I AM Pregnant

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It is with great joy that I announce I am pregnant.

Surprised??? Well not as surprised as I was when I was told by the angels this news, I had no desire to step into the shoes of Mother Mary, lol

However, I now see how true this profound statement is….

No matter how old we are, no matter what stage of life we are in, we are all pregnant, yes even the men are pregnant, so how does it feel to be pregnant?


You and I are pregnant with possibilities, with new beginnings, with new potential, with new ideas, with new dreams. What we have to be careful of is whether we nurture our seeds of potential or we allow them to wither and die.

The seeds of success, abundance, happiness, fulfilment, love, health live within us, our thoughts water those seeds. Your thoughts will determine whether you have a great harvest or face austerity. Your thoughts will determine how low or high you go.

Today is a brand new opportunity, a brand new you, you can change who you are if you want to, you can improve upon who you are if you want to, you can go from lack to abundance if you want to, it just boils down to what seeds you choose to water within your own mind, with the thoughts you have.

Take just a few moments to consider already since you woke up what seeds you have been watering and whether you are tending the correct part of your mind’s garden.

It is time to break free of the ‘barely get by’ mode of thinking, that thinking that tells you you’ll never get a pay rise, never get out of the debt you’re in, never get out of the rut you’ve created for yourself. Well now, it is time to focus on your pregnancy, when a woman is first pregnant, she doesn’t look any different, but as the months’ progress, as she nurtures and focuses on what is growing inside her, great transformation takes place.

So guys, focus on your pregnancy, will you choose one thing to nurture or will you have multiple births?

I believe that greatness is growing inside of each and every one of us, prosperity, peace, abundance, success, happiness, love, fulfilment are all inside us, just waiting to be nurtured. I hope you will focus on watering your seeds, your dreams, your possibilities.

Don’t put off writing that CV or Book, don’t put off applying for as many jobs as you can, don’t put off being the best you can be, even if you don’t like your job, start to love your job, knowing that you are in the process of giving birth to a new career and in the meantime, you will do the current job to the best of your abilities, so your qualities and your inner light shine into the world.

Trust in your abilities to give birth to the greatness that lies within you…. Have a fabulous day, month, year guys


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mary magdaleneIt is time for you to embrace temperance. When you embrace temperance, you will discover a way to restore harmony and balance to your life.


The current energies are calling for you to stop living hectic lifestyles, that push your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies to the extreme. Is it any wonder you are all stressed, sick and dying? It sounds harsh, but it is true. Now more than ever before in the history of humanity, 70% of all humans upon planet Earth, are already sick, or in the process of developing diseases, which will create a lifetime of suffering and pain.


Life is meant to enable you time to learn how to honour the essence of the self. As the energies call for you to embrace change, don’t be overly sentimental, but take this opportunity to give birth to a more authentic life. Choose to work from a place of love. Choose to invest your time on those things that help you grow. Move into gratitude and honouring of what you have, what you consume and imbibe (an ancient word for ‘drink’; or absorb, such as from reading on the internet). Simplicity can be more valuable than you realise. So many humans are stuck on ‘over-drive’. You need to learn to come away from all the static electricity and harmful energies, that are emitted from all of your electrical equipment. Learn to switch off everything, even if it is just for one day.


Take one day to turn off all of your telephones and portable gadgets. Make a day where you focus on nurturing your loved ones, creating memories of a nurturing time, where you rest, play, love and share. Focus on less, this will cultivate inner peace.


Step off the roller-coaster of consuming. Move into nature, discover the beauty, simplicity and elegance Mother Nature offers all of you. When you move into living a life away from the consuming, you realise it isn’t about denying yourself, but giving to yourself, in its fullest sense. Give birth to your own well-being, health and authentic self. Imagine a day out in nature, sharing a picnic with your loved ones, eating from God’s garden. This is the best prescription for health, life and happiness.


It is time to regain perspective and balance. Choose not to operate in chaos, suffering and consumption. Choose to step away from the masses that are happy to stay locked into the prison of consuming, fighting and slavery.


Much can be learnt through the lesson of temperance. Take time to smell the roses dear ones. Discover what so many of you all are missing… a time for peace and simplicity.



Heart Chakra Healing – Archangel Chamuel

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heart chakraThe Heart Chakra – Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Be aware the experiences you have, are an extension of what lies in your heart chakra. If you are experiencing suffering, or living a chaotic life, then it is because you are sending out mixed messages to the universe.
You cannot expect things to improve for you, if you feel you can’t go on any longer, but then through your actions, continue to put up, and shut up, with your current circumstances.
By focusing upon your own heart chakra, and considering, where you may be sending out to the universe, mixed messages, you can then take a moment to be still and focus on inner peace. Focusing on inner peace will clear the energies you are sending and receiving. Move your awareness to what you are creating, and what your heart chakra is guiding you to do. When you then focus firmly on what your goal is, the solutions and the way forward will become clearer.
Be aware of your inner thoughts. Are they in sync with what you feel? Are your actions in sync with what you do? The heart chakra is the driving force of your energy systems. The heart chakra is where your soul energy resides. Today, be open to ensuring your thoughts, actions and feelings are all aligned.
If you’re not clear about what you want, then the world, life, and your experiences, will become unclear. You should also listen and hold awareness for what others say to you. Are their words in alignment with their actions? The words you speak, always reveals what truly lies in your heart. A person can pretend to be caring, but if their words are sharp with others, or critical, then the heart is revealing they don’t care as much as you were first led to believe.
Focus on inner peace and calm today. Choose to speak less and listen more. Watch for the incongruences, which are there to see, be aware of yourself and others, and you will quickly recognise how to get yourself back in alignment, by focusing back upon your heart chakra, and the energies you are sending out into the world.
Archangel Chamuel
(Trance-Channelled by Jill Harrison)
(Jill: An example of an incongruence, is when someone makes out they are listening to you, but they are reading or writing texts on their phone.)
If you would like to learn more about how to use frequencies, to create more peace, happiness and fulfilment, be sure to join us for our Angelic Heart Chakra Healing Webinar with Archangel Chamuel. To find out more, CLICK HERE

Making Your Connection To Your Angels And The Inner-Self Easy.

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If you are feeling disconnected or your mind feels heavy and numb, think of a particular angel you are drawn to and just mental note how your body feels and then say the name of your chosen angel. When you say the name of your angel, notice what happens to your body.

Some people may get a tickle on their nose, you may feel a sensation in your ears or heart. Just keep repeating the name and see which sensation keeps getting repeated within your body. This is where you can learn what area of your body can help you connect to the angel you wish to speak or connect with

When you feel a sensation, focus upon that area and ask the angel of your choice what you need to know right now. If a word comes up, it can be a keyword that will overlight the theme of your day. If you get a sensation, explore how that sensation made you feel, if you felt a pain in your stomach area, it may be more focus is needed. If you feel a sensation on your forehead, it may be you use your inner sight and see things more clearly.

Your angels can help you and guide you all the time, as soon as you consciously think and call upon an angel, you will receive guidance.

You might like to try this with different archangels, say Michael and Gabriel. Try not to do too many at once. Each Angel should have a different area through which they connect to you.

Interested in Archangels, Angel Healing – Spiritual Healing?

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Learn this powerful new Archangel Ray healing, direct from Source; to aid yourself or others in the healing process.


Since the beginning of 2014 the angel healing energies now require us to work through the cosmic heart, thereby bringing us in alignment with the new ascension spiritual healing codes, which are being channelled to Earth at this time. You don’t have to have any healing experience to attend this class, but if you do, it will help you to advance your existing skills to a greater level.

Not all spiritual healers are channels.

This Angel Healing Master Class offers you the opportunity to become a channel-healer and if you have aleady done Reiki, you can learn how to take Reiki to the next level.

Whereas before, most forms of healing therapies did not involve diagnosis, these new angel healing energies enable us to clear our own energy levels, which in turn elevates our ability to channel information, to provide diagnosis, discover the hidden programming that is causing disease, and remove the root cause of what is causing the dis-ease, within the physical and emotional body.

What This 2-Day Angel Healing Master Class Includes:

  • Introduction to the Archangel Rays.
  • Clearing your energy fields.
  • Removing etheric cords with Archangel Michael.
  • Learning the power of breath to open your psychic channels to the Archangels.
  • Activating and opening the higher chakras.
  • Personal energy angel healing therapy.
  • Diagnosis and anatomy of illness.
  • Understanding emotional energy.
  • Important aspects to remember in the healing process.
  • Changing the quantum energy healing for emotional and physical issues.
  • Accessing Seraphim angel healing ​
  • Channelling the Seraphim Archangels

During this archangels spiritual healing master class you will have the opportunity to learn how to clear your own energy fields and environmnet, to enhance your psychic and telepathic abilities.Before we can heal others now, we have to be a clear channel for the new angel healing energies to come through. The first day of this amazing spiritual healing Master Class, we look are the various Archangel vibrational healing rays, and how to work with them. We will also work on releasing etheric cords, emotional blockages, any past life issues that affect your ability to function on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis.We will also work on opening and activating the higher chakras so that your third-eye and heart chakra are continually connected to the higher-self, for telepathic guidance and healing knowledge.We finish off on day one, by opening your channelling abilities with the Archangels.

Day two is a highly intensive practical spiritual healing day, utilising the Seraphim techniques learnt on day one to work with the Archangels. Come and discover the healing gifts each Archangel offers you.

When you use this powerful angel healing correctly, the Archangels will communicate the negative emotions and fears which are creating the symptoms, and with the help of the archangels you will learn how to channel new spiritual healing energies to help dissolve the blockage.

This is a powerful Master Class – suitable for anyone with a passion to heal.

Here are two case studies of using this energy healing technique from the archangels.

Angel Healing – Spiritual Healing Case Studies:

Case 1 – I had the pleasure of helping a client access and connect to the 14th ray of Interstellar Service. Connecting with the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. The client, who had not channelled before (using the new breathing techniques given to me by the angelic realm), was able to experience an integration in his Ka template. He experienced an emotional transition during this session, and his experience has brought him to a place of great peace and understanding about his true nature, and his future role, in balancing cosmic and Earth energies, as a channel. He has left with the ability to channel instantly, and connect at a very high level. There was no need for me to relay the messages in the normal way. For the first time, he had the ability to connect to his spiritual gateway source, and see, hear and feel the information he needed to know.

Whilst channelling and connecting with his Sirian guide, the energies filled the room. They were amazing. I feel very blessed to have witnessed such a profound transformation in this client. As this is the year of the Cosmic Heart, the energies we are being allowed to integrate and connect to, really can be life changing. Unity Consciousness, both planetary and cosmically is slowly becoming a reality for those who work in light-service. The new teachings being brought through at this time enable us all to connect with spirit.


Case 2 – Whilst teaching in Japan, I was asked, out of the blue, to do a healing session for a lady. Normally I spend quite a lot of time asking about the condition that wishes to be treated, but I was guided to just be open to the process I had been taught by the angelic realm. I was prompted to ensure the client was breathing in a manner which opened up their channels. As the energy link began to flow from myself, to the client, then into the Earth, the energy created a specific resonance that could physically be felt by the client.

Archangel Raphael then introduced a breathing pattern for this client, which established a firm link to the higher dimensional angels. I was told that references would be given and I was not to consciously connect to them, but give them to the client, as they would unlock codes which would enable the blocked energies to be released. For five minutes the angelic vibrations were built. The energies were magnified down through the client. At this stage, the number 14 appeared in my third-eye. I simply said to the client, “Age 14”. The client’s body appeared to drop, as though all tension had just suddenly gone.

I was guided to place my hands on the lower back. At this stage, the heat coming through the hand chakras, was extremely hot. The client was asked not to resist this energy, but pull the energy in, and release it out using the outward breath through the mouth. Once the heat had dissipated, the final guidance was to place my hands either side of her heart chakra. Various colours streamed down into the client, and through me. A sense of angelic presences filled the room. I could see Divine presences encircling us. It was a very spiritual and poignant moment.

After the healing session, whilst I had experienced much, the client was looking rather shocked. I asked her to describe her experiences, and if she could relate to any of the experiences. She told me she was amazed at what she had just experienced. It seemed that at the age of 14, this woman had experienced something which had caused her to feel great shame about herself. She had never spoken of. She said that during the healing session, she was shown how this energy had kept her trapped, unable to express her heart, and unable to feel strength. She said she felt the angels take this from her. She said she felt free.

She said she also couldn’t believe that this healing had also sorted another problem she had been having, even though she had not mentioned it. For a while she had been experiencing a lot of pain on one side of her hip and leg. She said she physically felt the angels healing this area of her body. The pain is gone, and her leg feels very normal now. Through this session this lady became aware of situations and people who did not have her best interests at heart, and she now realises how loved and accepted she is by the angelic realm. This was the greatest confirmation she had.


I had watched this lady transform in just a short time. It was wonderful valid confirmation that this process is indeed powerful and works on many levels. It is available to you.


Listen to some of the feedback from our Students in this short video…

To arrange to attend our powerful angel healing master class go to: –



The Anatomy of Disease – Archangel Raphael

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the third dimensional plane, disease begins when emotional issues aren’t dealt with, and the inability to deal with the issues causes the soul to withdraw from the body. Sometimes the soul withdrawal can be slow, through the process of a debilitating disease, and at other times the disease can be swift.

The difference between the disease being swift or quick, relies upon the factor of whether the physical cells are in prime condition, and the immune system is in a state of homeostasis. In the event the body lacks the correct energies, and the cellular energies are deficient, you will see a quick growth of disease.  In the case of a being who is physically fit, and whose bodily energies are high, the disease will take a long time to take a hold, thereby giving the being optimum time to release the emotions which are causing the disease.

When disease is first detected, it is important to realise that this is the soul’s way of trying to purify itself. It alerts the being to emotions, mental and behavioural patterns, that are not vibrating in love, light and truth.

Often learning to master the emotions and belief systems, are not seriously considered when trying to treat diseases.  As all humans try to avoid pain, and seek pleasure, often little thought or gravity is given to the need to look at diet, exercise and a healthy emotional body.

If disease is to be eradicated within the human species, then the focus of treatment must begin first and foremost with the mental and emotional state of the patient being fully diagnosed. Issues of abandonment, lack of self-worth, lack of self-love, emotional abuse, fear, anger; all of these, to name just a few, must be looked at closely, in order for the healing process to begin.

The consciousness is a vast and complicated energy to understand, but unless you can learn to seek out the emotional source of your diseases, they cannot be treated holistically. You may prolong your life for a short while, but the same disease or a similar one will occur elsewhere, if the patient is still in denial.

Often, from the spiritual realm we speak of balance, and therefore it is so important to try to see everything as energy. The energy of a situation, the energies of a person; and then tune into what emotions you are attaching to the situation or person. As an example, if you, upon meeting someone, take an immediate dislike, the emotion you attached at that time to that person, will be very hard to shift, because the emotion you had with that person created a cellular memory.  It will take an enormous amount of effort to try to see the person in a different light.  It is not necessarily the person’s behaviour or beliefs that you took an instant dislike to; it may be their energies touched upon a hidden fear deep within the sub-conscious mind.

Fear is an emotion that really needs to be explored in greater depth on the human level. It is possible to have a fear of something, even though you have never experienced it; for example a fear of flying, or a fear of swimming.

The first line of defence, when facing illness or disease, must be emotional clearing, along with diet and then regular exercise. Meditation offers you an opportunity to clear emotional and mental stress. Done regularly, it will help you explore who you are, and at the same time, it will aid your body in the cleansing process.

If you cast your mind back to how many years you have lived, there is locked inside your emotional and mental bodies, memories, beliefs and fears that were created a long time ago, that you can’t even remember them. This doesn’t mean they still aren’t functioning on a deep sub-conscious level.

Many of your belief systems are programmed, absorbed from those around you, and all of these contribute to your ability to fight disease. As an example, if you look at people who are ill a lot, they generally tend to be surrounded by others who are negative, and focus on suffering. They will talk about their illnesses. They will moan generally about everything that is lacking or wrong with life, others or themselves.  In the event the person suffering from disease is alone, then often this is a way of seeking recognition, acknowledgement.

Many people find it hard to accept that their emotions are the cause of disease, but by looking closely at the anatomy of the illness, and why the body is going through the purification process, it is possible to eliminate disease. It is only the fear of the unknown, or the fear of how painful the change may be, that causes many to turn away and not deal with issues from the past.

If you are experiencing disease at this present time, then if nothing else, begin a routine of meditation, on a minimum of once a day. If possible, twice a day; once in a morning to keep your emotional energies high during the day, and once in an evening to relax and enable you to clear away the clutter of energies you have absorbed during your day.

Many of you upon reading my guidance will say you don’t have time, but I want you to seriously consider what it will cost you long term if you don’t. Your life, loss of your career, pain and suffering for your family, financial difficulties, your mobility, your dignity, to name just a few. It isn’t rocket science; it is purely understanding that your conscious energy, your thoughts combined with your emotions, create your environment, not only on an external level, but also a cellular level.

If you are unable to relax your mind, to stay focused during a meditation, then this is already an indicator that your energies are imbalanced.  If you fall asleep during a meditation, this is alright, for you have allowed your emotional body and your physical body to completely relax and release itself in an unconscious state. Give yourself the gift of health. Taking care of your emotional and mental health is vitally important if you wish to eradicate disease.



Archangel Raphael



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Starseed Heritage – Pleiadians

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We are not AloneThe Pleiades Star System is home to the beings called Pleiadians. According to Archangel Metatron there are three ethnic groups of Pleiadians. The first group of Pleiadians are Nordic in looks with fair skin, fair hair and they tend to have green or blue eyes. The second group of Pleiadians are the originators of the Native American Indians. The Pleiadians who founded the Native American Indian race were genetically disposed towards dark skin, with red/brown hair and brown eyes. This group of Pleiadians originated from Lyra. The third group of Pleiadians are genetically disposed to creating Mediterranean looking beings with very dark hair and dark eye colouring.


The Nordic Pleiadians first arrived in Scandinavia.  Teotihuacan in Mexico was where the second group of Pleiadians arrived upon the earth plane. Over time they migrated further north in to Northern America. The third group of Pleiadians arrived in North Africa.


All Pleiadians have a natural immunity to most disease. Their physique is muscular and very flexible. Most Pleiadians tend to be perfectly proportioned. The focus of Pleiadians is ultimate pleasure. These sentient beings focus upon unconditional love. The Pleiadians are extremely positive beings and they believe in abundance for all. High self-esteem and self-worth are common traits for the Pleiadians.


Pleiadians tend to err towards humanitarian roles, particularly in environmental issues and protection of other forms of life, in particular the animal and aquatic life forms. They abhor waste of natural resources and believe in only taking what is needed, as long as it is not to the detriment of the planet the reside upon.


Pleiadians believe that all disease is created from the emotions; therefore they consciously align their thoughts to positive and productive beliefs. It is quite normal for the Pleaidians to live for over a thousand years.


Pleiadians understand about light energy and vibration. They utilise this to keep their energy fields balanced.  Pleaidians have incarnated upon earth to help humans embrace self-worth, to respect freedom and to understand the true meaning of compassion. Once humanoids have learnt this we will open the doorway for other life forms to begin to connect and integrate with us.



Connect with the Pleiadians


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How A Trance-Channelled Reading Can Help You?

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Jill Harrison Psychic MediumJill Harrison is one of the few true trance-channels who have the ability to leave their physical body so that higher intelligent spiritual beings can converse and communicate with humanity. Jill is an Avatara, her purpose is to deliver messages from the angelic realm to benefit mankind.

Unlike “Relay” Psychics/Mediums who simply relate information from the spirit world, with Jill you have the unique opportunity to connect on a personal level with the angelic realm, so that the message is not altered, or distorted.

Your ability to communicate with, and connect to your Archangels has never been easier, or more accessible. Having a trance-channelled Archangel Insight Reading offers you a wonderful opportunity to gain greater insight into who you are and why you are here. It highlights your issues, why you have them and how you can overcome them. It helps you to understand the true nature of your soul in this physical incarnation.  It reveals how others see you, which can be something entirely different from your own beliefs of how you are in the world.

It can also offer you insight into understanding what programming you have been vulnerable to, how it has created boundaries in your life and how you can remove them.

The depth of knowledge and insight in an Archangel Insight Reading can help you not only on a personal level, but on a multi-dimensional level too. As you begin to integrate the knowledge given to you, it creates a ripple effect, so that not only on a personal level do you achieve more, the effect continues into areas such as your professional life, your relationships, your family and your ability to have abundance on all levels.

If you are: –

  • At a loss with your life purpose
  • Struggling to make something of yourself
  • Struggling with behavioural issues which ruin your relationships
  • Finding life hard to cope with
  • Unable to experience joy
  • Seeking peace with yourself and the world
  • Emotionally blocked
  • Lacking in self-confidence
  • In need of spiritual development direction
  • Ready to face your truths

then a trance-channelled ArchAngel Insight Reading can help you begin to change your life.

We are all part of a large cosmic family, in ancient days, it was natural to seek out the guidance of an elder, a wise one,  isn’t it time you connected with your own Archangel so that you can remove obstacles that currently inhibit you from experiencing peace, joy and love in your life?


Here are just a few comments of how these readings can help you, from other people who have gained and grown from having their own Archangel Insight Reading: –


Reviewer: MARYAM from Birmingham West Midlands!

Thank you so much Jill! The reading was spot on! I felt emotional when I read it, I felt the loving presence of the angels! I had to read through it few times, to fully absorb it all.


Reviewer: Judy Crane from Australia

Hi Jill, Many thanks for the Angelic Reading. All of the information that came through was very in-depth and spot on in terms of personal truth. I feel that the guidance was very supportive and honest. I appreciate having this reading done, and know that I will refer back to it time and time again. Thank you very much. Blessings be. With love and light Judy


Reviewer: Jennifer from Australia

There aren’t the words to express how grateful I am to Archangel Haniel and Jill for my reading. I asked for and was expecting a “no holds barred” reading but found that overall my reading was quite gentle but oh so to the point – I got exactly what I need right now and it has made such a difference already. I encourage anyone who is like me struggling to work out who they are and what it is they are meant to be doing in their life to get one of these readings – they are solid gold.


Reviewer: SJ from France

Hi Jill, I wanted to thank you for your reading. It took me some time to digest and comprehend all the information, messages and guidance. I am amazed by what , I now, fully accept. Your insight is very profound and has changed my way of thinking. Your reading has given me proof that we are not alone and that guidance and comfort is there if we seek it. Thank you very much. I have learnt so much.


Reviewer: Jody from Pittsburgh, USA

OMG, this was so scary. I am at a complete loss as to how you know so much about me that I can only admit defeat and accept that you can do, what you say you can do. The guidance from Archangel Michael was so truthful, hard to admit at times, but for the first time in my life I feel I can no longer run and that I have turned the corner in how my life can be and what I can actively do to create a better life for me and my daughter. Sometimes we want things to change but we don’t want to have to be the ones to admit that we are where we are because of the choices we’ve made. I understand that now. Thanks to Archangel Michael and you, I have direction and I am ready to begin anew. This reading isn’t for those who aren’t open to change. I was scared, you scared me with your accuracy, but now I actually feel relieved that I don’t have to hide any more. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you so much.


Reviewer: Merlin Hoffman from Scotland

Hi Jill massive thank you for my reading just got round to reading it this afternoon. words can’t really explain how grateful I am for it was exactly what I needed to hear. Lots of love and blessings for you and the family 🙂 X


To BOOK YOUR READING NOW or to read many more reviews of Jill’s Archangel Trance-Channel Readings go to:-



Angel Message of the Day – Overwhelmed – Energy Update – Archangel Metatron

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bigstock-Woman-and-man-silhouette-with--25140983Blessings, todays energies are increasing to help bring about a higher consciousness however this may cause some of you to feel more overwhelmed than usual.

However, whilst it is easy to blame the energies, someone else, or a situation for your current emotional state, recognise that it is also a message from your soul that you have lost sight of your purpose. Firstly it may help you to understand that around the world, at this very precise moment, there are millions of men, women and children, who feel overwhelmed, so you’re not alone.

Also on another positive note, you may need to remember that there is support from your overseeing archangel, your ascended master, your spirit guide, your family members , your guardian angel and support angels around you.

If you ask them to help give you strength, to nurture you, they can help you, but remember God helps those who help themselves. In a period where you feel overwhelmed, take some time out to fill yourself with colour. Visualise, meditate on bringing in the colours of the rainbow, to help raise your vibrational frequencies.

Your soul is calling for you to stop and smell the flowers. Life is more than doing, responding and thinking, life is also about feeling but so many of you ignore your feelings. A strong spiritual being recognises its frequencies, its energies. Focus upon choosing experiences that contribute and support you at this time.

Wherever you have the most adversity, be very aware that it is a call for you to change your thoughts, your attitude. Running away, giving in, is not always the answer. Sometimes a challenge, which in reality is an opportunity to grow, requires a bit of DIY.  If you’re home is looking drab, you redecorate, you clean, you tidy, and so too must you apply this to your thoughts, emotions and physical state.

Also consider how your emotions, thoughts and behaviour may be affecting others if you project them into the workplace, the home, they affect your loved ones too. Not only does it affect other humans auric fields, it also inhibits manifestation, it slows down the ability of you being able to draw to you more positive results.  Negative thoughts, feeling as though there is no end in sight, will manifest this for you. Focusing on lack of money, will result in greater lack of money. Focusing on having no support will result in less support, need I stress this point anymore?

Use affirmations such as: –

  • I am free of restrictions.
  • I am powerful beyond measure.
  • Every day I am experiencing more abundance and joy.
  • I am free of the past.
  • I now have the ability to release negative patterns in my life.
  • Every day my love of self and others deepens more and more.
  • Every day I am charged with spiritual light. I am free of fear.
  • Every day I choose to support others by shining my positive light wherever I go.
  • Today I consent to giving my healing energies wherever they may be needed.

Today choose try to move your thoughts into light and spend some time rebalancing, charging and aligning your chakras.

Blessed be

Archangel Metatron


Tools to assist you with negative energies and emotions:-

34 Archangel Metatron - Chakra Flower (Colour) Cleanse Meditation CD 34 Archangel Metatron – Chakra Flower (Colour) Cleanse Meditation CD


34 Archangel Metatron - Chakra Flower (Colour) Cleanse Meditation MP3 34 Archangel Metatron – Chakra Flower (Colour) Cleanse Meditation MP3


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Goddess Isis – Soul Star Chakra Healing

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Goddess Isis MeditationAdvancing Your Spiritual

Growth with Goddess Isis


In order to utilise your power and wisdom from your past lives, you need to open aspects of your Soul Star Chakra. It is the soul star chakra that enables your soul to travel not just in this universe, but also inter-dimensionally to other universes.


The Egyptian Goddess Isis learnt how to master her Soul Star Chakra. Learn how to breathe in new energies  through your Soul Star Chakra to revitalise and awaken the goddess within. Goddess Isis will assist anyone who wishes to harness the powers of love, insight, beauty, wisdom, faith, love and spiritual vision. You don’t have to be female to take advantage of this wonderful experience.


Experience Deep Emotional Healing.


When you enhance and strengthen your conscious connection to your soul star chakra you develop the ability to not only move forward and back in time, but you have the opportunity to connect with the wisdom and knowledge you will have gleaned from other lives in alternate universes.


Empower Yourself and Learn How to Use Your Special Gifts.


The soul star chakra can be located approximately four to five fingers width from the crown of the human head and it is through this chakra that your ability to heal on an emotional level is determined.


It is through the Soul Star Chakra that your ability to connect to different vibrational levels and raise your spiritual awareness is also determined.


Learn how to live the life you desire, instead of the life you’ve currently accepted.


If your Soul Star Chakra is not fully charged, aligned and balanced, this means that the amount of spiritual energies from your angels and guides is hindered from entering into your own personal energy fields. This in turns affects your abilities to be empowered, wise, artistic and creative.


Join our special meditation webinar with Jill Harrison Level 12 Psychic Medium -Avatara
on Sunday 27  October 2013 at 7:30pm London GMT



Full details of our Goddess Isis Meditation evening can be found by going to:-




Never taken part in a webinar? Not Sure What a Webinar is?


A webinar is just like watching a television show, except you watch everything through your computer, smartphone, ipad, tablet, iprod or mac via the internet. This also allows you the opportunity to interact with the people who are giving the webinar.


Our meditation webinars and master class webinars are broadcast to people around the world through their computers via the internet. Our webinars allow us to share our knowledge, spiritual messages and teachings through the internet, or if you’re in the USA through the telephone.


During the webinar, the audience can interact with us and ask questions in real-time through an instand messaging factility.


Webinars are great because you don’t have to travel anywhere and many of our webinars are available afterwards for you to rewatch through our private video viewing factility.


Our webinars are usually no longer than two hours long, which means you can fit them in and around your busy schedule. We make sure we pack a lot of information into a very short period of time, so you learn a lot more, in less time.


Because you can review the video of our webinars again and again, this means that you have the ability to revisit them for reference, so you get long term value from attending our webinars.


Easy to use – Our webinars are very simple to register for and attend. The whole process is managed by email and online. There is nothing to download or any complicated technical knowledge needed. In fact, if you can access YouTube, or Facebook, then you can also access our webinars, they are just as simple.


Webinars are an easy way of adding further options for spiritual and personal development, we hope you’ll give us a try.