for 30 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. When cool, cut into squares or bars.

Healing with Angels – Importance of Chakra Cleansing – Archangel Raphael

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healing with angels - chakra healingHello!

Do you suffer from lack of energy?  Too often, when your energy levels dwindle, you may focus on diet, sleep, and continue to try to struggle through. Very few people are aware, that when your energy levels drop. this is indicative that the chakra system isn’t functioning as it should.  Your energy levels have a direct link to your chakras. Your chakras are controlled by the emotions, and any emotional imbalance affects each chakra differently.

You can use as many crystals, incantations and meditations as you wish, for first aid, but unless you focus upon clearing and dealing with the emotions, the physical problems will continue to be a part of your life.

I am amazed that so many of you fuss and fiddle every day, ensuring that you ‘look’ alright to the outside world. The preening; the must-have gadgets, to create the illusion that you’re hip and current; but what about the inside, AND the emotional body? These are not things to be taken lightly.

Your chakras are wheels of energy. They form part of your unique subtle energy system, and they greatly impact upon your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Not enough energy, and like cogs in a machine, each one in turn affects the other. As energy diminishes, your immune system begins to break down, and illness or accidents happen.

The function of your chakra system is to ensure that your energy levels within your physical body are balanced, along with ensuring your aura is filled with life-force energy.

When your chakras are not functioning correctly, your relationships, your ability to function, your thinking process; are all at risk. Your chakras are a consistent link between form and non-form. They feed off the higher frequencies emitted from the Matrix Grid which surrounds your planet. The chakras then take this energy, and transmit it to your endocrine glands, and then from there, the energy is fed through the body structure, to be utilised where needed.

If you are ill, or you are prone to negativity, the chakra system will begin to slow down, even at some stages, stop completely. The mind (psycho-physical energy) affects the channels of the endocrine system and chakras, and when this happens, lack of energy leads to poor appetite or eating habits, depression, and finally, illness.  At times, the psycho-physical energy can cause the endocrine system to be overloaded with energy, thereby speeding up the chakra energies; and when this happens, it can lead to hyperactivity, aggression and stress, which when placed upon the physical body, again, breaks down the immune system, increasing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other illnesses.

Any form of physical or emotional stress, damages the physical and emotional body, but in particular, it can seriously affect the chakras. Now despite lengthy guidance being given by well-intended spiritual beings, I cannot stress enough, that unless the cause is treated, no amount of crystals, incantations or meditations will help you to be cured of your problems.

Healing requires a holistic approach. This means one has to add to the chakra-healing prescription:- diet, emotional healing through counselling or journalling, physical exercise, and a positive mental attitude. It can take quite some time to recharge and balance the chakras. Healing is totally dependent upon the mindset, and it is important to determine where the cause is coming from. Every experience you have, creates cell memory. For example, if you have a blocked root chakra, it may not be coming from the mental body, nor may it be housed in the skeletal system; it may stem from karmic cellular memory; and when this happens, the only way you can heal this, is through past-life regression. You have to take the patient’s psycho-physical energy to that specific point in time, to help them unravel the memories to release the pain. If however, the cause is coming from the physical body, then manipulation of the body through massage, perhaps with aromatherapy oils, along with the other important chakra-healing prescription I mentioned earlier; and with crystals, meditation and positive affirmations, will yield better results. So, as you can see, there is more to the chakra system than you first may have thought.

It is important to cleanse the chakras on a weekly basis. This can be done whilst taking a bath, sat on a bus, or upon waking. It doesn’t take long to do; but the more you do this, the more you will become conscious of the importance of your chakras. Chakra healing requires a holistic approach, as does any form of healing.  Chakra healing can take many forms; and as the opportunity arises, I will offer further guidance on how you can activate, clear and heal your chakras.

Today I would just like you to take time to absorb this information. When you understand the chakra system completely, you will discover a world of fascinating information and insight, into who you are, and why you behave and act like you do.

Archangel Raphael.

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Learning to Listen to Wise Counsel – Archangel Michael

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bigstock-Grand-Canyon-13846553In every waking moment, you are all subjected to an inordinate amount of noise pollution.

From the time you are born, you are consistently programmed to look to others and believe that they hold more knowledge about who you are, what you should do, how you should be and how you should live your life. Every day you are being attacked with noise to keep you from hearing your inner voice. However, there comes a point in time beloved ones when the quiet voice of truth, your voice, calls for you to recognise you are about to take the wrong road, or what you are hearing is not the truth, when you have these moments you are participating in the spiritual lesson of learning to listen to wise counsel.

Where does this wise counsel come from?  It comes from your higher self. Humans often lack balance and this can bring a lack of security. The pathway of life, is an opportunity for each soul to explore spiritually the world around them, and each experience is for the sole purpose of teaching that soul, soul empowerment.

The material trappings with which so many of you surround yourself in, will never yield you anything, it will only give birth to dissatisfaction, not only for external things but also internally. Currently there are many souls who because they cannot have what they want, continually abuse themselves through shopping, gambling, drugs, alcohol and the worst abuse of all, personal mental abuse through criticising the self.

Spiritually we call for you to be enlightened, but what is enlightenment? Enlightenment means that the light within contains joy, peace, fulfilment and love. Within everyone of you lies the inner voice, this inner voice is your connection to wise counsel, it leads you to uncover the truth. It calls to you when you know you have not acted from a place of honesty. It calls for you to become stronger, it gets you to question your actions.  The wise counsel calls for you to explore your belief system, to pursue knowledge and deeper meaning to who you are. I urge all of you to learn to listen to this inner voice more often.

Today try to get away from or drown out the noise pollution. Turn off your headsets, come away from others and sit under a tree to ground yourself. Just breathe and feel the energy come into the body, and as you relax, ponder upon these questions:-

  • Who am I at this moment in time? (You are not your name, you are not what you do, so who are you?)
  • Where is my conscience guiding me?
  • What is my current spiritual challenge I need to master?
  • Is the pathway I walk one of fulfilment, joy, inner peace and love? (If not, what area of your life needs to change?)


Each of these questions offer you the opportunity to see where your current choices are not in alignment with who you truly are, and what you should be truly doing. Sometimes learning to trust the voice of wise counsel can take several lifetimes.

Remember when you come up against resistance you have the opportunity to learn more about yourself. Do you consistently ignore guidance? Or do you take it on board to the point where you are not your own person?  Your decisions affect your potential to walk in joy, inner peace and love.

Archangel Michael

Not Deviating From The Path – Energy Update V – Archangel Metatron

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Archangel Jophiel AbundanceBeloved ones, the energies today are now clearing. Mass consciousness is moving towards assessing situations with time and patience, before making decisions.  I would urge all of you to be  methodical and thorough with any major decisions you make to ensure your goals are achieved with the minimum of disruption over the last couple of days.

Although the energies are lessoning, this can still affect your ability to feel creative or adventurous. Those who are still resisting these new energies, particularly the male of your species, may still experience periods of stubbornness and harbouring a period of tunnel-vision mentality. During the final phase of these energies, pleas do not feel that you are failing or not progressing.

These new energies that came in over this week, will help you steadily begin to move forward. You should now find the weekend energies a lot more gentle, calmer and easier to stomach. This weekend you will find a balancing of opposites and healing taking place. During this period, the more flexible you are and calm in nature, the more happier and relaxing time you will experience.

Try to understand that these energies have affected your planet to help mass consciousness break down walls of difference, dishonesty and denial. A new period of growth and healing will be implemented in the months to come. Be of the light.

Blessed be

Archangel Metatron

Avoiding the Black Hole – Energy Updates IV – Archangel Metatron

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Black hole Today beloved ones be consciously guided by your higher-self. The energies within your planet are currently swinging in to cleanse the vast amount of negativity being held in mass consciousness.

Those of you who are of the light, will feel yourselves pulled towards the deepest depths of your soul and see negativity in others as clearly as the nose on the end of your face. You must beloved ones,] rise above this negative time. Avoid the emotional negative black hole that is hanging over your planet. The reality of the material world is currently in a stage of overlapping the spiritual and this removes the veil of illusion. You will surely see those who are of the light and those who have failed to grasp and resonate to the energy of the spiritual light within the next 48 hours.

As life within the universes is ever-changing, ever-shifting, remember that chaos can cause you to make random and impulsive decisions. Draw your strength from your spiritual core and company of kindred spirits. Choose to watch what is unfolding like a dream. Today is not a day for making decisions. Those who are still tied into the old paradigm will see negativity in everyone and everything. Be aware of those who are stuck in this veil of illusion, hold compassion and love in your heart for them ,so as to help raise their vibrational energies. Be immune to their negative comments and behaviour.

Within these energy changes lay great spiritual lessons. If the world appears to block you at every turn, if you are disappointed, frustrated and even angry with how your life is unfolding, then know ‘you’ are the problem. You are the one who is refusing to grow and embrace the changes of the world. You are the block to your  own healing and salvation.

Healing and growth will always depend upon your state of mind. Your emotional body controls whether you heal or continue as you are. The little hiccups, the set-backs and even the chaos are spiritual tests and yet so many of you underestimate your ability to rise above them. Instead of resisting change and bemoaning your predicament, these energies today offer you the opportunity to take charge of your life. It is time to be accountable for the misery you find yourself cast in. If you recognise it, but are unsure of where it came from, look at your behaviour, your words and your actions and ask yourself, am I making myself and others happy or miserable?

Something great and glorious is happening.  If you are willing to work with these energies, you will find comfort in kindred spirits who share your energies and are willing to help you grow. If you can’t find kindred spirits who see things the same way as you, then realise you are stuck in the old paradigm, and if you are stuck, I call upon you to put to bed the old ways of trying to control everything and everyone.  If your eyes see only pain, problems and obstacles, then your eyes are tired, and a new vision is required. You cannot see peace, love and harmony if in your heart, you allow anger, frustration, criticism and hatred to reside. It doesn’t take all of these to block your view, just one of these will block your view of reality and bring about the illusion of a living hell.

Remember humans have a habit of only hearing and seeing what they want to see, for the heart creates the reality of life.

We often call upon you to rediscover your inner child. Does this mean we call upon you to be immature? No! The call for you to reconnect to your inner child, is a call for you to have the openness, that children possess. They forgive easily and they do not hold judgement on others for very long. As adults, you often forget to admitting your mistakes. Instead you look to blaming others, you dump your responsibilities onto things or people, you steadfastly refuse to see YOU as the problem,  thereby causing alienation and ill-feeling in others. Reconnecting with your inner-child calls for you to relearn enthusiasm and vitality. It calls for you to be creative, imaginative, and find renewed energy for the magic of just existing. A child never has difficulty making friends or making up with friends.

Today’s energies call for you to be willing to see how your closed-heartedness can be overcome. Perhaps you can ponder on your problems and consider how a child might deal with such things.  Try to radiate light today by being more open, trusting and considerate of other people’s abilities. Have a bright outlook and refuse, yes I said refuse, to have expectations on anything or anyone else, this will enable you to conserve your energies. Perhaps ask yourself, in what way are my expectations causing me to enter into negative situations or emotions? Ask yourself how might you learn acceptance and openness to other people’s differences and ways of doing things.

Remember keep the faith and be the source of light in your world. If you find today particularly stressful, meditation will help you find the perspective you are searching for. A time of prayer, asking to be shown the right way, will always open the doorways that block your progress.

Blessed be

Archangel Metatron


Meditation Development Group Broadcast Tonight

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Places still available for tonight.meditation

28 – August – Journey to the Arcturian Crystal Lake Healing Meditation and experiencing your 5th dimensional body.

Come along and join other like-minded people in a semi-trance channelled meditation with Jill Harrison. These evenings are run once a month and will incorporate meditations to help you develop your ability to connect and communicate with spirit.

Fun-filled and deeply relaxing, you’ll have a whale of a time. Learn how to channel energies and control what happens in spirit communication. Receive messages and gifts from your spirit guides, angels and other light-beings. Explore ancient and sacred lands in the safety of your own home. (Max 25 attendees, so book early to avoid disappointment!)

Start Time:     8pm GMT London Time – Finish Time: Approx 9pm

28 – August – Journey to the Arcturian Crystal Lake for Healing and experiencing your 5th dimensional body

25 – September – Journey to discover your life direction

30 – October – Visiting the future and tuning into abundance

30 – November – Reviewing your book of life

30 – December – Renewing and receiving healing energies for 2014

Have you seen us promoting our webinars and wondered what a webinar is?

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A webinar is a way of watching a presentation, lecture, or joining in on a class over the internet. You can just watch, or you can add your comments using a facility called chat, which is like sending a free text message. You can also get access to handouts, if available, which you can print off and read at your own leisure. A webinar broadcast also offers you the opportunity to chat with like-minded people and share ideas, tips and comments.

To watch one of our broadcasts all you have to do is book your place, and then at the appropriate date and time, go to the internet address we give you, turn on your speakers or put on your headset, sit back to watch and listen to our presentations.

It really is that simple.  If you’ve watched a video on youtube, then you can watch one of our broadcasts, the only difference is our sessions are live, not pre-recorded offering you the opportunity to ask questions, connect with like-minded people and expand your consciousness.

You can watch via:-

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Energy Update III – Archangel Metatron – Adrenaline Rush

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golden light healingGreetings. Today there will be a rush of energy directed at planet Earth. This will greatly affect those in power, as they continue to resist the feminine energies.

Unfortunately this may bring about a day where everyone is fighting for themselves, as they try to swim against the energies which are calling for everyone to stop, lie down and allow the rush of adrenaline to keep fighting on, go.  Living can be seen as a struggle and full of obstacles, or one can view it as a map of adventure. When you view a map, it is wise to contemplate all routes to the destination you have chosen, and perhaps, you may even choose rest stops along the way too.

Some of you may experience minor disruptions today, whilst others will experience major disruptions, the challenge is to take heart and see how you can find the easiest route for all. Take today as a time for focusing on, and protecting, what you have. It is not a time for venturing into areas that you have no precedence over and trying to take over or force your will. You’re only focus should be on nurturing and protecting what you have. With determination you can overcome the energies of today, just do not struggle against the tide of energies. You do not have to flee, nor do I encourage you to fight. Focus on your strengths and how you can best use them for the greater good of nurturing and protection.  Those with asthma or lung problems who are also vulnerable to universal energies may struggle today, so please if this applies to you, rest and allow the world to rush by you.

In particular, choose your battles wisely, before you venture forth into the affray. Is it really your battle to fight? Will entering into a fight really bring about peace?  I think not, so please remember today your best choice is to lie down and let the chaos rush on by.

Remember the golden light healing will be helpful, so please make time to do this.  If you are unsure what to do. Sit and breathe quietly until you feel suitably relaxed. Then call upon the archangels, your guardian angels and the Arcturians to open up a healing channel for you. Asked to be bathed in golden healing light at this time so that you can be a resonator of peace and harmony for mother earth and humankind.

The Arcturians will then open up a column of light which will descend down through the crown chakra, all the way along into the feet chakras. Allow the energy to align and charge you and when it is no longer needed it will be sealed and anchored into your crown chakra. When this is complete, thank the Arcturians for their assistance. Ground yourself with a glass of water and then resume your activities.

If you wish to be guided completely through the process, we have already given you an in-depth meditation, in readiness for this event and others which will take place over the coming year.

Many of the information we give you, is relevant for future events, therefore it would be beneficial to continue to return to our previous guidance, so you are aware of how best to handle mankind’s evolution.

Until tomorrow,


Archangel Metatron

Need help?

Read the channellings and guidance of all from Archangel Metatron and the Archangels, along with other light-beings, such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians and Sirians.

Books 6 and 7 will be available shortly.


Conversations with Archangels 1 - Cashing in on God Conversations with Archangels 1 – Cashing in on God
Conversations with Archangels 2 - PDF Download Conversations with Archangels 2 – PDF Download
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Conversations with Archangels 2 - Bound Copy Conversations with Archangels 2 – Bound Copy
Copy of Conversation with Archangels 3 - Bound Copy Copy of Conversation with Archangels 3 – Bound Copy
Conversation with Archangels 4 - Bound Copy Conversation with Archangels 4 – Bound Copy
Conversation with Angels 5 - Bound Copy Conversation with Angels 5 – Bound Copy

Energy Update – Covenants & Cognitive Processes

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Mastering spiritual energiesBeloved one,s as the energies from yesterday begin to settle, you will find these energies now begin to emanate and anchor a desire to overcome diversity, opposites and polarities. The feminine divine energy is being restored to its former and intended original glory. With the feminine energy comes birth, creativity and intuitiveness.  Learn to be creative with the energies, be aware of what you wish for and how it may manifest.

Today may well be experienced as seeing differences and polarities, but at the same time, possibilities for how things may be overcome and conjoined. We have in the past, spoken of contracts being created from a fear perspective instead of a spiritual covenant which aims to ensure all parties are protected and responsible for their part of the agreement.

If you are wise enough to sit and allow life to unfold in front of you today without judgement, you may through experience and observation, see how your brothers and sisters react to these energies. Due to the nature of these energies, there may be a desire to comfort eat. This will be born out of a need to feel more secure and safe. HOWEVER… and it is a big however, my guidance isn’t to be used as an excuse, just  because the energies are causing insecurities, you don’t have the right to over feed yourself, resist the cravings as much as you can. Children will be more demanding today and the male species will be more likely to chastise and reject any form of guidance, as they rear against the onslaught of feminine, intuitive energies that will begin to filter around them.

Those who find today filled with chaos, difficulties, delays and blockages are reminded to tune into the feminine energies and find compassion for the situation at hand. Some light workers and those sensitive to these energy changes, may feel a need to over-protect, but I do caution against this. Love is one thing, but to overprotect is to disable and undermine a soul’s growth.

Today try your best to be aware of your words, your emotions and motives, seek to understand how they affect your thoughts, actions and choices. It will be a day of stark contrasts, you may see riches and then see poverty. You may see anger and you may see extreme displays of love and affection, seek to find the balance between the two.

Try to focus upon aspects of your life where you are far too strict in one area, and far too lenient in others. Focus on whether you are wasting your energies in futile projects that deep down in your heart you know will not bear fruit. Try to discern where your energies are being directed and whether where they are directed provides sustenance and support for your mind, body, and spirit needs.

The experiences of today are gifted to you, to help you see what steps need to be taken to help humanity grow, by this I do not mean personal growth, but humanitarian growth. How can you be of service to this world. Sometimes it lies in being a soul who operates from truth, love and light. Thereby being an inspiration to others of how they can be the ballast in the midst of chaos.  The force of mother nature rules your planet, it is divine feminine energy that supports and nurtures you all. Only by nurturing the self in order to nurture others can you all reach your fullest potential. Instead of resenting the fact you have to work, fulfil your obligation, your covenant with your employer or customer with pride and ensure you excel their expectations. Extend the hand of friendship to your neighbours and community.

To be a mother requires love, sacrifice, understanding and compassion. These are the elements that are required for mankind’s survival. Sacrificing greed for the greater good of all. Understanding all needs not just that of the self. Compassion for differences and the angst it can cause.

Focus upon your self-esteem, how you express yourself in the world. LISTEN, again, I stress the word listen intently to what is said, for the words that come out of the mouth reveal the true personality, intent and nature.

Remove your ideologies. Open your eyes and truly see the potential for peace and harmony. Again, I encourage all of you to work with the golden healing light to maintain balance.  If you come up against resistance today, or set backs, rather than seek to blame or logically process the situation, step back, think how your behaviour if changed, could have brought about a different result. If you had the chance, like an actor in a play, to do a retake, what could you do to bring about resolution? Use today, to really gain insight into yourself and how what you say, may cause others to think you do not nurture them, or consider their feelings. Communication and emotional intelligence are the most important skills any living soul should learn. Without these, the ability to create covenants, alliances, peace and harmony are greatly diminished. Remove your pride and practice the art of saying comfortably and meaningfully the words ” Forgive me, I am sorry”.

For those of you sensitive to universal energies I wish to remind you again, how important water is, to de-stress and purify the body. Spices will help bring vibrational energies to enliven and invigorate. Do your best to stay away from stodgy, comfort food as these energies may result in an unhealthy amount of weight being gained. The energies are dense, to allow deep thought and consideration to what is unfolding in you and out of you.

Until tomorrow beloved ones, be of the light.

Archangel Metatron

Oblivious to Reality – Important Energy Changes – Archangel Metatron

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Golden Light HealingWithin the spiritual realm we are working to maintain harmony and peace. The energies within the Earth-plane are currently riddled with fear, so many of you are focused on elitist behaviour, and being overly-defensive. This has to change, and cannot continue if mankind is to function and evolve. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to reverse the universal energies in a bid to regain a balanced perspective, so you all are no longer oblivious to reality.

This means, for the next seven days, you may well feel emotionally as though you are on a roller-coaster. Those who seek to have power over others, to dominate and control, will lose their power or material success. We have noticed a growing need within humans to gain power, or material success, as a way of reinforcing to others that they are superior. Even in so-called spiritual circles, many spout the ability to channel, to cast themselves off as healing, or angel experts, and this undermines the true essence of spirituality.  It is becoming very tiring and sad that the love and acceptance God has for you, isn’t enough.  The need to appear more intelligent, or have the latest fashion or gadget, appears to be more important to so many of you, especially your children; and yet the desire to be more spiritual, and to know God, light, the one-conscious energy is ignored until a disaster or chaos strikes.

If mankind does not change its outlook, the material world will face further consequences. We have to dislodge the vast amount of dishonesty that is beginning to plague humans. Narrow-mindedness, self-abnegating attitudes and behaviours (self-denial of what you are doing or not doing); the ‘I AM alright jack’ attitude; is not conducive to creating Heaven upon earth.

If you are one of those souls I have just spoken about, then catastrophic events and suffering may be the only lesson you will understand. The Galactic Light Angels, along with the assistance of the Arcturians, are currently working very hard, anchoring golden-light in and around your planet, in an effort to counteract war, disease and further famine. Some of you need to experience a hard school lesson to get you back on track. If this applies to you, then this week may well bring disruption, as you learn to face your fears of loss of self-worth and material pride. The ego will find these new golden-light energies very hard to stomach. This is not a punishment, but a soul-rescue operation designed to help you attain genuine self-worth. The more you try to deny reality, the harder the spiritual lesson may be. We call upon all healers, and light-workers to join us so we can amplify and resonate the golden light to bring about peace and harmony.

These new energies will bring anger to the surface of those who suppress it, or hold elitist ideas. This is so the truth of hidden agendas, or deceiving behaviour, can be seem. These golden-light energies will try to redirect mankind’s love of war into finding new ways of resolving conflict. Greater communication is key between all of you at this time. Communication is the only way in which you can break down the barriers that exist between you. This not only applies to relationships; it applies to countries.

If you wish to experience peace and tranquillity during this chaotic week, ensure you express yourself clearly and honestly without intent to appear superior, or wound another’s feelings. Focus on filling yourself, your home, and the Earth-plane with golden healing-light so that you protect yourself from the nervous aggressive energies currently running rife through your planet.

Seek a period of being non-judgemental, and do not be drawn into the drama of those who must experience the breakdown of worn-out and distorted attitudes and behaviours, that no longer serve them.

I shall send you daily updates for the next seven days to assist you during this time. Your main spiritual priority for now needs to be on gratitude for what you have, for if we cannot stop the course of selfishness and materialism of the masses, you all may very well lose everything that you have. Gratitude, loving thoughts and non-judgement are essential during this hectic period.

Those of a nervous disposition may find a period of withdrawal from others helpful, and a vegetarian diet will assist nervous, anxiety attacks. Drink plenty of water also, as nervous energy greatly dehydrates the body.

Until tomorrow.

Blessed be.

Archangel Metatron.

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Arcturian Healing Meditation Evening

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Arcturian HealingThe Arcturians, are a powerful race of multidimensional light-beings.

They are currently helping to heal us, our planet and raise its vibrational frequency. The Arcturians are highly advanced, very loving and peaceful beings from Arcturus, a star in the Boötes Constellation.

They are ready to communicate and work with any soul who aspires to journey with them to a higher level of consciousness. If you’d like to experiencing healing, spiritual growth then join our meditation group, this Wednesday for a glorious meditation broadcast via the internet.

All you have to do is sign in, watch and listen. Join us, you’ll  be so glad you did 🙂

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