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Golden Light HealingWithin the spiritual realm we are working to maintain harmony and peace. The energies within the Earth-plane are currently riddled with fear, so many of you are focused on elitist behaviour, and being overly-defensive. This has to change, and cannot continue if mankind is to function and evolve. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to reverse the universal energies in a bid to regain a balanced perspective, so you all are no longer oblivious to reality.

This means, for the next seven days, you may well feel emotionally as though you are on a roller-coaster. Those who seek to have power over others, to dominate and control, will lose their power or material success. We have noticed a growing need within humans to gain power, or material success, as a way of reinforcing to others that they are superior. Even in so-called spiritual circles, many spout the ability to channel, to cast themselves off as healing, or angel experts, and this undermines the true essence of spirituality.  It is becoming very tiring and sad that the love and acceptance God has for you, isn’t enough.  The need to appear more intelligent, or have the latest fashion or gadget, appears to be more important to so many of you, especially your children; and yet the desire to be more spiritual, and to know God, light, the one-conscious energy is ignored until a disaster or chaos strikes.

If mankind does not change its outlook, the material world will face further consequences. We have to dislodge the vast amount of dishonesty that is beginning to plague humans. Narrow-mindedness, self-abnegating attitudes and behaviours (self-denial of what you are doing or not doing); the ‘I AM alright jack’ attitude; is not conducive to creating Heaven upon earth.

If you are one of those souls I have just spoken about, then catastrophic events and suffering may be the only lesson you will understand. The Galactic Light Angels, along with the assistance of the Arcturians, are currently working very hard, anchoring golden-light in and around your planet, in an effort to counteract war, disease and further famine. Some of you need to experience a hard school lesson to get you back on track. If this applies to you, then this week may well bring disruption, as you learn to face your fears of loss of self-worth and material pride. The ego will find these new golden-light energies very hard to stomach. This is not a punishment, but a soul-rescue operation designed to help you attain genuine self-worth. The more you try to deny reality, the harder the spiritual lesson may be. We call upon all healers, and light-workers to join us so we can amplify and resonate the golden light to bring about peace and harmony.

These new energies will bring anger to the surface of those who suppress it, or hold elitist ideas. This is so the truth of hidden agendas, or deceiving behaviour, can be seem. These golden-light energies will try to redirect mankind’s love of war into finding new ways of resolving conflict. Greater communication is key between all of you at this time. Communication is the only way in which you can break down the barriers that exist between you. This not only applies to relationships; it applies to countries.

If you wish to experience peace and tranquillity during this chaotic week, ensure you express yourself clearly and honestly without intent to appear superior, or wound another’s feelings. Focus on filling yourself, your home, and the Earth-plane with golden healing-light so that you protect yourself from the nervous aggressive energies currently running rife through your planet.

Seek a period of being non-judgemental, and do not be drawn into the drama of those who must experience the breakdown of worn-out and distorted attitudes and behaviours, that no longer serve them.

I shall send you daily updates for the next seven days to assist you during this time. Your main spiritual priority for now needs to be on gratitude for what you have, for if we cannot stop the course of selfishness and materialism of the masses, you all may very well lose everything that you have. Gratitude, loving thoughts and non-judgement are essential during this hectic period.

Those of a nervous disposition may find a period of withdrawal from others helpful, and a vegetarian diet will assist nervous, anxiety attacks. Drink plenty of water also, as nervous energy greatly dehydrates the body.

Until tomorrow.

Blessed be.

Archangel Metatron.

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