Increase of White Orbs Heralds Times of Great Change – Archangel Chamuel

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white light angelAs the spiritual realm prepare to activate and anchor accelerated healing, it is possible for light workers to see large masses of white orbs over the next few days.

For those who see spirit, please don’t be alarmed or concerned at seeing so many spiritual orbs. Please understand the energies at this time are working to awaken everyone to ancient wisdom. In your fast paced society, the ‘want it now’ attitude is creating much misery and illusion.

On the 30th September  there will be a series of unexpected spiritual sightings, as the angelic energies pour forth to heal and strengthen humanity at this time. This may well cause some people to feel a deeper commitment and bond to one another as the energies usher in great change. What was once considered old or antiquated, will once again become the new accepted way of doing things. Honouring your ancestors, and they way of tradition is now being brought back to help re-establish community and sharing of knowledge.

Some people will desire to reconnect to those who they have lost contact with. Memories of childhood, parents, happy family times may well arise in your hearts so that you yearn to experience belonging and togetherness once more. The next few days is a time of great healing for the heart chakra, use this time to reorientate yourself in memories of traditions, times  of innocence, truth, love and freedom.

True love and wisdom always stands the test of time, and if you believe in something enough, you can manifest into being. Although life seems particularly harsh, if you look you will see things are beginning to change for the better. You are called upon to ensure you don’t compromise on standards of quality, truth and morality.  Mother Earth calls for you to connect with the healing energies at this auspicious time. Feel the sun, rain, wind and allow yourself to be cleared of unwanted feelings, emotions, habits which no longer serve you.  When you spend time with Mother Nature, you can often gain a new perspective, embrace this positive time of inspiration and healing.


Archangel Chamuel

If you experience any of the above, please share your experiences with us, capture pictures of any orbs you see this magical time ,and send them to us, to share with others via email. It sounds like it will be a great day for healing, meditation and consciously assessing where we are at in our spirituality and physicality.


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