Angelic Beauty – Archangel Haniel

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angel readingsWhat is beauty? Is it in the eye of the beholder? Is beauty dependent upon your looks?  Know that the angelic realm view you all as beautiful, for we do not judge beauty on how you look, but on the radiant light of God which shines from within you. When you are open to seeking the radiant light in others, you will connect with all of creation and see through the synchronistic eyes of the universes. Every day is a new opportunity to see this beauty. By choosing to seek this inner light in others, you will find yourselves connecting with the energies of Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene, it will stir within your own heart a deeper understanding of compassion and gratitude.

Honour your unique beauty, do not seek to poison and disable your unique features with injections or surgical procedures. Do not feel you are less than another by your creed, sex, physical or intellectual ability.

Whether today is an up day or a down day for you, try to see this radiant light of beauty for it will lift you and transcend your experiences. Most importantly of all, I call upon you to see this light within yourself. Everything is already perfect, you have no need to fix yourself or others. Today open your eyes, heart and soul to the joy of life, in doing so, you will invite so many blessings and abundance, you will not fail to realise that life is simply about connection to the spirit that lies within everyone and everything. You are beautiful, shine your radiant light into the world and see what a difference you really can make when you make just a little bit of effort.

Blessings Archangel Haniel

This message was channelled by Jill Harrison. To have the opportunity to receive your own channelled message visit


Let it be – transcend your fears – Archangel Jeremiel

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As the new galactic energies of the universes connect with mother earth today, the energies may well draw you towards your fears, doubts and for some an acute sense of aloneness. This soon will pass, but it is important to recognise your thoughts are vibrational energy, learning to change your vibrational energy can dramatically affect the experiences you have and also the future events that have yet to unfold.

A stronger connection is available today offering you the opportunity to connect to the Arcturian’s to access emotional release, healing and transformation. Make a point of going outside just for a few minutes,  closing your eyes, visualise a white corridor of light beaming down from the cosmos into your crown chakra, feel yourself being pulled up into this corridor of white light, give permission for the angelic realm to help you transcend these negative energies and connect with the fifth universal vibrational energy levels.

You will feel yourself lift into your higher self and then when you feel ready, slowly draw down these energies as you return back to mother earth. This will ensure you bring into your physical body, your higher vibrational energies which  will in turn affect your experiences and help you to feel much stronger. Spend one last moment in gratitude for being able to be upon the earth plane at this time and for all you have. Then return to your daily routine.

When you feel stressed or lost, this little exercise will help you to keep your energies up and remove the darker energies which at times can overwhelm you. I AM Archangel Jeremiel. For those of you who do not know me, I work with Archangel Azrael and I help soul’s review their lives and advise them on what they may wish to learn next.  If you need to find hope, if you need to develop your spiritual gifts, feel free to call upon me, Blessings. Archangel Jeremiel. xxx

Refuge & Strength – Archangel Metatron

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Today if you feel weary, know that I am here for you. My energies and guidance, connection to me is there, but how do you receive it? You receive it by being in a state of acceptance, knowing that God’s promise to always provide you with strength and support is there, like a rainbow of various colours, how you will feel my connection to you will be unique to you. I may be a thought, a touch, a feeling of knowing, for I come to those who call upon me and ask for help and support. The world you live in, has in your minds reality many real problems, but this is not the experience we wish you to have.  When you awoke this morning you don’t know what the day will bring, but what you can count on, is that it will always bring angelic support and we will help you to have experiences so that your soul’s lessons and desires can be fulfilled.

Draw on my strength today, feel my presence, wrap yourself in gold and white light, I will help you overcome discouragement, and show you the way to approach life. To overcome negativity, spend a moment in prayer, for when you enter into prayer you are strengthened and filled by the Holy Spirit, our presence at times is often perceived as a sweet-smelling perfume, if you sit there this perfume, this energy will surround and uplift you.  Most people wait until they have failed to pray. If you pray and seek our help you needn’t fail.  Hold the conviction that we do support you, have faith, trust that life is abundant. A thought can quickly change you from negative to positive, the power to do this lies in prayer.

Blessed be
Archangel Metatron


Archangel Raziel – Signs

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Beyond your world are other realms which hold emanations of colours, light, consciousness, thoughts, feelings and all of these are waiting there for you to discover if you were to be willing to enter into stillness. Today you are called upon to shift your awareness, in stillness be sensitive to the emotions, thoughts, that you wouldn’t normally tune into, for when you enter into this heightened sense of awareness you connect with the creative process of the universe, awaken to what the universe is revealing to you at this time.

The energies which surround your planet today will bring many synchronicities and spiritual signposts to those who are open to our messages. The veil between the spiritual realm and your physical world is less dense today, so you may feel connection to a loved one who has passed. You may find your creativity heightened, your dreams or gut instinct strong and powerful.  You will feel drawn to sing, dance, draw, meditate, communicate and create.  Today is a unique opportunity for you to connect deeper than before to the spiritual realm and discover the secrets of the universe.

Redefining & Reducing Magnetic Energies – Archangel Metatron

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As we are in the process of redefining and reducing the magnetic energies that surround your planet, this will create in many humans, a less aggressive nature. Unfortunately for some, it will mean they err more towards laziness and over-eating, than action. There will be a dramatic increase in the number of humans who are diagnosed with diabetes, through obesity, particularly in toddlers.

The reductions in magnetic energies mean within your area of the world, a higher increase in wind, and very changeable weather is most likely. The eclipses this year may also trigger serious earthquakes in Hungary, Pakistan, Japan and Columbia. These softer energies will also affect the governments, and many will seek to withdraw from those nations which are overly aggressive. This will not bode well for the USA Government, who continues to use fear and manipulation to influence the world. Already, new agreements are being put into place between India, Japan, Russia, China and Australia, to no longer recognise the American dollar as the currency of the world. This will have a great impact upon the United States of America and its people over the next five years. The United States Government are aware other countries are planning to no longer rely on the USA for support, and to stop this occurring, they are creating conflict in their own country and around the world, in a bid to try and keep themselves at the forefront of leadership.

Now I know that some could take our global update as negative, however, in order for change to occur, you have to be willing to see the debris and clutter that needs to be addressed. The more nations who look to focusing upon living in balance with the Earth will find themselves less affected. These energies that are being ushered in, are to help you all seek freedom from fear and domination. Those who try to control others will use ego as their weapon, to their own detriment, and you will see events unfolding which offer you all an opportunity to serve your fellow brothers and sisters. Instead of focusing on trying to control one another, your focus must be on loving one another. The spiritual lessons here are freedom and love.


The following refers to Glenn asking Metatron about his name. Glenn had worked out that Meta, means ‘after’ or alongside, in Greek, and Tron is God’s spiritual name.


Glenn: Tron is an ancient Geek word for an instrument. Metatron is the voice of God. A voice is an instrument. Tron is also defined as a sub-atomic particle. An atom is made up of protons, electrons and neutrons… a trinity. God is a trinity. God, father, Sun (no spelling error there); God, light, the one conscious energy; Mother, Father God. If Tron is a Trinity; is Tron the spiritual name for God. The name God, is the name we give, as is Allah, Jehovah, Wakuntanka, Ra. My name is Glenn, but I have a spiritual name: Yannai, which means ‘God will answer’. Jill’s spiritual name is Sukh Maur Ka. Angela, our friend, is Ellamora. Ian our friend, is Shallmai. How do I know? El Morya told us when trancing through Jill. So we have many incarnate names, but everyone in spirit has one spirit name. Is the spirit name for God, Tron? Since all things are created from atoms, it makes sense; and so this is the question I put to Metatron; is God’s spiritual name Tron?  


Archangel Metatron: Finally, I will answer a question which Glenn asked of me some time ago. My name Metatron means’ after God’, for I am ‘the energy which accelerates the energies of the universes’. As you are aware there are many names for God. However it is not so much the focus upon the name, but upon the energy and mathematical vibration created. I am the after energy of creation, with duality in all things; I ‘am’ and ‘am not’ God. Just as you are a part of creation, you ‘are’, and ‘you are not’ God. Your soul represents a ‘small element’ of God. I have said this specifically for Glenn to ponder upon.


The human consciousness does not have the capacity to understand the many complex structures of creation. Meta meaning ‘after’, Tron meaning, in spiritual terms, ‘the means by which all things come to pass’. I know you would prefer a simple yes or no, but all of creation is built on balance. If Glenn is willing to trust his own intuition more, I will be happy to give him further clarification, on the basis that he follows his instincts personally, rather than relying on you Jill. Perhaps he would prefer to ponder on what thought is?  I would prefer for him to focus upon direction, who and what he is ( said with love ).


Glenn: Pondering on thought: having a thought about what thought is. I realise that Metatron gave it to me. thoughts create the universes. Thoughts are electrical, or light. God is light. Metatron is, I believe, the part of the trinity of God, which is the one conscious energy. He is ‘the energy which accelerates the energies of the universes’. The energy which accelerates the energies of the universes is thought. God IS thought. We use God through our thought. Our thought connects us to God. Thought can create. We can create. we just haven’t tapped into the power yet. God is TRON.


We have been told by Metatron many times that they give us thoughts to prepare us for the future. Thoughts like ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’. The Tron Legacy sequel film from Tron, inferred that Tron was God. Well, wha’doya know?

Living the illusion, is when you only hear, what you want to hear, and disregard the rest.





My first conscious connection to Metatron.

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On 24 April 2013, Metatron said to Jill, “If Glenn is willing to trust his own intuition more, I will be happy to give him further clarification, on the basis that he follows his instincts personally, rather than relying on you J. Perhaps he would prefer to ponder on what thought is?  I would prefer for him to focus upon direction, who and what he is ( J said with love ).”


On 26th April, I had woken at 6.00am and was dozing in bed. A thought came to me about where I lived until the age of 10 years of age. It was a council house at Lowedges in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. I saw myself taking a trip down memory lane, walking in front of the house and wondering whether to go knock on the door and tell the people living there, that I used to live there 50 years ago. I was thinking, “Would it be rude to ask them if I could look around at the changes?” And my thought was that it was. I saw myself knocking on the door and just saying hello, and explaining that if they saw me staring at the house, and walking around the house, it was because I used to live there. I thought nothing more about it.


Later that morning, Jill shouted, “Are you expecting anybody, there’s a car pulled up the drive?” I told her no, and that it might be someone enquiring about a reading from her, so she should go to the door. The doorbell rang. Jill went to the door. Then Jill came to me and asked me to see the man at the door, who had asked if he could take pictures of our house. Jill was a little put about, and wanted me to handle it.


I went to the door. There stood an elderly gentleman, looking sheepish. He introduced himself, and explained that he lived here 56 years ago, as an orphan when our home was a Dr. Barnardo’s orphanage. He was a year older than me. He lived here from being about 4 until 10 years old. He explained that he now lived in the Scottish West Islands, and was passing, whilst on a journey through England, and wished to take some photographs. He explained his wife was in the car and had asked him to take them from the road, and not bother us. He also said he wouldn’t dream of asking to see inside the house, but would love to take some pictures, for memories’ sake, of the outside. We stood and talked for an hour. I explained to him about the thoughts I had, earlier that morning, and how uncanny it was.


Later I explained to Jill. Jill explained that this is how she is given information when she does readings. She sees herself in situations, which she now knows are the situations of people sat in front of her.


Metatron had given me my first validated contact. He showed me, that morning, what was about to happen later that day. He showed me, using my own images. This is what Metatron was asking of me earlier; to trust using my intuition more. He had given me thoughts as a way of communication. Thought is the energy which accelerates all other energies. Thought creates the physical. Thought creates reality. Our connection to the Creator is through thought… mental telepathy. I just had my first lesson in how to trust my intuition, my clairaudience. It was bizarre!  

Glenn Harrison

Viewing Life From A Higher Perspective – Archangel Michael

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Blessings beloved ones.

Every experience you have is an energy interaction, it propels the soul along the pathway of evolution. At times those experiences will be joyous and at other times they may bring sadness, heartache and tears. It is very easy when things are not going as you would wish, to blame God, the angels, and feel that you are being punished, but if you ‘choose’ to, you can use your every day experiences to create pivotal changes that bring you inner peace, fulfilment and abundance.

The universe is constantly in flow, atoms, molecules, all are synchronised perfectly to create balance. Within the spiritual realm we do not judge something as positive or negative, it is simply the truth, it is what it is.  If you begin to accept that your own lives are in perfect balance, you will be able to find the deeper meaning of the experience you are having and understand how you have chosen to react to the energy of the experience.

You see it is not what you experience that matters but how you choose to experience it. Operating from a higher perspective and being very honest about the part you have played in this experience will enable you to become responsible for your reality. Try to think of yourselves like a pair of scales, too much positivity or too much negativity affects your view of the world and those around you. Using truth as a ballast, a centre from which to operate from, you tune into your higher selves, a higher intelligence.

If you hold to your truth and choose not to be responsible for how others react to situations,  you will find inner peace, your ability to manifest will greatly improve as  you very quickly learn that from every action comes a reaction. You are all constantly creating your own realities, therefore how you perceive life, yourselves, and your experiences will determine whether you experience chaos or calm.

If you ever find  yourself unable to find the right balance, then be willing to surrender to a higher power, call upon me to help you see the truth and way of the light, or offer it up to God and allow yourself to be steered towards calmer oceans.  Remember use your energy wisely and be the empowered souls I know you to be.

Archangel Michael


archangel michael prayer

If you’d like to learn how to connect to Archangel Michael more easily, or you need Archangel Michael’s help then you may find what you’re looking for here…


Overcoming doubt with Archangel Haniel

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Archangel Haniel is not as well known as Archangel Michael, but if you’re in need of strength, Archangel Haniel can help you develop faith and determination to overcome any negative beliefs or fears you have. Working with Archangel Haniel and invoking his presence will help you tap into energies which encourage the soul to achieve that which it chose to experience in this lifetime.

Invoking the presence of Archangel Haniel is as simple as prayer… “I invoke the almighty presence of Archangel Haniel and ask for help in remaining in divine alignment with all that is. I ask for help in seeing my life from a higher perspective. Grant me the strength, faith and ability to overcome my present obstacles. Help my soul find enlightenment, protection  and healing at this time. Thank You”

If you feel obstructed in your spiritual path, Archangel Haniel will guide you through the obstruction. If you like to work with crystals in your meditation, to connect with Haniel try holding a piece of Gem Silica or Blue Danburite this will help you connect to his vibrational energies.

Archangel Haniel works through the coral vibrational ray which holds the spiritual lessons of learning to release co-dependency and enter into the presence of unconditional love and acceptance.  Tuning into Archangel Haniel and working with the coral vibrational colours in your meditations you will find you have the ability to connect with your higher levels of consciousness. As coral is difficult to visualise, you may want to try visualising orange and then toning this done by visualising white light, draw this light into your sacral chakra, feel it expand through out the body and give Archangel Haniel permission to integrate this colour into your physical body so that you may achieve a higher level of awareness and connection with the angelic realm.

Angel Inspiration – Being Guided By Angels.

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One of the easiest ways to receive angelic guidance is to use angel cards. Over the years the number of angel cards and oracle decks have increased significantly and their popularity is still on the increase but how do angel cards work and what can they do for you?

When we feel stuck with personal problems, it is very easy to over analyse or allow our emotions to stand in the way of being able to make a clear conscious decision. Angel cards offer us an opportunity to look at these issues from a higher perspective.  Because we are all energy, when we hold angel cards and focus upon the area we need help with, the angels who are connected to us through the universal life force energy use the cards to help you connect with their energies and empower you through the message or symbols contained within the cards.

Sometimes the messages may focus upon a need to change our thoughts, beliefs or attitudes to the situation. Sometimes, they may point you in another direction that you had previously discounted or not thought of at all.  Each picture on a card holds vital clues and symbols, which if you tune into, you can discover answers and solutions to the problems surrounding you.

Angel cards can also bring you healing, because we have reached out and asked for help, when you connect with the imagery of your chosen card(s) they create a vibrational energy you can connect with and by holding your card(s) over your heart chakra, it may be possible for you to feel the energy resonating through your body, uplifting, enlightening and healing you.

Every card holds layers upon layers of meaning and information. Learning to ascertain more accurate guidance using sacred geometry, colours and vibration along with the information and wisdom given is relatively simple, if you know what to look for and you are aware of your psychic skills.

To begin using your angel cards correctly it is good idea to hold the right intention. If you are seeking answers that you only want to hear, then angel cards won’t serve you very well. The method of using the right intention is to hold your cards and ask for divine wisdom, light and love to illuminate the messages you receive. Call your angels close to you, give them permission to give you the angelic guidance you need and when you feel ready shuffle your cards.

It is important when using angel cards to focus upon how you phrase your questions. For instance, it is no good asking something like “Should I leave my job?”.  As soon as you ask a question with ‘Should’, your angels cannot guide you because their answer will take away your free will. I would also recommend that you try not to ask questions that just require a yes or no response, such as “Should I take this job”.  A better way would be to do a three card reading, use the first card to help you understand the positive aspects of accepting a job, the second card to look at negative influences you need to consider and thirdly what the angels feel is for your own highest good.  By asking in-depth questions you will find you receive information to help you look at your situation from different angles.

I am often asked if a card jumps or falls out whilst shuffling, if this has a significant meaning. In my opinion, I would ask you to make a note of the card which jumps out, pop it back into the pack and continue to shuffle again. If it reappears the angels definitely wanted you to see this card.  If it doesn’t appear in your reading, after you have looked at the cards you chose, you can always refer back to the card which fell out if you still feel a little unclear in guidance or direction.

Another question I get asked is about reverse cards, I much prefer to feel whether a card is negative or positive, and there are no hard and fast rules, so do what feels right for you.

When you’ve shuffled your cards and asked a question, if you feel drawn to cut the deck do so, otherwise you can just deal them out, or spread them and allow yourself to go where you feel guided.

To help you become confident in being guided by your angels, I’d recommend you regularly make a point of doing a one card reading for yourself. Here’s a few things you may want to ask for…

  1. Clarity on the best way to manifest abundance today.
  2. If it is in your best interests to ***** today.
  3. Will the angels support you today if ………
  4. If there are any influences you were not aware of, which may hinder your soul’s growth today.
  5. What is the best way for me to find/achieve/experience **** today.

 Angel Card Spreads

When you get comfortable you can then move onto another simple angel card spread which helps you get an overall picture of your situation. Shuffle your cards and ask for guidance that will help you quickly overcome your predicament. When you’re ready choose or deal yourself four cards.

Card One – Should highlight influences that have caused you to experience this current situation.
Card Two – This will show you how you are being affected or what is stopping you from dealing with the situation.
Card Three  – Will guide you to opportunities to overcome your situation and move on.
Card Four – Will advise on the next step or action you can take, to ensure a positive or most beneficial outcome.

If you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction into receiving guidance from your angels, and you’d like to learn more, then be sure to check out my on-line master class where you can learn about the hidden messages within the cards at:-—on-line-master-class-870-p.asp

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take a journey of positive transformation that can help empower you and help your angels help you discover your authentic self. Your angels only desire is to help you fulfil your highest potential.



Spiritual Workers Must Step Up To The Line

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Archangel Metatron: Greetings little one, your world is undergoing a lot of spiritual transformation and whilst worldly issues create great consternation, I would ask you to help others be aware for the need to begin Spring cleaning. By Spring cleaning, I mean that if humankind is to create a greater shift towards peace, love and truth, the next coming months will create experiences and opportunities for everyone to clear karmic debt, and clear away those issues which keep being avoided.

Due to the fluctuations of energies, the male species will experience feelings of being confined, unable to move forward. They will have great resistance to any form of discipline, or authority, so it can for some, herald a time of emotional upheaval. As the energies of the feminine begin to grow upon the Earth plane, females will feel the need to move forward, to overcome their fears and they will also no longer be willing to be confined, controlled or dominated.  This means that the battle of the sexes will be prominent in your world, as the new way of love and understanding breaks down the old patriarchal energies, built on fear and control.

You have to understand that many humans are still resistant to embracing change, and the energies that are going to occupy your world for the coming next four months, will create behaviour patterns that may be extreme. For those with little emotional intelligence, you may see symptoms such as emotional swings between feelings of hurt, not being appreciated, resentment, a need for retribution, and anger releases.  Unfortunately, this may mean in some areas of the world there will be a mass explosion of anger directed toward one or more parties of people.  To avoid these experiences, one must face one’s own dark demons of the past. The heart must be broken open, so all the wounds, can be released into the universe and absorbed by God, light, the one-conscious energy.

Whilst those who are negative will read my words negatively, I wish to emphasise this is a wondrous opportunity for healing on many levels to take place. To accept and receive this healing, all that is required is that you pray and confess your truths, and then begin to build your life only on truth. No more lies. No more denials. Just plain truth of who you are and where you are at.  From this place, you then release your fears and step into accountability. When you have accountability, you then have at your disposal, power to control your own destiny and the destiny of your countries and your world.

The vast difference in education standards will become very apparent, and this will create an opportunity for everyone to realise the need for investment in emotional intelligence, not just academic education. Diversity within people will be very much at the forefront of being able to move forward.

Many government illusions will be revealed over the next four months. Those who have sought to deceive for their own personal gain will find the truths revealed.  In particular, that of human trafficking and the governments who gain from promoting war, disease and enslavement.

If change for the greater good is wanted, all spiritual workers must unite and make the truth known to those who are ignorant of the corruption around them. The continued process of promoting addictive behaviours within the mass consciousness,  is aimed at creating separation at its most critical point; that of the family unit.  Unfortunately this year, there will be a greater rise in the number of sexually transmitted diseases, and crimes against women and children will rise to an all time high.  The younger generation will be targeted to escape reality, through encouragement of gambling, drugs, promiscuity and violence.

Am I telling you this to make you feel depressed and helpless?  No, I am telling you this so that you can become aware of the challenges you face, so you are prepared and equipped to handle the truth and overcome the plight of your planet.

If you are to overcome the changes, and finally remove the old patriarchal ways which have ruled you and kept you enslaved, you must place emphasis on maintaining a strong sense of family. It is your responsibility to create a strong family unit, built on love and strength.  History has taught you all, that if you continue in your denial of the truth, society as a whole can and will break down.

However, the number of spiritual beings on the Earth-plane is now stronger than ever, and growing, to the point where you can turn everything around, and overcome the years of systematic abuse and enslavement.

As spiritual beings, you must be willing to recognise that some people will never embrace change, or truth. You must learn to use your strengths to overcome oppression. Choose to support only those who you feel work in the light. Cease to be a part of anything that is attached to the old patriarchal methods of control and conformity. Those who work within the light, must seek to restore the Earth-plane back to its natural balance. They must seek to live in harmony with all things created.  In order to do this, you must seek to create a greater consciousness of the truth, for when you create this, you will have the ability to change the rules that bind you.

I would like you to adopt a mantra:- “truth must prevail”.  When you are faced with situations that appear to be not of the truth, call upon Archangel Michael and his legions of angels to help bring light and truth to the situation.  Consciously choose not to support anything that is grounded in negativity, fear, oppression and control. Embrace and accept that an invisible war is taking place, between fear and love. This year, you must choose which side you wish to take.

If you wish to overcome and avoid the negative energies, we would encourage you to completely eradicate media which seeks to draw you into fear and confusion. We ask you not to be drawn into reality television, gossip and soaps, which keep you focused on lower energies, and stops you focusing on the need for change.  For a moment, I would ask you to consider what would happen if everyone in your country stopped watching, listening, reading or purchasing news for just one week. This would create mass confusion in your governments, and those who seek to control you. Begin to realise the strength in mass consciousness. What would happen if all of you refused to purchase fuel for your cars until such times as it benefited everyone?  Can you begin to see how you have the ability to create change now, you do not have to wait, all you need to do is unite and decide what needs to be eradicated and doesn’t serve all.

For too long now there have been too many light-workers who are not prepared to roll up their sleeves and become an active beacon of light to inspire others of the need for change. The new energies that are going to affect your planet are calling for all spiritual light-workers to take a stance against negative energies and raise the vibrations of the planet. Meditation is one way of helping, but there also needs to be a collective determination, to now talk about oppression and control. Lift your hearts and minds. It is time for spiritual communities to bring healing to the world.

Many of you seek our help without wanting to meet us half way. You must step up to the front line, and for those of you who do, we will support you with everything you need to create a better world for you all, and your children. If you want change beloved ones, then you mustn’t just sit and wait for it to happen. You must reclaim your spiritual courage, move through your fears, and claim your spiritual heritage to live in joy, love and prosperity.

Make a pledge to shun all negativity and fear. Seek to stand only in truth, love and light. Do not be complacent. No more excuses. Utilise your ability to alter energy. Focus on creating energy which is based on truth, and the universe will help you all heal yourselves and the world. You live in a time of great change. To experience it, it is now time for you to become that change.

Be of the light, and live in truth,

Archangel Metatron