Who AM I? – Archangel Michael

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Greetings beloved ones, my role as protector of humanity, is a role that requires me to guard all things created upon the earth plane. Within my role, I lend my energies to protect and strengthen those who align themselves to truth. For those who lean towards untruths, I work to reveal the need for truth in all things. I hold the authority to dissolve fear, falsehoods and injustice.

I speak to you today, to help you understand the power of the angelic realm. Whilst we are promoted as soft entities, we are first and foremost, responsible ensuring God’s divine will is done. The angelic realm are guardians of the creative life force energy. We are here to help purify and cleanse the earth plane of negativity, fear and oppression.

I hold great affection for humanity, this is why my energies are lent to you, when you are in need of understanding your own inner authority and power.  It is also my charge to help you harness your inner power for the greater good, rather than for destructive forces. I ensure that divine law is put into action in the physical world.

My legions of angels who work with me, work not only on soul evolution, but we work within the corporate world too. We lend energies to support and protect where something is created for the greater good.

For those who believe in me, acknowledge my presence and the presence of God, they are open to channels which transmute negativity and promote manifestation. As well as protection, personal development on the inner plains is part of my remit. Often humans are programmed to focus on the outer world, the outer self. More gravitas is given to the image, then the substance. For those who seek to perfect themselves, to become an embodiment of love and service to others, I work closely with these souls to help them transmute the physical worldly challenges which stand in their way.

So many of you are ignorant of your power. If you were aware of your own power, you would discover your ability to tap into the universal supply of creative energy which would create for you every opportunity you could possible want.  Much of my time is spent on helping others to see that money, things and image is an illusion. Just like other angels, I work to establish balance.

The symbology of my sword was used to explain the power of energy. The blue flames which came from my sword are the flames of creation, the flames of love. Where love is, all things are possible. In truth, I have no need of a sword to fight or ward off anything, for I understand the power of light and love. To utilise the power of creation, you must harness the energy of Truth. Speaking truthfully brings great authority, presence, power and opens the channels to manifestation.

Those who do not align themselves with truth, will find their human desires greatly limited. Short gains may be had, but believe me beloved ones, that is nothing compared to what you could have, if you took time to focus on your eternal blessings, expanding your wisdom and seeking to share happiness and blessings to all.

Currently I am focusing much of my energies on the laws of demand. At this time, the human race’s demands far outweigh the supply. Your water sources are drying up. Your food sources are becoming extinct. We are continually balancing the energies to ensure the destruction of the human race does not become a reality.  The white light angels who come under my direction work continuously to orbit the earth plane, addressing the suffering of mankind, century after century, and still truth does not prevail. Very little value or respect is given to the need for truth.

God, light, the one conscious energy, the greater central sun is the giver of all life. If this light is powerful enough to give life to many life forms, and sustain life on many planets in many dimensions, why do you feel the need to seek to control life and each other? Why make life so hard for yourselves? Why deceive each other, when all this does is create destruction? Untruths disintegrate the foundations of society, the foundations of relationships and the foundations of life.

Every day those angels in my charge and I, battle to ensure the light remains, the truth is revealed. The most important focus of your life should be a daily practice of being in harmony, in balance with your fellow brothers and sisters and the planet which provides you with sustenance. There is no reward in heaven for killing, raping, molesting or harming another human. Because so many of you fail to give precedence to honouring life, this is why many of you still remain un-ascended.

I guard, I protect and I support those who seek to be of the light and live in truth. For those who choose to deceive, lie, cheat and steal I work to restore balance, justice. I do not punish, but the cosmic divine laws dictate that you must learn the reaction that comes from every action.  I seek to teach you all to understand, that  if you are not honouring life by living in the light and truth, you create lack. Where there is love, light and truth, abundance can manifest easily. If you are experiencing lack, you must take time to reflect on where in your life you are not living in love, light and most importantly of all truth.

My great legions will work with you, if you call upon us to help you enable your light, love and truth to shine, we will draw close and support you. Remember that disturbance is caused by energies being mis-directed. If you experience disturbances in your life, you can call on me to help you re-align them, but I can only do this if you are willing to come from a place of truth.

Truth heals all things. I am ever waiting for the opportunity to help you evolve and grow. I am charged with helping you understand and enter into your own empowered self, known as the I AM presence. That power carries great responsibility, but for those who are ready to understand and use it for the greater good, they will inherit and experience the fullness of life.

Be of the truth, love and light beloved ones.

Archangel Michael

Celebrating Death – Archangel Azrael

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Blessings…. every day new soul’s enter the earth plane, and every day, old soul’s depart and return back to the spiritual realms. All things created are constantly going through cycles, dictated to by divine will. It is important that you do not fear death. Death is a release from the physical constraints, or boundaries which hold you back. Death is in fact,  a birth into fullness. Death beloved ones, is a process that must be celebrated.

Within your lifetime you will experience death in many forms. The death of a loved one, a beloved pet, a relationship, a career and  perhaps death of some dreams too. At each stage in your life, these deaths offer you another chance, to transform either your behaviour, your beliefs, or your understanding of life. Sometimes death can bring you a new sense of freedom, a release from something which hindered you from finding happiness and fulfilment.

I know that many of you are afraid of death, but in reality, it is not death you are afraid of, it is simply the process of death. Understand it is only your ego that creates this fear of death, after all, if you look back upon your life, you will see that you are a seasoned professional at dealing with death. Your future, may be unknown, however to dwell on how your end of times may come, be aware it will only create a drawn out and perhaps uncomfortable process.

Therefore, I urge you all to enjoy this moment you have of being alive in your physical body. If events currently are coming to a close in your life, do not see it as a negative experience, but something to be rejoiced in. Consider that you are being released, so you can experience a new paradigm, a new journey.   Believe that whatever in your life is coming to an end, it is also a new magical opportunity to embrace change, and if you don’t fight death, and you surrender, you will be carried by us, the angelic realm, onto that new phase which awaits your presence.  Like on a movie set, the leading actor, needs to take the lead. Don’t make today, a day where your presence isn’t noticed or felt. Don’t be petrified of trying something new. Just like a roller-coaster ride, life’s cycles will take you up and down. You can choose to experience each high and low in fear, in joy, in excitement, or in love, as the leading star in your own life’s movie, it is down to you, so my challenge for you is, are you prepared to stop focusing on what isn’t right in your life and are you ready to have some fun now?

Blessed be
Archangel Azrael

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Embracing Change – Archangel Haniel

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Beloved ones, the energies surrounding your planet today, may make those of you who are sensitive to energy vibrations feel a little unsure. You may well feel you are on the brink of something, but not know what, or how, these changes will apply to you. The universal flow of energy is working to help create great change in how you view each other, and the world as a whole. It may seem that the world is quite mad, but in order to create balance, the new vibrations have to reach to the far end of the polarities.

When vibrational energies affect both polarities, it can seem as though everything is colliding, falling down, but this is not the case. These energies are to help eradicate separateness. Those of you who are afraid of being vulnerable, those of you who are afraid of differences, will all be challenged to overcome your fears, judgements and beliefs.

Trust is essential at these times. Trust that the universal energy of love, of creation, is working very hard to support and lift you all. Focus upon possibilities, not problems. Any issues you experience today, meet head-on, make decisions and cut to the core of what needs to be dealt with. As the veils of illusion become thinner, be quick to pick upon your own spiritual lesson today, whatever it may be. Learn to recognise what your spiritual test of the day is. If you’re not sure, ask to be shown. Ask to feel in your heart, what it is that you need to learn, either about yourself, or a situation.

Most importantly of all, believe and trust in us, for we surround you in violet light, to keep you cleansed and protected at all times. 🙂

Blessed be

Archangel Haniel

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Are you ready for a miracle? – Archangel Jophiel

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Greetings beloved ones.

Are you ready for a miracle?  Do you begin each day with a smile and a positive outlook?  The universe will always answer your input, therefore to help you experience a miracle, I call  upon you to consider, what you can do, to bring joy into the lives of others.

It can be through a greeting, a saying, it can be in sharing a joke. Seek to bring light into the lives of others, and you can rest assured that the light will be returned upon you ten-fold.

Consciously use your power. Be it your thoughts, your actions or your words, to help or bless others. As you are driving along, bless the drivers going in the opposite direction. Ask for us to ensure others make it home to their loved ones. When the traffic light is stuck on red, or a traffic jam has appeared before you, give thanks for this moment to rest in the midst of chaos. Recognise the universe has chosen you to experience a little bit of divine intervention so you can breathe and regather your thoughts.

If you focus upon sharing your light and helping to create mini-miracles in the lives of others, you will discover that you are feeling happier and more confident. Perhaps for some, that may be a small miracle in itself.  By seeing the blessings of your experiences, you will begin to experience many miracles. Life really is that simple 🙂

Archangel Jophiel

Cosmic Vibrations – Archangel Jophiel

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Todays energies call for you to look to the sky, as  cosmic vibrations offer you a unique spiritual opportunity to look at the bigger picture of your life, where you are, and where you plan to be.  The energies from the cosmos offer you a change to feel re-energised, motivated and driven to do, see or experience things which will create lasting change in your lives. If you look at the skies when they are pure blue you feel a sense of calmness, openness, expansion.  Entering into this state of being enables you see what is flowing within your life and what you need to let go of.  Use the energies to today, make time to take a good look at your life from a higher perspective, a sky blue perspective. Do no judge and have compassion for yourself.  Make today a day for planning, initiatives and dreams, for what you believe and think on the inside will be manifested by the universe on the outside 🙂


Archangel Jophiel


Solar Eclipse This Week Heralds Great Spiritual Change.

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On 9th and 10th May, in certain parts of Australia and the Southern Pacific Ocean, a ring-shaped solar eclipse, known as an annular eclipse will occur. This is a powerful celestial event where the sun in the daytime becomes a cosmic ring of fire. Studies show that during and after solar eclipses, there can be a higher chance of volcanic activity.

Solar eclipses herald great spiritual change. They mark a change in cycles, they shift energies which in turn affect our emotions and our sub-conscious mind. During a solar eclipse, many people find new beginnings and also endings take place. If you’re sensitive to environmental energies, Thursday and Friday could see you feeling on edge, uncomfortable and irritable. Sleeping patterns could also be strongly affected.

Solar eclipses herald a change of energies which on a spiritual level help to move us into a new chapter in our lives. However it is said that if a solar eclipse happens on your birthday you are in for some might big changes. There will be no middle of the ground for the coming year, you will find everything will swing from really great, to really awful.

Spiritually, if you are affected by the energies, pay attention to everything with greater details. If you dismiss something as being inconsequential, you could regret it.  If you have mediumship abilities, a solar eclipse is said to offer you the opportunity to be able to make easier contact with our dearly departed.

It is also quite common for weird wacky weather and accidents, probably caused by the fluctuating energies. A solar eclipse heralds a time when you can’t turn back the clock, neither can you return to the way you once were.

So, if you have problems right now in your relationship, it would be in your interest to wait until ‘After’ the eclipse, before you raise it with your other half, unless of course, you did want that divorce! The ancients used to say that if you act under an eclipse, you will live to rue the day.

This may all sound like doom and gloom, but…. it is just precautionary guidance to ask you, not be too quick to react on Thursday and Friday, allow everything to run its course. Glenn often has a saying, when one door closes, another one opens of either equivalent, or greater value. So consider it a sign from the Heavens that another chapter in human evolution is taking place.

Sometimes we cannot fight the changes that occur in our lifetime, but we can choose ‘how’ to react to them. So this week folks, make your motto… be prepared, be patient!


Archangel Metatron

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Archangel Metatron is with Jill Harrison constantly and he has referred to himself as being the overseer of all Archangels, Ascended Masters and Angels. The way he differentiates himself, is by stating he is ‘after’ God, and everything else is ‘of’ God. He is the voice of God. In a recent conversation with Ascended Master Mary Magdalene, she referred to Metatron as God, in that she said if we want direction from God directly, we must speak with Metatron. I asked her if she meant Metatron ‘was’ God, and she replied with a yes. Technically, Metatron is a part of God, in that he is the voice of God which mediates to others.
I was watching a video presentation last night, about making videos, and the subject of ‘meta’ came up, which was explained as ‘after’ or ‘alongside’. I had a brainstorm. Meta-tron… after ? Then I started researching ‘tron’ which is ancient Greek for ‘an instrument’ (a voice is an instrument). Can you tell where this is going?
Some years ago I asked Metatron to explain why his name is different to other archangels, in that it isn’t an ‘el’. He was vague with his answer, telling me he is known by many names. Maybe, we weren’t yet ready for the answer.
Consider that ancient Greek may have been learned from the Ascended Masters and Archangels. Tron, is a Greek word with a number of meanings. I don’t accept the explanation many give, that tronus or thronus means throne, and so Metatron means ‘alongside the throne’ (alongside God).

Tron is used to affix to scientific words, like electron. An electron is a sub-atomic particle of energy. The Creator is energy. Light contains electrons and positrons and neutrons. Meta…tron.
What if…. Meta (after) tron (God)? What if, Tron, is the spiritual name of the Creator? We all have spiritual names. Mine is Yannai. It means ‘God will answer’. How do I know? Ascended Master El Morya told me.
What if we haven’t been told God’s name because the timing hasn’t been right? It may be too shocking for religious sects. Another meaning for ‘tron’ is matrix. God ‘is’ the matrix of everything.
In the film, Tron Legacy, Tron is depicted as God. We (Jill and I) are often told by the angelic realm that we are given these ideas for films, to prepare us for the future. Examples given were Star Trek and Star Wars.
Remember that the word God is also used to describe other things. Old English spellings of God, are Gud and Gad. What if that name simply came for describing all things that are good (gud). Good will prevail. Good in all things. Good is everywhere.
As Metatron said, he is after God… Meta (after) Tron (God)?
Watch this space. When I get the opportunity, I will ask.

Glenn Harrison


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Every answer to every question we have lies within us. The voice inside, the feeling in our gut and in our bones is our intuition. Intuition is another human sense. Today Archangel Michael asks that we make time to listen to ourselves. We are being fed so much information that tells us what to do, how to feel and what to think. We are so busy doing and distracting ourselves with tools of escape in our spare time that it is easy to forget to stop and just be with the self. Archangel Michael asks you to stop, be still and feel the truth within you. Have faith in yourself and take a moment to listen to our intuition, it will always steer you in the right direction.

Thought for the day – Acceptance

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Accepting life as it is, brings peace and healing. You can start to heal both yourself and our planet through acceptance. Yet acceptance does not mean that you give up on attempting to improve things. It simply means accepting that there may be a higher purpose to things even though we do not see it. Regardless of your situation peace is possible now; it will never be any more or less possible than now. Life will continue its course, driven by a will higher than our own. Little we do, will ever change that. And yet, we can change our perception of our circumstances and surroundings and this will make a difference.