Twelve Levels of Mediumship – Archangel Metatron

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This is not chipped in stone, and can have some variations in some of the levels. Each higher level can normally have the same access as levels below. Level 12 has to be taught and physically coded by the Angelic Realm. Level 12 is a vast learning and coding journey in itself.

12.  MASTER CHANNELLER – AVATAR / AVATARA. Channels with telepathy, at the highest Angelic Realm: – Archangel Metatron (The Voice of God). Connects to all the universes. Clear Channel: – offers complete surrender to spirit, without ego, to allow spirit to speak through them, or write, without any recollection. Constant access to Archangel Metatron. Accesses any Archangel and any Ascended Master at will. Angels connect to them with messages for others. Connects with any Spirit Guides. Connects with any after-life which choose to connect. Also connects with Cherubim, Seraphim (energy balance angels) and other Light Beings from other solar systems, galaxies and universes; such as Pleiadians, Arcturians, and Andromedans.  Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Clairvoyant. Only 80 active, worldwide; 2 in the UK.

11.  HIGH CHANNELLER – channels more than one of 12 Archangels and possibly Metatron, but doesn’t completely surrender like a clear channel can. Still consciously aware. Still only this universe. Possibly other light-beings from other Solar Systems.

10.  ADVANCED CHANNELLER – One Archangel and Ascended Masters. Possibly other light beings.

9.    ADVANCED CHANNELLER – More than one Ascended Master. Possibly other light-beings.

8.    MODERATE CHANNELLING – Talks with one Ascended Master – clairaudient / clairsentient.

7.    MODERATE CHANNELLING – with 2-way conversations. Hears, feels and possibly sees Spirit Guides – clairsentient / clairaudient / possibly clairvoyant.

6.    MODERATE CHANNELLING – hears and feels more than one Spirit Guide – clairaudient and clairsentient.

5.    PSYCHIC – hears and feels one Spirit Guide – clairaudient and clairsentient.

4.    PSYCHIC- Clairaudient and clairvoyant. Sees and hears after-life spirit.

3.    PSYCHIC- Clairaudient – hears spirit – the afterlife only.

2.    PSYCHIC- Clairsentient – feels spirit – the after-life. Uses intuition.

1.    PROPHET- Prophecy in dreams, which later manifests in real life. Many people have these dreams



Hope for Our Loved Ones, Who are Dying Around us, of Cancer and Heart Disease

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19 June 2013

Hope for Our Loved Ones, Who are Dying Around us, of Cancer and Heart Disease

I felt I needed to share this sad, but also inspirational message with everyone. Many of you will know that I have spent the last 18 months fighting prostate cancer. I was asked by surgeons to take immediate surgery or radiation, or it would spread beyond salvation, and I would die soon.

Archangel Metatron told me, if I did nothing at all, and continued abusing my body with animal meat, dairy, refined food, processed food, vegetable oils, sugar and plenty of good wine; I would be dead in 4 years. I have listened to advice from Metatron and Archangel Raphael, and 18 months later, with a radical diet change, the cancer has not grown, is receding and my systemic candida, which takes years to develop all through your body, is almost gone. I am fitter and healthier than I have been for a long time, and parts of my body which were worn out, arthritic or diseased, are regenerating.

Truth is, it’s been hard. When you are used to the trappings of sugary food, good wine, alcohol, chocolate, cheese, crisps (chips), French fries and gourmet meals; it’s like being a dog with a bone, and having the bone taken away. But now… I am eating to live, not eating to die.

77% of people in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia are dying young, of cancer and heart disease, and the rest of the world is following. People are being diagnosed of cancer and heart disease in their 20’s.

Some time ago, I was contacted by this woman writing to me below, to inspire me on my journey. This is some of the communication we had. The last email arrived today, 19 June 2013. Janet’s Mother had been diagnosed with cancer. Janet was inspired by people like me, and set off on a journey to save her Mother’s life, through a change in diet. Her Mother resisted at first, but slowly accepted a new plant food diet……

From: janet mallinder  Sent: 08 September 2012 10:42

To: Glenn Harrison

Subject: Me mams fight with cancer

Hello Glenn

This a 3 month update on me mams cancer as requested…………We went back to the oncologist yesterday for her 3-monthly check up….As you know she has not had any treatment from the hospital; not even a pain killer, as they said her cancer had spread too far for treatment to be of any use………..We were only in for 10 minutes, where he asked how she was feeling, and gave her an examination by putting pressure on her abdomen, and feeling for lumps and bumps….He found nothing, and said, being as you are doing so well, and in no pain, there is no need to do scans or do blood tests. He said they would only scan if she was feeling unwell, or in pain, and made the next appointment in 6 months’ time. My mam, who is nearly 77, nearly jumped through the ceiling when she came out, bless her.

My mam is now fitter than she was 5 years ago. She’s driving to her caravan in Skegness quite a lot. Her constant cough she had, has stopped. The pains she had in her back, where the kidney is, have gone. She has no fatigue, although she does have a nap in the afternoon; but I’ve told her that is quite normal at her age, even for fit people.

It would be good if we could find out if the tumour and cancer are going, by having a scan, but they just won’t do it, and I noticed the oncologist did not even ask what me mam is taking, or doing for her to be so well. Even though she mentioned some of the stuff she was on, he just blanked her. You would think they would be interested in her, as an inspiration to other cancer sufferers; but no. The nurse was very interested though, so if we’ve planted a seed in that nurse’s mind, then I’m happy. xxx

I do hope you are doing well as well Glenn xxx  and please feel free to use any of this in your News Letter xxx

Love and Blessings.

Janet Mallinder xxx

P.S I will send an attachment of the list of what she is on at this time xxx

Stuff me mam’s on for her cancer:

  • • organic bitter apricot kernels ground up she takes 2 tsp 3 times a day in juice or water, leave at least 2 hours between each dose
  • • Oxy Enhancer or Oxy E
  • • ginger root
  • • magnesium, potassium, zinc
  • • echinacea & goldenseal
  • • astaxanthin
  • • fucodian extract
  • • Chlorella
  • • spirulina
  • • turmeric 400mg
  • • dandelion root 500mg
  • • capsicum
  • • oregano oil 10:1
  • • milk thistle 3,000 every other day
  • • grapeseed extract 50mg
  • • selenium 200mcg
  • • flax oil
  • • Epsom salt baths 2 cups added to a bath about twice a week to draw out the toxins
  • • Co enzyme Q10
  • • freshly juiced organic carrots , apples, small piece of broccoli, and half a raw beetroot 3 times a day, if person has cancer get as much down as possible at least 4 to 6 glasses a day

From: Glenn Harrison

To: ‘janet mallinder’

Sent: Tuesday, 18 June 2013, 22:15

Subject: RE: Me mams fight with cancer


Been a long time since you gave me an update. How’s your Mum doing? Hope she’s still pulling through. Been 18 months and I seem to have stopped my cancer.



Motivational Speaker

Tel: 01777 710999

Bringing people’s attention to what God, light, the one conscious energy, really is, how the Angelic Realm help us, and why we are here… Living the illusion, is when you only hear, what you want to hear, and disregard the rest.

Hi Glenn

That’s brill news that your cancer has stopped.

When I sent the email, my mother was doing brill, and continued to do brilliantly; but just before Christmas, we noticed that she was not taking her herbal stuff as much, because we was ordering less and less, plus she dropped off juicing and eating healthy. She stated that she felt tired, and not as good as she did, so when we pointed out why, she said she got fed up of all the strict diet and taking the supplements.

My dad, who did all the juicing and cooking, was not a well man, so was not cooking or juicing for her. She said she would go back to her regime, which she did, and started to pick up again. In January she had a scan, and it showed that her cancer was stable, and the little nodules in her lungs had gone. She was over the moon with the news.  The oncologist stated she is doing really well, and to continue with whatever she was on. But we still noticed she was taking less and less stuff. My Dad was becoming more ill, so he couldn’t support her as much. She has never used the juicer, so only had juice when we came, but then she stated she was sick of that as well. She started to get a painful lump in her groin in March, which we know is her lymph nodes, which we again pointed out that she needed to up go back onto her regime again. As she started to get into it again, my dad died suddenly; and the day he died, something happened in her groin, which caused her to be near-on bed ridden. Now, 2 month on, she has totally given up, as she just wants to go to me Dad.

Over the last 4 weeks, a lump on her neck has grown to the size of a tennis ball, and her groin gives her a lot of pain. She says she has no fight left in her, so we have accepted this, and we don’t try and make her take anything. She hardly eats anything, and has lost loads of weight, but still seems OK in herself, despite the pain.

We knew it was going to be hard for her to stick to the strict regime we had for her, and she has gone a year over the Doctors’ expectations. Without being ill, even, her age was against her, and she had the cancer a long time before she was diagnosed. My Dad was her rock, and without him, she has lost her fight, but something good has come out of this. Many people know how well my Mam was doing, and asked us what she was taking, I even take stuff myself as a preventative, and have cut out nearly all processed foods and meats etc. It has proved to us that we are what we eat, and just by changing our eating habits, can stop disease and cancer, if we stick to it.

Keep up the good work Glenn.

Yours sincerely.

Janet Mallinder x xx

Glenn: I hope this inspires some of you to be the change. It’s never  too late to reverse heart disease and cancer. If we get back onto the food the Creator grew for us; plant food… vegetables and fruits, we are eating to live, not eating to die. When we drink the  elixir of life; water, and we eat food which is alive, it is full of the nutrients we need to boost our immune system to fight any disease. When we eat dead food, we are slowly killing ourselves.

Be the change. Take the first step. Cut out all sugar. Then stop cooking your veggies to death. Drink more water. Slowly remove the processed and refined food from your diet. Do it little by little over a year and watch the results.

I lost 60lb (4stone) in 4 months, just by making the change; not by eating less, and my blood pressure went from 150/98 to 107/71. If that means nothing to you, it went from dangerously high, to amazingly good. The nurse at our Doctor’s surgery had to do a double take.

We wish Janet’s Mum a peaceful time on her chosen journey.

Here’s the message: It is getting normal to die between 50 and 80, but it’s not natural. To be healthy, not only do we have to get our diet right, eating the food the sunshine grows, we have to get our emotions right too, and keep moving. Get all three right, and there is every possibility you can live to 130.


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Would you like your children to outlive you?

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  • Suffer from diseases such as cancer, parkinsons, multiple sclerosis?
  • Do any of your children have ADD, ADHD, ODD?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you struggle to sleep at night due to snoring?


If you answered ‘yes’, to any of the above, please make time to join us on our live broadcast, like watching a television programme, all you need is the internet and speakers or headphones. For more details go to:-


May the Force Be With You – Archangel Chamuel

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archangel chamuel

Archangel Chamuel:Today I come to remind you that every day you have the choice to be, and do, magnificent things. The force within, is a powerful tool, if you are wise enough to learn how to listen to it, control and use it. The inner-force is your unlimited potential. It is your strength, your voice of reason, your supporter, and sometimes, your critic. When you make time to meditate, you commune with the universes, you connect to your potential; and believe it or not, you can create and manifest with ease.

Manifestation requires you to use the force with your heart, mind and soul. When I speak of the soul, I speak of love, the energy of creation. If your heart, mind and soul are in alignment, the force within you is strong enough to create anything you desire. The mind must hold trust and belief. The heart must desire and need. The soul must use the force of love to bring into being.

What are your intentions for today?

How do you intend to use your force? How do you use your inner-force, when ideas, dreams or goals pop into your head? Do you allow others to over-shadow your force?

Always remember that even though you see yourself in physical form, you are one with the universe. Your seat of power lies in your force, and as you are one with the universe, you can create a heaven or hell for yourself. Your thoughts, your actions; are they aligned with divine will? Are you using your force wisely today?

Remember that within you lies great strength and potential. Will you waste that potential today with thoughts of ‘whatever’ or ‘what’s the point?’ Will you tell yourself that today you ‘WILL’ matter?

Food for thought beloved ones!

Blessed be.

Archangel Chamuel.


Not sure how to be in alignment with Divine Will?

24 Lord El Morya - Divine Will and Higher Self-Alignment MP3 24 Lord El Morya – Divine Will and Higher Self-Alignment MP3
24 Lord El Morya - Divine Will & Higher Self-Alignment 24 Lord El Morya – Divine Will & Higher Self-Alignment
Accelerate spiritual growth.

Parallel Realities – Archangel Jophiel

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Archangel Jophiel Abundance



Abundant blessings beloved ones.

Just as you have night and day, dream state and awakened state; are you aware of which reality you have chosen to reside in today?  Every morning that you awake, you consciously or unconsciously, choose how you will embrace the day.  The world, as you know, mirrors outside, what you feel and think on the inside. However, have you taken time to consider how this affects your ability to achieve financial fulfilment?

Did you this morning choose to operate in the abundance reality of the world, or did you choose the chaotic world of lack? Once you discover that you are gifted with free will, and you can reside in which ever world you desire, how do you ensure that when you live in the world of abundance, you receive all that is available?

Through the wonderful empowering gift of gratitude, when you are focused on your blessings, when you take time to say thank you, even for the fact you have clothes on your back, food in your belly and a warm cup of tea to soothe away any stress, you give yourself the gift of empowerment. For through practicing gratitude in everything you do, you emanate and become an atom of transformation. Your thoughts and energies transform everything into blessings.

If your partner is grumpy this morning, instead of allowing that negative energy to transfer and carry you into the world of chaotic lack, be thankful that you are not in the same frame of mind. Feel blessed that you have the ability to ‘choose’, how to react to life. Be conscious of the ebb and flow of life. Make a point today of being in awe of life, and the blessings you have. Be thankful that your life is not one of survival out in the Serengeti*. Be thankful that you are not having to search through open rubbish tips to find your next meal. Be grateful that for many of you, you do not have to trudge for miles to find drinking water.  Take a moment to be so very, very thankful for where you are, because beloved ones, where you are, who you’re with and what you are experiencing is ‘Your Choice’. You choose everything in your life, if you don’t like it, you do have the power to change it.

So now I have your attention, you can still make the switch from chaos and lack, to abundance. I do so hope you will join me in the world of abundance. It is humbling and a beautiful peaceful place to be. Is it time for you stop for a moment and count your blessings?  The more blessings you notice, the more the universe will bestow its further gifts. Please have reverence for what you have, and what you choose to experience. I know that some of you will think, what I have said, is easier than done. But gratitude is love, if you show love for the world and what you have, it really will return to you.

Move into gratitude and transform your thoughts from not having enough money in the bank to pay the bills, to focusing on just how much money you have had through your life and what it has enabled you to have, and then, choose to be eternally thankful for what you have been able to purchase.  Trust and BELIEVE, the universe really will reward you. If you stay focused on your blessings, and hold gratitude in your heart, you will truly be a very rich soul indeed.

Blessed be

Archangel Jophiel


*The Serengeti is a region in North Tanzania, in Africa and extends into Kenya. It hosts the largest animal migration in the world, which is considered as one of the seven natural wonders of Africa. It has a large lion population, several game reserves, and can be a hostile environment where the food chain can be seen in its natural habitat.

Archangel Michael – Personal Protection

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As children, you learn that the easiest way to avoid pain is to withdraw. As adults you have to learn to define your boundaries. You learn to recognise that which does, and does not serve you. Within your relationships, a lot of personal pain and alienation is caused because the actions of the inner child have not matured. When you are hurt, rather than speaking out and expressing your feelings, many find it easier to hide away.

You may find you spend a few days, or a week, holding grudges against the ones that have hurt you and yet, had you overcome your fear and spoken out, you may have discovered you had misinterpreted the experience altogether. When you are over-protective in this way, this is a marker for you, that you have not learnt to assert yourself.

Asserting yourself needn’t be confrontational. If you find that you are often having to withdraw, I would urge you to recognise and be aware of the need, to define your personal boundaries more clearly. Whether it is in a working environment or a personal one, you have to ensure your own emotional needs are respected and heard.

If you don’t know how to assert yourself, seek help. You are never alone, I will help you, but at the same time, you must be ‘WILLING’ to roll up your sleeves and help me, to help you. You have to do the work, you have to overcome your obstacles. I and my legion of angels will support you.

If you need to become clear about an experience, a pain, any emotional issues, ask yourself where you have failed to be accountable or responsible, how are you ‘choosing’ to react to the situation. Ask yourself what do you need, so you feel that you’re feelings or needs are met. Ask yourself what it is you need to feel safe.

Remember when you place expectations on things outside of yourself, you will fail to find fulfilment. Make a point of addressing important areas in your life. My protection is there to lend you strength, feel my strength and become your own personal warrior.

Remember divine assistance is there, all you need do is ask.

Be of the light

Archangel Michael

Archangel Chamuel – Lightness within the Mind

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Blessings one and all. Today is the day for playing, singing, exploring your planet and having fun. Make a conscious effort to move away from the serious side of life. When you take a break from the seriousness, you can then see life from a different perspective.

Perhaps for many of you, you have forgotten to explore what fuels your passion for life?  What lights up your mojo?

Embracing joy will bring light into your mind, it will create space for thinking, feeling and understanding. Making time for joy enriches the soul… if you yearn for freedom, if you yearn to connect with the inner child, explore and make time to do something, just one thing that is joyous.


Archangel Chamuel


Archangel Haniel – Embracing Peace & Tranquillity

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Beloved ones, stop a moment and join me in taking a deep breath in. So many of you take time to put fuel in your chosen modes of transport, and yet many of you fail to top up your own energy sources by breathing correctly.

Please for a moment, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and then slowly release the breath. Have you forgotten how good that feels?  When chaos reigns and thoughts are foggy, embracing a moment of deep breathing will help to transform your emotions and views, on what is happening around you.

Often when things are stressful, you feel that you have to push forward, to keep striving but beloved ones, this only adds to the stressful energy. If you were to sit for a moment, and focus on your in-breath, breathe in the universal life-force energy love, and then when you release the breath, you breathe out calm, peaceful energy, you will find you hold the ability to transcend the chaos and transform the situation.

Try it. Make now a brief moment ,where you embrace peace and tranquillity into your life. Breathe in and say inside your head “love”, and breathe out, say inside your head “peace”. Now don’t you feel a little bit better?  Spread peace and calmness today where ever you go, by remembering to simply breathe beloved ones.  As soon as chaos hits, breathe in the love and breathe out the peace.


Archangel Haniel

De-Stress your day with Mary Magdalene.

You can even do this meditation during your lunch break, go sit in your car and lose yourself upon the beach of angels. Isn’t it about time, you made some time for you?

29 Mary Magdalene - Beach of Angels Healing Meditation MP3

29 Mary Magdalene – Beach of Angels Healing Meditation MP3


29 Mary Magdalene - Beach of Angels Healing Meditation

29 Mary Magdalene – Beach of Angels Healing Meditation

Meet your spirit guides. Dissolve negativity. Achieve deep relaxation. Learn how to forgive.

Reviewer: Mary from Zimbabwe   5 Stars

I tell you, this meditation has helped me so much. Every time I feel stressed, I put on this meditation and it takes it all away. I feel rejuvenated and so much at peace. It is beautiful, for me my daily meditation is a way of honouring myself and my health. Since I have meditated every day, my health has improved and I am so much more fulfilled. Jill and Glenn’s meditation are an integral part of my daily life. Thank you both xxxx

Reviewer: Sue Harrison from Blackburn   5 Stars
Mary’s voice is so soothing on this CD and you can feel the love that comes through. I used this when I was having problems with my partner so that we could split amicably as he was quite angry and didn’t want to move on. It took only a day for him to accept the change to be apart and we are now really good friends. The beach is such a relaxing place to be and I have used this CD many times when I am stressed and frazzled.

Reviewer: Frida from Sweden   4 Stars
This was my first angel guided meditation and I wanted something that would open my heart and help me release fear. Jill recommended this one to me. I really like the slow tempo, it gives me plenty of time to actually meditate and not just visualize.  The surrounding noise from the live recording doesn’t bother me, it’s very minor. In this meditation you are asked to resolve issues with someone you have trouble communicating with. This caught me a bit by surprise and the first time I put myself in that spot, which worked well, and later on I have worked on other people. You also get to meet with your guardian angel and the part that I like the most is the passage where your spiritual guides merge with your heart energy, and they also enter through the crown of your head. I think this is very beneficial for opening the heart. I cried a lot the first time I did this one, then towards the end, but only once and then no more crying. A couple of remarkable things have happened to me, for instance I’ve managed to stop binge eating chocolate, a compulsive habit that has plagued me for almost 18 months. I’m not saying it’s due to this meditation, as everything is a process, but it did happen right after I did this meditation (and I’ve tried to stop before, believe me), so I think this meditation came at just the right moment, when everything was favourable for me to stop my destructive habit, and it sort of gave me the final push. I’ve also felt a bit “light headed” or dazed and have had a bit of a light headache for a couple of days (and I usually don’t get headaches, maybe once a year, tops), so I definitely think something is happening to me. I don’t think I would have benefited as much earlier on in my spiritual development, though, as I’ve never been very interested in angels, but a lot is happening to me right now and stumbling upon these angel guided meditations is accelerating what was already in motion

Archangel Metatron – Earth Energy Changes for June 2013

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archangel-hanielBlessings one and all. Currently at this time, in humankind’s evolution, as the cosmic energies align to bring in new magnetic frequencies, it is possible that the Earth-plane could experience extreme weather conditions for the rest of this month.

As comic energies fluctuate and realign themselves, so too will planet Earth react to these new vibrations. This means in some areas of your planet, severe weather can bring droughts and fires in some places, and floods in other areas.

As these energies are quite fractious, those who are susceptible to environmental vibrations, may well feel anxious, nauseous and out of balance. These energies are expected to affect the Earth-plane for the next three weeks.  The mass consciousness of humans may well be affected, so it would be in your best interests to seek peaceful and calm environments. Inner cities and built up areas are at most risk of community and political unrest.

As these new energies are coming in to help support the new spiritual foundations of mankind, it is quite normal that when existing foundations are removed, a period of resettlement is required.  These magnetic energies which travel through the cosmos, all energies are absorbed by all matter. During this month, these magnetic energies may stir within human consciousness, a need to migrate, move home, change career paths; as a feeling of unrest ricochets through your universe.

Whilst it may seem these new energies are having a negative effect on you all, the influences of these magnetic energies will affect, not only the population of your planet now, but also generations to come. These new energies will affect the way in which human consciousness absorbs knowledge. They offer humanity an ability to experience a new sensory and spiritual awareness. Children who are born into the world in this month, will be helping, on a collective level, to awaken their parents to the lessons and need for compassion.

These children will be very gifted. We call them the luminous ones, for they herald a new dawn, a new light; and they will bring about a deep-seated spiritual re-orientation of humanity. During this month, new concepts will be embraced; particularly ones which seek to overthrow dogmatic biased religions and governmental control.

Collectively, humanity is already achieving a greater heightened spiritual sensitivity.  Those who are tied to the old energies will experience this through the spiritual lesson of sacrifice.  Those focused purely on material gain, lower energies of gambling and gluttony, will find happiness hard to attain, as these new energies help to teach others, success comes through helping and serving society and humanity as a whole, rather than on a selfish personal level. Do not pity those who have these experiences, for these experiences will help to refine their spiritual nature.

I would encourage light-workers at this time to withdraw from society and seek to be at one with nature. Use creative arts as way of expressing the self. New opportunities to tap into these power energies will certainly challenge accepted views. For some of you, you may experience a nagging dissatisfaction connected with your life’s purpose. This is the soul’s call for you to begin doing what you believe in, and not what you think you ‘should’ be doing.

During this month, I encourage you to speak your mind, and take confrontation in your stride, should it arise. This is because, not only is the cosmos trying to clear the air, but so too it is time to clear the air on your own planet, and in your own lives. By being honest, balance will quickly be acquired.

I would urge you all to analyse your own behaviour during this period. I would ask you to seriously consider what you are about to say, before you open your mouth to speak. Perhaps you should ask yourself, “When was the last time I really listened to what I am really saying?” Focus on refining your own life, and put your own business in order, before you focus on what is happening outside of you.

Blessed be.

Archangel Metatron.


Stop The Abuse – Ascended Master Mary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene STOP THE ABUSE!

Beloved ones it has been some time since I last communed with you, but I wish to convey from my heart, the need for you all to wake up and act upon stopping the systematic abuse of children, animals and each other.

When you misuse and mistreat another you create suffering. Suffering leads to anger, resentment and destruction. Your society is feasting off the vibrations of anger, jealousies and mis-appropriation of power.

A mother who continues to feed her children food sources that do not sustain life, instead of foods that promote health and abundance is guilty of child abuse.  A person who physically or verbally abuses another person, is directing their energies against God’s laws of love and acceptance.

I am no stranger to abuse. The world I lived in, is very similar in some ways to the world you now live in. I learnt a very long time ago that you can either lend your energies to this destructive energy, or you can choose to ‘not’ allow it to control you, and how you choose to be with others. I made a conscious decision a long time ago, to turn towards the light and practice love and acceptance for all people, including those who trespassed against me.

In doing this, I discovered that when you turn away from the abuse and darkness, you possess the power to instigate great change, because you become a shining example to others, and this shining example, this inner light within you, begins to vibrationally lift others. To stop the abuse, you must seek to show forgiveness, where there is anger. Forgiving others for not being as you would want them to be, and then forgiving yourself for not being what others expect you to be, is a very profound healing experience.

When I look upon human life, all of you, (including me, at the time I lived), sought and perhaps still do seek, acceptance and love. However, how can you ask this of the world around you, when you fail to forgive others and show, acceptance and love to others? You can’t educate others to better ways, if you are not the example.  Anger and judgement do not create change, they only create resentment. Truth can still hit home, without the need for anger or judgement. To tell someone that you feel they are abusing another is not a judgement, it is an observation. When you express your concerns through compassion and how you fear it may cause them more harm than good, you will find that most people are open to listening to you.

In the case of children who are being incorrectly fed and programmed to eat badly, compassion, understanding and education are what is needed. Those who consistently fail to understand the depth of damage being done to their children must be shown the truth. If necessary, parade them through the hospital wards of children who are suffering from terminal ill diseases instigated through an incorrect diet. Make them watch a surgical procedure where the layers of fat have to be removed before they can get to the organ requiring treatment. The truth of what they see, will educate them and get them to realise quicker than any judgement and anger you expose them to.

My heart is touched with compassion for humanity. In search of progress, you have all forgotten about how simple and rewarding life can be. You have all forgotten to see how truly inspiring you can all be. The programming from society and your media has taught you to see through eyes of judgement.

When you view others through the eyes of judgement, you compete, you compare and this creates struggle, it creates battle. Life has, beloved ones, never been fair. There are some who will emotionally react to situations without a shred of awareness of love, compassion and forgiveness.  The only person I know who could reflect this law of God’s perfectly was my beloved Jesus. He held a perfect heart towards all living things and desired nothing more than to share his understanding of the world. He did not judge others as less than him if they shunned his teachings. He did not kill others because they did not agree with his God. He truly understood the oneness we all have, that is that we all share flesh and blood, I bruise, you bruise, I bleed, you bleed. He understood how our actions influenced all things.

The abuse of others is endemic in your societies. I ask you to speak out in truth where there is abuse of another living soul, and this includes your animal kingdom. I implore you not to ignore what you know in your hearts to be wrong. Where correction is needed, seek to peacefully demonstrate through your words and behaviour the need for change.

When I lived, it was accepted that children grew into well adjusted adults if they were given love, support AND discipline. Any disrespect to others was quickly corrected. When you fail to teach your children respect for others, you are again abusing them, because you are failing to give them the foundations which will keep them safe and secure in life. When you fail to teach your children the importance of honesty, you are abusing them.

The reasons your prisons are over-crowded and your societies are breaking down, is because you have failed to maintain a disciplined approach to life and the need to respect life.  Whilst what I say doesn’t solve the issues you have, the purpose of my message is to cause you all to be more aware of what is really happening in your society. If you acknowledge what is happening, you can gain understanding and further insight into how to begin the healing process.

All life’s problems stem from desires, whether it is to possess something, to be better than something else, to control and have power over others, desires lead to strife and suffering. When your children are born, their souls are pure. What you say, do and how you act towards them, determines how they view the world and others around them. Teach them to love one another, not view each other as opponents or enemies.

All humans are perfect in their own unique way. We can all be valuable to life, society and each other. For your society to change, you need to change the way in which you educate one another and your children.  You must teach each other not to compare, but to conjoin, see the similarities. Each belief must be respected, but the community as a whole must decide if that belief is for the great good of all in the world, not just in the local vicinity.  A renewed disicplined approach to re-establish peace and harmony in your world must be sought.

Often healing does not happen over night, but in following the right thoughts, the right actions, and working to a plan, success can be acheived. You cannot tell another how to be in life, if you cannot demonstrate that you have discovered the way to peace, love and enlightenment. One country cannot tell another country how to be at peace, if that country cannot demonstrate a peaceful existence.

Teach your children to harness the power of inner peace. Teach them not to compete, compare and judge. Teach them skills which sustain life, not destroy life.  All the suffering which comes from judgement, anger, jealousy, hatred can be cured, it is these emotions and your poor diets which cause you disease. All disease is caused through stress. Stress of the organs is created through a lack of correct nutrition and emotional imbalance.

Your thoughts feed your body, just as much as the food and drink you put into your physical body.  I call upon you all to stop abusing your own bodies and the bodies of your children. I call for you to stamp out the mis-treatment of animals, children and women. You can all make a difference. Choose not to purchase food from stores that promote unhealthy foods. Choose not to dine at restaurants that seek to fill you and your children up with excessive fats, salts and sugar produce. Choose to stop paying for school meals that are unhealthy.

Seek to demand pornography is removed and banned from public access. Choose not to adopt children in return for money. Choose not to accept organ donations for money. When you pay money for adoption, you are supporting the trafficking of children. When you pay money for an organ, you are supporting the illegal exploitation of humans.  Believe me when I tell you, that children and people are being kidnapped, not just for sexual exploitation, but they are also being taken for organ donation. Whether it is your governments that pay, or you personally, be aware of whether or not, you are supporting the abuse of another living creature.

Please reach out to help others. In saving others, you will find you save yourself. In giving to others, others will give unto you. Life is about exchanging energies, the universal life force energy is love. Exchange love, if it is not returned immediately, know that it will be returned in another way.  The world needs desperately to be freed from the oppression and abuse. Seek to stamp it out in your family, choose to speak respectfully to your kin and help them embrace your example.  A crowd of people who stand silently and refuse to be moved can be more terrifying than a crowd of people on the rampage.

Blessed be

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene.


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Who AM I? – Archangel Michael

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Greetings beloved ones, my role as protector of humanity, is a role that requires me to guard all things created upon the earth plane. Within my role, I lend my energies to protect and strengthen those who align themselves to truth. For those who lean towards untruths, I work to reveal the need for truth in all things. I hold the authority to dissolve fear, falsehoods and injustice.

I speak to you today, to help you understand the power of the angelic realm. Whilst we are promoted as soft entities, we are first and foremost, responsible ensuring God’s divine will is done. The angelic realm are guardians of the creative life force energy. We are here to help purify and cleanse the earth plane of negativity, fear and oppression.

I hold great affection for humanity, this is why my energies are lent to you, when you are in need of understanding your own inner authority and power.  It is also my charge to help you harness your inner power for the greater good, rather than for destructive forces. I ensure that divine law is put into action in the physical world.

My legions of angels who work with me, work not only on soul evolution, but we work within the corporate world too. We lend energies to support and protect where something is created for the greater good.

For those who believe in me, acknowledge my presence and the presence of God, they are open to channels which transmute negativity and promote manifestation. As well as protection, personal development on the inner plains is part of my remit. Often humans are programmed to focus on the outer world, the outer self. More gravitas is given to the image, then the substance. For those who seek to perfect themselves, to become an embodiment of love and service to others, I work closely with these souls to help them transmute the physical worldly challenges which stand in their way.

So many of you are ignorant of your power. If you were aware of your own power, you would discover your ability to tap into the universal supply of creative energy which would create for you every opportunity you could possible want.  Much of my time is spent on helping others to see that money, things and image is an illusion. Just like other angels, I work to establish balance.

The symbology of my sword was used to explain the power of energy. The blue flames which came from my sword are the flames of creation, the flames of love. Where love is, all things are possible. In truth, I have no need of a sword to fight or ward off anything, for I understand the power of light and love. To utilise the power of creation, you must harness the energy of Truth. Speaking truthfully brings great authority, presence, power and opens the channels to manifestation.

Those who do not align themselves with truth, will find their human desires greatly limited. Short gains may be had, but believe me beloved ones, that is nothing compared to what you could have, if you took time to focus on your eternal blessings, expanding your wisdom and seeking to share happiness and blessings to all.

Currently I am focusing much of my energies on the laws of demand. At this time, the human race’s demands far outweigh the supply. Your water sources are drying up. Your food sources are becoming extinct. We are continually balancing the energies to ensure the destruction of the human race does not become a reality.  The white light angels who come under my direction work continuously to orbit the earth plane, addressing the suffering of mankind, century after century, and still truth does not prevail. Very little value or respect is given to the need for truth.

God, light, the one conscious energy, the greater central sun is the giver of all life. If this light is powerful enough to give life to many life forms, and sustain life on many planets in many dimensions, why do you feel the need to seek to control life and each other? Why make life so hard for yourselves? Why deceive each other, when all this does is create destruction? Untruths disintegrate the foundations of society, the foundations of relationships and the foundations of life.

Every day those angels in my charge and I, battle to ensure the light remains, the truth is revealed. The most important focus of your life should be a daily practice of being in harmony, in balance with your fellow brothers and sisters and the planet which provides you with sustenance. There is no reward in heaven for killing, raping, molesting or harming another human. Because so many of you fail to give precedence to honouring life, this is why many of you still remain un-ascended.

I guard, I protect and I support those who seek to be of the light and live in truth. For those who choose to deceive, lie, cheat and steal I work to restore balance, justice. I do not punish, but the cosmic divine laws dictate that you must learn the reaction that comes from every action.  I seek to teach you all to understand, that  if you are not honouring life by living in the light and truth, you create lack. Where there is love, light and truth, abundance can manifest easily. If you are experiencing lack, you must take time to reflect on where in your life you are not living in love, light and most importantly of all truth.

My great legions will work with you, if you call upon us to help you enable your light, love and truth to shine, we will draw close and support you. Remember that disturbance is caused by energies being mis-directed. If you experience disturbances in your life, you can call on me to help you re-align them, but I can only do this if you are willing to come from a place of truth.

Truth heals all things. I am ever waiting for the opportunity to help you evolve and grow. I am charged with helping you understand and enter into your own empowered self, known as the I AM presence. That power carries great responsibility, but for those who are ready to understand and use it for the greater good, they will inherit and experience the fullness of life.

Be of the truth, love and light beloved ones.

Archangel Michael