Opening Up To New Healing/Channelling Frequencies

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Jill Harrison Psychic MediumToday, I was asked to sit in meditation by Archangels Metatron and Raphael. I was asked to open myself fully psychically and allow myself to be guided to a new way of channelling, a new way of accessing the angelic realm so that as we embrace the future, it will be easier and easier for all of us to reconnect to the spiritual realm.

The reason this information has come through at this stage is because the old ways have been watered down, amended and changed beyond recognition. I am told they no longer align with the new frequencies of healing energies which are helping humanity to evolve at this time. This doesn’t mean that healing therapies such as Reiki, Quantum Touch etc still won’t be effective, but we need to add another strand of energy to what has already been learnt.

Today I was shown that every soul has an energetic imprint, similar to physical DNA which can be switched on and off consciously. This switch lies within the heart chakra, and within the heart chakra, by accessing this switch, and ensuring we align our conscious frequencies at the correct time, we can open up new levels of communication.

When opening these new channels I was shown that the healing frequencies are not only heightened but exponentially increase. During this session, my hand chakra’s were radiating such energy, I was amazed at the energy and the strength that can be tapped into.

I have had the blessed opportunity to experience many spiritual insights, but these new frequencies truly are out of this world, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Why now I asked? I was told that many light workers are ready to create a shift in their healing ability but until now, their ability to connect with the vision the spirit realm has for us, has been somewhat clouded. Old energy patterns would often interlay the intended energies, along with fear of judgement from peers which meant many spiritual healers and light workers were afraid to step out of the mould of what one does or does not do.

Now the angelic realm are working very hard to help us break free from the patterns of the old ways and for those healers who wish to also step into the role of becoming an angelic-channel healer will find these new methods extremely easy to introduce into their practice.

I am told that I will be given further ritual and information on how to teach and share this information. Once I had received these new frequencies, I was able to instantly access a multitude of star codex languages, I didn’t fully understand what I was seeing, but I was  told that these codes are for the next part of my journey and that my soul understands them completely.

I was also told that I had been brought to Japan because the healing energies that are being awakened from here are key to our evolvement as a species. The eastern understanding and philosophy of energy and spiritual matters when it comes to healing, living in balance must now be resonated to the rest of the world.  Since I came to Japan, for the Japanese the most important aspect of everything appears to be the experience, the energy. The Japanese are focused on the energies and how this makes them feel.

When I first began the meditation, which consisted of me sitting quietly, I was then shown a specific breathing pattern by Archangel Raphael. As I began this breathing, like curtains covering a large cinema screen, I saw myself with streams of different energies wrapped around me. They looked like thick entwined branches of a tree. Piece by piece these entwined branches removed, they were snapping and falling down to the floor. I am told these were karmic contracts, old energy patterns and etheric links that I have held onto and they needed to be removed. When most of these energies were cut, it was amazing to feel a shift within my energies. My mind was alert, almost buzzing with truths that suddenly became so clear. The darkness of the past had gone.

Now I feel a completely different energy within my body and mind at this time and I wanted to share this experience, not to boast, but to convey that there are many changes coming our way on a consciousness level, a spiritual level and a physical level.

The more of us that can tap into these energies and understand the new healing aspects which are coming in, the more we can help others to embrace the authentic self, which is pure light and love.

I am told there is much work to be done here in Japan on an energetic level. The classes that I taught, I am told that most of them will become over this coming year obsolete, and that channelling light frequencies will be my new remit. The angelic healing methods to be taught are for those who wish to bring in higher spiritual frequencies to alleviate pain and disease. These methods will, I am told, open up the channelling abilities to higher realms.

I am to sit again this evening and receive more information, but so that I did not forget my experience I needed to write this down. I feel very honoured to have experienced such a profound energy. With the help of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel who are working with these new frequencies at this time,  it appears that much healing will be called for, both physically, emotionally and worldly.

Many will feel the need to set up healing groups specially to focus upon planetary healing. I am told that specific gate-keepers will be required to travel to specific parts of the globe to help open new energy fields and also close down other portals of energy.

This appears to be a very exciting time, one of great change for those ready to embrace these new energies. I hope that by sharing my experience today, it may resonate with some of you, who have been feeling the frequency changes.

There appears to be much work to do, but now I have been given this vision, I am confident it is a bright and positive future for humanity. Much emphasis will be on how we align our conscious energies. There is so much I have just experienced that I am still assimilating this, but will add further comments on my blog as I assimilate the information and experiences.

When I return to the UK, I am to make way to begin these new classes I am being given hopefully no later than May.

During today I was shown how to apply energetic frequencies to remove the etheric/karmic links and how to access other dimensional angelic healing energy levels using breathing techniques which feed and stimulate the pineal gland and open the connective energy portals between the heart chakra and the pineal gland.  I had not, until today, realised or experienced these angelic beings which work in another dimensional higher angelic realm, beyond our universe. It was amazing energy.

Tonight I am told that I will resume establishing new channelling connections and be shown how to use these new frequencies for self-cleansing. Once I have learnt how to do this, I will be shown how to connect to the various specific angelic frequencies to heal others.

I am told the more we all can learn to access these channels, the more ability we will have to connect with other spiritual masters that have previously not worked within our universe for greater advancement.

If anyone else has been experiencing either a specific calling or energies they can’t quite understand, please do share on here, this way we can hopefully support each other with the growing, caring and sharing.

Have a great day

Jill xx


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