Do You Worry About Being Overweight?

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Obesity Weight LossLosing weight is easy, right? Just keep your mouth shut. Seriously, though, we only gain weight when we eat too much and we get chronic disease from eating the wrong food. I lost 62lbs in 5 months. I couldn’t believe how the weight just kept dropping off. I was 17 stone 3lb and dropped to 12 stone 11lb, just by changing what I ate.

I tire from hearing the excuses, such as having children, getting older, drugs putting on weight. The hard fact is, we gain weight when we over eat for the needs of our body. I was 6 stone overweight; no, get real, FAT at (84lb) (38kg). I could have had excuses about mobility and age, but I get real; I was over-eating; AND I was eating the kind of food which is slowly killing us all. I knew why I was overweight.

I have lost 62lb and I still need to lose more; but I made a massive impact into being thinner. I lost 25% of my body weight in 5 months. I still need to be slimmer, but the massive change I made has improved my health immensely.

What I don’t fully understand, is when people say they are happy with their size, when they should know that being big creates so many debilitating diseases. Even worse, is being big and eating the wrong food. This accelerates the chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, varicose veins, thread veins, angina, cancer, osteoporosis, asthma, psoriasis, candidiasis, bronchitis, acid reflux, thrush, hair loss, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and much more.

Now, some of you may be in denial and shout, “Fat bully!” My passion is to educate people about how what we eat is slowly killing us; and then let you decide if you want to do anything about living a healthier, longer life.

What is your life expectancy? 60? 70? 80? Mine is 104. Being old isn’t naturally being decrepit; it’s just normal in the Western World, because of what we eat, and our lack of exercise. We are designed to live way beyond 100 years, and be fit and healthy, but our eating habits are killing us slowly.

When you are overweight, your organs are working overtime and so your immune system is compromised. This means you are generally susceptible to more illness than a thinner person. If, on top of that, you are not eating the right food, your immune system is further compromised and you develop illness and chronic disease. Chronic disease is slow growing debilitating disease, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


The latest news in the UK from the Government, is to introduce foods with lower saturated fat. What a joke! It will make no difference to reducing the obesity epidemic. Education about food is what is needed. Simple bite-size  bits of regular information. Let me give you an example.

Lack of sunlight on your skin in the Northern Hemisphere means you produce less vitamin D3, which you need to produce calcium for bones and help your immune system function properly.

  • It is crucial for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, for the maintenance of healthy bones.
  • It is an immune system regulator.
  • It arms the immune system against disorders like the common cold.
  • It reduces the risk of developing multiple sclerosis and can reverse it when taking enough vitamin D.
  • Has a key role in helping the brain to keep working well in later life.
  • It plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body weight.
  • It can reduce the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms.
  • It reduces the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It protects you from radiation damage.
  • The right levels of vitamin D have a significantly lower risk of developing cancer.
  • Low levels of vitamin D increase the risk of heart attack and early death.

So what is YOUR current level of vitamin D3 in your body? Do you know? If not, it is a great example of the way we are not being educated. If you go to a Doctor for a check-up on wellness, the chances of you being told you are low in vitamin D are slim. And if you don’t go to the Doctor, what chance do you have anyway?

The medical profession put a safe limit of Vitamin D3 at 75 n/mols. The medical profession work on the basis of crisis management, in that if you have less, you are definitely in danger. You should be working on getting your body in excess of 150 n/mols. People in sunny climates have less of the problems listed above. When I was diagnosed with cancer, no Doctor told me about vitamin D3. I researched it myself and paid, yes paid, £25.00 for a test, which showed me I only had 32 n/mols in my system.  That was a major reason I had cancer.

Now I am beating cancer. I have 200 n/mols in my system regularly and it is part of what I am doing to beat cancer, heart disease and arthritis.

When you are overweight, you can change the way you eat, lose weight, and get healthy. Anyone can do it. You can reverse the heart disease which you are growing. You can reverse diabetes. You can reverse cancer.

If you want to know how this is possible and how to lose weight without going hungry, come along to our Master Class: Eating to Live.



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