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angel meditationGreetings,

Already there has been a shift in the consciousness of mankind, and as you venture forth towards the end of January and enter February you are entering an auspicious time of great emotional change.  Many of you will find the need to reflect on the direction of your life and the purpose of your actions over the coming months.

As the decline in interest towards material/physical pursuits begins, many of you will feel the need to be outside in nature, to seek solace, to find the peace that comes from being at one with nature. During February the cosmic energy alignment which takes place on the second of February adjusts the geo-magnetic frequencies around Mother Earth, it will herald an opportunity for you all to release much of that which no longer serves you. Whilst this means friendships, relationships, or careers may come to an end, rejoice that new opportunities and pathways are opening up to all those ready to embrace a new chapter in their lives.

This is the year of the cosmic heart, which means more of you will become attuned to the urgings of the soul. The voice of the soul can no longer be ignored, many of those who have yet to be awakened will begin to find a need to seek spiritual fulfilment, they may experience a feeling of vast isolation, loneliness or emptiness, until they realise they must seek spiritual understanding, nothing will satiate the soul and its urging to find inner peace and balance.

Meditation on the second of February will greatly help you to align your energies to these new frequencies. If there are energy blocks within the physical body, or one is in need of healing, these particular frequencies will help with cellular rejuvenation, they will help the cells to restore themselves to their optimum levels as these frequencies recalibrate human DNA structure and vibration. It is essential that for those of you who choose to meditate on the second of February that you use the power of the breath to tune into the energy vibrations. Breathing rhythmically until a gentle rhythm is found is the way to begin tuning into these frequencies. Then focusing upon bring the awareness down into the heart, this is very important. As you enter into the heart chakra, try to connect with the rhythm of your own heartbeat. Feel the strength of the heart, ask to be taken to the seat of the soul and once there, you will find your sacred centre. Spend as long as you wish in this place, this is your God center, it is the place where all wisdom, all answers reside. Some of you may see prisms of colours, or feel new vibrations resonating through the body.

As these new colours or vibrations filter through your physical body, you will feel your heart chakra open fully, and for those of you who are particularly susceptible to energies, the new vibrational frequencies will create a new resonance within the heart chakra. If you can, take time to tune into that resonance. When you have aligned yourself to these new frequencies, you will find that you are lifted out of the heart and back into your physical body.

For those of you who have already learnt how to connect to the I AM presence, this will be a time of revelation, as the opportunity to discover the next aspect of your soul’s journey will reveal itself to you.  During this year, many light workers can look forward to an expansion of awareness that creates a clearer channel.

This new energy alignment will be at its strongest between the hours of 2am and 11am, of your own particular time zone. I hope that you will seize this opportunity to enhance your potential and insight.


Archangel Metatron.

Connect to the I AM Presence with Archangel Metatron today ….

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