Overcoming doubt with Archangel Haniel

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Archangel Haniel is not as well known as Archangel Michael, but if you’re in need of strength, Archangel Haniel can help you develop faith and determination to overcome any negative beliefs or fears you have. Working with Archangel Haniel and invoking his presence will help you tap into energies which encourage the soul to achieve that which it chose to experience in this lifetime.

Invoking the presence of Archangel Haniel is as simple as prayer… “I invoke the almighty presence of Archangel Haniel and ask for help in remaining in divine alignment with all that is. I ask for help in seeing my life from a higher perspective. Grant me the strength, faith and ability to overcome my present obstacles. Help my soul find enlightenment, protection¬† and healing at this time. Thank You”

If you feel obstructed in your spiritual path, Archangel Haniel will guide you through the obstruction. If you like to work with crystals in your meditation, to connect with Haniel try holding a piece of Gem Silica or Blue Danburite this will help you connect to his vibrational energies.

Archangel Haniel works through the coral vibrational ray which holds the spiritual lessons of learning to release co-dependency and enter into the presence of unconditional love and acceptance.  Tuning into Archangel Haniel and working with the coral vibrational colours in your meditations you will find you have the ability to connect with your higher levels of consciousness. As coral is difficult to visualise, you may want to try visualising orange and then toning this done by visualising white light, draw this light into your sacral chakra, feel it expand through out the body and give Archangel Haniel permission to integrate this colour into your physical body so that you may achieve a higher level of awareness and connection with the angelic realm.

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