Archangel Raziel – Signs

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Beyond your world are other realms which hold emanations of colours, light, consciousness, thoughts, feelings and all of these are waiting there for you to discover if you were to be willing to enter into stillness. Today you are called upon to shift your awareness, in stillness be sensitive to the emotions, thoughts, that you wouldn’t normally tune into, for when you enter into this heightened sense of awareness you connect with the creative process of the universe, awaken to what the universe is revealing to you at this time.

The energies which surround your planet today will bring many synchronicities and spiritual signposts to those who are open to our messages. The veil between the spiritual realm and your physical world is less dense today, so you may feel connection to a loved one who has passed. You may find your creativity heightened, your dreams or gut instinct strong and powerful.  You will feel drawn to sing, dance, draw, meditate, communicate and create.  Today is a unique opportunity for you to connect deeper than before to the spiritual realm and discover the secrets of the universe.