Improve Your Life with Guided Meditations

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meditationMeditation – For years, scientists, psychologists, and civilisations have been baffled by its apparent mysticism and viable healing powers.

Origins of the spiritual practice date back to ancient China, when, in order to connect with a great power and receive a deeper understanding of life, the Buddha practiced the art under his faithful tree.

Many religions and individuals have experimented with various forms of meditation over the years in order to discover a level of harmony unknown to normal folks. While some types of meditation are great for improving discipline, some have scientifically acknowledged healing powers.

Guided Meditation

Like any skill or discipline, learning to meditate takes time. Various states need to be reached, and it can be a somewhat frustrating process to go through before noticeable gains become apparent.

Over recent years, newer ways to meditate have made there way onto the scene. One of those is the ever reliable guided meditation. A guided meditation can provide all of the benefits regular meditation provides, only… instantly. A greater sense of calm, a more profound connection with the world and improved clarity and focus can be all achieved after just one session.

How it works

When going through a guided meditation, an experienced meditator will take you through all of the stages you need to go through, in order to reach a relaxed, mentally open state. Very little effort is required on your part, making the success rate close to 100%.

In just a few days, you’ll experience some pretty profound brain changes which will allow you to focus better at work, and think clearer. After a few months, your creativity will grow exponentially and your lust for life will be visible to all. You’ll find that you’re healthier, calmer and more intelligent than you were pre-guided meditation.

You’ll also discover, if you’ve chosen to do a specific type of guided meditation, that goals will be reached more easily, and motivation to work towards a prize will be high, and will stay high.

The big picture

Thankfully there is a type of guided meditation for everybody. Angel meditations, de-stressors, depression eliminators, weight loss meditations, healing meditations and more, can all be found on our site. Here, experts in the field of spirituality and meditation will help enable you to maximise your physical and spiritual potential, and realise the true power of meditation, something the wise have been doing since the dawn of time.

Understanding Magnetic Flux Energies With The Help Of The Angels

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canstockphoto20268671sml2Are you aware of how the universal magnetic flux affects the earth and our behaviour?


The universe is a thick soup of charged particles, which absorb and emit energies. These energies, like radio waves, are picked up by our pineal gland**which is located in the brain.  These particles are charged by gas emissions from the sun, and other energy rays entering our universe from distant universes creating radiation, and other magnetic fields. At times the energies coming into the earth plane are very strong and at other times they are weak. Our pineal gland is sensitive to these magnetic fields.


The universal magnetic energies are picked up by our pineal gland and this in turn affects our emotional and physical bodies. When the universal magnetic energies are weakened, we can be affected by confusion, lack of energy or we may even experience feelings of depression.


When the universal magnetic energies are strong, they can affect our emotional and physical bodies by creating anxiety, stress, headaches, anger and aggression.  Most of the time the universal energies are at the right vibration to keep us in a stable condition but when there are space storms, solar flares and other gamma ray bursts, it can create problems. For those of us who are highly sensitive, how can we protect ourselves or prepare ourselves better from the onslaught of universal energies that we don’t have any control over?


If you’ve ever seen the movie with Mel Gibson called ‘Signs’, you may remember his children and brother making foil cones to protect their brains from being read by aliens in outer space. Whilst we can’t walk about with foil cones on our heads, and in all honesty whilst it would certainly raise a laugh from others, I’m not sure if that would really do much good. We can enlist the help of the angels on how to work with the energies rather than against them.


One way of being able to gain valuable insight in to how you can achieve the best out of today’s or tomorrow’s energies is to utilise your angel cards.  Angel cards are more than just a simple message to try and make you feel better. Angel cards contain many hidden messages which when found can really help you make the most of the energies surrounding you.


Thoughts are energies, when you send out a thought to your angels, they always respond back but if you’re not great at picking up or sensing the answers coming back to you, the next best way is through the use of angel cards.


If you’re using angel cards, the angels can not only give you messages, they can recommend which colours you may be better wearing to help you combat any negative affects of the current magnetic flux. Your angel cards can also give you an indication of how you will perceive the magnetic flux energies coming in and how this may affect your relating, career or financial prospects over the next few days, weeks or months.


Sometimes we can benefit from using or carrying crystals to help us transmute, counteract or eradicate some of the magnetic flux energies, your angel cards can help you recognise what types of crystals to use and where to carry them. For example, if the magnetic flux is weak you may need to ground your energies more but also lighten the energies affecting your emotional body. In this instance, you may discover your angel cards guiding you to use Amethyst and Selenite, but you may need to carry the Selenite in a trouser or jacket pocket to resonate with your root chakra and the Amethyst you may need to wear near to your pineal gland as in earrings or a necklace, or perhaps you can took a small piece of Amethyst in a hat.


Angel cards can open you up to a whole new way of communicating with your angels, so they can effectively help you.


Magnetic flux will affect your: –


  • Sleeping patterns
  • Eating habits
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Our emotional state
  • Our behavioural state


If you’d like to learn more about how to combat geomagnetic energies and protect yourself from harmful distorting magnetic energies, come along and join me to discover how to tap into the hidden angelic messages that are found in angel cards.


Angel cards when understood and used properly can be a fabulous tool which help you tap into a wealth of angelic sacred knowledge. They can bring you powerful healing energies; teach you how to master the universal energies. They can help you open up to further guidance from your angels, they can protect you from negative energies and experiences.  They can expand your awareness so that you develop a greater connection to the angelic realm for spiritual expansion.


Our ‘How To Read Angel Cards’ master class can help you: –


  • Expand your psychic awareness.
  • Understand energies or circumstances you find yourself in.
  • Show you how to remove blocks in your emotional/physical and mental bodies.
  • Find answers to every day problems.
  • Help you understand your divine purpose.
  • Deal with negative energies.
  • Look at what colours or crystals you can use to enhance your life.
  • Determine the best goal or pathway for you.
  • Achieve well-being
  • Achieve deep emotional healing
  • Access vibrational healing so you can achieve balance and holistic wellness.
  • Shift your daily reality so you can find inner peace, contentment


Improve your relationships, career, health, finances. If you really want to spiritual develop and begin making the right decisions on a regular basis, you need to seriously consider attending this awesome master class.


** The pineal gland produces melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that affects our sleep patterns. The pineal gland is also our third eye and according to the angelic realm it is a radio receiver and transmitter. 

Magnetic Flux Energy Alert

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canstockphoto20180458Due to a change in the magnetic flux energies within our universe, some of the following symptoms may be felt over the next seven days.

  • Lethargy, lack of energy
  • Inability to focus/concentrate
  • Headaches/Sensitivity to light
  • Mood swings leading to feelings of depression
  • Anxieties leading to nightmares/feeling insecure/restlessness

If you experience any of the above, try to eat foods that are completely organic and natural to help raise your vibrational energy levels, for example, home made vegetable soups, stews, salads. Drink plenty of water. Bathe in dead-sea salts or himalayan salts to ionise the body. Carry or wear Amethyst and Selenite to help purify your auric field.  Avoid alcohol, sugar and animal products because all of these lower your energy fields.

If you’d like to know more, read my article/blog on Understanding Magnetic Flux Energies with the help of the Angels available now at just head to the blog section :-)

Starseed Heritage – Lyran – Archangel Metatron

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Starseed HeritageLyra is the central grid gateway to other universes and it is here you will find many different Starseed races.


Lyran beings are the voyagers, the explorer race, working on a very high vibration, their purpose is to aid and assist in the development of high advanced civilisations.  Lyra is often referred to as the womb of humans, for it is from the Lyra race that most of the universes races originate or can trace their lineage back to.

As earth advances technologically, the greater the Earth’s connection will be to Lyra. Lyran beings are very adaptable, they are the gypsy’s of the universe and they tend not to become attached to places or belongings. Freedom to the Lyran  Starseeds is very important.

Within Lyra you will discover beings who love to be the architects of life. Knowledge and learning are very important to Lyrans. Passing on of ancient information, craft-skills and developing technology is highly revered.  Lyran’s have a great thirst for knowledge and growth, you will find philosophers, scientists, explorers, architects, technicians are favourite pursuits.

Whilst being technologically inclined, they have mastered the merging of spiritual and science, to evolve in to highly spiritual loving beings.  When Lyran Starseed beings incarnate into human form, they usually come to help people find the bridge between scientific and spiritual sciences.  Others come to help further develop highly advanced technology that will benefit mankind in their evolution process.

It is within this star system you will find the following races:-

  • Paschet – Often referred to as cat people – very delicate beings with much strength. Think of a sphinx cat, and this will give you an idea of their fine facial features and skin. In human form many have allergies to the ultra-violet lights.  Highly artistic, must have freedom of expression.
  • Lyrans  –  (Celtic) Red Haired and Fair Skinned
  • Lyrans – Light skinned, fair hairs and light blue/amber eyes with a very dark limbal ring
  • Lyrans – Olive skin and brown haired, brown eyes
  • Bird-People    – Features that resemble birds, multi-coloured hair strand
  • Vegans – Originate from Vega and usually have dark hair and dark eyes

Starseed Heritage – Pleiadians

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We are not AloneThe Pleiades Star System is home to the beings called Pleiadians. According to Archangel Metatron there are three ethnic groups of Pleiadians. The first group of Pleiadians are Nordic in looks with fair skin, fair hair and they tend to have green or blue eyes. The second group of Pleiadians are the originators of the Native American Indians. The Pleiadians who founded the Native American Indian race were genetically disposed towards dark skin, with red/brown hair and brown eyes. This group of Pleiadians originated from Lyra. The third group of Pleiadians are genetically disposed to creating Mediterranean looking beings with very dark hair and dark eye colouring.


The Nordic Pleiadians first arrived in Scandinavia.  Teotihuacan in Mexico was where the second group of Pleiadians arrived upon the earth plane. Over time they migrated further north in to Northern America. The third group of Pleiadians arrived in North Africa.


All Pleiadians have a natural immunity to most disease. Their physique is muscular and very flexible. Most Pleiadians tend to be perfectly proportioned. The focus of Pleiadians is ultimate pleasure. These sentient beings focus upon unconditional love. The Pleiadians are extremely positive beings and they believe in abundance for all. High self-esteem and self-worth are common traits for the Pleiadians.


Pleiadians tend to err towards humanitarian roles, particularly in environmental issues and protection of other forms of life, in particular the animal and aquatic life forms. They abhor waste of natural resources and believe in only taking what is needed, as long as it is not to the detriment of the planet the reside upon.


Pleiadians believe that all disease is created from the emotions; therefore they consciously align their thoughts to positive and productive beliefs. It is quite normal for the Pleaidians to live for over a thousand years.


Pleiadians understand about light energy and vibration. They utilise this to keep their energy fields balanced.  Pleaidians have incarnated upon earth to help humans embrace self-worth, to respect freedom and to understand the true meaning of compassion. Once humanoids have learnt this we will open the doorway for other life forms to begin to connect and integrate with us.



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Starseed Heritage – Sirus Star System

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Goddess Isis MeditationAccording to Archangel Metatron, there are various races of Starseed beings already inhabiting our earthly planet. These Starseed beings usually have a mission to help the humanoids go through transformation not only on a spiritual level, but also one physical level too.

Much of our very quick growth in the fields of technology and science has been brought about by Starseeds maturing into human adulthood. The speed at which our technology is growing is phenomenal and the advanced knowledge that is being learnt here, is already available in other universes. According to Archangel Metatron, we are in the process of great accelerated growth so we can begin to connect with other higher evolved species.

When I asked Archangel Metatron about the Starseeds, I was told that different starseed races created different human races. One of the most well-known star seed races is the Sirians. These are beings from Sirus A in the Sirus Star System.   These Sirian’s are dark skinned/dark eyed, they are the beings who founded Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and the indigenous tribes such as aboriginals, Kayapo and aztecs.

Syrians seeded humans by procreating with the Nephilim from Niburu. The temple at Karnak in Egypt is said by Archangel Metatron to represent the features of the Sirian race most accurately.

The Sirian race like to expand and develop things, they are highly intelligent beings with a penchant for building, creating things on a big scale. Sirian energy is about renewal, great creativity. The Sirians are predisposed to seeking pleasure and peace.

If you are a Starseed with Sirian heritage you will find that you hate indifference. Sirians are passionate beings, artistic, emotional and without creative expression are prone to anxiety and depression.  The Sirian race have a great affinity with water, being near to water is an important aspect for Sirians.  Sirians are visionaries and empaths. They possess the ability to tune into people’s emotions and instinctively know what the inner child has experienced and needs.  Other races call the Sirian’s the Star Watchers. They have great astrological abilities, they understand each planet of the solar system in the milky way and they are very aware of the energies of each planet and how that affects them.

The life purpose of a Sirian is to transform the world by showing or teaching it how to go from self-destruction to growth.

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Beliefs that block the internal healing of humans – Archangel Raphael

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canstockphoto6832833Within the physical body, lies an energy process that is often unknown of, or consciously considered in the process of healing. When people get ill, many run to a medical doctor to find a chemical that will fix what ails them. Others will look to food, natural homeopathic ways of dealing with the issue, but rarely does one consciously consider the energies they are absorbing and emitting and how their conscious mind has created the situation they find themselves in.

Before, I have mentioned the human body is a magnetic energy field. The crown chakra absorbs energies into the physical body, and through the hand and feet chakras energy is emitted. As the energies enter the body, they contain information that is read on a telepathic level. So without you even being aware of it, your body is decoding energy information through the etheric body and then into the crown chakra.

When thoughts or belief patterns are not in balance with the needs of the soul, the cells in the physical body produce physical discomfort. If the symptoms are ignored, they persistently grow and expand until the consciousness is forced to deal with the dis-ease (disease/illness).

All illness serves as a purpose, it is the internal metaphysical healer within that is calling for you to address the energies, situations or people who you are allowing to affect your energy fields.

Healing of a physical body has to have focus upon the etheric body, if it is to advance and eradicate many of the terminal ill diseases humans face today. The energy absorbed into the etheric body, along with the energy consumed via food and drink, and the belief systems, in other words the conscoiousness, all contribute to either feed the human frame or work to break it down.

If you are a healer for example, you may be an excellent healer, but if the consciousness of the patient does not believe it can be cured, then no amount of energy healing from the healer will help the patient. It may ease the symptoms for a while, but it will not help the client to heal.

To open the self, or another to healing, one must seek to understand how disease is a manifestation of undesireable energy that has been brought into, or created within the physical body. In the event that the consciousness remains unchanged, then the soul has no other option than to withdraw from the body, using the process you refer to as death.

Healing is a purifaction process, it is removing waste energy, conscious energy that is creating a block with the sub-conscious energy patterns. When the soul is unable to fulfil its desires, it creates agitation in the cells of the human body.

Human medical schools focus far too much on the physical body and not emphasis is given to the conscious thought patterns which have created the disease. As an example, many people when told they have cancer, have a shift in their consciousness, they now believe they have cancer. The fear of the cancer and how it will effect them begins to expand, thereby giving energy to the cancer cells. The belief that cancer is bad, it is terminal, accelerates the disease.

With this consciousness, it leads a patient who chooses to align themselves with this conscious way of thinking towards the belief that their time is running out, and because they believe it, the physical body expires.

Your consciousness, your beliefs about who you are, how life treats you is relayed through the nervous system. The consciousness emanates through the nervous system and the chakras in the human physical body relays that information to your physical glands. The chakras are constantly reading and relaying information from the astral body, the etheric body into the physical body and the physical body is relaying information back to the astral and etheric bodies.

Conscious energy is key to the healing process. If you are faced with illness or disease, you must look at what you are learning or receiving from this process. For example, it is common for people in their late 40’s or 50’s to begin experiencing a decline in health.

The belief patterns of society is that the body is becoming old, but this is not true. Unless you have been in a role which has constantly exhausted a particular joint or limb, the body does not deteriorate if it receives the right energies.

Now most people when asked what they are meant to learn from this experience, tend to jump into a defensive response, such as “I don’t want to be ill, do you think this teaches me anything, well it doesn’t”,  this indicates the refusal to accept responsibility, there is something they are denying and the very thing they are denying it the soul.

Let us say we have a woman in her late 40’s and she developed arthritis approximately six months ago. She has a regular office job which she puts up with, she is married and her children have just gone through the process of leaving home. With the pain she visits the doctor who after a series of tests tells her she has arthritis. Once armed with this knowledge, she goes home and tells her family. Once the diagnosis has been given, her consciousness, her belief patterns now turn to acknowledgement that she has a disease. Family members console her, they spend time seeing how she is, but as the family become accepting of the situation, their attention declines.

The woman’s pain now begins to accelerate and she faces having to take redundancy. This creates another cycle, her belief patterns create energy which is feeding her illness. How does this illness benefit her? It benefits her because when she is ill, she has extra attention, she feels cared for, loved. Now understand that the woman is not sat there conspiring to be ill. Her consciousness, her belief patterns are, her children have left home, she emotionally feels lonely, her job is routine and she is frustrated. All this consciousness energy creates agitation, the soul is unhappy. The agitation creates inflammation and we have the birth of arthritis. The pay off is that being ill, she now gets extra attention be it from her husband when she is in pain, her children who call more often because she is unwell. Attention from doctors and nurses and suddenly without even being aware of it, it gives her time off from her job because in reality she is bored and frustrated with it,  this woman’s belief patterns are controlling how her life unfolds and the sad case is she is completely unaware of her role in her illness. Now this example, does not infer that everyone with Arthritis is experiencing the same life situations, but it is important as healers, to consider what benefits the illness brings the patient. In healing we must always spend time finding out when the problems started, what the person’s lifestyle was at that time, how diet may be a contributing fact, along with the emotional state of the patient.

Unless the person who is ill, can see how they ‘may’ have contributed to their illness unconsciously, healing cannot take place.

Sometimes people have the conscious belief that because their family history is one of illness, that they are doomed to contract a similar disease eventually.  Others have the belief that they are victims of illness and they can’t be cured.

Beliefs are very powerful so if you have any of the following, you cannot heal or rebalance the body’s energy systems.

  • Believe it is part of karma or that you are being punished.
  • Your upbringing has told you that life is hard and it is just part of life.
  • It is age related.
  • Believe that you are allergic and there is no cure for what you have.
  • Believe you are an unworthy person.
  • Believe it is not your fault but external energies you have no control over.
  • Believe that because you’re ill you can’t live a normal life.
  • Your upbringing was emotionally or physically challenging so it is not your fault.


All of the above are regular belief patterns that inhibit healing. Without addressing the belief system you have, no doctor, practitioner or spiritual healer can assist in reversing and releasing the blocked energies.

I hope that I have given you some thought onto how your consciousness either creates or destroys disease within the body.

It is an important aspect of life to work on clearing the chakra energies, working consciously to balance them will greatly help you. Healing always begins within the mind, aligning your consciousness, being aware of what you say to yourself, about yourself, is very important. Listen to the story you tell others about you. When you open your mouth, are you focused on operations, aches, pains,the problems of life, the problems of people, is every one irritating you, are you frustrated, tired, angry, feeling unappreciated, unloved, feel no one is giving you enough attention?

Or… are you focused on your future, seeing yourself as vibrant, healthy and in control of your health and life?

Next address your diet, is your food live energy or dead? This along with your consciousness is key to the healing process. You cannot do one without the other. Your commitment to yourself, honouring yourself, your body, your mind, is key if you wish to connect to the internal healer.

I hope I have given you some food for thought. A journal of your thoughts is a great way of being able to view subjectively how you talk about yourself. If you have a journal revisit it, read it. Is it focused on everything that is wrong, or is it inspiration, focused on your dreams of the future? If you have a journal go through it, highlight all your negative comments with one colour and all your positive comments in another colour. The colours will speak for themselves.

Next address your diet and also make it a weekly practice to integrate, open, charge and align your chakras.

Until next time, focus on your thoughts, remember negative belief patterns only serve to strengthen your illness. If all you see is stress, problems, struggles, you are feeding and strengthening the negative energy. You cannot blame anyone else or situations for where you are at. The responsibility for your life experiences is a direct response to your beliefs. If you change your beliefs,  your change your energy patterns.

Until next time, consciously choose who and what to align your consciousness too.

Blessed be

Archangel Raphael


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Opening Up To New Healing/Channelling Frequencies

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Jill Harrison Psychic MediumToday, I was asked to sit in meditation by Archangels Metatron and Raphael. I was asked to open myself fully psychically and allow myself to be guided to a new way of channelling, a new way of accessing the angelic realm so that as we embrace the future, it will be easier and easier for all of us to reconnect to the spiritual realm.

The reason this information has come through at this stage is because the old ways have been watered down, amended and changed beyond recognition. I am told they no longer align with the new frequencies of healing energies which are helping humanity to evolve at this time. This doesn’t mean that healing therapies such as Reiki, Quantum Touch etc still won’t be effective, but we need to add another strand of energy to what has already been learnt.

Today I was shown that every soul has an energetic imprint, similar to physical DNA which can be switched on and off consciously. This switch lies within the heart chakra, and within the heart chakra, by accessing this switch, and ensuring we align our conscious frequencies at the correct time, we can open up new levels of communication.

When opening these new channels I was shown that the healing frequencies are not only heightened but exponentially increase. During this session, my hand chakra’s were radiating such energy, I was amazed at the energy and the strength that can be tapped into.

I have had the blessed opportunity to experience many spiritual insights, but these new frequencies truly are out of this world, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Why now I asked? I was told that many light workers are ready to create a shift in their healing ability but until now, their ability to connect with the vision the spirit realm has for us, has been somewhat clouded. Old energy patterns would often interlay the intended energies, along with fear of judgement from peers which meant many spiritual healers and light workers were afraid to step out of the mould of what one does or does not do.

Now the angelic realm are working very hard to help us break free from the patterns of the old ways and for those healers who wish to also step into the role of becoming an angelic-channel healer will find these new methods extremely easy to introduce into their practice.

I am told that I will be given further ritual and information on how to teach and share this information. Once I had received these new frequencies, I was able to instantly access a multitude of star codex languages, I didn’t fully understand what I was seeing, but I was  told that these codes are for the next part of my journey and that my soul understands them completely.

I was also told that I had been brought to Japan because the healing energies that are being awakened from here are key to our evolvement as a species. The eastern understanding and philosophy of energy and spiritual matters when it comes to healing, living in balance must now be resonated to the rest of the world.  Since I came to Japan, for the Japanese the most important aspect of everything appears to be the experience, the energy. The Japanese are focused on the energies and how this makes them feel.

When I first began the meditation, which consisted of me sitting quietly, I was then shown a specific breathing pattern by Archangel Raphael. As I began this breathing, like curtains covering a large cinema screen, I saw myself with streams of different energies wrapped around me. They looked like thick entwined branches of a tree. Piece by piece these entwined branches removed, they were snapping and falling down to the floor. I am told these were karmic contracts, old energy patterns and etheric links that I have held onto and they needed to be removed. When most of these energies were cut, it was amazing to feel a shift within my energies. My mind was alert, almost buzzing with truths that suddenly became so clear. The darkness of the past had gone.

Now I feel a completely different energy within my body and mind at this time and I wanted to share this experience, not to boast, but to convey that there are many changes coming our way on a consciousness level, a spiritual level and a physical level.

The more of us that can tap into these energies and understand the new healing aspects which are coming in, the more we can help others to embrace the authentic self, which is pure light and love.

I am told there is much work to be done here in Japan on an energetic level. The classes that I taught, I am told that most of them will become over this coming year obsolete, and that channelling light frequencies will be my new remit. The angelic healing methods to be taught are for those who wish to bring in higher spiritual frequencies to alleviate pain and disease. These methods will, I am told, open up the channelling abilities to higher realms.

I am to sit again this evening and receive more information, but so that I did not forget my experience I needed to write this down. I feel very honoured to have experienced such a profound energy. With the help of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel who are working with these new frequencies at this time,  it appears that much healing will be called for, both physically, emotionally and worldly.

Many will feel the need to set up healing groups specially to focus upon planetary healing. I am told that specific gate-keepers will be required to travel to specific parts of the globe to help open new energy fields and also close down other portals of energy.

This appears to be a very exciting time, one of great change for those ready to embrace these new energies. I hope that by sharing my experience today, it may resonate with some of you, who have been feeling the frequency changes.

There appears to be much work to do, but now I have been given this vision, I am confident it is a bright and positive future for humanity. Much emphasis will be on how we align our conscious energies. There is so much I have just experienced that I am still assimilating this, but will add further comments on my blog as I assimilate the information and experiences.

When I return to the UK, I am to make way to begin these new classes I am being given hopefully no later than May.

During today I was shown how to apply energetic frequencies to remove the etheric/karmic links and how to access other dimensional angelic healing energy levels using breathing techniques which feed and stimulate the pineal gland and open the connective energy portals between the heart chakra and the pineal gland.  I had not, until today, realised or experienced these angelic beings which work in another dimensional higher angelic realm, beyond our universe. It was amazing energy.

Tonight I am told that I will resume establishing new channelling connections and be shown how to use these new frequencies for self-cleansing. Once I have learnt how to do this, I will be shown how to connect to the various specific angelic frequencies to heal others.

I am told the more we all can learn to access these channels, the more ability we will have to connect with other spiritual masters that have previously not worked within our universe for greater advancement.

If anyone else has been experiencing either a specific calling or energies they can’t quite understand, please do share on here, this way we can hopefully support each other with the growing, caring and sharing.

Have a great day

Jill xx


The Power of 12 – Glenn Harrison

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In a conversation with Pleiadians, we were informed that, according to Archangel Metatron, on a scale 1 to 10 of Universal species intelligence, we haven’t even reached a 1 yet. Pleiadians are 9. Pleiadians have the task of watching over our progress and monitoring the ecology of our planet Earth.

We were told that, as an intelligent species begins to emerge, other intelligent species sit up and take interest when the young species discovers the value of pi (22/7 or 3.142 recurring; the equation used in mathematics to find the area of a circle)

We, however, are, apparently, a bit of a laughing stock to the rest of the intelligent species in the universes. Why? Because we are working our numbers in ‘base 10’. We were told that the design of the universe, uses ‘base 12’ and if we were using base 12, then pi would be a finite number. That number is 3.184809493B

Another name for Base 12 is DOZENAL or if you will, duodecimal.

Now, don’t ask me to explain this number; I’m no mathematician. The Pleiadians explained that when we finally get around to using base 12 again, our science and spiritual knowledge would escalate incredibly fast.

Note, I said ‘again’?

Years ago we worked in base 12. Examples?

12 times-tables taught at schools

60 seconds (divisible by 12)

60 minutes

12 hours in a day

12 hours on a clock face

12 hours in a night

12 months in a year

12 signs of the Zodiac

The 12 days of Christmas

A dozen is 12

12 dozen is a Gross

12 Gross is a Great Gross

12 inches in a foot

12 pence in a shilling

12 Volt batteries

Jesus Christ had 12 disciples, who all had 12 disciples each

12 apostles

12 tribes of Israel

12 members of a jury

Archangel Michael has 12 legions of angels

A legion of angels is 72000 (divisible by 12)

The Tree of Life has 12 branches

12 dimensions of spirituality

12 chakras, not just 7

12 strands of DNA emerging

12 notes to each scale of music

The end of childhood and beginning of adulthood

The end of our numbering system, before ‘teens’

There are 12 universes to a Dodecahedron universes.

12 Dodecahedron universes circumnavigate The Great Central Sun, where the Creator resides.

They tell us that fractions are easier to calculate in base 12 too.

So, until some bright spark works this out, we will continue to count our fingers, thumbs and toes, because we think it’s easier; and the mind boggles, to consider what you call 3 12s, 4 12s, other than 36 and 48.

And whilst we’re on the subject of numbers, why is it we have 20, 30,40,50 etc. What happened to onety (10)?????


You’ve got to be kidding me – Lifestyle Diseases

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Are you willing to just accept its normal that you or your child will be a medical statistic one day and will be diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, to name just a few of these terrible ailments we have in our society?

Today I was told by a complete stranger that I was being reported for misleading the general public because I had failed to provide “PEER” research on our claims that you can reverse diabetes through diet, so that got me thinking, why is it that if something is reported on, by the media or from scientists, the vast majority of the human race just instantly accept and believe it to be the gospel truth?

Two years ago my life was kicked to the ground when I was told my father had lung, liver and brain cancer and while nursing him through this, my husband was also diagnosed with cancer. I could have gone down the martyr road and felt sorry for myself and our family, but I refused to accept that two of the most precious people in my life were going to die from this disease.

Although I accepted my father’s cancer was too far advanced, we did what we could to make his life comfortable and happy. I am glad to say he died peacefully at our home with my family. However with my husband’s cancer, I believed that we had a way to beat this. I and my husband spent thousand of hours researching the causes of cancer. We looked at the medical research, the scientific research and we also looked at holistic information too.

We had forgotten to look back on the information I had been channelling over the last five years from the angelic realm and the evidence from the bible, our channellings, history even, it was plain to see that cancer was a lifestyle disease, as was diabetes.

Through our research we have adapted our diets completely. I have witnessed my husband put his cancer into remission JUST through changing what we eat and how we live. We were asked by a friend who had diabetes if we could help her see if she too, could eradicate her diabetes and after living with us for two weeks I witnessed her diabetes begin to go away. This woman is no longer on insulin.  We have talked to many other people who have also seen a direct improvement in their health  through changing their diet AND YET when we try to talk about this, we are challenged and asked to provide “PEER” evidence.

Why do we bother to write about our findings? Because we care. We write about preventing disease so that you have the opportunity to try it for yourself, to consider that MAYBE, there is a much simpler way to start eradicating these diseases.  I am tired of seeing adults/children struggling to walk because they are so fat. I am tired of seeing all the waste of resources, medical and social that are wasted on obesity and man-made illnesses.

If I was promoting that you take pills or other chemical potions, then I would agree that you’d need some validity that what we claim is true, however when you look at history and see that before the industrial revolution, diabetes, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS, ME, arthritis were not common place amongst the vast majority of humans, and all we are advocating is that you seriously look at your diet as being the cause, why are some people so RESISTANT to considering an alternative way?

If we want a better future for ourselves and our children, we, as adults, have to be the ones that lead the way by example, and share what we have experienced. Before processed meats and foods, before we began putting fluoride in water, chemicals in our animals and land, WE WERE HEALTHY, if enough people can STOP lending their support to companies who continue to poison us and our children, these companies would be forced to rethink what is in their products and adapt, or go bankrupt. If we can stop buying chicken nuggets at restaurants for our children, we can make a change.

I was talking with a client the other day and in his reading, I was given insight into his health which was pretty bad. When I raised the subject with him, he told me he was Italian and the food tasted just too good to consider stop eating what was killing him. I couldn’t believe what he said, when I mentioned it to my husband, he made a very insightful comment “If you put enough sugar on shit, it would taste nice” and that is the magic saying folks. If we put enough sugar, or chemicals on it, we can dupe everyone into believing it is great, but have you seriously thought about the cost of what you are eating just to have short term gain.

Short term gain is, pleasure now. The costs you don’t see adding up are: –

loss of energy + loss of mobility + brain functioning impaired + eye sight impaired + hardening of arteries + immune system imbalanced + cell abnormalities forming + toxicity of liver/pancreas/kidneys = Early death

Think about this, if you TRULY love your family, do you want to become a burden to them? Do you want to leave them and deny them the joy of being with you? Alternatively, what if you’re not the one who becomes ill but your child? Do you want to see them miss out on life? Do you want to be burying them before you?

I know I don’t want to see, or experience either. One of the greatest attributes of being human is we are adaptable, we are resourceful. Change doesn’t have to be radical, changing your diet slowly can still make a difference, but we need to be better informed on what to change, and we need to understand how it affects our bodies.

Below I have listed some documentaries that are available to watch on-line, if by any chance they won’t play in your country, at least seek out the title and see if you can catch this on youtube.

If you want to at least consider the opportunities and are open to listening, then you are welcome to join us and those who want to protect themselves and their loved ones from disease at our weekend master class – details can be found here. Come along and meet the people who have eradicated disease, learn how to cook for health and taste, rather than just taste.

Have a little faith. The creator in its infinite wisdom gave us everything we need, have you noticed how we weren’t given packets of sugar, drugs, or chemicals?

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
Martin Luther King, Jr. 


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