Your Life’s Purpose from the Voice of an Angel – The Archangel Gabriel Guided Meditation

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finding your life purposeEach of us struggles to find our life’s purpose. We seek it in our careers, our love lives, and, sometimes, in the wrong places.


The angels are here to help you discover everything you need in life. This includes your life’s purpose and mission.


The Archangel Gabriel communicates from a place that is nearly omniscient and with a depth of insight into your needs, wants, desires, and mission that cannot exist on the earth.


Through this trance-channelled meditation, guided by Jill and Glenn Harrison, you will be able to tap directly into your mind, body, and spirit, where you will discover the presence of Gabriel.


Once there, you will be able to find your life’s purpose. In his infinite wisdom, Archangel Gabriel can gently, but firmly, move you to that purpose, all the while wrapping you in his wings of love, strength and safety.


  • Glenn introduces you to the meditations, explaining the purpose, process, and what to expect.
  • You can then experience the meditation listening to Glenn’s relaxing voice, which helps you tap into your own personal communication channels with the Archangel Gabriel.
  • Jill’s meditation version guides you even deeper until you can see, hear, and feel the presence of this Universal Wisdom, as he shares with you, the larger plan that life, fate, that God, light, the one conscious energy has in store for you.


This is life-affirming empowerment guided meditation designed
to help you out of the fog of confusion and fear, and
into the brilliant light of clarity and focus.


Travel backward and forward in your life:


  • From your earliest memories at a time when the world had not placed scales over your eyes as to your purpose.
  • Into the near future, where you can see yourself living a purpose that is eternal and fulfilling with the guidance of wisdom from an Archangel.


Embrace who you are today with an angelic guide that is profound, immortal, and kind.


When you order this meditation, a hard CD will be posted directly to you – with free delivery in the UK, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


Throughout history, angels have been the messengers of God, light, the one conscious energy to help people the world over, to understand their purpose and guide them to a fulfilling life. This Angel Guided Meditation is a gift from an angel messenger to help you do precisely that.


From the dawn of time, mystics and the faithful, have been able to call upon their angelic selves for guidance and protection. Through this powerful-guided meditation, Jill and Glenn show you precisely how to discover your divine purpose and achieve a level of happiness that you have never felt before.


“I’m trying to shut up and let my angels speak to me

and tell me what I’m supposed to do.”

– Patrick Swayze


Gabriel has been a messenger of the purposes of the Universe in Judeo-Christian literature since the beginning of time. He is known by ten thousand names around the world in forms that are pleasing to the myriad of people on the planet.

The Archangel Gabriel that you will meet through this meditation is uniquely your Gabriel.


Order your Archangel Gabriel Guide Meditation today and learn what you are truly meant to be doing. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY NOW!





Have you got yours yet?

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smallsphereHi Glenn & Jill

Received your parcel within 3 days of ordering – amazing thankyou.

Wow!!!! is the only word – It’s beautiful, brilliant and an amazing tool.

It has opened up my senses literally within a 2 day period, I am hearing quietly all sorts of things, people talking, outline of some people when eyes are closed.

I feel as if I have a lot, lot more clarity in all my senses it’s like I have woken up and see things clearer now. all in a short space of time.

What a wonderful orb, I’ll never let it go.

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to own one of these miraculous orbs.


Karin Nemet


We have a limited supply of our Unique Organic Electro Magnetic Light Healing Spheres left available, hurry before we run out of these great spiritual tools!

To get yours just click here

Watch the video if you haven’t take time to see them by clicking here

Amazing Energy & Cosmic Activity Changes – What does March Have in Store For You?

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canstockphoto2631583With lots of energy changes and cosmic activity taking place, you need to be on your toes to make the most of March.

See what you are currently attracting towards you during March with our Fate & Fortune Monthly Reading so that if you don’t like it, you have the power to change your destiny.  With major transits happening this month, you’d better get ready for action and many changes, in this reading you’ll discover:-


  • What’s coming up
  • What you need to understand
  • What will come as a surprise
  • What will change in your love life
  • Where you will find luck
  • What you may inherit this month
  • What will be ending
  • What you will be thankful for
  • How you will feel about the events happening in your life this month
  • Outcome of this month


To get your reading, click here now! – Only £14.99

Latest Product Release – Powerful Healing Copper Quartz Crystal Ball

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copper-quartz-crystal-ball-approx-50mm-diameter-970-pNEW**  Powerful Healing Copper Quartz Crystal Ball – Healing properties: Many healers at mind-body-spirit fairs, stop at our stall to feel the energy from these crystals. The quartz is amplifying the copper healing properties, easing many people’s joint pain.
Arthritis and Rheumatism are growing dis-eases, brought about by lack of water and chemical imbalance in the body.

Arthritis sufferers have their pain eased by the touch of copper. Healers are buying these crystals to help ease the pain of their clients.


  • Suffer from stress and anxiety?
  • Suffer from being around negative people?
  • Got some negative situations in your life?


The copper, combined with the amplifying energies of the quartz, creates a great ‘grounding’ effect to regulate your auric energy field, especially your Root Chakra.

The quartz has also been Lemurian attuned to further amplify the healing properties.  Keep these crystals at your popular places, to regulate your auric field; to free the negativity and stress, so that you get a better night’s sleep.
A Fireman approached me who was so stressed out with his work; he hadn’t slept properly for 2 years. He took a piece of the fused quartz and put it under his pillow, and told me,the next time he saw me, he had been sleeping almost every night for 6 months.

A woman picked up a sphere at one of our shows, and walked up a flight of stairs to the main show area. She came back 5 more times to pick up the sphere, and went back up the stairs. “You must think I’m mad,” she said. She went on to tell me she had severe arthritis of the knee, and noticed after picking up the sphere she felt no pain, climbing the stairs. When the pain came back, she came down and held the sphere, and went back up the staircase, 5 more times, noticing she was pain free, a little longer, each time. “I’ve got to have this sphere.” she said.

Many people have told me of the calming effect they get when they hold a piece when reading, or watching T.V.

You can also hold a piece to amplify your energies when meditating.

If you’ve had some remarkable results too, please drop us an email and let us know.

Glenn xx


To Order Your Own Copper Quartz Crystal Ball Click Here

Please note that the image is a sample, you will be sent a similar one chosen by the angelic realm for you through Jill



Reviewer: Hayley from Chelmsford   5 Stars
I bought one of these from you at Chelmsford and I have to say I have never looked back. I was wriggled with arthritis in my left hand but now I sit at night watching TV holding my sphere and my arthritic pain is greatly eased. I used to have to take a lot of pain killers and anti-inflammatories but since I got this sphere, I don’t need them, even my doctor is amazed. He is cynical of my claims, but says if it is working that is all that matters. I have lent my sphere to friends they too have had different benefits. One of my friends had a migraine, when I gave her this ball it went away. I am so happy I came across this sphere, it is amazing if you take time to meditate and work with it on a regular basis the benefits just keep getting better and better.

Discover how you can shape your destiny. The Arcturian Oracle awaits!

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Arcturian Oracle

For those who desire to know what the soul truly wants, then asking the Arcturian Oracle will bring you the answers you seek. If your soul is found wanting, then this reading offers you illumination.

Not only does this Arcturian oracle reading offer you insight into what your soul wants, you will be given the wisdom you need to help you get what you want. You will be told what you must ‘consider’ to assist you, along with what helps or hinders your soul’s growth.

Discover the challenges the soul faces, what energies you face and what your future really holds.

This arcturian reading is a doorway to your soul, however before you do anything else, you must ask if you are ready to hear the answers that may be given unto you. This oracle reading is a very spiritual experience, it will hold different information, some which you may already know but ignore, and some you didn’t even realise existed.

If you can embrace the good, bad and neutral, then you are ready to know what the Arcturian Oracle reading has to say. If you are not ready to embrace this guidance, put it off until you are drawn back here again.

You may wonder if your future is set and sealed, discover how you change that which can be changed and how you can shape your destiny. The Arcturian Oracle awaits!

To Get Your Arcturian Guidance Now Go To: –

Not Sure?

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about this reading:-

Reviewer: Lisa Farndon from Shrewsbury, Shropshire   5 Stars
Wow. When I first got my reading I had to read it several times before it all went in. Even my friend thought it was out of this world. I have always felt connected to owls, in fact my house is full of owl things and my friends are always buying me owl themed presents. Jill said in my reading I had a connection with Owls. She said I had an Egyptian past life. I have been to Egypt around 9 times and love it there, my children have Egyptian names! She also mentioned I was deeply drawn to medieval times which is totally true. I felt such a connection to these times I got married in a castle several years ago! She knew all about my childhood and my life now. She knew so much I was knocked sideways. I could go on and on about how accurate my reading was and how much it has helped me. I would highly recommend this reading to everyone! Lisa F

Reviewer: Isabel from Mediterenean   5 Stars
It’s funny how sometimes things that seem so foggy and then you finally admit you want an answer and when you hear the answer to your question life puzzle starts making sense.In my opinion this reading showed me the sense in my past ,the path I walk on and gave me guidance on how to apply my free will and not live others will. In short , it’s great.:D 😛

Reviewer: maryam from birmingham   5 Stars
What can I say! The reading was absolutely spot on! And Jill is amazing! I had to read it through few times to take it all In! Thank you again Jill for the enlightening reading!

Reviewer: Claire Joseph from West Yorkshire   5 Stars
I was surprised at how much the Arcturian oracle moved me so profoundly , with each paragraph I read just seemed to resonate to what deep down answers and and emotions I knew to be true. well recommended a magical experience not be missed if truly interested in your life’s lessons.

Reviewer: *** from USA   5 Stars
Thank you for the reading Jill… You really are a clear channel.. You brought forward aspects of my life that I felt unsure about, you accurately brought through events I am currently going through which affirmed you were getting aspects of my soul development right here, right now and gave plenty for me to think about regards my future development… The reading certainly came through just at the right time… With thanks and blessings…

How A Trance-Channelled Reading Can Help You?

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Jill Harrison Psychic MediumJill Harrison is one of the few true trance-channels who have the ability to leave their physical body so that higher intelligent spiritual beings can converse and communicate with humanity. Jill is an Avatara, her purpose is to deliver messages from the angelic realm to benefit mankind.

Unlike “Relay” Psychics/Mediums who simply relate information from the spirit world, with Jill you have the unique opportunity to connect on a personal level with the angelic realm, so that the message is not altered, or distorted.

Your ability to communicate with, and connect to your Archangels has never been easier, or more accessible. Having a trance-channelled Archangel Insight Reading offers you a wonderful opportunity to gain greater insight into who you are and why you are here. It highlights your issues, why you have them and how you can overcome them. It helps you to understand the true nature of your soul in this physical incarnation.  It reveals how others see you, which can be something entirely different from your own beliefs of how you are in the world.

It can also offer you insight into understanding what programming you have been vulnerable to, how it has created boundaries in your life and how you can remove them.

The depth of knowledge and insight in an Archangel Insight Reading can help you not only on a personal level, but on a multi-dimensional level too. As you begin to integrate the knowledge given to you, it creates a ripple effect, so that not only on a personal level do you achieve more, the effect continues into areas such as your professional life, your relationships, your family and your ability to have abundance on all levels.

If you are: –

  • At a loss with your life purpose
  • Struggling to make something of yourself
  • Struggling with behavioural issues which ruin your relationships
  • Finding life hard to cope with
  • Unable to experience joy
  • Seeking peace with yourself and the world
  • Emotionally blocked
  • Lacking in self-confidence
  • In need of spiritual development direction
  • Ready to face your truths

then a trance-channelled ArchAngel Insight Reading can help you begin to change your life.

We are all part of a large cosmic family, in ancient days, it was natural to seek out the guidance of an elder, a wise one,  isn’t it time you connected with your own Archangel so that you can remove obstacles that currently inhibit you from experiencing peace, joy and love in your life?


Here are just a few comments of how these readings can help you, from other people who have gained and grown from having their own Archangel Insight Reading: –


Reviewer: MARYAM from Birmingham West Midlands!

Thank you so much Jill! The reading was spot on! I felt emotional when I read it, I felt the loving presence of the angels! I had to read through it few times, to fully absorb it all.


Reviewer: Judy Crane from Australia

Hi Jill, Many thanks for the Angelic Reading. All of the information that came through was very in-depth and spot on in terms of personal truth. I feel that the guidance was very supportive and honest. I appreciate having this reading done, and know that I will refer back to it time and time again. Thank you very much. Blessings be. With love and light Judy


Reviewer: Jennifer from Australia

There aren’t the words to express how grateful I am to Archangel Haniel and Jill for my reading. I asked for and was expecting a “no holds barred” reading but found that overall my reading was quite gentle but oh so to the point – I got exactly what I need right now and it has made such a difference already. I encourage anyone who is like me struggling to work out who they are and what it is they are meant to be doing in their life to get one of these readings – they are solid gold.


Reviewer: SJ from France

Hi Jill, I wanted to thank you for your reading. It took me some time to digest and comprehend all the information, messages and guidance. I am amazed by what , I now, fully accept. Your insight is very profound and has changed my way of thinking. Your reading has given me proof that we are not alone and that guidance and comfort is there if we seek it. Thank you very much. I have learnt so much.


Reviewer: Jody from Pittsburgh, USA

OMG, this was so scary. I am at a complete loss as to how you know so much about me that I can only admit defeat and accept that you can do, what you say you can do. The guidance from Archangel Michael was so truthful, hard to admit at times, but for the first time in my life I feel I can no longer run and that I have turned the corner in how my life can be and what I can actively do to create a better life for me and my daughter. Sometimes we want things to change but we don’t want to have to be the ones to admit that we are where we are because of the choices we’ve made. I understand that now. Thanks to Archangel Michael and you, I have direction and I am ready to begin anew. This reading isn’t for those who aren’t open to change. I was scared, you scared me with your accuracy, but now I actually feel relieved that I don’t have to hide any more. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you so much.


Reviewer: Merlin Hoffman from Scotland

Hi Jill massive thank you for my reading just got round to reading it this afternoon. words can’t really explain how grateful I am for it was exactly what I needed to hear. Lots of love and blessings for you and the family 🙂 X


To BOOK YOUR READING NOW or to read many more reviews of Jill’s Archangel Trance-Channel Readings go to:-—email-reading-264-p.asp

Another Christmas Giveaway until end of November.

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Archangel Gabriel

Here’s the










Have you read our book about our first contact with angels?


Did you know there are 6 more books full of angel messages for YOU, full of inspirational and educational information from the angelic realm?


6 ebooks are normally £35.94


but from now until the end of November


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You can have any book for just £4.99;


that’s still a massive saving of 29%.



Glenn Harrison


Tel: 01777 710999


Archangel Messenger. Teacher of what the trinity of ‘God, light, the one conscious energy’ really is, why we are here; and how to make the best of our time with good health and happiness whilst on Planet Earth.

Expressing the Goddess Self – A Journey into Soul Healing with Goddess Isis

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Goddess Isis MeditationIn this special meditation webinar, connect with Goddess Isis and open yourself up to the opportunity to recover soul fragments that may have been lost to old karmic contracts and soul agreements. Experience the healing temple waters which will connect you to the feminine goddess energies by clearing, opening and recharging the Soul Star Chakra.

If your Soul Star Chakra isn’t functioning correctly due to old soul imprints, this can block emotional healing, your spiritual connection and your ability to meditate.  Re-aligning your Souul Star Chakra will help energise your adrenal glands,it will fully awaken the heart chakra and detoxify the body so that you can access and open yourself up to higher, more spiriual realms.

Once your Soul Star Chakra is fully activated, journey on with Goddess Isis to visit the temples of knowledge to understand the destiny of the soul.

This Goddess Isis healing meditation will be a journey which offers you the opportunity to experience a Soul Star Chakra meditation from the only UK level 12 trance-channel psychic medium Jill Harrison.

Join us:-

Sunday 27th October 2013 @ 7:30pm (London GMT Time)