Are you Nutritionally ignorant?

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How come if so many foods are bad for us, our Governments don’t get involved and put a stop to it? It’s because the vast majority of people standing in Government are nutritionally ignorant. The blind are leading the blind.


We are all aware that too much sugar is bad for us; but do we really know why, other than we gain weight? We all know that too much alcohol is bad for us, but do we know all the problems it causes us?


Why is it, we are not taught nutrition in school? Our body is our temple. It is nurtured with food, water and exercise; yet we are ignorant as to what food and drink harms our bodies. The vast majority of teachers are nutritionally ignorant.


Even the food served in school, which we have improved a little, is still nutritionally dead, and our bodies’ digestive system has to fight to get what it can from it.


We read about getting our 5-a-day; but the reality is, the 5-a-day has to be fresh fruit and vegetables, not some dried-up nutritionally void raisin.


When your body’s digestive system has to fight to get what ever little nutrition is in the food you eat from packets, jars and tins, the balance we need has to be produced by our organs, such as the pancreas. But that puts our organs into stress from being overworked, and this is one of the major reasons we get diabetes; not just overloading on sugar. When we can’t produce the missing parts we need, we get disease. That disease slowly degenerates our body, with arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, candidiasis; and much more.


I would like you to take a different thought about food. Think fuel! Food is fuel for your body. The creator designed food for fuel; energy; yet we have made it into pleasure.


If you want to get well, get slim and live longer, healthier, you have to go back to what God; Allah, Jehovah, gave us. He gave us vegetables, fruit, roots, nuts, berries, beans and seeds; full of nutrition and enzymes to give us energy and work our digestive system. Without the enzymes in processed food, and the lack of nutrition, because it has be killed by ob=ver-heating; our body is lacking, and we get disease.


Yes, we are getting older as a species; but it is relative to the last 100 years; and we are getting sicker with it. We are living longer, but much sicker, and it is medicine which is keeping us alive for longer.


We are designed to live well over 100 years and be fit and healthy with it. There are still tribes in Northern Pakistan, South America and Japan, where people live healthily well over 120 years of age. Oh, and by the way, they are thin.


The Governments of our countries are not only nutritionally ignorant, they have a dilemma. What do they do with the food industry, when they find out that processed, packaged, refined, fatty, sugary food is slowly killing us and costing our health services billions? They can’t just shut it down; the country’s economy would collapse. Most countries don’t even have the land to grow enough food anymore.


Gardens were meant for growing food, but in civilised countries, we have turned them into ornamental recreation areas, that need as much attention as growing food does.


If you want to lose weight, live a healthier life, reverse heart disease and blood pressure, reverse cancer, reverses Osteoporosis, get rid of Diabetes, have healthier skin, improve your eyesight and live longer and fitter; we are holding a weekend of Eating to Live, not eating to die.


You’ve got to be kidding me – Lifestyle Diseases

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Are you willing to just accept its normal that you or your child will be a medical statistic one day and will be diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, to name just a few of these terrible ailments we have in our society?

Today I was told by a complete stranger that I was being reported for misleading the general public because I had failed to provide “PEER” research on our claims that you can reverse diabetes through diet, so that got me thinking, why is it that if something is reported on, by the media or from scientists, the vast majority of the human race just instantly accept and believe it to be the gospel truth?

Two years ago my life was kicked to the ground when I was told my father had lung, liver and brain cancer and while nursing him through this, my husband was also diagnosed with cancer. I could have gone down the martyr road and felt sorry for myself and our family, but I refused to accept that two of the most precious people in my life were going to die from this disease.

Although I accepted my father’s cancer was too far advanced, we did what we could to make his life comfortable and happy. I am glad to say he died peacefully at our home with my family. However with my husband’s cancer, I believed that we had a way to beat this. I and my husband spent thousand of hours researching the causes of cancer. We looked at the medical research, the scientific research and we also looked at holistic information too.

We had forgotten to look back on the information I had been channelling over the last five years from the angelic realm and the evidence from the bible, our channellings, history even, it was plain to see that cancer was a lifestyle disease, as was diabetes.

Through our research we have adapted our diets completely. I have witnessed my husband put his cancer into remission JUST through changing what we eat and how we live. We were asked by a friend who had diabetes if we could help her see if she too, could eradicate her diabetes and after living with us for two weeks I witnessed her diabetes begin to go away. This woman is no longer on insulin.  We have talked to many other people who have also seen a direct improvement in their health  through changing their diet AND YET when we try to talk about this, we are challenged and asked to provide “PEER” evidence.

Why do we bother to write about our findings? Because we care. We write about preventing disease so that you have the opportunity to try it for yourself, to consider that MAYBE, there is a much simpler way to start eradicating these diseases.  I am tired of seeing adults/children struggling to walk because they are so fat. I am tired of seeing all the waste of resources, medical and social that are wasted on obesity and man-made illnesses.

If I was promoting that you take pills or other chemical potions, then I would agree that you’d need some validity that what we claim is true, however when you look at history and see that before the industrial revolution, diabetes, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS, ME, arthritis were not common place amongst the vast majority of humans, and all we are advocating is that you seriously look at your diet as being the cause, why are some people so RESISTANT to considering an alternative way?

If we want a better future for ourselves and our children, we, as adults, have to be the ones that lead the way by example, and share what we have experienced. Before processed meats and foods, before we began putting fluoride in water, chemicals in our animals and land, WE WERE HEALTHY, if enough people can STOP lending their support to companies who continue to poison us and our children, these companies would be forced to rethink what is in their products and adapt, or go bankrupt. If we can stop buying chicken nuggets at restaurants for our children, we can make a change.

I was talking with a client the other day and in his reading, I was given insight into his health which was pretty bad. When I raised the subject with him, he told me he was Italian and the food tasted just too good to consider stop eating what was killing him. I couldn’t believe what he said, when I mentioned it to my husband, he made a very insightful comment “If you put enough sugar on shit, it would taste nice” and that is the magic saying folks. If we put enough sugar, or chemicals on it, we can dupe everyone into believing it is great, but have you seriously thought about the cost of what you are eating just to have short term gain.

Short term gain is, pleasure now. The costs you don’t see adding up are: –

loss of energy + loss of mobility + brain functioning impaired + eye sight impaired + hardening of arteries + immune system imbalanced + cell abnormalities forming + toxicity of liver/pancreas/kidneys = Early death

Think about this, if you TRULY love your family, do you want to become a burden to them? Do you want to leave them and deny them the joy of being with you? Alternatively, what if you’re not the one who becomes ill but your child? Do you want to see them miss out on life? Do you want to be burying them before you?

I know I don’t want to see, or experience either. One of the greatest attributes of being human is we are adaptable, we are resourceful. Change doesn’t have to be radical, changing your diet slowly can still make a difference, but we need to be better informed on what to change, and we need to understand how it affects our bodies.

Below I have listed some documentaries that are available to watch on-line, if by any chance they won’t play in your country, at least seek out the title and see if you can catch this on youtube.

If you want to at least consider the opportunities and are open to listening, then you are welcome to join us and those who want to protect themselves and their loved ones from disease at our weekend master class – details can be found here. Come along and meet the people who have eradicated disease, learn how to cook for health and taste, rather than just taste.

Have a little faith. The creator in its infinite wisdom gave us everything we need, have you noticed how we weren’t given packets of sugar, drugs, or chemicals?

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
Martin Luther King, Jr. 


Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

An Inconvenient Tooth – There is poison in our tap water

Fast Food Baby

Food, Inc.

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

The Future of Food

The Fluoride Deception


Got Diabetes and Want to Get Rid Fast?

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fat camp for kidsType 2 diabetes is reversible. You can reverse it in a few weeks if you know how. Type 2 diabetes used to be called adult-onset diabetes; but now children get it through being overweight, so the medical profession had to change the name. Diabetes is a chronic disease where the pancreas fails due to being overloaded. It’s REVERSABLE! You just have to take the load off the pancreas and your immune system, so that your immune system can get to work repairing the damage. Your immune system can do this.

People with diabetes eventually have problems with eyesight, some go blind, and many others lose limbs through amputation. If diabetes is reversible, how come so many people have it? One reason is because we are not educated properly about what causes it. Another reason is because so many of us are in denial of it. Another reason is because so many people choose not to change their diet; because their food is more important than their health.

Don’t think it’s possible to reverse it? OK, consider this. Chantel (Shanny) is a good friend of ours. When she saw me lose weight and start reversing my cancer, she asked me to educate her how to reverse diabetes. Shanny is a tall woman at 5 foot 10 inches, age 46, and she weighed in at 16 stone 5lbs. That’s around 40% over her ideal body weight. Shanny had Type 2 diabetes. When she came to us, the first thing we did was make some records of her current health and medication. Her blood sugar levels were 22. That is so high she should be in hospital, under supervision. She was taking 72 units of insulin a day. She was taking Metformin to stabilise her blood sugars too: 2000mg a day. She was also on a high dosage of anti-depressant drugs; Peroxetine.

After 5 weeks of changing her diet, she had stopped taking insulin completely, and was down to 500mg of Metformin. She was also free of the anti-depresssion drugs. She felt great, her skin was glowing, her eyes bright and she was losing weight at the rate of around 5 pounds (2kg) a week.

The diet she went on was not as aggressive as it could have been. She could have lost much more weight and been off the drugs much earlier, but I am not her Doctor, so we took things slowly and let her body tell us how she was doing.

In a few weeks I am teaching people how to reverse and prevent diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis… and much more.

I lost 62lbs in 5 months. I couldn’t believe how the weight just kept dropping off. I was 17 stone 3lb and dropped to 12 stone 11lb, just by changing what I ate. I am reversing heart disease and cancer.


If you can make it, check out the Master Class details at…..



Do You Worry About Being Overweight?

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Obesity Weight LossLosing weight is easy, right? Just keep your mouth shut. Seriously, though, we only gain weight when we eat too much and we get chronic disease from eating the wrong food. I lost 62lbs in 5 months. I couldn’t believe how the weight just kept dropping off. I was 17 stone 3lb and dropped to 12 stone 11lb, just by changing what I ate.

I tire from hearing the excuses, such as having children, getting older, drugs putting on weight. The hard fact is, we gain weight when we over eat for the needs of our body. I was 6 stone overweight; no, get real, FAT at (84lb) (38kg). I could have had excuses about mobility and age, but I get real; I was over-eating; AND I was eating the kind of food which is slowly killing us all. I knew why I was overweight.

I have lost 62lb and I still need to lose more; but I made a massive impact into being thinner. I lost 25% of my body weight in 5 months. I still need to be slimmer, but the massive change I made has improved my health immensely.

What I don’t fully understand, is when people say they are happy with their size, when they should know that being big creates so many debilitating diseases. Even worse, is being big and eating the wrong food. This accelerates the chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, varicose veins, thread veins, angina, cancer, osteoporosis, asthma, psoriasis, candidiasis, bronchitis, acid reflux, thrush, hair loss, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and much more.

Now, some of you may be in denial and shout, “Fat bully!” My passion is to educate people about how what we eat is slowly killing us; and then let you decide if you want to do anything about living a healthier, longer life.

What is your life expectancy? 60? 70? 80? Mine is 104. Being old isn’t naturally being decrepit; it’s just normal in the Western World, because of what we eat, and our lack of exercise. We are designed to live way beyond 100 years, and be fit and healthy, but our eating habits are killing us slowly.

When you are overweight, your organs are working overtime and so your immune system is compromised. This means you are generally susceptible to more illness than a thinner person. If, on top of that, you are not eating the right food, your immune system is further compromised and you develop illness and chronic disease. Chronic disease is slow growing debilitating disease, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


The latest news in the UK from the Government, is to introduce foods with lower saturated fat. What a joke! It will make no difference to reducing the obesity epidemic. Education about food is what is needed. Simple bite-size  bits of regular information. Let me give you an example.

Lack of sunlight on your skin in the Northern Hemisphere means you produce less vitamin D3, which you need to produce calcium for bones and help your immune system function properly.

  • It is crucial for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, for the maintenance of healthy bones.
  • It is an immune system regulator.
  • It arms the immune system against disorders like the common cold.
  • It reduces the risk of developing multiple sclerosis and can reverse it when taking enough vitamin D.
  • Has a key role in helping the brain to keep working well in later life.
  • It plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body weight.
  • It can reduce the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms.
  • It reduces the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It protects you from radiation damage.
  • The right levels of vitamin D have a significantly lower risk of developing cancer.
  • Low levels of vitamin D increase the risk of heart attack and early death.

So what is YOUR current level of vitamin D3 in your body? Do you know? If not, it is a great example of the way we are not being educated. If you go to a Doctor for a check-up on wellness, the chances of you being told you are low in vitamin D are slim. And if you don’t go to the Doctor, what chance do you have anyway?

The medical profession put a safe limit of Vitamin D3 at 75 n/mols. The medical profession work on the basis of crisis management, in that if you have less, you are definitely in danger. You should be working on getting your body in excess of 150 n/mols. People in sunny climates have less of the problems listed above. When I was diagnosed with cancer, no Doctor told me about vitamin D3. I researched it myself and paid, yes paid, £25.00 for a test, which showed me I only had 32 n/mols in my system.  That was a major reason I had cancer.

Now I am beating cancer. I have 200 n/mols in my system regularly and it is part of what I am doing to beat cancer, heart disease and arthritis.

When you are overweight, you can change the way you eat, lose weight, and get healthy. Anyone can do it. You can reverse the heart disease which you are growing. You can reverse diabetes. You can reverse cancer.

If you want to know how this is possible and how to lose weight without going hungry, come along to our Master Class: Eating to Live.



How I Lost 62lb (4.4stone)(28KG) in 5 months…without going hungry

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Yes, I lost 62lbs in 5 months. I couldn’t believe how the weight just kept dropping off. I was 17 stone 3lb and dropped to 12 stone 11lb, just by changing what I ate.


There’s no getting away from it, we are getting fatter, as a species, as the years go by. You read it in the news every day: – the obesity epidemic. Children are at great risk. But we are not really told why. Yes we are told that we run the risk of heart disease. Yes we are told that we run the risk of diabetes; but we are not educated well enough to really frighten ourselves into changing our eating and drinking habits.


If we could take time-caption photographs of the insides of our bodies, so that we could see the damage we are doing, most people would change the way they eat and drink.


When you are decorating your home, and you find woodworm, termites, rotten wood or mould, do you leave it, or just cover it up; or do you find out the cause and get it sorted? Problem is, with disease, Doctors are programmed to cover it up and not waste time educating you about the cause. With a Doctor, you get a quick fix; and most people are looking for a quick fix.


In the UK in particular, due to our wonderful free National Health system, we have become a nation of freeloaders. We have become complacent with our health, because we know that if we get sick, we can get it fixed for free. Our work policies of protecting people’s payments when they are sick, allows people who are employed, to be sick without fear of losing money at work.


There are certain foods which make us sick and fat. We all know too much sugar is bad for us, but talk to someone about not putting sugar in their tea or coffee, and it’s a sacrifice they seem prepared to make. Yet, there are so many sacrifices, that we gain weight and become diseased.


From an early age, with the wrong foods, we start packing on the pounds and our body starts to deteriorate. We just can’t see it, because it’s wrapped up in skin. But there are signs: – asthma, eczema, psoriasis, itchy ears, runny nose, athlete’s foot, joint problems, teeth problems, regular sickness; just to name a few.


The signs you don’t see, you would need a camera inside your body to see. The blood vessels which are slowly clogging in a child, which over many years will cause varicose veins, heart problems, strokes and heart attacks. The candida albicans (bacteria in the colon and intestines) which is getting out of control and growing throughout the body, causing the skin conditions, the athlete’s foot, the itchy ears and the runny nose. The deterioration of the joint tissues, casing arthritis due to overloading joints from being overweight and from eating pig products.


For most people, it’s only when we get to the brink that we make radical changes. The diabetic who finds they may have to have a lower leg amputated. The cancer victim that has to have chemotherapy or surgery. The fat person who can no longer wear fashionable clothes or tolerate the indignity. But even then, if that person is not educated, they simply try to follow the regime that the doctor gives them.


Then you have to ask yourself, if your Doctor is fat, and he/she is asking you to lose weight; what credibility do they have, and how inspired are you to follow their lead?


I educated myself, spent thousands of hours of research, and found out why so many of us are getting sicker and fatter; and it’s all down to the food we eat. Processed and refined food, sugar, meat, dairy and vegetable oils. We are consuming theses to excess, but we are not being educated in the mainstream, about what they are doing to our body.

I found a simple concept. Every other species on the planet eats things which are alive, unless it has been designed to clean up the planet, such as an ant, a cockroach, a crow, magpie, or a pig. You can grow a whole cow on grass and water.


We, on the other hand, are now eating things that are dead. We used to only eat things which were alive, such as vegetables, roots, fruit, beans, seeds and nuts. We only occasionally ate fish and meat, and it was fresh, eaten within hours of killing; not long dead. This gave us all the vitamins, nutrients and in particular, the enzymes we need. Our food today lacks these important enzymes and much of the nutrition is gone in processing, so we eat more, to compensate, and our body breaks down, because of the lack of some of the nutrition needed.


The minute you stop with processed food, and start eating fresh (alive) vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts and seeds, you will start feeling alive. The moment you stop eating lots of meat and dairy and cut it down to a maximum of 5% a week (a mother’s milk has only 6% protein) your digestion system will start to become unclogged, and mire efficient, and I guarantee that weight will just drop off you. You won’t be hungry. You can eat as much vegetables as your stomach can take.


Oh, and by the way, here’s a bonus; when you stop eating meat and dairy, your farts stop smelling


If you want to take advantage of how I lost 62lb in 5 months, and even meet a lady who is doing the same thing right now, started 2 months ago, come along to our class, Eating to Live.

This lady was diabetic, on 72 units of insulin a day. With our help, in 3 weeks, she was off her insulin.


So, are you eating to live, or are you eating to die?


You can learn in one weekend, what it took me thousands of hours to research, You’ll be shown how to juice, make delicious smoothies, amazing salads with tasty salad dressings, and cook great food; bake delicious scones, and even bake great chocolate cake without dairy or sugar. Jill, my wife, will be with us to help with the cook-off.


You’ll get access to all the resources that I’ve found, for vitamins and minerals, books and newsletters.


You’ll get information on what to ask your Doctor for, in the way of blood tests so that you know what condition you are really in; but more importantly, understand what the figures mean, and where you need to get to, to be healthy.


You’ll be shown what the difference is, between what the Doctors tell you are normal (for today’s overweight unhealthy population) and what is a healthy target to aim for.


Did I forget to tell you I am also reversing heart disease with this change of diet?


Oh yeah; and did I forget to tell you that I am reversing cancer with this change in diet, without medication, without chemotherapy, without surgery and without radiation?


Click here for more details on our Eating to Live master Class….



Goddess Isis – Soul Star Chakra Healing

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Goddess Isis MeditationAdvancing Your Spiritual

Growth with Goddess Isis


In order to utilise your power and wisdom from your past lives, you need to open aspects of your Soul Star Chakra. It is the soul star chakra that enables your soul to travel not just in this universe, but also inter-dimensionally to other universes.


The Egyptian Goddess Isis learnt how to master her Soul Star Chakra. Learn how to breathe in new energies  through your Soul Star Chakra to revitalise and awaken the goddess within. Goddess Isis will assist anyone who wishes to harness the powers of love, insight, beauty, wisdom, faith, love and spiritual vision. You don’t have to be female to take advantage of this wonderful experience.


Experience Deep Emotional Healing.


When you enhance and strengthen your conscious connection to your soul star chakra you develop the ability to not only move forward and back in time, but you have the opportunity to connect with the wisdom and knowledge you will have gleaned from other lives in alternate universes.


Empower Yourself and Learn How to Use Your Special Gifts.


The soul star chakra can be located approximately four to five fingers width from the crown of the human head and it is through this chakra that your ability to heal on an emotional level is determined.


It is through the Soul Star Chakra that your ability to connect to different vibrational levels and raise your spiritual awareness is also determined.


Learn how to live the life you desire, instead of the life you’ve currently accepted.


If your Soul Star Chakra is not fully charged, aligned and balanced, this means that the amount of spiritual energies from your angels and guides is hindered from entering into your own personal energy fields. This in turns affects your abilities to be empowered, wise, artistic and creative.


Join our special meditation webinar with Jill Harrison Level 12 Psychic Medium -Avatara
on Sunday 27  October 2013 at 7:30pm London GMT



Full details of our Goddess Isis Meditation evening can be found by going to:-—a-journey-into-soul-healing-with-goddess-isis-948-p.asp


Never taken part in a webinar? Not Sure What a Webinar is?


A webinar is just like watching a television show, except you watch everything through your computer, smartphone, ipad, tablet, iprod or mac via the internet. This also allows you the opportunity to interact with the people who are giving the webinar.


Our meditation webinars and master class webinars are broadcast to people around the world through their computers via the internet. Our webinars allow us to share our knowledge, spiritual messages and teachings through the internet, or if you’re in the USA through the telephone.


During the webinar, the audience can interact with us and ask questions in real-time through an instand messaging factility.


Webinars are great because you don’t have to travel anywhere and many of our webinars are available afterwards for you to rewatch through our private video viewing factility.


Our webinars are usually no longer than two hours long, which means you can fit them in and around your busy schedule. We make sure we pack a lot of information into a very short period of time, so you learn a lot more, in less time.


Because you can review the video of our webinars again and again, this means that you have the ability to revisit them for reference, so you get long term value from attending our webinars.


Easy to use – Our webinars are very simple to register for and attend. The whole process is managed by email and online. There is nothing to download or any complicated technical knowledge needed. In fact, if you can access YouTube, or Facebook, then you can also access our webinars, they are just as simple.


Webinars are an easy way of adding further options for spiritual and personal development, we hope you’ll give us a try.


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Five-obese-fat-men-on-the-beac-33817802If we get any fatter as a species, it won’t be long before mobility scooters are normal for all adults. Our hospitals are already brimming with obesity-related and lifestyle disease.

We may, arguably, be living longer, but we are living sicker. We are using drugs to keep us alive for longer and we are sticking stents in our blood vessels, to open up vessels which are clogged, to keep our blood circulating.

Why are so many millions of people in denial about what they are doing to their bodies?

Jill and I were watching Holmes Inspection on TV. Mike Holmes was at a house a young couple had invested their life savings in, and noticed, although cosmetically, the house looked great, the floors were out of level in some places; there were occasional smells from the drains and areas of mould had started to appear. They had been living in the house for several months. When Mike arrived, they found infestation of termites almost everywhere. They were unseen, so out of mind. The house was about to fall down around them. A few months longer and there would have been a catastrophe.

Is this, I wonder, how we kid ourselves about the state of our health. Our skin covers up the failing body and organs, until they break down. We get the warning signs, but we choose to ignore them.

So what are the warning signs? Being overweight. Skin complaints. High blood pressure. Indigestion. Failing eyesight. Memory loss. Thread veins. Varicose veins. Unexpected thinning hair. Acid reflux. Itchy ears. Smarting eyes. Deteriorating nails. Skin spots. Acne. IBS. Constipation. These are all diet related conditions; of which there are so many more.


Why are we in denial that our food is slowly killing us. Margerine is one molecule away from the formation of plastic. Would you eat plastic?


A pig is designed to clean up and will eat anything; but it is designed to cope with anything. We are not. We are finely tuned and need a complex mix of energy to sustain our life. We need vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, seeds and nuts. We DON’T need meat. The only people who will really take you to task to prove you need meat, work for the meat industry.

As we get older, we get sicker as a nation. Haven’t you sat down and asked yourself why so many people are getting sicker, younger and younger? You are what you eat.


When was the last time you clogged up the sink waste with grease that had set. This happens in your colon and intestines, preventing you from going to the toilet to poo. If you are not pooing twice a day on average, you are not eating the right things.

Those warning signs mentioned above are nearly all reversible, with the right  diet. Cancer is reversible. Heart disease is reversible. Diabetes is reversible. Our good friend Chantelle is now 5 weeks into her new diet. When she came to us she was on 72 units of insulin a day. Last week, she stopped taking it completely, and her sugar levels are way down.


Are you eating to live, or are you eating to die?


Processed, packeted, canned food is slowly killing us. Sugary drinks are slowly killing us. Our children will be sicker much earlier in life than we older adults, unless we educate them about what food we need to eat to live, and what food will slowly kill them.


It starts with our children. If we overfeed them and feed them the wrong things, we are guilty of abuse.

 If you are overweight or obese, you are at high risk of a

lifetime of pain, suffering, disabilities and indignities.

If you want to invest in your life and learn about eating the right things to reverse the ailments you have and get off those medications; or if you simply want to lose weight and get healthy; come along to our workshop: Eating to Live

Come and find out how I lost 64lb in 5 months without cutting down on quantities, and without feeling hungry. Spaces are filling up fast, make sure you attend this event, because it will transform you and your life.



Are You in Denial of How Food is Killing You?

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fat woman

Heart disease and cancer are reversible when you know how. There are times when I despair at the denial in people, when we talk about health and food. Most people I talk to are adamant that what they eat is, in the main, healthy; and seem blind to the long-term dangers of the food they are eating.

Living the illusion, is when you hear what you want to hear, and disregard the rest.

Yesterday, I was locking my push-bike to a post, outside the local Post Office, as I heard, “Hiya; how are you doing?” I looked up, and there was an acquaintance of mine who I have had dealings with in the motor trade. He was munching on a bag of crisps (chips US). I had not seen him to talk to for about 5 years.


We talked about health and my fight against Prostate Cancer, and he recognised I had lost a lot of weight. I explained about the change in diet to a healthier meat and dairy free diet; no vegetable oil, less alcohol and no processed food. He remarked that he had seen me buzzing around on my bike a lot and out walking, and had assumed the weight loss was due to the exercise.

He then went on to tell me, at 58, years ago, he had been admitted to hospital with heart trouble and had a stent fitted in an artery, just outside his heart.  He told me he had quit smoking cigarettes some years back, and switched to Hamlet (small) cigars, in the belief it would be less risky, but he believed the cigar smoking had caused his need for a stent in his artery.


I did my best to explain that it was meat, dairy and vegetable oil, which have caused his arteries to block. He justified by telling me he had cut out all fat and even now only eats game (partridge, pheasant, quail, rabbit). I drew breath with despair, and explained that the meat itself contained a lot of fat and that compared to 100 years ago, from a diet of 10% meat and dairy, we are now consuming over 40%.  Vegetable oil consumption has increased too. He argued, as he munched on the rest of his crisps (chips) that it was the cigars. That was when I knew I was talking to someone in denial.

The vast majority of us are in denial about what we eat, how much we eat and what is in the food we eat; and how processed food is killing us… slowly.


We are in denial, because no organisation is educating us. It should start in school. But what chance do we have when our schools have vending machines with chocolate bars, crisps (chips) and sugary fizzy dinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi? What chance do we have when school dinners are bought on a minimum budget, which determines the nutritional value of the food; food which is over-cooked so the nutrition is lost; fatty food, such as lasagne, Panini, chips (fries) burgers, cheese melt, white spaghetti. Even if an alternative healthy option is put on display, what do you expect a child to gravitate to?

The denial has to stop at home, with you. Take a good look in your fridge and cupboards and take stock of what you are feeding yourself and your family.


Are you eating to live, or are you eating to die? Is your food alive or is it dead? If your food is processed; it’s dead. If your food is refined; it’s dead. If you eat meat; it’s DEAD! Dead food has little or compromised nutrition. Your immune system can only work at a limited maximum capacity; and when it runs at capacity and you overload it with dead food, processed food, refined food, sugary food, chemicals in food, chemicals in the air, chemicals in the home, chemicals in the water you drink, chemicals in the water you bathe in, and the drinks you consume; you get disease.

Almost every chronic condition and disease is a result of poor diet, poor choices of food with little nutrition and an imbalance of the nutrition we need. Out body is a finely tuned machine, which has specific requirements to work properly. Deprive it of some of those food and drink (water) requirements, and your body will work overtime to create them internally to survive, but when overloaded, fails and breaks down.


If you want to prevent or reverse cancer. If you want to prevent or reverse heart disease. If you want to reverse your chronic ailments. If you want to rid yourself of type 2 diabetes. If you want a much healthier body, it’s time to step away from denial and learn the truth about what we are eating, and how it is affecting our bodies.

If you can make it, we are running a 2-day seminar: Are You Eating to Live, or Eating to Die?

By attending this two-day seminar, you can transform your life. Imagine learning how to acheive your ideal weight without the need to constantly be on a diet.

If you were given the option to spend two days on a seminar that would help you decrease your risk of ever having heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, eczema or asthma, would you make a point of attending?

In order to be the change, we all need help and support from those who know how to navigate creating change. Join us for a fun filled, seminar which will show you how quickly and easily serve up nutritious, healthy meals. Discover how to eliminate food cravings. Increase your ability to protect your loved ones from life threatening diseases.

Discover the worst drinks and foods that actually promote disease and lead to thousands of premature deaths.

fat camp for kidsHow your kids develop is a direct result of what you feed them. None of us want our children to experience disease, pain or acquire terminal ill diseases, but unless we stop feeding our kids cancer friendly foods, we are programming them to become addicted to foods which are killing us. Most people don’t want to give up the foods they have been trained to love.

So here’s a question for you…

“Which do you love more,
cancer friendly foods,

or your kids?”

Details here:

What to do, When You Find Yourself in a Place of No Exits – Mary Magdalene

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Mary MagdaleneGreetings beloved ones, I wish today to speak about the spiritual mastery of forgiveness. To become empowered often we encourage all of you to avoid the blame game, but also to become empowered we must also understand, and be able to work with the energies of forgiveness.

You will recognise when your spiritual lesson requires you to learn forgiveness for your experiences will lead you to feel as though you have no where to turn. You may well have been violated; you may feel offended or victimised by someone, or perhaps you are abusing yourself, with judgemental and abusive negative language, which is a replaying of what you heard others say about you at some time.


When you find yourself in a place of no exits, it is because your inner light has diminished and you cannot see the exit points. Only when you make time to heal yourself in a loving embrace of forgiveness will your inner light begin to shine, and show you the exit points out of where you currently are.

You must learn to recognise that it doesn’t matter who did what, or why it occurred. For the sake of your sanity and your soul, you must take a deep breath in and turn your attention to mercy, kindness and forgiveness. By doing this, you manifest the energies of healing, it offers you a place of sanctuary and you need to come to this place, so that you may place your burdens, your grievances, to rest.

Forgiveness eradicates adopted behaviours and beliefs that were fed to you about who you are, and what you did.  Forgiveness does not mean you are required to open yourself up to yet further betrayal or abuse. Forgiveness is letting go. It is an energetic contract with the divine that you no longer wish to have your own energies drained by other people’s dramas and wickedness.

Forgiveness of the self, calls for you to ask “To who’s standards am I trying to live to?” if you look inside of the self, you will find a long list of people who have fed you their own “could have, should have, would have’s”.  These standards become ingrained, along with the belief that if you are to be accepted by others, this is who you have to become. Well beloved ones, from today, I want you to ‘choose’ to become aware of who you want to be. Today, you ‘chose’ the standards by which you want to live and today, you choose, ‘What is good enough for you’.

To enter into forgiveness, enter into your heart. Focus upon your breathing and with each breath feel yourself sink deeper and deeper into your heart. Call upon my presence and together let us move into the energy of love.  Within your heart lies the Divine Feminine, the nurturer, the mother, and the carer. Really connect with this energy and ask her to help you forgive yourself for not being everything everyone and yourself expect you to be.  Then when you’re ready, focus upon an event or person who drains, or has drained, your energies.  Ask the Divine Mother within to help you find forgiveness in your heart. Focus upon any feelings or sensations, and when you connect to those feelings or sensations take a deep breath in and with the power of the outward breath, release them with love to the universe to transform and clear.

Call upon the Divine Mother within you to help you re-establish balance, love and gratitude within your heart centre so that you are constantly aligned with Divine Will.  Take a deep breath in, feel harmony and balance entering into the heart centre and on the release of breath, bring your awareness back to the physical.


Ascended Master Mary Magdalene


Need help becoming empowered?

Then join us ONLINE for our Expressing the Goddess Self

Live Broadcast on Sunday 27th October at 7:30pm
London GMT


03 Mother Marys Acceptance - Spray (50ml) 03 Mother Marys Acceptance – Spray (50ml)
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48 Mary Magdalene - Activating Your Third Eye MP3 48 Mary Magdalene – Activating Your Third Eye MP3
49 Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing CD 49 Mary Magdalene – Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing CD
49 Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing MP3 49 Mary Magdalene – Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing MP3

Sacral Chakra Healing

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  • Are you struggling with your relationships?healing with angels - chakra healing
  • Do you feel people don’t relate to, or understand you?
  • Suffer from a lack of self-love/self-esteem/self-worth?
  • Is your life like a drama, lurching from one crisis to another?
  • Struggling to get ahead at work?
  • Difficulties with money or health?

Did you know that all the above,  could be symptoms of a blocked/dysfunctional or even an over-active sacral chakra?

Our sacral chakra helps us to remain balanced and rational. When our sacral chakra is out of sync, we lose our ability to manage our emotions. If our emotions are suppressed, we can go into withdrawal, or we can be drawn into unhealthy situations such as addictions. the other end of the spectrum is we can suffer from angry outbursts, road-rage, fits of jealousy.

Our physical bodies may also become at dis-ease, thereby making us prone to health problems such as fertility issues, ovarian cancer, prostate/testicular cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones and bladder infections.

Did you know there are lots of simple effective things you can do, to help you keep your chakra’s in peak condition? It’s more than just sticking a crystal on your abdomen, or doing a meditation. Chakra healing requires a holistic approach, if it is to be sustainable and long-lasting. 

If you can understand the psychology of the chakra, the symptoms, the behaviours we exhibit, we can identify and heal at the deepest level possible.  If you’d like to find out more about how to free yourself from low self-worth, boost your ability to express yourself, know how to recognise warning symptoms of a blocked/dysfunctional or over-active sacral chakra, then join us tomorrow night for a live webinar mini-master class with Jill Harrison.

In this particular webinar, Jill will talk you through the symptoms, how it affects your relationships, your career, your emotional health and how to fix any imbalances that may appear.


Book Now:–balancing-927-p.asp

11th September 2013

Fee: £5.00 Starts 7:30pm London GMT (Duration: approx. 1hr 45mins)


Not sure it’s for you?  Here’s what just a few of our delegates said about the last webinar:-


Jennifer – Australia: – Excellent! Great meeting. Full of very helpful information – thanks Jill

Julie – UK: – Excellent! Very informative. The meditation was very good.

Sandra – UK: –    Absolutely Fabulous. I get so much out of the webinars and some great exercises to help me further my spiritual development. Thank you so much!

Tetyana from UK: –   Absolutely brilliant evening, highly recommended.


Learn at home, all you have to do is log-on to our dedicated server, and watch the show. It’s as simple as that. Watch on your iphone/ipad/tablet/pc/mac/phone or if you’re in the states you can also call and listen in on the phone.

Missed the first webinar on the Root Chakra and think it’s too late to join in? WRONG!!

You can catch up by watching our webinar video here:-

Chakra Clearing & Healing - Module 1 - Root Chakra (Video) Chakra Clearing & Healing – Module 1 – Root Chakra (Video)
Discover how to have a holistic approach to healing the root chakra.