Oblivious to Reality – Important Energy Changes – Archangel Metatron

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Golden Light HealingWithin the spiritual realm we are working to maintain harmony and peace. The energies within the Earth-plane are currently riddled with fear, so many of you are focused on elitist behaviour, and being overly-defensive. This has to change, and cannot continue if mankind is to function and evolve. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to reverse the universal energies in a bid to regain a balanced perspective, so you all are no longer oblivious to reality.

This means, for the next seven days, you may well feel emotionally as though you are on a roller-coaster. Those who seek to have power over others, to dominate and control, will lose their power or material success. We have noticed a growing need within humans to gain power, or material success, as a way of reinforcing to others that they are superior. Even in so-called spiritual circles, many spout the ability to channel, to cast themselves off as healing, or angel experts, and this undermines the true essence of spirituality.  It is becoming very tiring and sad that the love and acceptance God has for you, isn’t enough.  The need to appear more intelligent, or have the latest fashion or gadget, appears to be more important to so many of you, especially your children; and yet the desire to be more spiritual, and to know God, light, the one-conscious energy is ignored until a disaster or chaos strikes.

If mankind does not change its outlook, the material world will face further consequences. We have to dislodge the vast amount of dishonesty that is beginning to plague humans. Narrow-mindedness, self-abnegating attitudes and behaviours (self-denial of what you are doing or not doing); the ‘I AM alright jack’ attitude; is not conducive to creating Heaven upon earth.

If you are one of those souls I have just spoken about, then catastrophic events and suffering may be the only lesson you will understand. The Galactic Light Angels, along with the assistance of the Arcturians, are currently working very hard, anchoring golden-light in and around your planet, in an effort to counteract war, disease and further famine. Some of you need to experience a hard school lesson to get you back on track. If this applies to you, then this week may well bring disruption, as you learn to face your fears of loss of self-worth and material pride. The ego will find these new golden-light energies very hard to stomach. This is not a punishment, but a soul-rescue operation designed to help you attain genuine self-worth. The more you try to deny reality, the harder the spiritual lesson may be. We call upon all healers, and light-workers to join us so we can amplify and resonate the golden light to bring about peace and harmony.

These new energies will bring anger to the surface of those who suppress it, or hold elitist ideas. This is so the truth of hidden agendas, or deceiving behaviour, can be seem. These golden-light energies will try to redirect mankind’s love of war into finding new ways of resolving conflict. Greater communication is key between all of you at this time. Communication is the only way in which you can break down the barriers that exist between you. This not only applies to relationships; it applies to countries.

If you wish to experience peace and tranquillity during this chaotic week, ensure you express yourself clearly and honestly without intent to appear superior, or wound another’s feelings. Focus on filling yourself, your home, and the Earth-plane with golden healing-light so that you protect yourself from the nervous aggressive energies currently running rife through your planet.

Seek a period of being non-judgemental, and do not be drawn into the drama of those who must experience the breakdown of worn-out and distorted attitudes and behaviours, that no longer serve them.

I shall send you daily updates for the next seven days to assist you during this time. Your main spiritual priority for now needs to be on gratitude for what you have, for if we cannot stop the course of selfishness and materialism of the masses, you all may very well lose everything that you have. Gratitude, loving thoughts and non-judgement are essential during this hectic period.

Those of a nervous disposition may find a period of withdrawal from others helpful, and a vegetarian diet will assist nervous, anxiety attacks. Drink plenty of water also, as nervous energy greatly dehydrates the body.

Until tomorrow.

Blessed be.

Archangel Metatron.

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Healing with Angels – Dialling Heaven – Archangel Gabriel

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archangel gabriel - dialling heavenWhy do you wait until the eleventh hour, before you decide to call upon God, the angelic realm or ascended master for help?

Try to get into the habit of making your call for help, the minute you first feel things are not as they should be. The moment you suspect someone is deceiving you, the moment you sense unease, the moment you feel you’re over-whelmed, the moment you see unrest, this is when you should be making your call.

Why?  Because we can help give you the strength and courage to deal with what it is, you are dealing with. We can help send energies to cleanse your bodies of impurities, BEFORE they turn into a disease or tumour. We can support and assist you in eliminating negative thoughts, which may draw to you more of the same.

When you move yourself out of the way of trying to control your life, and you allow us to work for you, we can help you eliminate any suffering much quicker.

Remember if you keep dealing with life the way you only know how, you will continue to experience the same life. It can be very confusing and frightening to know how to create change. It is important to remember your thoughts are the first area you should examine and look to changing. If you fail to change your thoughts, you remain stuck, continually experiencing life from one perspective. Think of your mind like the gears on a car, if you continue to drive in first gear, you will only experience slow growth, you have to be willing to change gear (change thoughts) if you want to accelerate and see new things.

Try to look at where you may be stuck in first gear. Consider asking for angelic healing, strength and courage every day. Pledge to yourself that every day you will seek to see things to be grateful for. Continually give thanks for your life and watch as the flow of life begins to change for you.

You do not have to wait for disaster to befall you, before you can call on us. There are no limits to how much you ask us, nor what you ask of us. We do not promise to give you everything you want, but we will definitely ensure you always get what you need.

When the way forward appears blocked, the more you push, the harder and painful it will become. Therefore remember to step back, change gear, don’t think or focus on blocks, pain, suffering. Don’t tell yourself “You can’t” or its impossible. Call the A.A. (Angelic Assistants) or God, for help. If you are heading down the wrong road, ask to be shown where to get off and to be shown which road you do need to take. Ask to be sent others who can help you. All prayers and calls for help are answered, so if you need help with finding balance, harmony or peace, remember we are waiting to take your call.


Archangel Gabriel

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Healing with The Angels – Archangel Metatron

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Overcoming Resistance –
Missing the Spiritual Opportunity for Growth – Archangel Metatron

There are times in everyone’s life, where the lesson of learning to overcome resistance has to be learnt. Some souls learn this quickly, others need regular reminders that they still have not graduated with an ‘A’ in this important life lesson:-)

The lesson of overcoming resistance takes place when you experience situations where you feel nothing is going right. People will make you angry, they will cause you pain or frustration, and with everything that is going off ‘in you’ and ‘outside of you’, you believe you move forward, you can’t see the wood for the trees.  During this period you will believe people let you down, lie to you, you just can’t seem to get a handle on the mess you find yourself in and you wonder why all these problems have arrived at your door. This my beloved ones, is ‘happening’ in your life, because you are resisting soul growth.

You have stopped co-operating with life. The challenges you are facing are merely mirrors of your own inner chaos and dysfunctional thinking.  Perhaps you are afraid to admit you made a mistake, or you said, or did something wrong, yet again.  If you remember, a long time ago I asked you not to look to blaming yourself, others or situations. I talked about how this can be disempowering. Today, I ask you to remember that you have the power to choose how to direct the energies, the situations and the people around you affect you. Let the energies flow through you but not reside in you. Don’t hang on to negative energies.

If you are experiencing the lesson of resistance, rather than continue to wallow in despair, take some time to really look at where you are at. Do this from a detached position. In other words, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Don’t think it is someone or something’s fault. See and acknowledge with truth what is happening. Listen to what is being said around you. For once, really listen. Do others sound just as fed up as you? When you can be aware of your situation, feelings and actions then make a decision to change something.

Just one change can create a shift in energies which will give you the power to heal the situation or experience you are having.  If you are surrounded with clutter, clear the clutter. Remove the old stagnant energies and allow yourself some breathing space.  Don’t be resistant to change. Don’t be resistant to growing. Just like a garden has to be weeded, if you have failed to tend to the weeds in your life then you may need to spend some time removing them, so they don’t choke you and completely destroy your opportunity to grow. Overcome your resistance to doing, what needs to be done.

Perhaps you may be able to see that life is not resisting you, but you are resisting life.

Blessed be

Archangel Metatron


To begin to heal, you have to be willing to work on yourself, so if your life isn’t working, come along, roll up your sleeves and let us help you work on you and become the best you can be.


A time for temperance – Archangel Michael

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Cease The DaySpiritual growth requires temperance, self-restraint in the face of temptation or desire. Have you considered how much is put before you in the way of temptation or desire every day?  And, if so, do you make a point of consciously choosing only that which supports your spiritual growth? Can you easily recognise the difference between need and want? Do you temper your reactions to the experiences you are having?

Self-mastery is attained through the heart chakra. When you see a rainbow, it is a reminder, a symbol to the soul to be truthful, hopeful and remember the promise of God, light, the one-conscious energy, of eternal life.  Therefore when a rainbow appears before you take heart beloved ones. The rainbow is the bridge to that place you call, the other side.

Temperance is a virtue. It is also a great spiritual tool where you learn to recognise the difference between your wants and needs, courage and ego.  During times of challenge, chaos or transformation, temperance can be the key to unlocking the way forward.  When faced with anger, those on a lower level instantly retaliate with anger back.  However, if you can temper that energy, use it to create a driving force within you, without burning any bridges, you can master the situation.  You will also acquire greater wisdom and learn how to decrease discomfort.

Temperance asks you to bring into your thoughts, deeds, prayers and actions a spiritual purpose into your daily life. Speak words of love, hope and comfort. Consider in your thoughts how to benefit all, not just the self. Pray for those in need, and act in the interests of yourself AND your brothers and sisters.

Your voice is a spiritual instrument, use it wisely. Your words are the way in which you reveal to the world what lies truthfully in your heart.  Truth is the foundations upon which true spiritual growth is built. If you find your foundations weak, then you must seek a renewed sense of purpose, refine your awareness and seek to transform what is in your heart.

Attitudes, behaviours and outcomes can all be transformed with loving kindness and patience. Perhaps reflecting upon your life at this time, you can seek to see what areas of the self, require temperance.  If you are experiencing difficulties, how can temperance help you move forward?  Have you lost your drive, your motivation? Because if you have, then seek counsel with the Higher Self and ask your Higher Self to show you what you must temper and what must be transformed.

The only true battle mankind has, is the ability to keep spiritual consciousness and awareness at the forefront of the mind at all times.

Blessed be

Archangel Michael

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Celestial Energies – Finding Sanctuary – Archangel Metatron

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SanctuaryToday you may well find yourself wanting to seek sanctuary. The gentle energies of the cosmos are currently cleansing old behavioural patterns. This weekend brought for many cleansing energies to help remove blocks which hindered your soul’s growth. When a soul faces changes, it can appear to be a dark place, creating a need to find home and solace. This is not a bad thing, being introspective, withdrawing from others, helps you to reconnect with your own soul, giving you time to reflect upon your life, the experiences you are having and make peace with what you have in your life.

Sanctuary offers all of you a moment to find peace and tranquillity, away from what others have said, think or are doing. When you are busy, it is not always easy to think, or feel for oneself. Life has a way of reflecting ones fears, ones joys, everything reverberates and mirrors what lies in your own heart, deeds and thoughts. Seeking sanctuary offers you an opportunity to consciously and clearly define your own life.

It is time to not dwell on the past, what once was, what you had, what you may have lost. Sanctuary offers you the opportunity to map out the next part of your journey. When you find yourself in darkness, remember you are the light which must light the path upon which you walk, step-by-step, even if you do not know where you are heading, with faith and love in your own heart, you will find where you need to be.

If you are struggling, meditation will help your consciousness find inner peace and clarity at this time. Focus upon removing all stress and enter into a state of being in the now.

Blessed be

Archangel Metatron

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Archangel Haniel – Embracing the Self

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Archangel Haniel

Beloved ones; behind your name, behind your profession, behind your social standing, lies the real you. Do you know how beautiful you are?

How often do you take time to embrace yourself?  So many of you count your self-worth based on what you do:- your successes, your failures and your material wealth, that you only show a fraction of who you really are.

Just for today, I ask you to take time out to connect with your true self. Imagine and feel yourself surrounded in a beautiful white, gold and pink light. See yourself being surrounded by this beautiful light and merge with the energies. Within this light, you are not required to prove your worth. You are not required to display your knowledge; all that is required is that you love and be yourself. No substitutions, no play-acting, no pleasing others. Life around you may change, others may change, but inside, the inner-self never changes, because the inner-self is love-energy. In all its glory, in all its refinement, it is beautiful, unlimited potential; it is you. Isn’t it time you reconnected with your true essence? Allow this light energy to heal you, uplift you and renew your spirit. Stay in this light for as long as you wish. Talk with me, let me ease your pain, lighten your load.

Blessed be.
Archangel Haniel.

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I tell you, this meditation has helped me so much. Every time I feel stressed, I put on this meditation and it takes it all away. I feel rejuvenated and so much at peace. It is beautiful, for me my daily meditation is a way of honouring myself and my health. Since I have meditated every day, my health has improved and I am so much more fulfilled. Jill and Glenn’s meditation are an integral part of my daily life. Thank you both xxxx

Ascended Master Mother Mary – Spiritual Grace

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Ascended Master Mother MaryWith love I step forward to greet you. Today, the energies on the Earth-Plane call out for you all to relinquish the hold that anger, frustration, resentment and hatred has on your heart. The world you live in truly can be a majestic place of joy. Can’t you see the pain you are creating for yourself. Many of you go to war, to fight for a cause you did not create. Many of you allow others to cloud your judgement and poison your ideologies of the world around you.

All of you are beautiful souls capable of creating and manifesting magnificence. Please allow your love and light to shine through. Refuse to argue and fight. Does this mean I ask you to give in? No! Love has a way of winning even the hardest of hearts. By focusing upon all that you have, for showing gratitude, you would begin to see the abundance and joy, not the chaos. Does this mean I am asking you to look at the world with rose-tinted glasses? Again no, I am not.

But you have to shift your perspective; you have to move your consciousness to see that attacking each other, waging war, seeking revenge, only creates more diversity. When you focus on what is good, what is supporting you, you have the ability to move beyond the pettiness of materialism. Holding gratitude in your consciousness creates the space for peace in your life. Peace becomes joy and joy becomes abundance. All that is required for you to experience this, is to release yourself from the chaos.

You can still assert yourself, whilst refusing to fight or get angry. You can with love, show understanding and express your point of view. Eventually, either a compromise will occur, or you will find a separating of the ways takes place. Release all your frustration and anger and choose to breathe in peace, and breathe out love. When you reach a place of peace, wisdom awaits you. Know that you are eternal light, eternal love; therefore everything you are struggling to attain is an illusion, a mirage. Let it go and let it be.  Focus on your blessings, your joys; and know that what you seek can only be found in the present, therefore enjoy the now. Embrace the now. Embrace it with spiritual grace and peace.

Ascended Master Mother Mary.


Joyful Empowerment – Archangel Michael

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smlmicWhen you are willing to move beyond fear, then you enter a new dimension;, a new world; one which offers you empowerment and the joy of freedom. Freedom to choose, to live, to laugh and love is a joyous state to dwell in. In the world of love, there is no separation; all is in balance, all embraces the totality of what is. When you open yourself to residing in the world of love, then chaos, fear, evil, cease to exist. In this dimension you experience the totality of who you really are.

Instead of calling or relying on others to be your strength, let love enter your heart, let love be your strength and your life support. When you let love into your heart, we become one, and it is then you will discover you had it within you always to remove the illusions and obstacles that you once feared.

What  dimension will you choose to reside in today?  Come forward and live your potential. All is possible in the dimension of love.

Blessed be.
Archangel Michael.


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Healing – The Most Powerful Element That Humans Miss – Archangel Raphael

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Hello! Today I come to remind all of you, that when you are ill or unwell, the journey of healing is more than just pills or potions. It is an urgent call from the soul that what you are feeding the body, what the body is feeling, and how the body is exercised, is out of balance. Many of you still do not accept that what you put into the body, will result in your body’s ability to either support or fail you.

You all must awaken from your bad habits, but in particular, today, I want to impress upon you all that within the prescription for healing, many of your forget the most powerful element, and that is rest and relaxation.  It is no use soldiering on, when the body is crying out for attention. It is a call that you must stop, and focus on what you are doing to cause your body and mind to begin to expire.

In cases of terminally ill diseases, you must be willing to believe that healing can take place. Without the belief and I truly mean belief, you cannot overcome disease. Your body will not be able to continue to fight against the invading disease. Many people believe that God calls the shots when it comes to the time of departure. In truth, it is the soul that states it is ready to go, and requests God’s grace; and when this happens, then death of the physical self takes place.

As your world is becoming more and more fast-paced, you must recognise that if you fail to make time for rest and relaxation, you are creating a recipe for illness. Rest and relaxation offers you the opportunity to meditate (or if you prefer, use the word ‘think’); think about what choices you are making. It is about taking time to recognise where the stresses, fears and unhappiness are. The emotional body plays a major part in illness. Positive thoughts create positive vibes for the body. Negative thoughts create negative vibes for the body.

Healthy lifestyles combined with healthy eating will ensure your longevity. The human is well capable of living beyond 100 years. The body is like your car; take care of it, service it well and ensure only high-grade fuel is put into it and it will serve you well.

BUT…. ignore the need to take your car out, fail to service it and shove in any old fuel that fills the tank, and it will splutter, cough and draw to a halt, once what you have put in, has clogged up all your essential engine parts.

So as this week draws to a close, if you can, make a point of taking at least ONE hour, just one hour to sit quietly. No TV, no stereo, shut out the noise, no books. Allow the mind, your emotions, to run freely; and beloved ones, if you find that you are unable to do this, that the urge to read something, fix something, talk to someone is too strong… be aware you have a major problem, and that your body is already overly-stressed. This means that at some point, a part of your carriage will break down, or is already, without your knowledge, at the point of illness.

My channelling is not to scare you, or to put you into fear. It’s merely a call for you to remember to love your body, love yourself, and ensure that you take every day, if possible, ONE hour, give your body and your mind, the time to heal itself.  Miss the element of rest and relaxation, and you take away the most powerful element the body needs when it comes to the art of healing.

Blessed be.

Archangel Raphael.

Compassion vs Compromise – Archangel Michael

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When there is something that you truly believe in, and others around you are pushing you to side with them. Don’t confuse compassion with compromise. Compassion is showing understanding, but it never means ignoring what you feel within your heart to be true. Sometimes you are challenged to stand in your truth, and you must take the decision not to ever compromise, what you believe is the right choice.

When you exercise your right not to compromise, you set a chain of events which are interrelated, and you will find that your world changes for the better. When you exercise your right not to compromise, providing you truly believe your decision is the right one, you show strength and commitment, and this is a reflection of true wisdom. Your soul grows, it expands and it creates new magnetic energy fields which bring your further abundance.

Compassion can be just as strong, it doesn’t mean you become a doormat. Choosing compassion at the right time, can be a very humbling and strengthening experience. With compassion, you can be understanding of the feelings or situation of others, but make sure you are not keeping those who are suffering, enabled in self-destructive patterns. Never confuse compassion with compromise. True wisdom, the right choice will always come when you feel through your heart with love. Work on recognising your own inner guidance.

Archangel Michael