Let it be – transcend your fears – Archangel Jeremiel

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As the new galactic energies of the universes connect with mother earth today, the energies may well draw you towards your fears, doubts and for some an acute sense of aloneness. This soon will pass, but it is important to recognise your thoughts are vibrational energy, learning to change your vibrational energy can dramatically affect the experiences you have and also the future events that have yet to unfold.

A stronger connection is available today offering you the opportunity to connect to the Arcturian’s to access emotional release, healing and transformation. Make a point of going outside just for a few minutes,  closing your eyes, visualise a white corridor of light beaming down from the cosmos into your crown chakra, feel yourself being pulled up into this corridor of white light, give permission for the angelic realm to help you transcend these negative energies and connect with the fifth universal vibrational energy levels.

You will feel yourself lift into your higher self and then when you feel ready, slowly draw down these energies as you return back to mother earth. This will ensure you bring into your physical body, your higher vibrational energies which  will in turn affect your experiences and help you to feel much stronger. Spend one last moment in gratitude for being able to be upon the earth plane at this time and for all you have. Then return to your daily routine.

When you feel stressed or lost, this little exercise will help you to keep your energies up and remove the darker energies which at times can overwhelm you. I AM Archangel Jeremiel. For those of you who do not know me, I work with Archangel Azrael and I help soul’s review their lives and advise them on what they may wish to learn next.  If you need to find hope, if you need to develop your spiritual gifts, feel free to call upon me, Blessings. Archangel Jeremiel. xxx

9 thoughts on “Let it be – transcend your fears – Archangel Jeremiel”

  1. Hi. What a beautiful angel message! I can’t wait to go outside and try the meditation/visualisation today! Sounds so wonderful and like something I need! I also can’t wait to ask the angel Jeremiel for help in the future. Thank you so much Jill for sharing this with me/us. Greetings from Denmark

  2. hi jill my other half feels very down today he told me he has got feelings of aloneness, so i am going to tell him now to go outside and try the meditation/visualisaion, thankyou jill, see you soon love channy x

  3. I felt very drained today and lacking energy then this evening my car was playing up with the alarm going off for no reason maybe it’s related to the message from jeremiel I’ll certainly say a prayer to him now so as my day comes to a close blessing s and love thanks for themessages

  4. Hi Jill, We are having a tough time at the moment so we went outside as a family and did this exercise in the sun sitting together on a wall. The boys had amazing experiences and both had visitations in their white corridor by different members of our family who are on the other side speaking words of comfort and wisdom and I was able to drift up to the utter peace and love of my higher self and feel peace. We all felt amazing all day and can’t thank you enough for this exercise.
    Love, peace and light. Nicky x

    1. How beautiful Nicky. Please don’t thank me, give your thanks to Archangel Jeremiel. Have a wonderful day and remember if you’re having a bad time, repeat this exercise to shift the energies. 🙂

  5. Yada, Yada, Yada. Nice advice, but nothing new. Just once, I’d like to read something that is really spectacular, something I can use to make a difference in my life or in someone else’s Don’t get me wrong. What’s been said is fine & dandy. And I believe in it. But honestly speaking, it just seems to be a rehash of what so many others have said…are saying. Give me something more substantial, please!

    1. Tracy, this message was given by Lord Melchizedek on 9 April 2008, after a reply from someone giving feedback on angelic guidance they had received. This person refused to embrace the messages and guidance, proclaiming they had already put it all into practice and were still no further forward. You may find it poignant.

      “I AM Lord Melchizedek and I come to you on the rays of wisdom to bring you enlightenment about the message you are to receive. Firstly I wish to emphasise that at times, when a message, or guidance is given from spirit, the soul can sometimes feel that it has already perhaps dealt with whatever has been emphasised. However, had this been the case, then there would not be any need to draw your attention to such things now.

      When one creates expectations, then one cannot be fully open to learning, or embracing, aspects of the whole. Sometimes guidance is given to help you understand, psychologically, why you are like you are, and perhaps give you a truthful vision of how others interpret your energies. Sometimes guidance is given to help you connect for your own growth, rather than seeking profound experiences for ego’s sake or feelings of worthiness.

      It is not our intention to point fingers of blame, or judgement, but to help you perhaps comes to terms with who you are, and thus enable you to lay old programming or your spiritual blocks to rest. Therefore, whichever angel, guide, Ascended Master or Extra-Terrestrial guide comes forward, please acknowledge that perhaps deep inside, there may be aspects that you have buried long ago, and presumed they are gone, but in reality, these aspects need releasing to enable you move on.

      As it appears we cannot help you get what you want, we have removed you from our database, so that you may search for what you want elsewhere, we wish you all the very best for the future.

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