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angel meditationFrom today, a period of emotional healing will take place upon Planet Earth. This means that those who are sensitive to universal energies may feel unusually emotional. Mass consciousness is currently like a pressure cooker waiting to release the steam, so many of you have not said what you wanted to say, or done what you wanted to do, that the emotional stress is calling out for release.

To stave off further worldly unrest, anger and frustration, the angelic realm are raising vibrational healing frequencies to interact with the hearts and minds of humankind, in an effort to help you all release any emotional stress, without the need for further pain, chaos, arguments and disruptions.

During this period of time, should any emotions or old hurts that rise to the surface.  You may find that old memories return, memories you perhaps thoughts had been dealt with. Just be in a state of openness and allow everything to rise to the surface. If you feel the need to cry, laugh, mourn or celebrate, do so. I would encourage you to just allow everything to unfold, breathe deeply and as you release your breath,  announce that you lovingly release your emotions and that you are now lovingly embracing the now.

This period of emotional healing will last  until the New Moon Energies on the 19th September. If you currently hold old behaviours, hurts or regrets, now is the time to release them for transformation. The angelic realm are waiting to help you unburden yourselves from anything you have kept locked up inside you.


Archangel Metatron

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