Your Life’s Purpose from the Voice of an Angel – The Archangel Gabriel Guided Meditation

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finding your life purposeEach of us struggles to find our life’s purpose. We seek it in our careers, our love lives, and, sometimes, in the wrong places.


The angels are here to help you discover everything you need in life. This includes your life’s purpose and mission.


The Archangel Gabriel communicates from a place that is nearly omniscient and with a depth of insight into your needs, wants, desires, and mission that cannot exist on the earth.


Through this trance-channelled meditation, guided by Jill and Glenn Harrison, you will be able to tap directly into your mind, body, and spirit, where you will discover the presence of Gabriel.


Once there, you will be able to find your life’s purpose. In his infinite wisdom, Archangel Gabriel can gently, but firmly, move you to that purpose, all the while wrapping you in his wings of love, strength and safety.


  • Glenn introduces you to the meditations, explaining the purpose, process, and what to expect.
  • You can then experience the meditation listening to Glenn’s relaxing voice, which helps you tap into your own personal communication channels with the Archangel Gabriel.
  • Jill’s meditation version guides you even deeper until you can see, hear, and feel the presence of this Universal Wisdom, as he shares with you, the larger plan that life, fate, that God, light, the one conscious energy has in store for you.


This is life-affirming empowerment guided meditation designed
to help you out of the fog of confusion and fear, and
into the brilliant light of clarity and focus.


Travel backward and forward in your life:


  • From your earliest memories at a time when the world had not placed scales over your eyes as to your purpose.
  • Into the near future, where you can see yourself living a purpose that is eternal and fulfilling with the guidance of wisdom from an Archangel.


Embrace who you are today with an angelic guide that is profound, immortal, and kind.


When you order this meditation, a hard CD will be posted directly to you – with free delivery in the UK, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


Throughout history, angels have been the messengers of God, light, the one conscious energy to help people the world over, to understand their purpose and guide them to a fulfilling life. This Angel Guided Meditation is a gift from an angel messenger to help you do precisely that.


From the dawn of time, mystics and the faithful, have been able to call upon their angelic selves for guidance and protection. Through this powerful-guided meditation, Jill and Glenn show you precisely how to discover your divine purpose and achieve a level of happiness that you have never felt before.


“I’m trying to shut up and let my angels speak to me

and tell me what I’m supposed to do.”

– Patrick Swayze


Gabriel has been a messenger of the purposes of the Universe in Judeo-Christian literature since the beginning of time. He is known by ten thousand names around the world in forms that are pleasing to the myriad of people on the planet.

The Archangel Gabriel that you will meet through this meditation is uniquely your Gabriel.


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Heart Chakra Healing – Archangel Chamuel

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heart chakraThe Heart Chakra – Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Be aware the experiences you have, are an extension of what lies in your heart chakra. If you are experiencing suffering, or living a chaotic life, then it is because you are sending out mixed messages to the universe.
You cannot expect things to improve for you, if you feel you can’t go on any longer, but then through your actions, continue to put up, and shut up, with your current circumstances.
By focusing upon your own heart chakra, and considering, where you may be sending out to the universe, mixed messages, you can then take a moment to be still and focus on inner peace. Focusing on inner peace will clear the energies you are sending and receiving. Move your awareness to what you are creating, and what your heart chakra is guiding you to do. When you then focus firmly on what your goal is, the solutions and the way forward will become clearer.
Be aware of your inner thoughts. Are they in sync with what you feel? Are your actions in sync with what you do? The heart chakra is the driving force of your energy systems. The heart chakra is where your soul energy resides. Today, be open to ensuring your thoughts, actions and feelings are all aligned.
If you’re not clear about what you want, then the world, life, and your experiences, will become unclear. You should also listen and hold awareness for what others say to you. Are their words in alignment with their actions? The words you speak, always reveals what truly lies in your heart. A person can pretend to be caring, but if their words are sharp with others, or critical, then the heart is revealing they don’t care as much as you were first led to believe.
Focus on inner peace and calm today. Choose to speak less and listen more. Watch for the incongruences, which are there to see, be aware of yourself and others, and you will quickly recognise how to get yourself back in alignment, by focusing back upon your heart chakra, and the energies you are sending out into the world.
Archangel Chamuel
(Trance-Channelled by Jill Harrison)
(Jill: An example of an incongruence, is when someone makes out they are listening to you, but they are reading or writing texts on their phone.)
If you would like to learn more about how to use frequencies, to create more peace, happiness and fulfilment, be sure to join us for our Angelic Heart Chakra Healing Webinar with Archangel Chamuel. To find out more, CLICK HERE

An Angelic Crystal Exercise For You.

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crystal healing classes ukHave You Been Searching For Crystal Healing Classes in the UK?

Discover the powerful world of Angelic Crystal Healing.

Do you love angels?
Do you love or, are you attracted to crystals?

Harness the power of crystals to transform your connection to the angelic realm for healing and guidance.

Have You Got Crystals and Gemstones, but don’t do anything with them?

Many people are drawn to buying crystals, but once they have bought them, are not sure what to do with their crystals, or how to use them.  Whilst you were intuitively drawn to them, and may be aware that crystals can help in the healing process, if you would like to learn how to work with crystals, or use your crystals to help you connect to the spiritual realm, then read on and try our angelic crystal exercise.

All crystals have different vibrations. When you have a crystal and you want to incorporate its energies into your own aura to help you expand your own spiritual growth whilst meditating.

Angelic Crystal Exercise

Try the following: –
Take hold of a clear quartz crystal, or if you want a higher resonance, try something like Apophyllite, if you want to enhance your own intuition.
Lay down and place the crystal so that it touches your skull. You can also add another quartz crystal over the third eye, between your eyebrows, if you want to.
Close your eyes and focus on the sensations running through your body. When you are relaxed and still, move your awareness up to your third eye and call in your angels.
Ask them to help you anchor the crystals’ energies into your aura. Then be open to the images, sensations, or feelings that occur within your own energy fields. Take at least 15 minutes to do this exercise. When you have finished, be sure to place your hands over your crown and third eye chakras to close them down. Drink some water to ground yourself, and record your experiences in your journal.

Want A Better Angel Connection? – MASTER CLASS  DESCRIPTION

Crystal Healing Classes in the UK with a difference!

Jill Harrison teaches this special angelic crystal healing class in the UK,  at her spiritual school based in Retford, North Nottinghamshire. This healing class focuses on specifically working with crystals and the angelic realm, and you’re welcome to participate, even if you don’t have any previous experience with crystal healing or the angelic realm.

This Angelic Crystal Healing is aimed at attaining a level of well-being, that not only releases you from illness, but helps you to listen to your feelings, emotions and thoughts, so that you nurture your spiritual life.

This powerful Angelic Crystal Healing therapy Master Class explores how to harness the power and beauty of crystals with the help of the angels, and how to unlock their capacity to strengthen and uplift your own energies.

If you have been interested in crystal therapy or how to combine spiritual healing with crystal healing, this master class is for you.

This is an extremely hands-on practical crystal healing therapy master class aimed to helping you to develop your sensitivities and explore crystal and angelic vibrations. Learn how to programme your crystals for angelic healing and communication, to using them for protection, using the for healing, how to use them to enhance your energy fields and how to use them to invoke the protection and company of the angelic realm.

If you’d like to learn how to enhance your own well-being and how to sense the energy of crystals using different crystal grid layouts, then join us for a day of crystal and angelic exploration.

Discover how to combine crystals and angelic healing energies for creating powerful healing energies to aid you and your loved ones.


  • Introduction.
  • Getting to know your crystals.
  • Meditation with the senses.
  • How to cleanse and programme your crystals.
  • Angels, Crystals and Chakras who to work with and why.
  • How To Create Angelic Chakra Healing Grids.
  • Programming crystals with angelic energies.
  • Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Rapheal Sigil healing session.
  • Localised healing with crystals.
  • Creating an Archangel Michael crystal net for grounding.
Crystals are extremely powerful and adaptable tools. They are also an unending source of beauty and fun. This is a one-day Master Class, designed to jump-start your crystal and angel healing journey. The workshop is a balance between the theoretical and the experiential. It is a hands-on Master Class. The theoretical covers crystal types and qualities, and how best to use them for effective results. The experiential builds on the theory, by allowing you to practice the skills you are being taught. These skills include crystal programming, crystal meditation, cleansing and caring for your crystals, and learning to hear crystals talk.


This master class is designed to support you in developing your intuitive ability to work with the energies of crystals and the angelic realm.  During the master class  you will: –

  1. Understand how to prepare and work with crystals.
  2. Learn how to attune crystals to the angelic realm.
  3. Discover how crystals work and the effects crystals can have on the energies of the body.
  4. Learn simple crystal healing layouts to help you enhance, heal and balance the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
  5. Learn which crystals and archangels to use for chakra healing.
  6. Learn how to use crystals to increase your intuition and meditative skills.
  7. Discover how to clear environmental energies with crystals.
You could be benefiting from the advantages, I have outlined so far.
But don’t take my word have a look at our Testimonials
You can’t get these gems of wisdom and direct contact from the angelic realm at any other spiritual event.I know because I’ve checked. If this event had been available 3 years ago, I would have willingly paid three times what I’m charging you, and saved myself from learning all of this through thousands of hours of research the hard way, with meditation, trial and error and finally channelling the Divine.

Small classes.. Maximum number of people per master class is 20
And if all of that wasn’t enough, here’s something else
100% “Better-Than-Risk-Free” Money Back Guarantee
Look, if you don’t agree that this it the most impactful, eye-opening, one-day Archangel Therapy Master Class; come to me at the first break of the Master Class, hand in your manual; ask for your money back; and I’ll send you a 100% refund. No hard feelings and no questions asked.
Fair enough?….. So what if you don’t attend?
Well; you know the old saying: “If you keep on doing the same old things, you get the same results.” That is; until it gradually gets worse.If your life is in disarray, it will still be in disarray. If you’ve not found your inner peace, you still won’t have found it. And if you’re wondering why you are here and what your life purpose is for, you’ll still be left wondering.

So I urge you to take action right now and grab your seat at this event. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this one. Grab your seat now by clicking add to cart

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You can’t get these gems of wisdom and direct contact from the angelic realm at any other spiritual event.

  • Excellent – all of it was useful and interesting. An excellent course – Laura Thompson
  • Outstanding – very interesting and well put across – Penny Vassa
  • Outstanding – the information that is taught is just unbelievable. Thank you for another fantastic class xx – Ian Newton
  • Outstanding – it taught me everything I need to know – Nat Davies
  • Excellent – I found all of it useful and interesting – Diane Thompson
  • Excellent – Benny
  • Excellent – I enjoyed all of it, an excellent and relaxed atmosphere, very enjoyable! – Kate Musk
  • Excellent – the part I found most useful was learning to programme a crystal to help me do what I need to do to help myself and others – Denise Southern
  • Excellent – really enjoyed it especially learning to programme crystals to cleanse rooms of negativity and to create abundance – Mandy Slack
  • Excellent – really enjoyable day. Gave me more of an insight into using crystals properly – Vicky Clarke

 Still unsure?

Then you should listen to your inner-voice. You came to this web site for a reason. Not just idle curiosity. Go with your heart and come along to this workshop for a roller-coaster ride of emotion to get in touch with your real life’s purpose.

Our crystal healing class in the UK, is a one day complete class created to help guide you to a greater connection with the angels, so you can access profound wisdom and healing. Discover how to heal yourself with crystals, in this hands-on crystal healing class.
If you enjoyed this little exercise and you’d like to learn more, then be sure to join us on our upcoming master class here in the UK for a day of crystal and angel connection exercises and meditations. Spaces still available and at only £67 for the day, it is great value for money.

Archangel Zadkiel – Deep Spiritual Transformation

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Archangel ZakielBlessings, today you are asked to focus on integrating your sensitivity. Feel my energies around you, they offer you the opportunity to connect with the Violet Ray. For sometime now, you have been too heavily focused on analysis and this has inhibited your ability to fully access and open yourself to all the spiritual experiences that lie around you.


Rather than wondering what to do next, where to go next, the Violet Ray calls for you to recognise the opportunity for deep spiritual transformation is right in front of you. The Violet Ray will reveal who you really are, why you are here and it will help you embrace the cycle of life. Surround yourself in the violet ray and allow it to bring your peace and security. You currently need to immerse yourself in your emotions rather than your mental ability. Gift yourself some violet flowers, wear the violet, or burn some violet essential oil and allow me to help you move into the fullness of who you are.


It is time to embrace your spiritual divinity and recognise you are deserving. Once you embrace and accept yourself worthy, then this will enable the real dynamic and successful you to come forward. The Violet ray will help you to utilise your own energies differently, it will bring you clarity and precision.


Over the coming months you will have a huge decision to make, one where you either continue as you are, or one where you opt for a more valid lifestyle that truly represents your spiritual aspects.


Consider what and where you feel you need to be. Whilst you may have been trying to work more psychically to find the answers you need, be aware psychic work can exhaust your energies. Rather than push or over-try. Allow the Violet Ray to simple slide you over into your deep intuitive awareness.


Life has drained you and it is time, before the springtime arrives, to enter into the Violet Ray and review the process of time and your life. A new beginning is waiting for you, should you be willing to embrace the true essence of the Violet Ray and who you are.

Making Your Connection To Your Angels And The Inner-Self Easy.

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If you are feeling disconnected or your mind feels heavy and numb, think of a particular angel you are drawn to and just mental note how your body feels and then say the name of your chosen angel. When you say the name of your angel, notice what happens to your body.

Some people may get a tickle on their nose, you may feel a sensation in your ears or heart. Just keep repeating the name and see which sensation keeps getting repeated within your body. This is where you can learn what area of your body can help you connect to the angel you wish to speak or connect with

When you feel a sensation, focus upon that area and ask the angel of your choice what you need to know right now. If a word comes up, it can be a keyword that will overlight the theme of your day. If you get a sensation, explore how that sensation made you feel, if you felt a pain in your stomach area, it may be more focus is needed. If you feel a sensation on your forehead, it may be you use your inner sight and see things more clearly.

Your angels can help you and guide you all the time, as soon as you consciously think and call upon an angel, you will receive guidance.

You might like to try this with different archangels, say Michael and Gabriel. Try not to do too many at once. Each Angel should have a different area through which they connect to you.

Archangel Raphael – Clearing The Cluttered Heart

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Raphael the Archangel

(Trance-channelled by Jill Harrison 11 Jan 2016)

Beloved ones today consider the work and support your physical heart does to give you the opportunity to exist and experience life in a physical body. The doorway of your heart is forever taking in new experiences, new feelings, energies. Sometimes however, the heart can grow weary, in the place where you feed yourself the wrong foods, the valves within the heart can go congested and thick, thereby putting the physical body at risk of a premature death. However, sometimes it holds a storehouse of old experiences that no longer serves you. It may be feelings of rejection, anger, frustration, resentment, pain of old relationships. All of these are hindering the space within your heart.

Just like a cupboard, you cannot keep storing things forever, a regular clearing and sorting out is called for. When you fail to clear and cleanse your heart chakra, you become a hoarder of emotions and these can cause anxiety attack, irregular heartbeats, stress and a lack of vitality.

Today, spend some time to focus on your own heartbeat, give gratitude that your heart is beating and give your angelic helpers and guides permission to clear and cleanse any old resident energies, that perhaps you have failed to release. Acknowledge that you are ready now to let go of old emotions and stagnant energies. Mix if you like, one drop of Rose essential oil that has been blended into a teaspoon of almond oil. Then apply a little of this onto your heart area. This will help your heart to heal itself of heartache and stagnant energies. If you have time, take a few moments to pray for peace and love to reside in your heart for all times.

Know that today I am working with you to help you heal your heart and that soon you will find a new lease of life.


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Archangel Gabriel

(Trance-Channelled by Jill Harrison 12 Jan 2016)

When everything seems muddled or confused, take a moment to regain your clarity.  Often very little conscious thought is given to the amount of energy one expends and for what purpose. So busy in a never-ending list of tasks, responsibilities and chores, I ask you for today to not be so careless with your energies. Life can become so much more, if you practice and make time for purposeful living.

Rather than reacting to the demands of the external world, accept the needs of the inner world. When you do this, so many ideas, inspirations and deep understanding can be found. If you are uncertain at this time, go out into moonlight and gaze upon the heavens, and allow the angelic realm to expand upon your ideas.

Within many of you lies a longing, it is though your soul is waiting for you to meet with them. The moon heralds the time when the spiritual gateway is wide open, come into the realms of the moon and explore the inner self, your dreams, and magical guidance.

Your dreams help you to learn, but dreams need to be nurtured, as do you. Recognise it is time for a little self-nurturing.

The End of Times – Archangel Metatron

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Archangel MetatronGreetings! Predictions, Predictions!

Human nature is often focused upon future events, and despite us asking you to consider and focus on the now, it is sad you do not apply yourselves to the now, as much as trying to control future outcomes. As the choices you make will determine the future outcome, we are happy to oblige you with the current course of direction the world is currently moving towards.

Please understand, that it is the current state of mass consciousness that is creating the future. The more energy you give to something, the more likely it is to come into being. This is manifestation in its simplest terms. As the universes energies accelerate, your ability to manifest increases also. In its simplest terms, the more negative the nation, the greater the manifestation of chaos will be.

So with that said, as we look at the energy of the Earth now, currently the potential of what we discuss is highly likely to occur.

2016 will be a telling year for many nations and many individuals. It is important that next year, if peace is to be maintained within the world between all nations, then a change in the way everyone communicates is essential.

Your political parties will all need to consider how they are missing the mark through bad communication. Humankind has a habit of blaming something or someone else, if they are not understood. If someone or a group of others do not understand you, the responsibility is with you as a communicator, never the receiver.

The necessity for everyone to become accountable, will be an important theme that resonates throughout the world. The potential for WW3 is very high, and in order to stop this from happening, it is important to consider all opposing ideas, beliefs and values. Although WW3 will not begin in 2016, you are all well on your way to manifesting a war to end all wars.

Each country’s ideologies are completely at odds with one another, 2016 will demand everyone to deal with the harsh realities of where they are, and how they got there. Too many souls are expecting someone else to take responsibility. In an effort to cut corners, more major accidents and injuries will arise through a lack of care and attention to detail. In particular, Air travel and public transport will experience many because of this.

Clarity of thought and action is required from everyone in a leadership role, particularly as Russia will begin to make more in-roads to gaining greater control of the power around the world. The disagreement over the Ukraine and Russia is likely to escalate, and you could see civil war being declared. In addition to this, the Russians will also take a stance with the rest of the world who are seeking to eliminate ISIS.

Unfortunately ISIS and Islamic fundamentalism will not be limited to just Syria, as they will seek to affect the masses at major strategic places in and around the world.

This in turn will create great unrest. It is essential that the politicians do not point fingers of criticism at one another, trying to create blame in order to not take responsibility for the security of their own countries. Remember the universal theme of 2016 is a challenge about embracing peace, communication and balanced choices.

Due to the breakdown and many disagreements in communication between politicians around the world, the general public will also tap into this energy consciousness, and this could see many people losing faith in their own governments.

As the people of each nation awaken to the need to become self-sufficient, any politician aspiring to rule, and become the main leader, will find themselves struggling to be taken seriously, and make enough impact which will motivate the masses to support them with a vote.

The United States of America will be one of the most vulnerable countries during 2016, as their inability to maintain their power-grip over other countries becomes weaker and weaker. The potential of complete financial collapse is also currently very high.

As the corporate world are very much aware of the weakening of the USA monetary system, you will see many corporations creating new alliances to help buffer and keep their prominence in the world markets.

You will also see governments begin to restrict human rights, in a bid to maintain control, and suppress the freedom of the masses. There will be a new wave of strikes and rallies, as the masses rear up against the restrictions being put into place.

As all of the world begins to tap into the energies of disorganization, the potential for racialism and discrimination will begin to emerge, and incidents of rioting in cities will also increase.

In September 2016, an uprising will begin within the USA, as the Supreme Court is called into question over constitutional rights and freedom of the citizens of the USA.

France, Italy, Russia and China will all face similar revolts. All the power houses around the globe will at some stage experience a gridlock and inability to maintain stability during 2016.

It is important to remember duality, whilst everything may appear as though it is collapsing, there is also an opportunity for growth and empowerment. The key to ensuring you find balance and err towards growth and empowerment, begins with communication and responsibility.

Everything that is currently set to come into being, is to give the future generations an ability to give rebirth to a worldwide community.

Every country is heading toward political and economic collapse. The financial institutions will once again come under scrutiny in 2016, as further news of corruption, monopolising and international rate fixing, create further distrust in the financial institutions. In a bid to stem the rising lack of trust, some countries will resort to wiping clear debts to stabilise the falling economical and financial systems.

The Federal Reserve of the United States will also come under scrutiny around August 2016, as the unrealistic fiscal policies made in the past, begin to affect the financial climate, particularly in Europe, as well as the USA. This could well create currency wars.

In many ways, 2016 is a year of exposure in order to stem the perversion of those whose actions are not for the greater good of mankind.

2016 is a time of revolution for continued evolution.

In the Middle East, you will see the Islamic civil war spread, affecting Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan.

Whilst there is great unrest, China will be silently and slowly gaining greater power over world trade and politics. 2016 could see the European Union also collapse, as immigration creates a greater divide between the European Countries.

Now you all may be thinking this is all doom and gloom, but it is important to understand the opportunities that are being presented to the world, and the potential for all of mankind is to finally find peace and harmony.

Often we have said everything is a phase. 2016 is a particular phase which offers all of you the opportunity to manifest peace and harmony. The energies that surround your planet throughout the Earth year of 2016, is a very high frequency. It is not the end of time, it is the crumbling of the old, and the birthing of something greater. What that is, is down to your own free will.

Anything that is not in alignment with this high frequency will experience chaos, so that it can either transform and find balance, or be eradicated. Life is always changing, sometimes those changes can be rapid, at other times at a more slower pace.

Whilst you may feel that you have little sway over global changes, remember it is your consciousness and your intent, which determines the experiences you wish to have.

To avoid a lot of the frenetic energies, move out of the heavily populated areas so your own energy states are more balanced. Focus on self-sufficiency and consolidate everything you have. Seek to remove restrictions that no longer serve you at this time. Whilst some may choose to see 2016 as the ‘End of Days’, remember if something is ending, then something is also beginning.

We would encourage you to consider 2016 is the end of one cycle; and if you wish to ensure the next cycle is positive, abundant and successful, ensure 2016 is where you relinquish everything that restricts you.

2016 will bring a lot of endings, be it relationships, careers, living in one particular location; whatever these endings bring, recognise there is always something of a similar or higher vibration waiting to take its place.

If you feel the need to move, change or alter your life, the people who you share your life with, or your location, you must use 2016’s energies to help you cut the ties to that which binds you.

Blessed be.
Archangel Metatron.


Jill Harrison is an ANGEL MESSENGER; a Level-12 Psychic Medium and Avatara, who has trance-channelled over 100 different Archangels, Ascended Masters and Light-Beings, has done over 1000 trance-channelled psychic readings for people globally, and recorded over 60 angel-guided meditations. If you want to know more about the angelic realm, direct from the angelic realm, and download her first trance-channelled book and guided meditation audio for FREE; go to:==>

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