Angel Message of the Day – Love – Archangel Haniel

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Archangel Haniel LoveI am aware that many humans around the world are feeling sad today, so I step forward to ask those of you who are feeling lost and alone to recognise that sadness is the soul’s way of telling you it needs some sacred space to ruminate on what you want, what matters most, the blessings of what you have and what you need to let go of.

Even when sadness appears in our lives, the duality of sadness means beauty also exists. Whether the sadness is memories of a loved one, of times gone by, each poignant memory or feeling of being along, this sadness offers you an opportunity to reconnect with memories of what has passed, look upon that time and remember the love of that time.

Life is forever changing, moving, growing, we cannot stem time, but don’t dwell on the sadness dwell on the love, nothing truly ends, love is eternal, every moment is a new beginning, a new experiences, recognise that love can transcend all problems.

Choose today to focus upon tuning into love and see your day transformed.


Archangel Haniel

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Starseed Heritage – Pleiadians

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We are not AloneThe Pleiades Star System is home to the beings called Pleiadians. According to Archangel Metatron there are three ethnic groups of Pleiadians. The first group of Pleiadians are Nordic in looks with fair skin, fair hair and they tend to have green or blue eyes. The second group of Pleiadians are the originators of the Native American Indians. The Pleiadians who founded the Native American Indian race were genetically disposed towards dark skin, with red/brown hair and brown eyes. This group of Pleiadians originated from Lyra. The third group of Pleiadians are genetically disposed to creating Mediterranean looking beings with very dark hair and dark eye colouring.


The Nordic Pleiadians first arrived in Scandinavia.  Teotihuacan in Mexico was where the second group of Pleiadians arrived upon the earth plane. Over time they migrated further north in to Northern America. The third group of Pleiadians arrived in North Africa.


All Pleiadians have a natural immunity to most disease. Their physique is muscular and very flexible. Most Pleiadians tend to be perfectly proportioned. The focus of Pleiadians is ultimate pleasure. These sentient beings focus upon unconditional love. The Pleiadians are extremely positive beings and they believe in abundance for all. High self-esteem and self-worth are common traits for the Pleiadians.


Pleiadians tend to err towards humanitarian roles, particularly in environmental issues and protection of other forms of life, in particular the animal and aquatic life forms. They abhor waste of natural resources and believe in only taking what is needed, as long as it is not to the detriment of the planet the reside upon.


Pleiadians believe that all disease is created from the emotions; therefore they consciously align their thoughts to positive and productive beliefs. It is quite normal for the Pleaidians to live for over a thousand years.


Pleiadians understand about light energy and vibration. They utilise this to keep their energy fields balanced.  Pleaidians have incarnated upon earth to help humans embrace self-worth, to respect freedom and to understand the true meaning of compassion. Once humanoids have learnt this we will open the doorway for other life forms to begin to connect and integrate with us.



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It’s Not Too Late….

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22 & 23 February 2014 

This particular 2-day master class offer you an opportunity to work with the Archangels to heal, remove and grow beyond your current spiritual/psychic level.

This master class is designed to support you in your spiritual work in a loving and supporting way so that you can begin to recognise the different energies each specific Archangel has.  This master class offers you a unique opportunity to heal at the deepest level, whilst at the same time exploring the different vibrational levels of the Archangelic Realm.

By joining us, you will give yourself the opportunity to experience powerful angelic support in your personal and spiritual development.

During the first day, you will experience the very peaceful and healing energies of Archangel Raphael, but do not be deceived by these soft gentle energies, for these energies are also connected to the fourth dimension which hold the vibrational keys to open, charge and align your third eye chakra.  Working with the emerald ray and Archangel Raphael, you will have a unique opportunity to boost your visualisation ability, and transmute any negative energies which may be causing blocks in your physical and etheric bodies.

If you are drawn to the Archangels, then you will be inspired and seek to show spiritual devotion through service of others.  Jill Harrison will during the first day of this superb Archangel Therapy master class introduce you to the beautiful energies of Archangel Uriel. Working with the vibrational energies of Archangel Uriel, you will have the opportunity to achieve emotional and mental clarity.  When confusion reigns, or greater wisdom is needed, Archangel Uriel can be of great assistance.  As Archangel Uriel’s name means ‘Fire of God’, in this master class you will learn how to harness the element of fire to attain and give support on all levels, for your spiritual work.

In order to ensure our vibrational energies remain pure and balanced, calling upon the Angelic Realm and requesting assistance in clearing mis-qualified energy fields is a must, if we wish to be a clear, pure channel for the angels to work with us. Day Two begins by showing you how to do an angelic invocation, and experience the powerful platinum net sweep, to remove unnecessary energies.

Once this is done, working with Archangel Chamuel, you will work with fourth dimensional energy vibrations to balance the chakra system and then experience Heart Chakra Healing so that you can achieve balance on an emotional level. This is a beautiful opportunity to be revitalised and stimulated by the Divine Pink Healing Ray.  If you suffer from an inability to love yourself or others, this particular section will enable you to experience Archangel Chamuel’s gentle, but powerful healing.

During the final afternoon of this powerful master class you are given the opportunity to work with Archangel Metatron for enlightenment and spiritual growth. Known as the Angel of Ascension, Archangel Metatron will over light this final session by introducing you to the void of the cosmos so that you experience an energy expansion before proceeding onwards to work with the very powerful flower of life ascension activation which will assist your bio-energetic fields which surround your physical body.

Due to the powerful energies in this particular exercise, it is broken down into two stages to enable you time to adjust to these powerful healing and spiritual awakening energies.

This master class is brought to a close by Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Uriel joining you and Archangel Metatron in a transformative ascension guided meditation designed to help you access Divine information.

DAY ONE – Morning Session
  • Archangel Raphael – Who he is.
  • Tools you can use to connect with Archangel Raphael.
  • Archangel Raphael Meditation – visiting the spiritual surgery for personal health analysis.
  • Working with  the Emerald Ray
  • Cleansing and Healing with Archangel Raphael – a guided meditation.


Afternoon Session

  • Archangel Uriel – Who he is.
  • Tools you can use to connect with Archangel Uriel.
  • Crystal Connection with Archangel Uriel.
  • Visting Archangel Uriel’s Spiritual Ashram.
  • Working with Archangel Uriel.
  • Archangel Uriel – Mother Earth Healing Meditation.

DAY TWO – Morning Session

  • Invocation and clearing mis-qualified energies (Platinum Net Sweep)
  • Archangel Chamuel – How to manifest unconditional love into the heart and chakra system
  • Working with Archangel Chamuel and the Pink Ray of Divine Love
  • Creating Personal Healing Chambers for healing and balancing the energy fields of the body
  • Releasing emotional energy blocks with Archangel Chamuel

Afternoon Session

  • Archangel Metatron – Who he is.
  • Unifying Group Energy and Group Consciousness.
  • Ascension Bio-Energetic Energy Expansion with Archangel Metatron (Part One)
  • Archangel Metatron Cosmic Ray Meditation for Personal and Spiritual Growth.
  • Ascension Bio-Energetic Energy Expansion with Archangel Metatron (Part Two).
  • Archangel Metatron Ascension Meditation

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Starseed Heritage – Sirus Star System

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Goddess Isis MeditationAccording to Archangel Metatron, there are various races of Starseed beings already inhabiting our earthly planet. These Starseed beings usually have a mission to help the humanoids go through transformation not only on a spiritual level, but also one physical level too.

Much of our very quick growth in the fields of technology and science has been brought about by Starseeds maturing into human adulthood. The speed at which our technology is growing is phenomenal and the advanced knowledge that is being learnt here, is already available in other universes. According to Archangel Metatron, we are in the process of great accelerated growth so we can begin to connect with other higher evolved species.

When I asked Archangel Metatron about the Starseeds, I was told that different starseed races created different human races. One of the most well-known star seed races is the Sirians. These are beings from Sirus A in the Sirus Star System.   These Sirian’s are dark skinned/dark eyed, they are the beings who founded Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and the indigenous tribes such as aboriginals, Kayapo and aztecs.

Syrians seeded humans by procreating with the Nephilim from Niburu. The temple at Karnak in Egypt is said by Archangel Metatron to represent the features of the Sirian race most accurately.

The Sirian race like to expand and develop things, they are highly intelligent beings with a penchant for building, creating things on a big scale. Sirian energy is about renewal, great creativity. The Sirians are predisposed to seeking pleasure and peace.

If you are a Starseed with Sirian heritage you will find that you hate indifference. Sirians are passionate beings, artistic, emotional and without creative expression are prone to anxiety and depression.  The Sirian race have a great affinity with water, being near to water is an important aspect for Sirians.  Sirians are visionaries and empaths. They possess the ability to tune into people’s emotions and instinctively know what the inner child has experienced and needs.  Other races call the Sirian’s the Star Watchers. They have great astrological abilities, they understand each planet of the solar system in the milky way and they are very aware of the energies of each planet and how that affects them.

The life purpose of a Sirian is to transform the world by showing or teaching it how to go from self-destruction to growth.

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Are You Growing or Sliding?

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okIMG_0347_jhConfidence & Self-Esteem through Soul Empowerment


Are you fed up of…

  • Your life not working?
  • Wondering when your life is going to begin?
  • Waiting for true love to come along?
  • Attracting the wrong people into your life?
  • Feeling pain attached to your past experiences?
  • Feeling angry with the world?
  • Not achieving your dreams?
  • Not reaching your fullest potential?
  • Feeling alone and misunderstood?

If any of the above resonate with you, then you need this master class. In this powerful master class you will be shown how to remove the blockages within your emotional, physical and spiritual self which have hindered you from living the life you deserve.

In life we are either growing or sliding, we are never stuck in a constant. If your life appears stale, lacks passion, lacks vision and you need a reminder of the power that lies within, this master class will help you to see yourself with new eyes. We help you remove the labels you have been given by others and yourself. We help you to realign your consciousness so you can tap into the world of abundance that is there waiting for you. We help you uncover your potential and show you how to use that potential for leverage so you can achieve anything you want.

Here are some comments from others who have changed their lives by attending this powerful master class

Reviewer: Sofia L from South Yorkshire   5 Stars
Outstanding, makes you realise your strengths and weaknesses. What you really, really want from life. How to move forward considering yourself more above the needs of others. All of this course was useful and interesting especially body language/behavioural tendencies.

Reviewer: Sascha M from Lincs, UK   5 Stars
Outstanding, gave me an abundance of tools and ideas to implement into various key points of my life that needed a catalyse to help it grow in the right direction for me personally. It was all beneficial, especially liked the in-depth business plan ideas. I went away feeling like “I CAN’ and “I WILL’. I would like to personally thank Glenn and Jill for individually guiding us all on the course and making sure all of our needs were met.

Reviewer: T.H. from    5 Stars
I got so much important information which will help me really change my life. I found most useful the letting go of the past, body language, and how to plan my life. It is a great course. Thank you very much Jill & Glenn for the very warm friendly atmosphere and you made me feel very welcome in your special home.

Reviewer: Fiona S from Belper   4 Stars
This course has helped me realise that my way of thinking and the time to myself for the last 5 years, ( Jill, thank you for your guidance) has been right. It was useful understanding the patterns in both my parents, which has become part of me and who I am, and have become today. Now I can breathe and the shackles have been removed from my ankles.

Reviewer: Grace D from Belper   5 Stars
I feel I really needed this and that it came along at the right time. It has re-confirmed that I am doing okay and that I need to let go of feeling negative at times. The behaviour work, who I am, what I want, and the essential keys to what I want, (thank you Glenn) was most interesting. I loved the whole weekend which was a safe environment to let go. The food was fabulous and I felt at home. Will be back!! Jill, Glenn and Ian are friends!!

Reviewer: Rosemary N from Newark   5 Stars
It was very relevant to me. I feel empowered, and I want and need to go forward with lots of changes. It was useful learning about the inner child and how to deal with other types of people. I never been on a course like this before but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and want to go forward with self confidence and with no fear.

Reviewer: Pamela H from Wrea Green   5 Stars
It covered all bases….and more besides! The handbook is very informative. Jill went at a pace presented by the group, and produced her own experiences along with our own. I found it interesting learning how the 4 types interact, wordplay and personality types. This course goes deeply into family dynamics, learning how to counteract unnecessary conditioning, so you learn who you really are.

Are you ready for a change? If so, book now, don’t miss this opportunity to really live the life you were meant to be… Limited Spaces available, so hurry….

One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.


If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.

 Anthony Robbins

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Understanding the Ascension Process – Djwhal Khul

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manifesting abundanceHave you ever asked “What is the ascension process?”

Throughout the world, religions and mythology have spoken of the ascension process, and I feel it is somewhat misconstrued in spiritual terms. Many people speak of the ascension process as a new step in spiritual development, and whilst this is partly correct, it is also partly wrong too.


The soul in its quest to attain liberation incarnates numerous times to learn how to master the art of controlling and using consciousness to create. Each incarnation means that the soul is able to raise its levels of consciousness through new experiences and lessons. These levels of consciousness are levels of wisdom, each level of wisdom teaches the soul more about itself, its potential, its weaknesses and its strength.


The concept of the ascension process is currently very blurred for many people, so to help you understand the ascension process, I want you to consider the ascension process like an examination process one may go through in school, or college. For example: –


Year one may be specialising in learning to control the emotions.  Students will experience different scenario’s to help them master their ego, their emotions and the awareness that they have the power to consciously choose what to align themselves to.  Each scenario offers the student an emotional lesson, a mental lesson, and a physical lesson.


Year two may be specialising in learning about the effects of the world around them on the emotional, mental and physical bodies. This would include understanding about hygiene, the ability of the physical body, how the physical body reacts to stimuli and the conscious choice of understanding what feeds the body as in vitamins/minerals and what kills the body as in narcotics and alcohol.


Each level of ascension can take some a short period to grasp, and others it may take numerous incarnations to get right. Those souls who are specifically committed to learning and growing, are more inclined to go through the ascension process quicker. Those who advance quickly reach a stage where they have the ability to connect to the ancient wisdom they learnt, and utilise it in their current incarnation, to help them see the bigger picture of what is unfolding in their current life.


Being committed to learning and developing spiritually and scientifically is important in the ascension process, as the student must seek to find balance between the spiritual and the scientific. The basic steps of ascension have always been meditation. Meditation is not the art of just relaxing and exploring the recesses of the mind. Meditation teaches you how to utilise the energy of consciousness. How to increase, or decrease, the energy of consciousness so that in learning to control the meditation process, you give yourself the ability to learn how to control your thoughts and emotions.


For example, let us say that student A does not practice meditation and during the course of the day that student meets other students who are unhappy and have negative feelings towards their course subject.  During that day is it natural that student A will begin to tune into those energies and thoughts, which in turn will create a shift in their belief patterns not only about the course they are studying, but also their ability to master the course.  Why?  Because all humans have what we term unconscious attunement, like radio’s all of you are scanning and picking up signals from each other and the environment, which affects how you feel, what you think and ultimately what you become.


Now let us replay the situation and this time student A has a daily ritual of meditating before beginning their day. During the meditation process they are able to learn to observe their thoughts, but also detach from them.  They can choose to accept or reject the thought, they can choose which emotion to attach to that thought and through this the student learns an invaluable lesson. Learning how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. So back to the scenario, during the course of the day Student A is able to objectively see the positive and negative aspects of the course and of the other students. This gives the student valuable insight into whether the course is right for them, and also whether they need to maintain a healthy distance from the other students to continue the course if they feel the course is valuable and should be learnt. Learning to not get drawn into negative situations is invaluable if you want to be successful and achieve great things.


Within the universe time and time again, we the ascended masters and the angelic realm all speak of balance. Your mind is constantly churning out thoughts, and whilst it doesn’t serve you any purpose to just view things positively, neither does it serve you to see things negatively either. The key is to learn to understand your mental transmissions and attain a balanced view, see both the negative and positive aspects of someone or something. Learn to see and question why you are having this experience and what you can learn from it. Don’t see obstacles, but look to see if you need to consider another approach, or take different action, if it interferes with what you are trying to achieve.


Daily meditation helps you to break free of robotic thought processes. The whole process of ascension is to offer you the ability to focus on self-observation. It isn’t about the other people, it isn’t about the situations that are unfolding around you. It is all about how you ‘choose’ to experience what is happening in and around you. You can view something as bad and allow your emotions to create fear. You can view something as great and allow your emotions to create joy. If you master nothing else for now, learn to master how you think, and what emotion you lend to that thought, because what you think and focus on, you become.


The ascension process is not about floating up to heaven and never having pain again. You can seek only pleasure, but you wouldn’t perceive it as pleasure, if you had not experienced pain.  Your mind, your conscious thought is your power, learning to constantly monitor your thoughts and your emotions will help you attain everything that you desire.


Your thoughts are atoms, your emotions are the energies that attach to the thought and through this, in the universe they send out radio waves, which in turn attract light/energy frequencies to feed that thought atom.  This is the basis of your understanding of the law of attraction.


Within the ascension process you must all learn to transcend the lower ego. You must all seek to develop your own sense of self-worth and self-love. Often in the human world self-worth is judged on what you have achieved, what you own or what you do.  True self-worth is based on your virtues, can you demonstrate humility, love, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, self-discipline, kindness, charity, mercy towards your human brothers and sisters. It is a tall order, but ascension requires this of every soul. If all humans could demonstrate this consistently then many of your struggles in the human world would disappear.


Learn to control your energies. When you learn who and what to align your consciousness to, the aforementioned virtues become easy, because you are truly free. You have no need to prove anything to anyone you experience enlightenment. For now, try not to allow your thoughts to just stampede through your brain like cattle. Practise stopping the thought process; seek whether the emotion you are aligning to that thought is valid. Consider the alternatives before choosing how to react to the thought.


The human culture focuses heavily on separateness, the ‘I’, the material wealth, the accomplishments. The phrase ‘know your place’ highlights in great detail those people who are aligned to negative consciousness. This negative consciousness breeds fear, contempt, it has to find a way to prove its worth to others, it seeks to control, conspire and dominate its environment to feel safe.  The new soul that enters the earth plane is quickly taught to see the differences, the separateness, it is taught how to criticise, make comparisons and above all else compete, because this consciousness teaches that you have to fight to acquire, and you must acquire to prove yourself worthy.


The current social conditioning you teach to each other and your children greatly inhibits the ascension process.  The ascension process is about attaining wisdom, developing a higher consciousness, and wisdom has no need of fear.  What you learn and how you use that wisdom determines your sense of self-worth.  Self-worth removes your need to feel superior to others, to prove a point, to stand out.


The next time you hear someone talking about the ascension process, remember the simplest explanation is “it is about learning to harness the power of thought, to attain self-realisation”. When you know yourself, you will know God, light, the one-conscious energy.


Be at peace

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Learn to control the power of your consciousness through the use of guided meditations.

Guided meditations offer you a starting point for learning to control your thought process and how to learn relaxation. In a world that is quickly becoming screen-focused through mobile phones, tablets, tv’s, computers, and the amount of noise pollution we are exposed to, relaxation and time to quieten the mind is becoming a thing of the past.

Give yourself a leg up the ascension ladder, commit yourself to your own personal growth and learn the art of meditation with one of these wonderful trance-channelled guided meditations specifically given to help you with your ascension process.

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22 Lord Melchizedek - Ascension Chakra Re-generation MP3 22 Lord Melchizedek – Ascension Chakra Re-generation MP3
35 Archangel Metatron - Ascension To All That Is Meditation CD 35 Archangel Metatron – Ascension To All That Is Meditation CD
35 Archangel Metatron - Ascension To All That Is Meditation MP3 35 Archangel Metatron – Ascension To All That Is Meditation MP3
50 Lord Melchizedek - Ascension Wave Alignment Meditation CD 50 Lord Melchizedek – Ascension Wave Alignment Meditation CD
50 Lord Melchizedek - Ascension Wave Meditation MP3 50 Lord Melchizedek – Ascension Wave Meditation MP3

Star-Seed Transcendence Energy Alignment Codes – Archangel Metatron

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Starseed HeritageAn integration of energy alignment codes being energetically anchored into the universe from now through to August, will begin a period of spiritual awakening geared towards helping humanity understand and connect to a greater awareness of life beyond their universe.

A time is coming where many light workers will find their abilities requiring greater depth and skill, they will feel a need to go beyond what they already know, so their perceptive range can be greatly enhanced creating a deeper natural connection the spiritual realm.

Many new healing light frequency codes will be available to those healers with higher light bodies,  however this does mean they will no longer feel a connection to lower energy healing forms. These new healing light frequency codes will be given in sigil  (symbol/emblem) format, which connect with the individual soul’s Ka template.  Your Ka template creates a bridge between the emotional and etheric bodies by linking the electro-magnetic energy fields within the chakras.

These energy alignment codes will call for light workers to show real commitment and a willingness to take action. There are light workers who are interested in spiritual matters but lack commitment, and then there are those who are heavily committed to creating change. Those who are committed to self-mastery will find their awareness and ability to channel energies expanding.


Unless you have a vision for yourselves during this time, these energies will create experiences to help you consider where you are currently aligned and how what you are focusing upon is creating your reality. A change in spiritual perspective is needed for those experiencing blocks in their physical lives.


Those light workers with Starseed energy imprints will understand and feel a shift in their own energy fields.  Starseeds will experience and see life in two dimensions; part of you will become the voyeur, watching humanoids collectively go through life in an unawakened state. At times you will meet other Starseeds who are awake on your conscious level and an instant soul connection will be felt and known.


It is possible that whilst these energy alignment codes being anchored into the universe, some Starseeds may feel or appear invisible to those of a lower vibrational field.  This will be quite normal and shouldn’t cause too much trouble for those who are actively working on their own ascension process, it is important that if you recognise others distancing themselves or ignoring you, you must become more conscious of who, when and where you align your own energies. Perhaps the easiest way to describe this is, to imagine you are seeing two completely separate worlds overlapping each other, holographically. You can see both worlds and you will notice how separate they appear, this is because you are seeing with vibrational eyes not physical eyes.


This separation of consciousness will herald and confirm the ascension process is gathering momentum. To help Starseeds understand and connect to their correct hereditary energies, so that latent ancient healing abilities can be brought into the earth plane, I will go through some of the Starseed lineage during the coming weeks, to help you understand where you need to be focusing your energies. To rapidly expand your abilities you must understand and know which gateway you came into the earthly realm from and what you’re current soul challenge is.  The energy alignment codes offer those of you who are committed a sincere opportunity to advance your vibrational levels and spiritual skills.


Until then, as these new energies anchor themselves into the earth plane, I would encourage you to consider what you want out of your spiritual life, how to use it to add meaning and fulfilment to your life and for what purpose do you wish to use your spiritual gifts to help bring about greater change in the lives of those people you touch.


Blessed be
Archangel Metatron

08 Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek Meditation - Astral Travel 08 Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek Meditation – Astral Travel
08 Lord Melchizedek - Astral Travel MP3 08 Lord Melchizedek – Astral Travel MP3
09 Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek - Merkabah Activation Meditation 09 Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek – Merkabah Activation Meditation
09 Lord Melchizedek - Merkabah Activation MP3 09 Lord Melchizedek – Merkabah Activation MP3
12 Lord Melchizedek - Sacred Geometry in a Quantum World : The Sphere MP3 12 Lord Melchizedek – Sacred Geometry in a Quantum World : The Sphere MP3
12 Lord Melchizedek - Sacred Geometry: The Sphere 12 Lord Melchizedek – Sacred Geometry: The Sphere
26 Lord Melchizedek - 10th Vibrational Energy Ray 26 Lord Melchizedek – 10th Vibrational Energy Ray
26 Lord Melchizedek - 10th Vibrational Energy Ray MP3 26 Lord Melchizedek – 10th Vibrational Energy Ray MP3
50 Lord Melchizedek - Ascension Wave Alignment Meditation CD 50 Lord Melchizedek – Ascension Wave Alignment Meditation CD
50 Lord Melchizedek - Ascension Wave Meditation MP3 50 Lord Melchizedek – Ascension Wave Meditation MP3


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Beliefs that block the internal healing of humans – Archangel Raphael

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canstockphoto6832833Within the physical body, lies an energy process that is often unknown of, or consciously considered in the process of healing. When people get ill, many run to a medical doctor to find a chemical that will fix what ails them. Others will look to food, natural homeopathic ways of dealing with the issue, but rarely does one consciously consider the energies they are absorbing and emitting and how their conscious mind has created the situation they find themselves in.

Before, I have mentioned the human body is a magnetic energy field. The crown chakra absorbs energies into the physical body, and through the hand and feet chakras energy is emitted. As the energies enter the body, they contain information that is read on a telepathic level. So without you even being aware of it, your body is decoding energy information through the etheric body and then into the crown chakra.

When thoughts or belief patterns are not in balance with the needs of the soul, the cells in the physical body produce physical discomfort. If the symptoms are ignored, they persistently grow and expand until the consciousness is forced to deal with the dis-ease (disease/illness).

All illness serves as a purpose, it is the internal metaphysical healer within that is calling for you to address the energies, situations or people who you are allowing to affect your energy fields.

Healing of a physical body has to have focus upon the etheric body, if it is to advance and eradicate many of the terminal ill diseases humans face today. The energy absorbed into the etheric body, along with the energy consumed via food and drink, and the belief systems, in other words the conscoiousness, all contribute to either feed the human frame or work to break it down.

If you are a healer for example, you may be an excellent healer, but if the consciousness of the patient does not believe it can be cured, then no amount of energy healing from the healer will help the patient. It may ease the symptoms for a while, but it will not help the client to heal.

To open the self, or another to healing, one must seek to understand how disease is a manifestation of undesireable energy that has been brought into, or created within the physical body. In the event that the consciousness remains unchanged, then the soul has no other option than to withdraw from the body, using the process you refer to as death.

Healing is a purifaction process, it is removing waste energy, conscious energy that is creating a block with the sub-conscious energy patterns. When the soul is unable to fulfil its desires, it creates agitation in the cells of the human body.

Human medical schools focus far too much on the physical body and not emphasis is given to the conscious thought patterns which have created the disease. As an example, many people when told they have cancer, have a shift in their consciousness, they now believe they have cancer. The fear of the cancer and how it will effect them begins to expand, thereby giving energy to the cancer cells. The belief that cancer is bad, it is terminal, accelerates the disease.

With this consciousness, it leads a patient who chooses to align themselves with this conscious way of thinking towards the belief that their time is running out, and because they believe it, the physical body expires.

Your consciousness, your beliefs about who you are, how life treats you is relayed through the nervous system. The consciousness emanates through the nervous system and the chakras in the human physical body relays that information to your physical glands. The chakras are constantly reading and relaying information from the astral body, the etheric body into the physical body and the physical body is relaying information back to the astral and etheric bodies.

Conscious energy is key to the healing process. If you are faced with illness or disease, you must look at what you are learning or receiving from this process. For example, it is common for people in their late 40’s or 50’s to begin experiencing a decline in health.

The belief patterns of society is that the body is becoming old, but this is not true. Unless you have been in a role which has constantly exhausted a particular joint or limb, the body does not deteriorate if it receives the right energies.

Now most people when asked what they are meant to learn from this experience, tend to jump into a defensive response, such as “I don’t want to be ill, do you think this teaches me anything, well it doesn’t”,  this indicates the refusal to accept responsibility, there is something they are denying and the very thing they are denying it the soul.

Let us say we have a woman in her late 40’s and she developed arthritis approximately six months ago. She has a regular office job which she puts up with, she is married and her children have just gone through the process of leaving home. With the pain she visits the doctor who after a series of tests tells her she has arthritis. Once armed with this knowledge, she goes home and tells her family. Once the diagnosis has been given, her consciousness, her belief patterns now turn to acknowledgement that she has a disease. Family members console her, they spend time seeing how she is, but as the family become accepting of the situation, their attention declines.

The woman’s pain now begins to accelerate and she faces having to take redundancy. This creates another cycle, her belief patterns create energy which is feeding her illness. How does this illness benefit her? It benefits her because when she is ill, she has extra attention, she feels cared for, loved. Now understand that the woman is not sat there conspiring to be ill. Her consciousness, her belief patterns are, her children have left home, she emotionally feels lonely, her job is routine and she is frustrated. All this consciousness energy creates agitation, the soul is unhappy. The agitation creates inflammation and we have the birth of arthritis. The pay off is that being ill, she now gets extra attention be it from her husband when she is in pain, her children who call more often because she is unwell. Attention from doctors and nurses and suddenly without even being aware of it, it gives her time off from her job because in reality she is bored and frustrated with it,  this woman’s belief patterns are controlling how her life unfolds and the sad case is she is completely unaware of her role in her illness. Now this example, does not infer that everyone with Arthritis is experiencing the same life situations, but it is important as healers, to consider what benefits the illness brings the patient. In healing we must always spend time finding out when the problems started, what the person’s lifestyle was at that time, how diet may be a contributing fact, along with the emotional state of the patient.

Unless the person who is ill, can see how they ‘may’ have contributed to their illness unconsciously, healing cannot take place.

Sometimes people have the conscious belief that because their family history is one of illness, that they are doomed to contract a similar disease eventually.  Others have the belief that they are victims of illness and they can’t be cured.

Beliefs are very powerful so if you have any of the following, you cannot heal or rebalance the body’s energy systems.

  • Believe it is part of karma or that you are being punished.
  • Your upbringing has told you that life is hard and it is just part of life.
  • It is age related.
  • Believe that you are allergic and there is no cure for what you have.
  • Believe you are an unworthy person.
  • Believe it is not your fault but external energies you have no control over.
  • Believe that because you’re ill you can’t live a normal life.
  • Your upbringing was emotionally or physically challenging so it is not your fault.


All of the above are regular belief patterns that inhibit healing. Without addressing the belief system you have, no doctor, practitioner or spiritual healer can assist in reversing and releasing the blocked energies.

I hope that I have given you some thought onto how your consciousness either creates or destroys disease within the body.

It is an important aspect of life to work on clearing the chakra energies, working consciously to balance them will greatly help you. Healing always begins within the mind, aligning your consciousness, being aware of what you say to yourself, about yourself, is very important. Listen to the story you tell others about you. When you open your mouth, are you focused on operations, aches, pains,the problems of life, the problems of people, is every one irritating you, are you frustrated, tired, angry, feeling unappreciated, unloved, feel no one is giving you enough attention?

Or… are you focused on your future, seeing yourself as vibrant, healthy and in control of your health and life?

Next address your diet, is your food live energy or dead? This along with your consciousness is key to the healing process. You cannot do one without the other. Your commitment to yourself, honouring yourself, your body, your mind, is key if you wish to connect to the internal healer.

I hope I have given you some food for thought. A journal of your thoughts is a great way of being able to view subjectively how you talk about yourself. If you have a journal revisit it, read it. Is it focused on everything that is wrong, or is it inspiration, focused on your dreams of the future? If you have a journal go through it, highlight all your negative comments with one colour and all your positive comments in another colour. The colours will speak for themselves.

Next address your diet and also make it a weekly practice to integrate, open, charge and align your chakras.

Until next time, focus on your thoughts, remember negative belief patterns only serve to strengthen your illness. If all you see is stress, problems, struggles, you are feeding and strengthening the negative energy. You cannot blame anyone else or situations for where you are at. The responsibility for your life experiences is a direct response to your beliefs. If you change your beliefs,  your change your energy patterns.

Until next time, consciously choose who and what to align your consciousness too.

Blessed be

Archangel Raphael


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Understanding Angelic Frequencies

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Here’s an update on my understanding of the new angelic frequencies –

Yesterday early evening I was asked out of the blue, to do a healing session on a Japanese lady, synchronicity and divine intervention I wondered!

This lady came to me and asked for healing. Normally I spend quite a lot of time asking about the condition that wishes to be treated, but was guided to just be open to the process I had been taught earlier in the day.

The only question I was asked to ask this lady was, if the healing was for physical or emotional conditions. She replied emotional. I was guided then to just surrender to the process and follow Archangel Raphael’s instructions.

At the beginning it was very important to create a reciprocal breath energy pattern which connected to the heart first. I was prompted to ensure the client was breathing in a manner which opened up their channels, once a pattern had been established; the breath was used to establish an energy link to the earth’s mantle. As the energy link began to flow from myself, to the client, then into the earth, the energy created a specific resonance that could physically be felt by the client.

Archangel Raphael then introduced a breathing pattern for this client which established a firm link to the higher dimensional angels. I was told that only key phrases or references would be given and I was not to consciously connect to them, but give them to the client as they were unlock codes which would enable the blocked energies to be released.

For approximately five minutes the energy links between the heart chakra, the earth and then the angelic vibrations were built. I was guided to place my hands within the client’s soul star chakra with the use of my clear quartz crystal. The energies were magnified down through the client. At this stage the number 14 appeared in my third eye. I simply said to the client “Age 14”.  The client’s body appeared to drop, as though any tension had just suddenly gone.

I was further then guided to place my hands on the lower back. At this stage, the heat coming through the hand chakra’s was extremely hot. The client was asked not to resist this energy, but pull the energy in and release it out using the outward breath through the mouth.

Once the heat had dissipated, the final guidance was to place my hands either side of her heart chakra. Various colours streamed down into and through me. A sense of angelic presences filled the room. I could see these divine presences encircling us, it was a very spiritual and poignant moment.

After the healing session, Archangel Raphael took us through the steps of closing down the channels and energy vibrational fields we had created.  Whilst I had experienced much, the client was looking rather shocked.

I asked her to describe her experiences and if she could relate to any of the experiences. She told me she was amazed at what she had just experienced. It seemed that at the age of 14 this woman had experienced something which had caused her to feel great shame about herself. She had never spoken of.. But she said that during the healing session, she was shown how this energy had kept her trapped, unable to express her heart, and unable to feel strength. She said she felt the angels take this from her, she said she felt free.

She said she was also couldn’t believe that this healing had also sorted another problem she had been having, even though she had not mentioned it. For a while she had been experiencing a lot of pain on one side of her hip and leg. She said she physically felt the angels healing this area of her body. The pain is gone, and her leg feels very normal now.  Through this session this lady became aware of situations and people who did not have her best interests at heart and she now realises how loved and accepted she is by the angelic realm. This was the greatest confirmation she had.

I had watched this lady transform in just a short time. I had not discussed what I had experienced, nor had I told her of what may or may not happen. We just placed our faith in Archangel Raphael and trusted the instructions we were given. It was wonderful valid confirmation that this process is indeed powerful and works on many levels.

I am told by Archangel Raphael that further instruction in this will be given to me, as I adjust to these new frequencies. The energies are truly something to be experienced. I have so much happening at this moment in time, my brain is buzzing with alertness, new information, awareness and definitely a change in how I am see myself,  life and people is life-changing. 

I hope that in time I can share as much of these teachings as possible, with those who are ready to change their lives and understanding of the soul for the better.  In hindsight, I used to resist change, fearful of taking the wrong direction, or worse making myself look stupid or wrong.  These new energies remove that fear, it is as though, with each step you take, an invisible force field is supporting and cradling your foot.

I am told the infinity symbol is extremely important for us this year. If you’ve been seeing the infinity symbol either through meditation or in books, pictures, etc, it could be the universe is calling you to awaken the spiritual capabilities you possess.

Do share your experiences if this resonates with you.




Who Do You Think You Are?

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Soul Empowerment - confidence & Self esteem classHave you ever took a moment to think about who you are and what you represent?

Many of us often don’t really know who we are, but do you know the beliefs you have about yourself, dictate how you behave and how others treat you? Perhaps the most important thing we need to understand is that if we don’t know who we are, we don’t know our capabilities.

From the moment we are born, we are programmed to act a particular way, be a particular way, and everyone feels it is their obligation to tell you who you are and who they think you should be.  From a very tiny child, we are often programmed to believe that the highest we can possibly aspire to, is exactly the same as what everyone else has around us.

I have been lucky enough to meet many fabulous people in my lifetime and the one constant thing that I am seeing time and time again is wasted potential, so that raises a question for you to consider, “Who’s life are you living?”, are you striving or conforming to the standards your parents/carers set you? Do you put aside your own desires and needs for the sake of your partner/children/family?

If you look at prominent leaders there is one thing that sets them apart from the rest, and if you read autobiographies, you will come across this more and more. These people don’t allow anyone to tell them what they should think, feel, be or how to act. They refuse to follow and conform. Now perhaps some of you are thinking that’s all well and good, but if no one follows rules there would be chaos in the world and yes, you’d be right. What these people do, is they take a situation, and they try to find a way of achieving what they want without creating chaos. They create a vision for themselves and they understand they own strengths, and they are willing to commit to something they believe in and work towards finding a way to achieving that vision.

The angels often tell me, if someone is unhappy with their life, their relationship, their career, it is the soul simply saying, you are not honouring your truth, you are not being who you really want to be.  Life passes us by really fast. When we’re young we think we have all the time in the world, but there comes a time when suddenly boom, you realise you’re middle-aged and actually time is going much faster than you thought.

When life isn’t working for you, you have two choices, you can either put up and become someone who just reacts to what life throws at you, or you can do the work and get your life back on track.

In my lifetime, the number of times I have had to get my life back on track are so many, I couldn’t possibly count them. However, each time I do have to address something that is going on in my life, it gets easier or more enlightening with each challenge I face.

Most of us have heard the phrase, “The Truth Shall Set You Free”, this I believe is a very powerful phrase because when we acknowledge the truth, it is then that we have the ability to tap into our strength and change that, which we previously could not, would not, accept needed to done. If I had a pound for the number of people I see, who are stuck, and tell me they ‘can’t’, I would be a millionaire by now.

Our beliefs that we can’t, are just a mirage. If we can understand that we are psychologically programmed to avoid pain, we can understand that this is why so many of us take the easy route. I count myself in being one of those, who at times, chooses to take the easy route, but I have learnt and still am learning that when I do this, it comes back and bites me on the behind every time, so now it is easier to tell it like it is.

If you’re life is in a rut, whether you are struggling with your career, your children, your partner, or a lack of a partner. If you’ve been trying to lose weight but don’t seem to get further than the thought of it, stop for a moment and ask yourself if this is where you want to be in another five years?

Within the spiritual and motivational industries, many people write books, talk about the power of positivity, and whilst it can help, my experience is that we always revert back to what we have become attuned to. Life has a way of bringing us the lessons we need, when those lessons are being ignored, we experience pain, chaos and suffering. The road of suffering leads us to enlightenment, but I believe and have experienced that it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’d like to change your life, become the person who you want to be. If you want to discover and explore your capacity to excel in any area, you need to have great self-esteem, self-love, and the ability to reframe the programming of your childhood and the story of your life, that you now use as a point of reference.

You see, our stories, what we say about our lives, and what we do, these are what dictate our current potential in life. You have to start listening to the story you are telling yourself, about yourself. We truly are the product of our beliefs and emotions. If you’d like help in understanding who you are, and you’d like to explore the possibilities of who you would like to become, I invite you to join me on my Soul Empowerment master class.

If you’re ready to change your life and you need help fixing it, then I am here to offer my help. You may think you’re confident, you may think you have good self-esteem, but do you really love yourself? Do you love yourself enough to admit you’re not being truthful about how you feel, in certain areas of your life?

If we want to encourage our loved ones and help them live a better life, what better way an we do this than by being a living example. If you lack the confidence to change your life, come along and learn some of the very simple, quick and easy things you can do to help you feel better about you. If you’re quite confident but doubt your ability to have success in any area of your life, this master class will reach out and open up aspect of yourself that you didn’t know were there.

Sometimes change calls for us to take one small step and once we’ve made that commitment, everything changes. Are you commited to you?  If you believe in the labels other people have given you such as ‘idle’, ‘fat’, ‘stupid’ ‘indecisive’ ‘lazy’ ‘liar’ ‘selfish’ or anything else you can come up with, you are not living your own live, which means you don’t know who you are.

If you’re tired of other people defining how you live, if you’ve tried to change in the past and it hasn’t worked, come and try our soul empowerment. Often when we read books, or attend classes or seminars the focus is on teaching you to change your behaviour, and so for a while we try behaving differently, but eventually we revert back to doing what we’ve always done, and this is because we are not taught how to address our beliefs about who we are, and where they have come from. We are not taught to understand that in order to change our lives, we have to begin with changing our thought patterns. This is where I offer help. I assist you in breaking the pattern of your thinking, your beliefs about who you are.

Guilt, shame, anger will always bring you chaos. If you are holding onto any of these, life will be like a roller-coaster. I believe we all have within us the ability to master ourselves and aspire to anything we set our mind to, the question you need to ask yourself is are you growing, or are you dying? We can only do one or the other, take some time to think about your life, seriously and honestly look at your life, acknowledge where you are at, don’t see it worse or better than it is, just look at it.

If you’d like to change your life, learn more about yourself, if you want to learn how to stop your limiting belief patterns, then come along and meet with a group of people who are passionate about living a fully inspired life.

This opportunity to know yourself takes place on 8 & 9 March 2014

Details can be found here:-–self-esteem-through-soul-empowerment—letting-go–learning-to-live-313-p.asp

What you believe about yourself and others will determine how high you go, or how low you fall.
The only way you can change your life, is to redefine who you are, and what is possible.

It’s never too late to create the life you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Jill Harrison

Other Tools You May Find Useful –

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