Embracing Change – Archangel Haniel

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Beloved ones, the energies surrounding your planet today, may make those of you who are sensitive to energy vibrations feel a little unsure. You may well feel you are on the brink of something, but not know what, or how, these changes will apply to you. The universal flow of energy is working to help create great change in how you view each other, and the world as a whole. It may seem that the world is quite mad, but in order to create balance, the new vibrations have to reach to the far end of the polarities.

When vibrational energies affect both polarities, it can seem as though everything is colliding, falling down, but this is not the case. These energies are to help eradicate separateness. Those of you who are afraid of being vulnerable, those of you who are afraid of differences, will all be challenged to overcome your fears, judgements and beliefs.

Trust is essential at these times. Trust that the universal energy of love, of creation, is working very hard to support and lift you all. Focus upon possibilities, not problems. Any issues you experience today, meet head-on, make decisions and cut to the core of what needs to be dealt with. As the veils of illusion become thinner, be quick to pick upon your own spiritual lesson today, whatever it may be. Learn to recognise what your spiritual test of the day is. If you’re not sure, ask to be shown. Ask to feel in your heart, what it is that you need to learn, either about yourself, or a situation.

Most importantly of all, believe and trust in us, for we surround you in violet light, to keep you cleansed and protected at all times. 🙂

Blessed be

Archangel Haniel

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