I AM Pregnant

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It is with great joy that I announce I am pregnant.

Surprised??? Well not as surprised as I was when I was told by the angels this news, I had no desire to step into the shoes of Mother Mary, lol

However, I now see how true this profound statement is….

No matter how old we are, no matter what stage of life we are in, we are all pregnant, yes even the men are pregnant, so how does it feel to be pregnant?


You and I are pregnant with possibilities, with new beginnings, with new potential, with new ideas, with new dreams. What we have to be careful of is whether we nurture our seeds of potential or we allow them to wither and die.

The seeds of success, abundance, happiness, fulfilment, love, health live within us, our thoughts water those seeds. Your thoughts will determine whether you have a great harvest or face austerity. Your thoughts will determine how low or high you go.

Today is a brand new opportunity, a brand new you, you can change who you are if you want to, you can improve upon who you are if you want to, you can go from lack to abundance if you want to, it just boils down to what seeds you choose to water within your own mind, with the thoughts you have.

Take just a few moments to consider already since you woke up what seeds you have been watering and whether you are tending the correct part of your mind’s garden.

It is time to break free of the ‘barely get by’ mode of thinking, that thinking that tells you you’ll never get a pay rise, never get out of the debt you’re in, never get out of the rut you’ve created for yourself. Well now, it is time to focus on your pregnancy, when a woman is first pregnant, she doesn’t look any different, but as the months’ progress, as she nurtures and focuses on what is growing inside her, great transformation takes place.

So guys, focus on your pregnancy, will you choose one thing to nurture or will you have multiple births?

I believe that greatness is growing inside of each and every one of us, prosperity, peace, abundance, success, happiness, love, fulfilment are all inside us, just waiting to be nurtured. I hope you will focus on watering your seeds, your dreams, your possibilities.

Don’t put off writing that CV or Book, don’t put off applying for as many jobs as you can, don’t put off being the best you can be, even if you don’t like your job, start to love your job, knowing that you are in the process of giving birth to a new career and in the meantime, you will do the current job to the best of your abilities, so your qualities and your inner light shine into the world.

Trust in your abilities to give birth to the greatness that lies within you…. Have a fabulous day, month, year guys