Confidence & Self-Esteem Through Soul Empowerment

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We’ve just released our latest video…

This one-hour informative talk introduces Jill as she talks about family pathology. Pathology is the study of disease and in this education talk, Jill looks at helping your recognise programming which hinders your growth and potential in life

watch it here:-  


If you’d like to learn more, book on the class. Long-distance classes are available also.

Healing with Angels – Dialling Heaven – Archangel Gabriel

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archangel gabriel - dialling heavenWhy do you wait until the eleventh hour, before you decide to call upon God, the angelic realm or ascended master for help?

Try to get into the habit of making your call for help, the minute you first feel things are not as they should be. The moment you suspect someone is deceiving you, the moment you sense unease, the moment you feel you’re over-whelmed, the moment you see unrest, this is when you should be making your call.

Why?  Because we can help give you the strength and courage to deal with what it is, you are dealing with. We can help send energies to cleanse your bodies of impurities, BEFORE they turn into a disease or tumour. We can support and assist you in eliminating negative thoughts, which may draw to you more of the same.

When you move yourself out of the way of trying to control your life, and you allow us to work for you, we can help you eliminate any suffering much quicker.

Remember if you keep dealing with life the way you only know how, you will continue to experience the same life. It can be very confusing and frightening to know how to create change. It is important to remember your thoughts are the first area you should examine and look to changing. If you fail to change your thoughts, you remain stuck, continually experiencing life from one perspective. Think of your mind like the gears on a car, if you continue to drive in first gear, you will only experience slow growth, you have to be willing to change gear (change thoughts) if you want to accelerate and see new things.

Try to look at where you may be stuck in first gear. Consider asking for angelic healing, strength and courage every day. Pledge to yourself that every day you will seek to see things to be grateful for. Continually give thanks for your life and watch as the flow of life begins to change for you.

You do not have to wait for disaster to befall you, before you can call on us. There are no limits to how much you ask us, nor what you ask of us. We do not promise to give you everything you want, but we will definitely ensure you always get what you need.

When the way forward appears blocked, the more you push, the harder and painful it will become. Therefore remember to step back, change gear, don’t think or focus on blocks, pain, suffering. Don’t tell yourself “You can’t” or its impossible. Call the A.A. (Angelic Assistants) or God, for help. If you are heading down the wrong road, ask to be shown where to get off and to be shown which road you do need to take. Ask to be sent others who can help you. All prayers and calls for help are answered, so if you need help with finding balance, harmony or peace, remember we are waiting to take your call.


Archangel Gabriel

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Healing with The Angels – Archangel Metatron

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Overcoming Resistance –
Missing the Spiritual Opportunity for Growth – Archangel Metatron

There are times in everyone’s life, where the lesson of learning to overcome resistance has to be learnt. Some souls learn this quickly, others need regular reminders that they still have not graduated with an ‘A’ in this important life lesson:-)

The lesson of overcoming resistance takes place when you experience situations where you feel nothing is going right. People will make you angry, they will cause you pain or frustration, and with everything that is going off ‘in you’ and ‘outside of you’, you believe you move forward, you can’t see the wood for the trees.  During this period you will believe people let you down, lie to you, you just can’t seem to get a handle on the mess you find yourself in and you wonder why all these problems have arrived at your door. This my beloved ones, is ‘happening’ in your life, because you are resisting soul growth.

You have stopped co-operating with life. The challenges you are facing are merely mirrors of your own inner chaos and dysfunctional thinking.  Perhaps you are afraid to admit you made a mistake, or you said, or did something wrong, yet again.  If you remember, a long time ago I asked you not to look to blaming yourself, others or situations. I talked about how this can be disempowering. Today, I ask you to remember that you have the power to choose how to direct the energies, the situations and the people around you affect you. Let the energies flow through you but not reside in you. Don’t hang on to negative energies.

If you are experiencing the lesson of resistance, rather than continue to wallow in despair, take some time to really look at where you are at. Do this from a detached position. In other words, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Don’t think it is someone or something’s fault. See and acknowledge with truth what is happening. Listen to what is being said around you. For once, really listen. Do others sound just as fed up as you? When you can be aware of your situation, feelings and actions then make a decision to change something.

Just one change can create a shift in energies which will give you the power to heal the situation or experience you are having.  If you are surrounded with clutter, clear the clutter. Remove the old stagnant energies and allow yourself some breathing space.  Don’t be resistant to change. Don’t be resistant to growing. Just like a garden has to be weeded, if you have failed to tend to the weeds in your life then you may need to spend some time removing them, so they don’t choke you and completely destroy your opportunity to grow. Overcome your resistance to doing, what needs to be done.

Perhaps you may be able to see that life is not resisting you, but you are resisting life.

Blessed be

Archangel Metatron


To begin to heal, you have to be willing to work on yourself, so if your life isn’t working, come along, roll up your sleeves and let us help you work on you and become the best you can be.


A time for temperance – Archangel Michael

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Cease The DaySpiritual growth requires temperance, self-restraint in the face of temptation or desire. Have you considered how much is put before you in the way of temptation or desire every day?  And, if so, do you make a point of consciously choosing only that which supports your spiritual growth? Can you easily recognise the difference between need and want? Do you temper your reactions to the experiences you are having?

Self-mastery is attained through the heart chakra. When you see a rainbow, it is a reminder, a symbol to the soul to be truthful, hopeful and remember the promise of God, light, the one-conscious energy, of eternal life.  Therefore when a rainbow appears before you take heart beloved ones. The rainbow is the bridge to that place you call, the other side.

Temperance is a virtue. It is also a great spiritual tool where you learn to recognise the difference between your wants and needs, courage and ego.  During times of challenge, chaos or transformation, temperance can be the key to unlocking the way forward.  When faced with anger, those on a lower level instantly retaliate with anger back.  However, if you can temper that energy, use it to create a driving force within you, without burning any bridges, you can master the situation.  You will also acquire greater wisdom and learn how to decrease discomfort.

Temperance asks you to bring into your thoughts, deeds, prayers and actions a spiritual purpose into your daily life. Speak words of love, hope and comfort. Consider in your thoughts how to benefit all, not just the self. Pray for those in need, and act in the interests of yourself AND your brothers and sisters.

Your voice is a spiritual instrument, use it wisely. Your words are the way in which you reveal to the world what lies truthfully in your heart.  Truth is the foundations upon which true spiritual growth is built. If you find your foundations weak, then you must seek a renewed sense of purpose, refine your awareness and seek to transform what is in your heart.

Attitudes, behaviours and outcomes can all be transformed with loving kindness and patience. Perhaps reflecting upon your life at this time, you can seek to see what areas of the self, require temperance.  If you are experiencing difficulties, how can temperance help you move forward?  Have you lost your drive, your motivation? Because if you have, then seek counsel with the Higher Self and ask your Higher Self to show you what you must temper and what must be transformed.

The only true battle mankind has, is the ability to keep spiritual consciousness and awareness at the forefront of the mind at all times.

Blessed be

Archangel Michael

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Celestial Energies – Finding Sanctuary – Archangel Metatron

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SanctuaryToday you may well find yourself wanting to seek sanctuary. The gentle energies of the cosmos are currently cleansing old behavioural patterns. This weekend brought for many cleansing energies to help remove blocks which hindered your soul’s growth. When a soul faces changes, it can appear to be a dark place, creating a need to find home and solace. This is not a bad thing, being introspective, withdrawing from others, helps you to reconnect with your own soul, giving you time to reflect upon your life, the experiences you are having and make peace with what you have in your life.

Sanctuary offers all of you a moment to find peace and tranquillity, away from what others have said, think or are doing. When you are busy, it is not always easy to think, or feel for oneself. Life has a way of reflecting ones fears, ones joys, everything reverberates and mirrors what lies in your own heart, deeds and thoughts. Seeking sanctuary offers you an opportunity to consciously and clearly define your own life.

It is time to not dwell on the past, what once was, what you had, what you may have lost. Sanctuary offers you the opportunity to map out the next part of your journey. When you find yourself in darkness, remember you are the light which must light the path upon which you walk, step-by-step, even if you do not know where you are heading, with faith and love in your own heart, you will find where you need to be.

If you are struggling, meditation will help your consciousness find inner peace and clarity at this time. Focus upon removing all stress and enter into a state of being in the now.

Blessed be

Archangel Metatron

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Candida – The modern silent epidemic unable to be detected by medical testing – arguably a major pre-curser to cancer.

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Do you suffer from any of the following complaints?

  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • athletes foot
  • thrush in the mouth
  • genital thrush
  • itchy anus
  • ear discharge with itching
  • tearing of the eyes with a burning sensation
  • runny nose, but don’t have a cold
  • asthma
  • bronchial infections
  • fatigue
  • indigestion
  • regular or severe bloating
  • regular or severe diarrhoea
  • burning stools
  • regular or severe constipation
  • alternating diarrhoea and constipation
  • feelings of fullness after only eating a little
  • muscle weakness
  • cramping
  • loss of sexual desire
  • menstrual regularities
  • mood swings
  • nail infections

These symptoms are often dismissed as part of getting older, or part of life, but it is definitely not. Many of these complaints occur at the extremities of your body, which is a sure indication you have candidiasis. The more you have, the higher the likelihood that you have systemic Candidiasis throughout your body.

This article is given to inform and educate, not to diagnose disease. Use the information with the advice of a qualified professional trained in health.

As part of my mission to rid myself naturally of Prostate Cancer, I came across an exceptional book called ‘Health Living Made Easy’ by K. Steven Whiting – Isbn1-60037-129-9. This is some of my interpretation from his book. I recommend the book highly.

Candida Albicans is a naturally occurring budding yeast bacteria organism which is part of the many gut (intestinal tract) floras which are present in your gut to process your food and drink. Candida is non-friendly bacteria to the gut and is kept under control by other friendly bacteria. There are billions of different types of bacteria living in your intestinal tract, and your immune system keeps the digestive system under control. Under certain conditions, many of your gut floras can be destroyed, and Candida Albicans, which has aggressive growth when not controlled, multiply, overgrow, and get out of control in your body. Eventually, they grow so much, they migrate from the gut and take residence in different parts of the body, growing in size, consuming cells in your body, causing many different types of infection, and creating perfect conditions for cells to become cancerous. Once a woman has Candida overgrowth in the gut, the yeast spores can easily migrate from the anus to the vagina and create thrush. Men have a similar manifestation with Jock Itch.

As the Candida multiplies it travels up the genito-urinary tract and into the blood stream. Now the yeast can take up residence anywhere where moist mucous membranes provide a friendly site. Men giving oral sex to women with thrush inhale the spores into the mouth, sinuses and lungs; and these are common sites for men. Infection is then transmitted through the mouth by kissing and very close proximity, and partners play ‘Ping-Pong’ with infection through intimacy. As the Candida proliferates, it gives off toxins which form free radicals, which can lead to cancer and become life-threatening. The main culprits for promotion of Candida are:

Taking antibiotics, which kill many of your friendly bacteria, allowing the candida to get out of control. Antibiotics are unable to distinguish between good and bad bacteria, killing whatever they come across. Once the natural enemy of Candida is destroyed, the Candida explodes out of control.

Taking Antibiotics, which kill many of your friendly bacteria, allowing the candida to get out of control. Antibiotics are unable to distinguish between good and bad bacteria, killing whatever they come across. Once the natural enemy of Candida is destroyed, the Candida explodes out of control.Sustained use of birth control pills.

Sustained use of many medications.

Overload of sugar intake. (Candida thrives on sugar. The average person today is consuming 100 times more sugar in the processed and refined food they eat, compared to 100 years ago; so Candida has a field-day. )

Eating refined carbohydrates.

Eating processed food.

Knowing this, if you ever have to succumb to antibiotics, after taking them, take 10 high-potency acidophilus capsules, per day, for ten days, immediately following the last antibiotic dose. The higher the content per capsule of the acidophilus capsule, the better.

The second main culprit for out of control Candida, is a prolonged diet of refined, processed and overcooked foods; in other words, dead food which doesn’t contain natural enzymes that are present in fresh raw food.

When Candida becomes systemic, in many parts of the body, it becomes really dangerous and life-threatening.

There are five main progressive symptoms which will indicate this:

  1. Fatigue which slowly increases over time.
  2. Spaciness (feeling out of it, disconnected, having difficulty concentrating.)
  3. Adult onset allergies such as intolerance to smells, chemicals and some foods. Everyday soaps and wash powders and perfumes you used, you now are intolerant to. Severe allergies to things. Clothes give you a rash.
  4. Indigestion, flatulence and bloating.
  5. Mental deterioration takes place: anxiety, depression, violent mood swings, suicide thoughts. Your doctor will tell you to live with it, or prescribe a pill, which will eventually make it worse.

How do you know if you have Candida overgrowth?

This is a self-test that K. Steven Whiting has in his book ‘Health Living made Easy’–
The first part lists the most probable factors which cause Candida to get out of control.

For every ‘yes’ answer, note the number of points given and at the end of both tests, total all points and compare the total with the conclusions given.

Test One

  • Have you taken a general antibiotic drug, even just once, in the last 6 months? 6
  • Have you taken, at any time in your life, antibiotics for respiratory or urinary infections for longer than 2 months, or shorter courses (two weeks) more than three or four times? 35
  • Have you taken specific antibiotics for acne for one month or longer? 35
  • Have you ever suffered from vaginitis or prostatitis or suffered from other problems affecting your reproductive organs? 25
  • Have you been pregnant once? 3
  • Have you been pregnant more than once? 5
  • Have you ever taken steroid medications, such as prednisone or other cortisone-type drugs? 20
  • Does exposure to strong-smelling substances provoke or worsen your symptoms? 6
  • Are your symptoms worse, on damp, mouldy, muggy days, or in damp, mouldy places? 20
  • Have you ever had athlete’s foot, ring worm, jock itch, or any other chronic fungus infections of the skin or nails? 20
  • Does tobacco smoke ‘really’ bother you? 10
Total for this section: ________

From ‘Health Living Made Easy’ by K. Steven Whiting – isbn1-60037-129-9, a must-read for people who want healthy living.

Test Two – Part One

When scoring, if the symptom is mild, give 3 points, if frequent or moderate give 6 points, and if severe and/or disabling, give 9 points. If the symptom doesn’t apply to you, score 0 points.

1. Fatigue or lethargy
2. Feeling of being ‘drained’
3. Poor memory
4. Feeling spacy or ‘unreal’
5. Depression
6. Numbness, burning or tinging
7. Muscle aches
8. Muscle weakness
9. Pin and/or swelling in joints
10. Abdominal pain
11. Constipation
12. Diarrhoea
13. Alternating constipation and diarrhoea
14. Bloating
15. Troublesome vaginal discharge
16. Persistent vaginal burning or itching
17. Prostatitis
18. Impotence
19. Loss of sexual desire
20. Endometriosis
21. Cramps or other menstrual irregularities
22. Premenstrual tension
23. Spots in front of eyes
24. Erratic vision

Total for this section: ________

From ‘Health Living Made Easy’ by K. Steven Whiting – isbn1-60037-129-9, a must-read for people who want healthy living.

Test Two – Part Two

Score these symptoms: one point if the symptom is mild or occurs occasionally. 2 points if frequent. 3 points if severe or disabling to your lifestyle. 0 if it doesn’t apply at all.

1. Drowsiness
2. Irritability or jitteriness
3. Inco-ordination
4. Inability to concentrate
5. Frequent mood swings
6. Headaches
7. Dizziness/loss of balance
8. Pressure above ears or tingling sensation
9. Itching
10. Skin rashes
11. Heartburn
12. Indigestion
13. Belching and intestinal gas
14. Mucus in stools
15. Haemorrhoids
16. Dry mouth
17. Rash or blisters in mouth
18. Bad breath
19. Joint swelling or arthritis
20. Nasal congestion or discharge
21. Post-nasal drip
22. Nasal itching
23. Sore or dry throat
24. Cough
25. Pain or tightness in chest
26. Wheezing or shortness of breath]
27. Urgency or urinary frequency
28. Burning on urination
29. Failing vision
30. Burning or tearing of eyes
31. Recurrent infections or fluid in ears
32. Ear pain or deafness

Total for this section _______

Total for all three sections _______

From ‘Health Living Made Easy’ by K. Steven Whiting – isbn1-60037-129-9, a must-read for people who want healthy living.

Add up the total of the three tests and compare with these results:

Over 180 in women or 140 in men: Yeast connected health problems almost certainly present, likely systemic.
Over 120 in women or 90 in men: Localised Candidiasis is very likely.
Over 60 in women and 40 in men: Yeast related health problems are likely to be at the cause of your symptoms.
Less than 60 in women and 40 in men: Yeast problems are less likely to be at the cause of your problems.

Fungus is one of the Creator’s methods of creating a process for eradicating dead things. Simplistically, cancer is a fungus, which systematically destroys your body because it acts upon dead cells in the body and explodes out of control. Candida is yeast which, when attacked, can morph into fungus or a mould, to avoid being destroyed by the attacker. When it becomes a fungus, it creates conditions to become cancerous. Sugar and animal protein feed candida and cancer.

There are two main ways to get rid of Candida overgrowth:

Here is a free ebook I found for Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. You can find Hydrogen Peroxide, food grade, on eBay, but read the book first.

Here is a link for a UK shop who sell worldwide:

Here is a link for how to make Kefir: in Australia

Live long, and prosper.
Glenn Harrison

Archangel Haniel – Embracing the Self

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Archangel Haniel

Beloved ones; behind your name, behind your profession, behind your social standing, lies the real you. Do you know how beautiful you are?

How often do you take time to embrace yourself?  So many of you count your self-worth based on what you do:- your successes, your failures and your material wealth, that you only show a fraction of who you really are.

Just for today, I ask you to take time out to connect with your true self. Imagine and feel yourself surrounded in a beautiful white, gold and pink light. See yourself being surrounded by this beautiful light and merge with the energies. Within this light, you are not required to prove your worth. You are not required to display your knowledge; all that is required is that you love and be yourself. No substitutions, no play-acting, no pleasing others. Life around you may change, others may change, but inside, the inner-self never changes, because the inner-self is love-energy. In all its glory, in all its refinement, it is beautiful, unlimited potential; it is you. Isn’t it time you reconnected with your true essence? Allow this light energy to heal you, uplift you and renew your spirit. Stay in this light for as long as you wish. Talk with me, let me ease your pain, lighten your load.

Blessed be.
Archangel Haniel.

Escape the chaos for a while… take some time to enjoy this deeply relaxing meditation

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29 Mary Magdalene - Beach of Angels Healing Meditation 29 Mary Magdalene – Beach of Angels Healing Meditation
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Reviewer: Mary from Zimbabwe   5 Stars
I tell you, this meditation has helped me so much. Every time I feel stressed, I put on this meditation and it takes it all away. I feel rejuvenated and so much at peace. It is beautiful, for me my daily meditation is a way of honouring myself and my health. Since I have meditated every day, my health has improved and I am so much more fulfilled. Jill and Glenn’s meditation are an integral part of my daily life. Thank you both xxxx

Ascended Master Mother Mary – Spiritual Grace

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Ascended Master Mother MaryWith love I step forward to greet you. Today, the energies on the Earth-Plane call out for you all to relinquish the hold that anger, frustration, resentment and hatred has on your heart. The world you live in truly can be a majestic place of joy. Can’t you see the pain you are creating for yourself. Many of you go to war, to fight for a cause you did not create. Many of you allow others to cloud your judgement and poison your ideologies of the world around you.

All of you are beautiful souls capable of creating and manifesting magnificence. Please allow your love and light to shine through. Refuse to argue and fight. Does this mean I ask you to give in? No! Love has a way of winning even the hardest of hearts. By focusing upon all that you have, for showing gratitude, you would begin to see the abundance and joy, not the chaos. Does this mean I am asking you to look at the world with rose-tinted glasses? Again no, I am not.

But you have to shift your perspective; you have to move your consciousness to see that attacking each other, waging war, seeking revenge, only creates more diversity. When you focus on what is good, what is supporting you, you have the ability to move beyond the pettiness of materialism. Holding gratitude in your consciousness creates the space for peace in your life. Peace becomes joy and joy becomes abundance. All that is required for you to experience this, is to release yourself from the chaos.

You can still assert yourself, whilst refusing to fight or get angry. You can with love, show understanding and express your point of view. Eventually, either a compromise will occur, or you will find a separating of the ways takes place. Release all your frustration and anger and choose to breathe in peace, and breathe out love. When you reach a place of peace, wisdom awaits you. Know that you are eternal light, eternal love; therefore everything you are struggling to attain is an illusion, a mirage. Let it go and let it be.  Focus on your blessings, your joys; and know that what you seek can only be found in the present, therefore enjoy the now. Embrace the now. Embrace it with spiritual grace and peace.

Ascended Master Mother Mary.


Kids are Drinking Themselves to an Early Grave (and not just alcohol)

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Ever wonder why we are developing so much disease at such early ages? The food and drinks we are consuming are creating acid conditions in our bodies, which is a breeding ground for disease. The biggest culprit is sugar, followed by aspartame in diet drinks, followed by cheese… YES; CHEESE; salty crisps (chips) and cows’ milk. Don’t be conned by the milk industry; processed (not raw) cows’ milk is one of the biggest causes of cancer on the planet. Check it out with a Google search.

More and more I keep seeing toddlers with trainer cups and baby bottles full of colas and fizzy or sugary drinks; eating from a bag of crisps (chips) and I want to run up to them and say to their parents, “You don’t realise you are slowly killing your kids.”

Diet sodas and pops have a sweetener called aspartame. When aspartame is introduced into the body, it automatically reduces the alkaline level of our blood system to around 5.5 pH (potential Hydrogen). Water is known in the scientific world as H2O; and has a varying acidity level. Your blood works at a scale of 7.35.

O.05 above or below and you are dead. So to keep you alive, the blood robs other parts of the body to keep itself at 7.35pH.

Let’s make this easier. Water varies from 1-15 in the pH scale. 1 is acid; 15 is the opposite, which is extremely alkaline. Our body lives in the range of 5 to 9. Above or below that and we are dying at varying degrees. To put that into perspective, stomach acid is 2. So if you have ever sicked-up and had that burning in your mouth, you know what I mean. Your stomach is designed to handle that acid, but the rest of your body wants a higher pH of above 7.35 and below 9.

So how do we monitor that? Well if you ate a vegetable, fruit, beans and grains diet, you wouldn’t have to. But if you eat meat, dairy, processed and refined food, sugary foods and drink soda, pop or alcohol, you definitely need to monitor it.

Go to eBay or amazon and search for urine pH strips. You can get them as little a £2.00 ($3.00). You tear one off, get some saliva in your mouth (an hour after eating or drinking) and wet the strip and watch it change colour, to either green or orange. If it’s orange, which most of you will be, you are in trouble.

When the water in our body is acidic, our body cells clump together, just like a thick soup, as opposed to a thin soup. This creates problems for our immune system. Your immune system uses the water in your body to travel along to fight all disease and malfunctions in your cells. When the cells are clumped together, the immune system can’t get through and disease occurs. This is one of the major causes of cancer.

Keeping your body fluid above 7.5 is essential. No-one should be drinking tap water. Don’t be fooled by Governments; it may be safe to drink it today, but long term it is killing us slowly. More on that later.

There is plenty of cheap bottled water around, and you can check the pH balance on the label. I buy from Aldi in the UK at £1.00 for 4 litres. That’s about a dollar 50 for a gallon.

Different foods have different pH values. Most fruits and vegetables have a high pH and most meats, dairy products, processed, refined and sugary foods, have a low pH, acidic value. Our children are mainly eating acidic food and drinking acidic drink, which is compromising their immune system; which allows disease to occur. When I say disease, think asthma, eczema, cancer slowly growing (it takes over 5 years to be seen by a microscope, and 20+ years to be seen by eye), arthritis and diabetes.

Are you slowly killing yourself and your kids without even knowing how? We were designed to live over 100 years and still be healthy. There are tribes of people around the world playing hectic sports at 100 years old, living on a plant food diet, without meat and cheese; you know, the food the God gave us; it grows in the ground .

We have accepted that growing old means loss of eyesight, hearing, mobility, memory; but it’s not natural. Our food is killing us.

Want to know more? Click Here


Joyful Empowerment – Archangel Michael

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smlmicWhen you are willing to move beyond fear, then you enter a new dimension;, a new world; one which offers you empowerment and the joy of freedom. Freedom to choose, to live, to laugh and love is a joyous state to dwell in. In the world of love, there is no separation; all is in balance, all embraces the totality of what is. When you open yourself to residing in the world of love, then chaos, fear, evil, cease to exist. In this dimension you experience the totality of who you really are.

Instead of calling or relying on others to be your strength, let love enter your heart, let love be your strength and your life support. When you let love into your heart, we become one, and it is then you will discover you had it within you always to remove the illusions and obstacles that you once feared.

What  dimension will you choose to reside in today?  Come forward and live your potential. All is possible in the dimension of love.

Blessed be.
Archangel Michael.


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