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Archangel Metatron - The Awakening

Is In Full Flow.


Archangel Metatron: Greetings! The awakening is now in full flow. Around planet Earth, many souls are opening up and beginning to be more aware of the need for peace, harmony and balance. The coming months will bring much change, and therefore, to ensure that inner-balance and harmony is maintained, we would encourage you all to focus upon maintaining spiritual discipline, meditation, prayer and gratitude as part of your daily life.

The old paradigm of patriarchal control, is now in the final stages of collapse. There will be many disagreements, upsets and conflicts in those areas that still continue to hold onto the old male domination paradigm. As the Ascension process continues, many of you will lose your obsession with money, as the recognition that the importance of family values and a spiritual sense of community, begin to take seed.

You will see countries such as China, Iran and Iraq taking the decision to only trade in their own currencies. This will create a deflation of the American US Dollar and the hold the United States has on the world trading markets. China itself, will not be devoid of losing its own grip of power too, as environmental events which unfold during the coming year, will also create a shift of focus away from monetary control and power, and more towards the welfare of its people.

The emphasis on letting go of control will appear as the major theme which runs through the early part of 2013. If you understand the wonderful opportunity for transformation which is at hand, you will have the opportunity to work upon manifestation. By letting go of your need to control, and by having a clear vision of what you wish to work on, you will find the ability to manifest and change your lives for the better becoming easier, and also more believable. As you begin to see manifestation happening in your lives, the experiences will give you the faith and strength to create even greater change.

Those who are highly attuned to their higher-self will find an array of information available, and the ability to connect with their original blueprint will reveal information which has lain dormant for thousands of years, to help with healing and understanding the true cause of disease. The coming year is one of pure potential, beloved ones. It is there for the taking, if you make time to integrate yourselves into ensuring the most important aspect of your lives is spiritual discipline, and personal self growth. The new energies and vibrational frequencies around your planet will help you to replace and release attachment to materialism. You will begin to realise that your lives need to change in every sense. Your physical bodies will require lighter diets. New diseases which will arise through this evolution process will be easily combated with sea salts. The bodily changes will require an increase in mineral salts.

Try to see this coming New Year as the biggest opportunity for you to move into self-empowerment. A need for self-sufficiency, letting go of limiting thoughts, settling for what is, fears, inhibitions - all of these can be released.

On a personal level, you will find yourselves beginning to question your life and the impact you have had in the world so far. You will look at the people in your lives, the roles you have chosen to take on, and begin to see that you have outgrown many of the people, situations and places you had readily accepted. Do not see this as a negative aspect; it is a positive sign that you are evolving and moving into a new paradigm shift, which offers you even greater possibilities.

It will be a year of accepting some people will be leaving the road you are travelling on, to travel on a different journey. It will be time for you to say goodbye to people, places and experiences which no longer serve you, and to ensure you maintain your new vibrational frequencies, you must celebrate your advancement. Give thanks for the experiences you have had. Remember, 2013 is not to be a time of regret, but a time of rejoicing.
During 2013, the increase in solar flares will signal your new alignment in the universes, and this will greatly affect your energies on a mental, behavioural and emotional level. Consider that your planet has made a quantum leap in evolution. These solar flares will greatly impact the global financial markets, as those still attached to the old patriarchal themes try to cling steadfastly to maintain control.

You will see the financial markets take an even bigger fall, and people will awaken to the need to return to a more simple way of attaining what they want, through fair exchange. It is important to not see this as a negative experience. The only way for you all to realise how important it is to be self-sufficient and self-reliant, is to take away the false sense of security you believe exists in your governments.

You will see a higher increase in the value of gold, and you will see Russia, China and Iran create a new way of international trading. As your institutions become more transparent, and you all realise they are unable to deal effectively with the changing times, the people will rise up en-mass and create a new communal way of living.

2013 will also awaken many to the potential dangers of the chemical and medical profession, as information is leaked about what really is inside the drugs being sold. A greater awareness will be required about the degree of poisonousness chemicals inside foods, drinks, pharmaceutical and beauty products, if you wish to stem a rise in mortality rates through terminal ill diseases. With the new energies, greater awareness for the need for holistic living will begin to take hold, and more people will turn towards natural therapies.

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light will be bringing new healing methods to help with your continued spiritual growth. You will also see an increase in the number of people who have the ability to see and connect with the angelic realm. It has been decided that more assistance is required on our part in helping you become part of the whole.

2013, beloved ones, is a time of blinding truth and a need for reformation, both on a physical level, and a spiritual level. Whilst chaos may be placed in front of you, you must learn to recognise an illusion, and step back from the chaos. You must all begin to recognise that the power to change, the power to maintain inner peace, has, and always will, remain within you. Do not get caught up and allow yourselves to be pulled back into the old paradigm.

There are those who claim to know everything about spiritual realms, healing and alternative medicine, but knowing about something doesn’t necessarily make you a master. 2013 is a year to work upon self-mastery. The single most important element for 2013 is listening, followed by learning. There will be those who, in spiritual circles, like to boast they know everything there is to know about angels, prophecy, divination, healing etc; and I would caution all of you to be wary of such people, for when the soul no longer needs to learn, then the soul no longer needs to exist on the physical level.

During 2013, rather than measuring your spiritual growth in length, we would encourage you to create greater depth. Return back to the basics of spirituality and discover how much you have forgotten, or missed. Focus upon the fundamental principles of meditation, the ancient forms of divination, chakra development and personal development such as empowerment, confidence, assertiveness and manifestation. Those who work on returning back to the basics, will see a radical shift in their energies, and an ability to connect at a much deeper level, opening up. Make a commitment during 2013 to really listen to everything that is said, and be willing not to offer an opinion, or comment, unless it is asked for. Make creating inner-peace your goal for 2013.

Be of the light.
Archangel Metatron.