Creation is constantly evolving and changing

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Greetings! I AM Ascended Master Melchizedek, and I come forth to speak with you this day, for I know that you seek answers to questions regarding the tapestry of light; and whilst I may be able to shed some light upon your questions, it is important to know that the desire to know God, in particular the mind, the thought of God; this is not something which in your current human form, and level of consciousness, you can fully conceive.

I am an orchestrator of light, working together with Archangel Metatron. We help form and maintain harmonic light radiation and energy, which we refer to as the breath of God, so that all energies of creation are in balance. Whilst in human form, it is very difficult to see and feel the inter-dimensional vibrations of God’s consciousness. Yet, when you look around you, the essence of God is there in all creation for all to see. Every creation holds and radiates light, and this is how you are known to us. When you are together, we watch and are aware of the interweaving of those light radiances of your Divinity.

Together with Archangel Metatron, we maintain your physical environment, your universe’s environment and the underlying matrix of energy for all God’s creations.

Jill: When you say all of God’s creations, do you mean other universes?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: Yes and even beyond that.

Jill: What do you mean, beyond that?

Ascended Master Melchizedek:  Beyond the universes, are pinpoints of light and vibration which are bringing into existence new dimensions, new planes of creation. With each level of creation, there are Archangels who work for the greater good of all.

Jill: I wanted to learn about the hierarchy of our universe and wondered who was who, and in what order.

Ascended Master Melchizedek: Remember that it is very difficult for you to perceive and understand in your current manifestation, that there is no hierarchy. There are different dimensions, but yet they are intrinsically the same. One cannot exist without the other. Within the beauty of the cosmos and its galaxies, our understanding of the greater good means, each role, each duty performed, is for all, so each role is just as important as any other.

Perhaps in order to understand us better, know that our whole purpose is created from love and desire to serve others. Our breath, our energies, understand that when we radiate, emanate energy. We sustain, enlighten and assist others, and yet, in doing so, we create harmony and experience the beauty of God’s creations. In your physical reality, humans have turned away from this, when you look, each human seeks to serve only the self, without a thought for others. When one seeks to serve the self, the energies transform to negative energies, because there is nothing to sustain and feed the positive energies. When this happens, the desire for dominance and power grows. This in turn creates the need to do whatever needs to be done, to serve the self; thereby creating energies that will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to maintain the welfare of one. The desire to serve just the self is not in harmony with the laws of creation, and it is this that creates the cruel and unpleasant experiences in life.

When a soul seeks to serve only itself, many hard lessons must be learnt. This is where the creation of evil arises. Many believe the evil exists outside of God, but it is a necessary energy, so that through absorption of experience, one can understand, and through ‘free-will’ choose a more harmonious existence. Just like sometimes a child has to touch a fire to understand the experience of pain of being burnt, so too must some of you experience evil.

Evil is born into being through the desire to serve only the self. Nature, the world around you, tries to teach you the importance of give and take. We understand that in giving, lies true power, true happiness, for we all share together joy, love, peace, and we rejoice that God has given us the gift of existence.  Sadly there are hardly any souls in human form who are willing to sacrifice themselves.

Jill: Sacrifice themselves? Do you mean die?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: No! Remember that physical death is not the end. Sacrifice is to know within yourself, that the greater good of the world is more important than serving the self. Sacrifice doesn’t mean you lose everything. It means you honour God, knowing that in serving others, you become Divine. For those of you who have read your Bibles, Jesus taught of giving, of serving others. It is sad that even now, you all have not taken the quintessential points, that if you truly wish to have happiness and harmony, you must serve each other. Jesus came to teach all of you that when you give, you become free. Every day, God gives you warmth, light, and energy from the Sun. At night you are given the moon to reflect upon your day.  Many of you seek to be spiritual, but you are not, for you only seek to serve the self.

When you go to church, to a spiritual meeting, you may kid yourself that you are there to learn, but you show your true desire to serve the self through the need to gain recognition from others. You seek to attract attention. You seek to take knowledge and then use this for yourself, as a way of showing dominance, up-manship over others.  The desire to serve the self seeks to tell others of what you know, as though you are the most important.  When this happens, we see a pale shadow of light, instead of the beautiful light, colour, movement and sound, of those that give. Spirituality means to give of the self, purely to help others.  Within each and every one of you lie a trillion aspects of strength, love and beauty.  Seek only to share knowledge when asked for it, for this is a sign that a student is ready to learn.

Within the space-time continuum of your universe, there are those souls who are content to live a life of simplicity. There are those who seek to understand thought, to understand existence, and to understand God.  There are limitless possibilities open to each of you, but if you seek the pathway of happiness and true understanding of God, seek to serve others, as we do.

Within the solar systems, galaxies, universes, there is magnificence which are mere reflections of God’s imagination. Colours, energies, light, sound, vibration; each existing in pure geometry. Everything exists as a whole. Each layer of energy requires the other to exist. You are all part of this existence.  The Parable of the Unjust Steward speaks of this. Understand that there is a lot more happening than you can perceive.

Jill: So if you don’t have a hierarchy, how do you know who should be doing what?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: Each Archangel and Ascended Master assigned to your universe has a particular office, for their energies of service support. They are created with specific energies to serve, not just humanity, but also the different dimensions of creations in a particular quantum field.  This means that each Archangel or Ascended Master has the ability to work, not just dimensionally, but also inter-dimensionally.

Jill: So where do angels come into this?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: Each angel is assigned, similarly to the Archangels. It is considered an honour to work within particular energy fields, and help maintain energy balances within that particular office.

Jill: So what office do you have?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: I have the honour of supporting God’s consciousness from a molecular perspective. Every atom, molecule, microcosm and macrocosm I have knowledge of. Every form of creation holds a soul, and it is on this soul level, together with Archangel Metatron, that we serve God.  Each molecular structure is held in form through consciousness. Each form holds and radiates geometric form, and each form creates a prism of light which reflects back to God. Everything created is constantly changing, like watching a film unfolding. Each change creates new geometrical forms, and I am responsible along with Archangel Metatron for balancing these changes.

Jill: Is there anything God has created, that is finished, and remains as it was originally created?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: No. Everything in the universe is evolving and altering.

Jill: So from this, would I be right in believing that Archangels and Ascended Masters are evolving and changing too, even God?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: Yes. Each facet of light is moving, building, shaping and re-shaping itself. Each form is in a constant state of change.

Jill: This is brain-aching to try and understand. If I understand what you are saying correctly, it sounds like we will never have all the answers. We will never find this ‘thing’, fill this ‘ache’ inside of us, to understand, to make sense of our existence. The more I ask, the more daunting it becomes, I just don’t get what it is we are supposed to be, supposed to do, and most importantly why?

Ascended Master Melchizedek: You are not meant to. That is not what matters. Within all creation lies consciousness. You are God. I am God, and you are in existence in a particular form. You are God consciousness, the I AM that I AM. You have the ability through consciousness to exist in any concept you wish. In your current form, you are experiencing the ability to create. Each day you show a different expression of who you are, and this light, this energy, reflects back to God. Everything is so intricately created. It is so beautiful that you cannot conceptualise this. Just as your mind is not blank, neither is Gods. As you continue to build upon your knowledge, your experience, so too does God.

Your current physical life offers you the opportunity to infuse your expression of self within the world. You all seem so unaware of this. You blindly accept life is this way, or that way, and it is so far removed from the truth. You are evolving constantly, and if you are evolving, you can alter for better, or worse, the experiences and level of joy you have within your life.

You are an illuminated soul with your own form, your own beauty. All of you are so incredible. You all have the ability to serve each other, and create a light so bright. This is what you should be rejoicing in. Life is not about focusing on the destination, it is about embracing the wonderful opportunity to express your consciousness, open yourself to the magic of intention, energy and creation. As you travel the highway of energies, each energy is a world within a world to be explored. Your existence is a gift, a gift without boundaries. You can expand if you wish, or remain as you are.  You can exist to create more light, or you can exist to decrease light. You can be all you want to be, or you can be as you are, but what you will always be, is an important prism of light, in the infinite whole.

Blessed be.

I AM Ascended Master Melchizedek.

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