Making Your Connection To Your Angels And The Inner-Self Easy.

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If you are feeling disconnected or your mind feels heavy and numb, think of a particular angel you are drawn to and just mental note how your body feels and then say the name of your chosen angel. When you say the name of your angel, notice what happens to your body.

Some people may get a tickle on their nose, you may feel a sensation in your ears or heart. Just keep repeating the name and see which sensation keeps getting repeated within your body. This is where you can learn what area of your body can help you connect to the angel you wish to speak or connect with

When you feel a sensation, focus upon that area and ask the angel of your choice what you need to know right now. If a word comes up, it can be a keyword that will overlight the theme of your day. If you get a sensation, explore how that sensation made you feel, if you felt a pain in your stomach area, it may be more focus is needed. If you feel a sensation on your forehead, it may be you use your inner sight and see things more clearly.

Your angels can help you and guide you all the time, as soon as you consciously think and call upon an angel, you will receive guidance.

You might like to try this with different archangels, say Michael and Gabriel. Try not to do too many at once. Each Angel should have a different area through which they connect to you.