May the Force Be With You – Archangel Chamuel

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archangel chamuel

Archangel Chamuel:Today I come to remind you that every day you have the choice to be, and do, magnificent things. The force within, is a powerful tool, if you are wise enough to learn how to listen to it, control and use it. The inner-force is your unlimited potential. It is your strength, your voice of reason, your supporter, and sometimes, your critic. When you make time to meditate, you commune with the universes, you connect to your potential; and believe it or not, you can create and manifest with ease.

Manifestation requires you to use the force with your heart, mind and soul. When I speak of the soul, I speak of love, the energy of creation. If your heart, mind and soul are in alignment, the force within you is strong enough to create anything you desire. The mind must hold trust and belief. The heart must desire and need. The soul must use the force of love to bring into being.

What are your intentions for today?

How do you intend to use your force? How do you use your inner-force, when ideas, dreams or goals pop into your head? Do you allow others to over-shadow your force?

Always remember that even though you see yourself in physical form, you are one with the universe. Your seat of power lies in your force, and as you are one with the universe, you can create a heaven or hell for yourself. Your thoughts, your actions; are they aligned with divine will? Are you using your force wisely today?

Remember that within you lies great strength and potential. Will you waste that potential today with thoughts of ‘whatever’ or ‘what’s the point?’ Will you tell yourself that today you ‘WILL’ matter?

Food for thought beloved ones!

Blessed be.

Archangel Chamuel.


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