Important Energy Shifts for Indigos & Planetary Healers – Archangel Metatron

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Blessings, my guidance today is specifically for those who are attuned to the indigo vibration and planetary healers, for now those working upon the indigo gateway will experience a major transition and you will recognise it as a transient period which opens new doorways and encourages you to begin working towards that which you agreed to do, prior to incarnation.  Messages and impressions will now come to you through your dream state, and to help you, beings called the Travellers from distant universes will reach your consciousness and connect with you from a great distance. These travellers  are extremely tall light beings, do not be afraid of them, will not harm you. They have been specifically chosen to help  you fulfil your mission. Expansion of awareness on a holographic level will become clearer and as you tap into your soul’s mission, be prepared for others to feel you have changed and are not the person you once were. Do not concern yourself with others feeling, or saying, you are different. Just reassure them that you are still you. Healing energies will be extremely strong at this time and when healing others, they may experience a healing crisis, therefore try to harness and temper the strength of your healing when dealing with others.

New coding’s will  be given to you. You will find yourself in unique and unusual situations where you are there to help bring resolution and healing. This is a historic spiritual expansion programme that is about to take place.  Within the next month, many healers and indigo’s must unite on a mass consciousness level to bring about healing on an evolutionary scale. This means that during this time, many healers and indigo’s will be encouraged to disconnect from lower entities, individuals and situations which stress the energies within them and their environments. It is very important that you watch and listen, a period of solace and silence will help you pick up the signs of when and where you are to bring in the healing energies.

As your move onto July, these influential frequencies will dissipate, as the healing resonances that emit from your Auric and emotional bodies are anchored into Mother Earth.  Be careful at this time, to be discerning about the resonance energy from others, as others may well seek to steer you towards their cause. You must stay focused upon your own cause by sitting and sending healing into Mother Earth and consciously choosing to send loving thoughts and blessings to all things.  The travellers will help you stay on track. They are merely assisting you fulfil your role, you may well have to leave behind tasks or responsibilities you were dealing with on a physical level and resistance will only make matters worse.  As healers and indigo’s you are instrumental in helping the energies align, you are encouraged to relax your hold on the physical, surrender physical life concerns to God. Take hold of the reins which  you choose to hold and begin to work with the colour indigo, implant this into Mother Earth and weave this indigo light into a figure on eight, connecting the cosmic consciousness with the consciousness of Mother Earth and all who inhibit the planet. Some of you will be drawn to plant programmed crystals to create new energy portals and grids which will connect around the planet over a period of six months.  During this time, be very strict about the energy (food) you consume and get plenty of sleep 🙂

We thank those of you at this time for being part of a higher consciousness which is working towards creating open hearts and oneness in all things created.

Blessed Be

Archangel Metatron


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If you’re already being affected by these energies, please share your experiences here, to help others who may be unsure of what they are getting.

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