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smallsphereHi Glenn & Jill

Received your parcel within 3 days of ordering – amazing thankyou.

Wow!!!! is the only word – It’s beautiful, brilliant and an amazing tool.

It has opened up my senses literally within a 2 day period, I am hearing quietly all sorts of things, people talking, outline of some people when eyes are closed.

I feel as if I have a lot, lot more clarity in all my senses it’s like I have woken up and see things clearer now. all in a short space of time.

What a wonderful orb, I’ll never let it go.

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to own one of these miraculous orbs.


Karin Nemet


We have a limited supply of our Unique Organic Electro Magnetic Light Healing Spheres left available, hurry before we run out of these great spiritual tools!

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Why Are We Getting Sicker?

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canstockphoto6832833She is 66. She is in tears on the phone. She tells me she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and they want to cut ‘it’ off in two weeks. What do  you say to a woman in distress like
this, when she calls you for help?
She knows I am beating cancer without drugs and surgery and she wants my advice.
She tells me she has had many mammograms in the past, and nothing has shown in the past. I feel like crying as I gently put it to her that the radiation from the mamograms is part of the problem. But why would she know? She trusts the Doctors right?
There are far too many women being diagnosed incorrectly for breast cancer, having sur
gery, only to find that the lump is not cancerous. There are far too many women getting breast cancer… period! There are now women in their 20’s getting breadt cancer. WHY? WHAT HAS CHANGED?
The food we eat!
Our recent onslaught of processed food, in the the last century, is having a dramatic affect on chronic disease with people.
100 years ago, 85% of all disease, was from infection. Today, 85% of all disease is chronic, that is, disease which won’t go away and get’s worse, often fatal. We are talking heart disease, stroke, cancer, osteoperosis, diabetes, gall stones, to name the main ones.
The food most of us are eating, is dead. There is no life in it. Think about what animals eat. Unless they are designed to ‘clean up’; like a pig or a crow, animals and birds eat things that are alive… vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, berries, beans, and live creatures. When things are alive, they contain enzymes and phytochemicals, which are essential for our nutrition; but our diet has become devoid of them; putting our body at dis-ease.
As we eat more processed and refined food and acidic drinks, our chronic diseases occur earlier in life.
Adult onset diabetes can no longer be called as such, since children now get diabetes in the same way; and it’s not just sugar overload.
Is this what we want for our children and grandchildren?
Over 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. I was ushered into surgery. I refused. I spent thousands of hours researching the CAUSE. Doctors and surgeons just want to get rid of the symptoms; but this doesn’t address the cause; so it will come back. The cause is the food we eat.
If you want to learn how to eat to live, and live much longer, healthier; if you want to learn how to reverse your chronic condition; come along to our Master Class:

Understanding Magnetic Flux Energies With The Help Of The Angels

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canstockphoto20268671sml2Are you aware of how the universal magnetic flux affects the earth and our behaviour?


The universe is a thick soup of charged particles, which absorb and emit energies. These energies, like radio waves, are picked up by our pineal gland**which is located in the brain.  These particles are charged by gas emissions from the sun, and other energy rays entering our universe from distant universes creating radiation, and other magnetic fields. At times the energies coming into the earth plane are very strong and at other times they are weak. Our pineal gland is sensitive to these magnetic fields.


The universal magnetic energies are picked up by our pineal gland and this in turn affects our emotional and physical bodies. When the universal magnetic energies are weakened, we can be affected by confusion, lack of energy or we may even experience feelings of depression.


When the universal magnetic energies are strong, they can affect our emotional and physical bodies by creating anxiety, stress, headaches, anger and aggression.  Most of the time the universal energies are at the right vibration to keep us in a stable condition but when there are space storms, solar flares and other gamma ray bursts, it can create problems. For those of us who are highly sensitive, how can we protect ourselves or prepare ourselves better from the onslaught of universal energies that we don’t have any control over?


If you’ve ever seen the movie with Mel Gibson called ‘Signs’, you may remember his children and brother making foil cones to protect their brains from being read by aliens in outer space. Whilst we can’t walk about with foil cones on our heads, and in all honesty whilst it would certainly raise a laugh from others, I’m not sure if that would really do much good. We can enlist the help of the angels on how to work with the energies rather than against them.


One way of being able to gain valuable insight in to how you can achieve the best out of today’s or tomorrow’s energies is to utilise your angel cards.  Angel cards are more than just a simple message to try and make you feel better. Angel cards contain many hidden messages which when found can really help you make the most of the energies surrounding you.


Thoughts are energies, when you send out a thought to your angels, they always respond back but if you’re not great at picking up or sensing the answers coming back to you, the next best way is through the use of angel cards.


If you’re using angel cards, the angels can not only give you messages, they can recommend which colours you may be better wearing to help you combat any negative affects of the current magnetic flux. Your angel cards can also give you an indication of how you will perceive the magnetic flux energies coming in and how this may affect your relating, career or financial prospects over the next few days, weeks or months.


Sometimes we can benefit from using or carrying crystals to help us transmute, counteract or eradicate some of the magnetic flux energies, your angel cards can help you recognise what types of crystals to use and where to carry them. For example, if the magnetic flux is weak you may need to ground your energies more but also lighten the energies affecting your emotional body. In this instance, you may discover your angel cards guiding you to use Amethyst and Selenite, but you may need to carry the Selenite in a trouser or jacket pocket to resonate with your root chakra and the Amethyst you may need to wear near to your pineal gland as in earrings or a necklace, or perhaps you can took a small piece of Amethyst in a hat.


Angel cards can open you up to a whole new way of communicating with your angels, so they can effectively help you.


Magnetic flux will affect your: –


  • Sleeping patterns
  • Eating habits
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Our emotional state
  • Our behavioural state


If you’d like to learn more about how to combat geomagnetic energies and protect yourself from harmful distorting magnetic energies, come along and join me to discover how to tap into the hidden angelic messages that are found in angel cards.


Angel cards when understood and used properly can be a fabulous tool which help you tap into a wealth of angelic sacred knowledge. They can bring you powerful healing energies; teach you how to master the universal energies. They can help you open up to further guidance from your angels, they can protect you from negative energies and experiences.  They can expand your awareness so that you develop a greater connection to the angelic realm for spiritual expansion.


Our ‘How To Read Angel Cards’ master class can help you: –


  • Expand your psychic awareness.
  • Understand energies or circumstances you find yourself in.
  • Show you how to remove blocks in your emotional/physical and mental bodies.
  • Find answers to every day problems.
  • Help you understand your divine purpose.
  • Deal with negative energies.
  • Look at what colours or crystals you can use to enhance your life.
  • Determine the best goal or pathway for you.
  • Achieve well-being
  • Achieve deep emotional healing
  • Access vibrational healing so you can achieve balance and holistic wellness.
  • Shift your daily reality so you can find inner peace, contentment


Improve your relationships, career, health, finances. If you really want to spiritual develop and begin making the right decisions on a regular basis, you need to seriously consider attending this awesome master class.


** The pineal gland produces melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that affects our sleep patterns. The pineal gland is also our third eye and according to the angelic realm it is a radio receiver and transmitter. 

Magnetic Flux Energy Alert

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canstockphoto20180458Due to a change in the magnetic flux energies within our universe, some of the following symptoms may be felt over the next seven days.

  • Lethargy, lack of energy
  • Inability to focus/concentrate
  • Headaches/Sensitivity to light
  • Mood swings leading to feelings of depression
  • Anxieties leading to nightmares/feeling insecure/restlessness

If you experience any of the above, try to eat foods that are completely organic and natural to help raise your vibrational energy levels, for example, home made vegetable soups, stews, salads. Drink plenty of water. Bathe in dead-sea salts or himalayan salts to ionise the body. Carry or wear Amethyst and Selenite to help purify your auric field.  Avoid alcohol, sugar and animal products because all of these lower your energy fields.

If you’d like to know more, read my article/blog on Understanding Magnetic Flux Energies with the help of the Angels available now at www.AngelGuidedMeditations.com just head to the blog section :-)

Amazing Energy & Cosmic Activity Changes – What does March Have in Store For You?

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canstockphoto2631583With lots of energy changes and cosmic activity taking place, you need to be on your toes to make the most of March.

See what you are currently attracting towards you during March with our Fate & Fortune Monthly Reading so that if you don’t like it, you have the power to change your destiny.  With major transits happening this month, you’d better get ready for action and many changes, in this reading you’ll discover:-


  • What’s coming up
  • What you need to understand
  • What will come as a surprise
  • What will change in your love life
  • Where you will find luck
  • What you may inherit this month
  • What will be ending
  • What you will be thankful for
  • How you will feel about the events happening in your life this month
  • Outcome of this month


To get your reading, click here now! – Only £14.99

The Anatomy of Disease – Archangel Raphael

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the third dimensional plane, disease begins when emotional issues aren’t dealt with, and the inability to deal with the issues causes the soul to withdraw from the body. Sometimes the soul withdrawal can be slow, through the process of a debilitating disease, and at other times the disease can be swift.

The difference between the disease being swift or quick, relies upon the factor of whether the physical cells are in prime condition, and the immune system is in a state of homeostasis. In the event the body lacks the correct energies, and the cellular energies are deficient, you will see a quick growth of disease.  In the case of a being who is physically fit, and whose bodily energies are high, the disease will take a long time to take a hold, thereby giving the being optimum time to release the emotions which are causing the disease.

When disease is first detected, it is important to realise that this is the soul’s way of trying to purify itself. It alerts the being to emotions, mental and behavioural patterns, that are not vibrating in love, light and truth.

Often learning to master the emotions and belief systems, are not seriously considered when trying to treat diseases.  As all humans try to avoid pain, and seek pleasure, often little thought or gravity is given to the need to look at diet, exercise and a healthy emotional body.

If disease is to be eradicated within the human species, then the focus of treatment must begin first and foremost with the mental and emotional state of the patient being fully diagnosed. Issues of abandonment, lack of self-worth, lack of self-love, emotional abuse, fear, anger; all of these, to name just a few, must be looked at closely, in order for the healing process to begin.

The consciousness is a vast and complicated energy to understand, but unless you can learn to seek out the emotional source of your diseases, they cannot be treated holistically. You may prolong your life for a short while, but the same disease or a similar one will occur elsewhere, if the patient is still in denial.

Often, from the spiritual realm we speak of balance, and therefore it is so important to try to see everything as energy. The energy of a situation, the energies of a person; and then tune into what emotions you are attaching to the situation or person. As an example, if you, upon meeting someone, take an immediate dislike, the emotion you attached at that time to that person, will be very hard to shift, because the emotion you had with that person created a cellular memory.  It will take an enormous amount of effort to try to see the person in a different light.  It is not necessarily the person’s behaviour or beliefs that you took an instant dislike to; it may be their energies touched upon a hidden fear deep within the sub-conscious mind.

Fear is an emotion that really needs to be explored in greater depth on the human level. It is possible to have a fear of something, even though you have never experienced it; for example a fear of flying, or a fear of swimming.

The first line of defence, when facing illness or disease, must be emotional clearing, along with diet and then regular exercise. Meditation offers you an opportunity to clear emotional and mental stress. Done regularly, it will help you explore who you are, and at the same time, it will aid your body in the cleansing process.

If you cast your mind back to how many years you have lived, there is locked inside your emotional and mental bodies, memories, beliefs and fears that were created a long time ago, that you can’t even remember them. This doesn’t mean they still aren’t functioning on a deep sub-conscious level.

Many of your belief systems are programmed, absorbed from those around you, and all of these contribute to your ability to fight disease. As an example, if you look at people who are ill a lot, they generally tend to be surrounded by others who are negative, and focus on suffering. They will talk about their illnesses. They will moan generally about everything that is lacking or wrong with life, others or themselves.  In the event the person suffering from disease is alone, then often this is a way of seeking recognition, acknowledgement.

Many people find it hard to accept that their emotions are the cause of disease, but by looking closely at the anatomy of the illness, and why the body is going through the purification process, it is possible to eliminate disease. It is only the fear of the unknown, or the fear of how painful the change may be, that causes many to turn away and not deal with issues from the past.

If you are experiencing disease at this present time, then if nothing else, begin a routine of meditation, on a minimum of once a day. If possible, twice a day; once in a morning to keep your emotional energies high during the day, and once in an evening to relax and enable you to clear away the clutter of energies you have absorbed during your day.

Many of you upon reading my guidance will say you don’t have time, but I want you to seriously consider what it will cost you long term if you don’t. Your life, loss of your career, pain and suffering for your family, financial difficulties, your mobility, your dignity, to name just a few. It isn’t rocket science; it is purely understanding that your conscious energy, your thoughts combined with your emotions, create your environment, not only on an external level, but also a cellular level.

If you are unable to relax your mind, to stay focused during a meditation, then this is already an indicator that your energies are imbalanced.  If you fall asleep during a meditation, this is alright, for you have allowed your emotional body and your physical body to completely relax and release itself in an unconscious state. Give yourself the gift of health. Taking care of your emotional and mental health is vitally important if you wish to eradicate disease.



Archangel Raphael



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18 Archangel Michael - Fear Releasing Ritual Meditation MP3 18 Archangel Michael – Fear Releasing Ritual Meditation MP3
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52 Archangel Michael - Crystal Attunement Meditation MP3 52 Archangel Michael – Crystal Attunement Meditation MP3
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55 Archangel Michael - Healing in the Crystal Temple Meditation MP3 55 Archangel Michael – Healing in the Crystal Temple Meditation MP3
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Angel Message of the Day – Convergence – Archangel Haniel

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spiritual transformation - archangel urielBeloved Ones, today the universal energies are in a state of convergence, this means some of you may well feel very pressured and strained. As the new transcendence energies begin to anchor themselves into the Earth place this means that the older heavier energies will be pressured into changing and embracing the new energies.

How does this affect you today?  It is a timely reminder that if you are not progressing well today, what are you clinging to that is old, is it old beliefs, is it old material or physical clutter, or maybe it is the clinging to the old status quo. What are you doing that you have always done, isn’t it time for a new routine? A time to look and see if things need updating?

Within every soul you are either growing or sliding, to grow means to adapt, to change, to take on something new, use what you have learnt or know in the past as a foundation, but like technology, you have to be willing to move with the times. If the energies around you seem strained, what are you being resistant too? Someone else’s opinions or values?

All souls long for freedom, only when you are learning and growing are you giving yourself the ability to become emotionally, mentally or physically strong. with this strength comes renewed hope and optimism.  Today, try not to resist your obstacles but look for the lesson contained within that obstacle, like a puzzle, you have the ability to overcome it with patience and discipline. Often the status quo may cause you to deal with this in your usual fear based way, you may ignore it, hope it will go away.

Change calls for action, if you take action now, if you take responsibility now, you will be able to free yourself from the obstacle or emotion you are having at this time. As all humans are programmed to avoid pain, sometimes the best way to eliminate pain is to do the work and take on the challenge.

If you consciously choose to work with energies of a higher level you will find your challenges today are keys to helping you attain inner peace, fulfilment and happiness.


Archangel Haniel

Would you like to learn how to receive messages about the energies on a daily basis? if so….

Seriously consider attending our ‘How To Read Angel Cards’ Master Class – full details can be found at:- http://www.angelguidedmeditations.com/how-to-read-angel-cards-312-p.asp


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  • Suffer from stress and anxiety?
  • Suffer from being around negative people?
  • Got some negative situations in your life?


Life Getting You Down? Wish It Would Change?

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canstockphoto4582004Living life to its fullest is about seizing the opportunities around you. Sometimes it’s hard to make that first step in creating change.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep the momentum going so things get easier and you continue to rise up. Every day we are bombarded with demands, distractions and the chaos of life.

We become frustrated, defocused and demotivated, to the point where often we don’t know how to start putting right all the wrongs, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Success comes to those who are able to understand whatever it is that has been holding them back and use that for leverage into the life they always wanted. When you understand that, you unlock within you the resources you naturally have so that you can achieve fulfilment, happiness, inner peace and abundance.

Whatever your age, would you like to start living life on your terms and not someone else’s? Are you fed up of lacking in confidence or self-love?

If you could identify what you truly most want out of life, you can easily learn key strategies that will help you create wealth, health and happiness regardless of whatever is going on in the world around you.

Those people who are successful or achieve happiness share just one thing in common, they are people who have the ability to use their inner fears and old programming to transform their lives.


If you would like to learn how to…


  • Turn your fears and negative thoughts into power steps for growth
  • Go from mediocrity to awesomeness
  • Change your childhood conditioning into success conditioning
  • Be effective in asserting yourself with confidence
  • Get from where you are now, to where you want to be
  • Manifest your dreams into reality
  • Deal with your inner conflicts that hold you back and limit your potential
  • Achieve what you want
  • Commit to yourself and take action

If you have been or, are: –

  • Bullied at work/school/college or home
  • Always taken advantage of
  • The one who gives and never receives
  • Unable to say “NO!”
  • Looked over for promotion
  • Emotionally/physically abused
  • Scared to say what you think
  • Lonely and lost
  • Struggling to find the ‘right’ partner for you
  • Struggling to climb the ladder of success
  • Finding it hard to get your life on track
  • Disrespected by others
  • Weary of life because it doesn’t appear to have much to look forward to
  • Finding it hard to discipline your kids
  • Experience chaos and want order in your life
  • Searching for inner peace and acceptance with who you are


canstockphoto1873207We can really help you. Come along and discover how to become the best that you can be by making a decision to connect with others, who like you, are determined to change their life and experience everything life offers them. Whether in business or personally, this opportunity to learn how to achieve what you want.  If you think you deserve a better life, then give yourself the gift of knowledge that will change your life forever.

Confidence & Self-Esteem through Soul Empowerment – 
Letting Go & Learning to Live – 
08 & 09 March 2014 



What Others Are Saying…

canstockphoto17290932Reviewer: Sofia L from South Yorkshire

Outstanding, makes you realise your strengths and weaknesses. What you really, really want from life. How to move forward considering yourself more above the needs of others. All of this course was useful and interesting especially body language/behavioural tendencies.

Reviewer: Sascha M from Lincs, UK

Outstanding, gave me an abundance of tools and ideas to implement into various key points of my life that needed a catalyse to help it grow in the right direction for me personally. It was all beneficial, especially liked the in-depth business plan ideas. I went away feeling like “I CAN’ and “I WILL’. I would like to personally thank Glenn and Jill for individually guiding us all on the course and making sure all of our needs were met.

Reviewer: T.H. from

I got so much important information which will help me really change my life. I found most useful the letting go of the past, body language, and how to plan my life. It is a great course. Thank you very much Jill & Glenn for the very warm friendly atmosphere and you made me feel very welcome in your special home.

Reviewer: Karen C from Staffordshire

This class allowed me to take a challenge in travelling alone on a train for the first time, and meeting strangers who I have now bonded with. It was most useful and interesting experiencing the sister-ship, also finding out what I want in life, and the tools of how to move forward. There was excellent training from both Jill and Glenn. The food was absolutely fab too. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Reviewer: Vanessa S from Newark

The course was all very interesting. A very welcome home and had a laugh. Very good food. Thank you for your help.

Reviewer: Debbie B from Merseyside

Clear course notes, and interesting discussions and exercises. It was interesting learning about behavioural traits. We had excellent presenters who showed their experience and vast knowledge during the course, plus all the additional information after the class. Excellent food too!

Reviewer: Lyn K from Cambridgeshire

It just was, not quite what I thought, but more than I was aware I needed. The clearing on Saturday was most useful.

Reviewer: Fiona S from Belper

This course has helped me realise that my way of thinking and the time to myself for the last 5 years, ( Jill, thank you for your guidance) has been right. It was useful understanding the patterns in both my parents, which has become part of me and who I am, and have become today. Now I can breathe and the shackles have been removed from my ankles.

Reviewer: Grace D from Belper

I feel I really needed this and that it came along at the right time. It has re-confirmed that I am doing okay and that I need to let go of feeling negative at times. The behaviour work, who I am, what I want, and the essential keys to what I want, (thank you Glenn) was most interesting. I loved the whole weekend which was a safe environment to let go. The food was fabulous and I felt at home. Will be back!! Jill, Glenn and Ian are friends!!

Reviewer: Rosemary N from Newark

It was very relevant to me. I feel empowered, and I want and need to go forward with lots of changes. It was useful learning about the inner child and how to deal with other types of people. I never been on a course like this before but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and want to go forward with self confidence and with no fear.

Reviewer: Pamela H from Wrea Green

It covered all bases….and more besides! The handbook is very informative. Jill went at a pace presented by the group, and produced her own experiences along with our own. I found it interesting learning how the 4 types interact, wordplay and personality types. This course goes deeply into family dynamics, learning how to counteract unnecessary conditioning, so you learn who you really are.

Reviewer: Barbara R from Tuxford

It was an enlightening weekend and I found it all very useful and interesting. It was an emotional ride, and it brought a lot of stuff to the surface, that I had tried to bury. Now I can deal with it.

Reviewer: Gill W. from Worksop

The parts I found most useful was understanding and knowing how I can let go.

Reviewer: Edward H. from Ireland

Very well organised, everyone was treated very respectfully. The last section working out how to acheive the end goal was excellent.

Reviewer: Yvonne K from Leeds

Jill made me feel more positive. I had a wonderful weekend with Jill and the people I met. Jill and her family are so welcoming. I am at peace and feel more calm in Jill’s presence. Coming to terms with who I am, that I am an important person, how to deal with all my issues. I know I will succeed. Outstanding.

Reviewer: S. Clayton from Grimsby

Most useful were how to know and ask for what I want. To recognise my own needs and go for it. To make a plan and break it all down, so more manageable,

Reviewer: Kirsty W from Sheffield

Outstanding – The parts I found most useful and interesting were goal setting. Look at who I am and about how to get rid and make changes. Found the course useful and enlightening.

Reviewer: Kathryn R from Wakefield

After completing this class I now feel empowered to change those part of my life that are not working. I now feel that I have ‘inside information’ when it comes to human behaviour. I have learnt how to formulate a plan to make positive change and reach for my goals. Thank you x

Reviewer: Angela W from Nottinghamshire

It opens many doors and possibilities that I couldn’t see clearly before – wow! The parts I found useful/interesting were seeing the types of people we are, that made more sense of their behaviours better. Big thank you for your vast experience and knowledge that you shared with us all!

Reviewer: Lorraine M from Southwell

It made me face myself, and set me on the path of growth.

Reviewer: Judith D from Newport

I love every part of it.

Reviewer: Elaine B from Mansfield

It gave everyone, including me an opportunity to explore the possibilities for becoming more empowered in a safe and supportive environment. Discussion & time to explore stepping stones to acheiving goals. Glenn’s session on communication/behaviour. Tools to help you achieve the things you want. Fabulous weekend, thanks as always.

Reviewer: Liz G from Sheffield

Jill made me ask difficult questions of myself, in a genuine attempt to clear out the rubbish, so I can continue on the journey of my choosing. The behaviour section with Glenn was fun & illuminating. So was the section on goals and how to manifest. Wonderful handbook.

Reviewer: Ian N from Sheffield

It made me realise that there was a lot I have not released. The part I found most useful/interesting was looking at yourself as a baby.




Starseed Heritage – Lyran – Archangel Metatron

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Starseed HeritageLyra is the central grid gateway to other universes and it is here you will find many different Starseed races.


Lyran beings are the voyagers, the explorer race, working on a very high vibration, their purpose is to aid and assist in the development of high advanced civilisations.  Lyra is often referred to as the womb of humans, for it is from the Lyra race that most of the universes races originate or can trace their lineage back to.

As earth advances technologically, the greater the Earth’s connection will be to Lyra. Lyran beings are very adaptable, they are the gypsy’s of the universe and they tend not to become attached to places or belongings. Freedom to the Lyran  Starseeds is very important.

Within Lyra you will discover beings who love to be the architects of life. Knowledge and learning are very important to Lyrans. Passing on of ancient information, craft-skills and developing technology is highly revered.  Lyran’s have a great thirst for knowledge and growth, you will find philosophers, scientists, explorers, architects, technicians are favourite pursuits.

Whilst being technologically inclined, they have mastered the merging of spiritual and science, to evolve in to highly spiritual loving beings.  When Lyran Starseed beings incarnate into human form, they usually come to help people find the bridge between scientific and spiritual sciences.  Others come to help further develop highly advanced technology that will benefit mankind in their evolution process.

It is within this star system you will find the following races:-

  • Paschet – Often referred to as cat people – very delicate beings with much strength. Think of a sphinx cat, and this will give you an idea of their fine facial features and skin. In human form many have allergies to the ultra-violet lights.  Highly artistic, must have freedom of expression.
  • Lyrans  –  (Celtic) Red Haired and Fair Skinned
  • Lyrans – Light skinned, fair hairs and light blue/amber eyes with a very dark limbal ring
  • Lyrans – Olive skin and brown haired, brown eyes
  • Bird-People    – Features that resemble birds, multi-coloured hair strand
  • Vegans – Originate from Vega and usually have dark hair and dark eyes