Nurturing – Archangel Chamuel – Angel Message of the Day

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Beloved ones, even though your senses do not allow you to see it, you live in a multi-dimensional world which offers you opportunities and nourishment. It is essential that time is given to nurturing, for without it, you cannot possible be ready to embrace new experiences, opportunities and challenges. Nurturing isn’t about the odd day of relaxation, or an hour of doing something you like, whilst this may help, it isn’t what nurturing is all about. Nurturing is learning to live in the now, to experience every thing around you, as it is happening, so you gain a wondrous experience of joy, in the magic of life.

Women are particularly gifted when it comes to nurturing, they are used to experiencing the cycles of life, they are able to tap into their creativity and bear children. Part of a mother’s role is to nurture. Sadly, the one person they forget to nurture is themselves.  If you are finding it hard to find time for self-nurturing, if there are not enough hours in the day, after you have served everyone else, then you must become aware that your brain, needs a complete overhaul. You need to update your data bank, because you have forgotten the small print that is on your soul contract. Your soul contract states that you will take care of, and nurture, your physical, emotional and spiritual body to the best of your capabilities. You also further agreed to make self-nurturing a priority.

STOP making excuses, today it is time to tell everyone else IT IS YOUR TURN, you will no longer blockade your progress by putting everyone else first. Your vehicle, your physical body, is in dire need of an MOT. You are exhausted from considering everyone else’s demands, and this is your wake up call, so take some time out, go into meditation and read your small print on your soul’s contract. Ask to be reminded of those key aspects you agreed to complete. Start to acknowledge you deserve time to yourself, acknowledge that you are now dehydrated and under-nourished in the nurturing department.  Ask to hear the voice of mother earth and invite her to ground and nurture you. Honour your body by feeding it fresh raw vegetables and fruit and feel the energy transference from  the foods to your soul.  Today, is the day you must begin to experience and receive nurturing, you are worth it you know:-)

Archangel Chamuel

Reducing Stress & Anger – Angel Message of the Day – Archangel Metatron

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Reducing Stress & Anger When Your Personal Space Has Been Invaded.

Blessings Beloved Ones…

When you are feeling stress and under pressure from someone, it is usually because on a deep rooted sub-conscious level you feel threatened and insecure. When you become insecure, you will either flee or get angry. The problem with anger is that when someone invades your own personal space, it forces your dominant logical brain to start over analysing what is going on. When this happens you loose perspective because all of your focus is on rationalising and justifying, again forcing all your energies to become to deeply internalised. When this happens, you put the physical body under a lot of stress and you send signals to the brain to instruct the body to release insulin in readiness of a fight or energy to run away.  When you don’t either run or fight, and you simmer in your anger, this insulin when it isn’t used poisons your body and puts all your internal organs under extreme pressure. The practical way to deal with  this type of situation when your own personal boundaries being tested, is to go outside for a few moments, take a deep breath and ask yourself “How much energy am I losing over this and how much of my focus is being lost?”. When you have done this, make a decision, either tell the person who is invading your space that you are upset with them and to give you some space, or choose to refocus your energies towards those things that help you put it behind you and move forward. If you find yourself in this type of situation on a regular basis, it would be wise to recognise this is one of your soul’s evolutionary lessons and all these people will stop invading your personal space when you say enough is enough. Saying ‘No’, will quickly disseminate those who truly support you and those who are using you. If you need extra strength, call upon me, or Archangel Michael to give you the strength to speak your truth.

Archangel Metatron

Want to exercise but can’t find the motivation?

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There’s a lot to be said for people who study and learn about colour therapy. British scientists have discovered that those people who are exposed to bright green are more inclined to exercise. So next time you want to exercise, pull on the green t-shirt, or…. take your workout into the garden. Wearing bright green makes exercising less strenuous and drastically reduces stress levels.

Natural Cure for Dandruff

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Rather than buy expensive chemical solutions to fight dandruff, give yourself a natural and ‘cheap’ remedy by pouring equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and cooled boiled water into a spray bottle. Shake well. Spray this mixture onto your scalp and hair. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash and condition as normal. Not only does the apple cider vinegar kill of the yeast infection. Yes, dandruff is a yeast infection, it will also restore your scalp back to its natural pH balance and add fabulous shine to your hair. Don’t be put off, it doesn’t smell bad and once you’ve shampooed, your hair will be gorgeous.

Angel Message of the Day – Archangel Metatron

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Overcoming Stress Part 1

Greetings Beloved Ones…

With the hectic pace of life, now more than ever before, we are seeing many humans struggling to handle the stresses caused by modern lifestyles. Often in our messages we talk of consciously focusing on energies, your own energies and those energies around you, but perhaps it may help you to learn more practical ways, so that you can avoid tension, anxiety or anger ruining your day.

To gain the best out of life, we often guide you to look to serving others, and for many it is construed that you should give and give, however it is in the giving that you also give unto the self. Let me explain myself….. If you are suffering from depression this is when you consciously focus all your attention and energies inward upon the self. You focus upon how you’re feeling, what has caused you to this deep valley of darkness in your life and when you internalise everything at such a deep profound level, the energy is unable to be released in a balanced manner. This means your internal energies are like a bottle of pop which has been shaken and shaken.

Try to release the energy, and it will just blow up. Containing the contents of the bottle creates inward stress, inward stress leads to further break down, particularly in the human body, and this is called dis-ease. To change the internal stress, begin to look at what is happening around you and ask yourself, “how can I serve?”.

The fact that you may not ‘feel’ like serving must be ignored. What you are doing by looking around you, at others, and asking yourself “How can I serve, or help a situation, or someone”, you create an energy exchange. This energy exchange, triggers the chemicals in the brain to reduce the stress hormones and begin to release ‘feel good’ endorphins.

Be very aware that when you ‘over’ internalise your problems, you create tunnel vision. This is why you develop a tendency to dwell and fixate all of your energies on problems. Looking and considering how you can serve will help you go from frustrated to refocusing, to finding a new perspective. It is all about transfering energies, transforming them from negative, into a positive, whereby karmically in serving others, you can rest in the peaceful knowledge that the universe will bestow upon you new blessings.

Tomorrow I will help you look at how to handle your anger when you feel your personal boundaries are being encroached, until then, make today a day where you ask yourself, “How can I serve?”, try it, and see just how differently you day feels, and how much sense of personal pride and joy you feel through your efforts. Your sense of self-worth will certainly be boosted:-)


Archangel Metatron
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Solar Eclipse This Week Heralds Great Spiritual Change.

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On 9th and 10th May, in certain parts of Australia and the Southern Pacific Ocean, a ring-shaped solar eclipse, known as an annular eclipse will occur. This is a powerful celestial event where the sun in the daytime becomes a cosmic ring of fire. Studies show that during and after solar eclipses, there can be a higher chance of volcanic activity.

Solar eclipses herald great spiritual change. They mark a change in cycles, they shift energies which in turn affect our emotions and our sub-conscious mind. During a solar eclipse, many people find new beginnings and also endings take place. If you’re sensitive to environmental energies, Thursday and Friday could see you feeling on edge, uncomfortable and irritable. Sleeping patterns could also be strongly affected.

Solar eclipses herald a change of energies which on a spiritual level help to move us into a new chapter in our lives. However it is said that if a solar eclipse happens on your birthday you are in for some might big changes. There will be no middle of the ground for the coming year, you will find everything will swing from really great, to really awful.

Spiritually, if you are affected by the energies, pay attention to everything with greater details. If you dismiss something as being inconsequential, you could regret it.  If you have mediumship abilities, a solar eclipse is said to offer you the opportunity to be able to make easier contact with our dearly departed.

It is also quite common for weird wacky weather and accidents, probably caused by the fluctuating energies. A solar eclipse heralds a time when you can’t turn back the clock, neither can you return to the way you once were.

So, if you have problems right now in your relationship, it would be in your interest to wait until ‘After’ the eclipse, before you raise it with your other half, unless of course, you did want that divorce! The ancients used to say that if you act under an eclipse, you will live to rue the day.

This may all sound like doom and gloom, but…. it is just precautionary guidance to ask you, not be too quick to react on Thursday and Friday, allow everything to run its course. Glenn often has a saying, when one door closes, another one opens of either equivalent, or greater value. So consider it a sign from the Heavens that another chapter in human evolution is taking place.

Sometimes we cannot fight the changes that occur in our lifetime, but we can choose ‘how’ to react to them. So this week folks, make your motto… be prepared, be patient!


Archangel Amatiel – Becoming Unstuck

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Archangel Amatiel:

Manifestation -Becoming Unstuck


Blessings everyone, have you noticed how everything in creation revolves in cycles? Whether it is seasons, cycles of the sun, ages, every soul experiences life in cycles. How though can you make a shift, if you feel you are stuck?  Humans often spend much time wasted on wishing, hoping, wanting, praying and all of these things do not create the correct energy to manifest.

Manifestation is very easy if you recognise that every single second is an opportunity waiting to be seized, in order to make this work for you, you work with what you have in the now. Don’t allow yourself to slip into thinking how different your life will be when *** happens because if you do this, you shift your energies from what is possible to what cannot ever be achieved.

Make a point of keeping your focus on now and how it will help you on your next step forward. Manifestation requires a great amount of conviction and belief, in a way that what you are doing now, will get you what you want. You don’t have to worry about when, you know that you will achieve it, you only concern needs to be on your actions now which are every adding to the magic spell you are weaving. Consciously ask yourself if what you are doing, thinking, or saying is assisting you in your manifestation process. If it isn’t STOP it and refocus.

If you have done everything that you possible can do, in the moment available to you, and you are not seeing rewards, do not go back to thinking it is not working, or that it won’t happen. Keep your focus purely on the now and recognise, that sometimes after you have created the right energy, there may be a delay in the universe, or a period where the universe has to now take control. Be patient with yourself, tell yourself the universe is now processing your order:-) Above all else, think consciously about your actions and thoughts, for they will determine if you move forward, or stay stuck in dreamland.  Affirmation for today…. the universe is now processing my order for….

Archangel Amatiel

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Earth Energy Changes – Archangel Metatron

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Today a new ethereal energy connects with Mother Earth which will begin to transmute and clear away old negative energies and thought patterns. For those of you sensitive to changes in energies, you may feel a little disconcerted but recognise this is proof that you are entering a positive and harmonious time.

If you carry regret or find yourself often living in the past, today release these thoughts to the universe. The past only holds you back from embracing opportunities and it blocks new energies being embraced which could help you. Use today’s energies to transform and clear you. Spend some time sat outside in the sunshine, breathe in the fresh clear air, breathe this into your heart chakra and as you release the breath, feel your heart chakra becoming clearer and open.

Imagine and feel as though the sunlight which is shining onto your crown chakra is beaming into you a rainbow prism of light, feel this clearing your mindset and energising you with positive thoughts.  Really connect with this energy and then allow this energy to transform into the beautiful blueness of the sky. Feel calming energies, moving into the crown chakra, like water, flowing in and through you, all the way down into your feet chakra’s before leaving and entering into earth.  You will feel energised, earthed and within your heart you will feel a new energy, that energy is hope, faith, love and a belief that only good things will now be allowed to enter your life. Peace be with you.

Archangel Metatron


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