My first conscious connection to Metatron.

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On 24 April 2013, Metatron said to Jill, “If Glenn is willing to trust his own intuition more, I will be happy to give him further clarification, on the basis that he follows his instincts personally, rather than relying on you J. Perhaps he would prefer to ponder on what thought is?  I would prefer for him to focus upon direction, who and what he is ( J said with love ).”


On 26th April, I had woken at 6.00am and was dozing in bed. A thought came to me about where I lived until the age of 10 years of age. It was a council house at Lowedges in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. I saw myself taking a trip down memory lane, walking in front of the house and wondering whether to go knock on the door and tell the people living there, that I used to live there 50 years ago. I was thinking, “Would it be rude to ask them if I could look around at the changes?” And my thought was that it was. I saw myself knocking on the door and just saying hello, and explaining that if they saw me staring at the house, and walking around the house, it was because I used to live there. I thought nothing more about it.


Later that morning, Jill shouted, “Are you expecting anybody, there’s a car pulled up the drive?” I told her no, and that it might be someone enquiring about a reading from her, so she should go to the door. The doorbell rang. Jill went to the door. Then Jill came to me and asked me to see the man at the door, who had asked if he could take pictures of our house. Jill was a little put about, and wanted me to handle it.


I went to the door. There stood an elderly gentleman, looking sheepish. He introduced himself, and explained that he lived here 56 years ago, as an orphan when our home was a Dr. Barnardo’s orphanage. He was a year older than me. He lived here from being about 4 until 10 years old. He explained that he now lived in the Scottish West Islands, and was passing, whilst on a journey through England, and wished to take some photographs. He explained his wife was in the car and had asked him to take them from the road, and not bother us. He also said he wouldn’t dream of asking to see inside the house, but would love to take some pictures, for memories’ sake, of the outside. We stood and talked for an hour. I explained to him about the thoughts I had, earlier that morning, and how uncanny it was.


Later I explained to Jill. Jill explained that this is how she is given information when she does readings. She sees herself in situations, which she now knows are the situations of people sat in front of her.


Metatron had given me my first validated contact. He showed me, that morning, what was about to happen later that day. He showed me, using my own images. This is what Metatron was asking of me earlier; to trust using my intuition more. He had given me thoughts as a way of communication. Thought is the energy which accelerates all other energies. Thought creates the physical. Thought creates reality. Our connection to the Creator is through thought… mental telepathy. I just had my first lesson in how to trust my intuition, my clairaudience. It was bizarre!  

Glenn Harrison

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