Pork: To die for – Archangel Metatron Channelling

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Archangel Metatron: Greetings little one, you have asked for further insight as to why pork is not suitable for human consumption, and therefore, I feel it is important for you to understand that swine flesh is at the root of many of the ailments the human body is afflicted with.

The flesh of a swine contains many worms, parasites and toxins. A swine will eat anything that is put before it, including its own excretia, and even dead carcasses of its young. This means that within the flesh, there is an excessive amount of mesenchymal mucus. By eating this flesh, which is very similar to the flesh of a human, you confuse your auto-immune system, thereby programming your immune system to attack itself. This leads to swelling, and deposits of mesenchymal mucus, in and around tendons in the physical body, thereby creating the conditions you call arthritis, rheumatism and other auto-immune diseases.

(Glenn’s comment: You can check this above information out with many similar reports on the internet. The list of auto-immune diseases is massive, from Alzheimer’s to Wilson’s disease; alphabetically. The mesenchymal mucus leads to swelling and deposits of mucus in tendons and cartilage which cause firm human tendons and ligaments, to be replaced by the pig’s soft mesenchymal tissues, and degeneration of human cartilage.)  

The swine is biologically similar to a human; therefore many diseases are shared by both creations. As an example, if you look at medical research, you will find that pig insulin is often used as a substitute for human insulin. Swine, like humans, are intelligent creatures, and they do the land much service by filtering out many toxins that would otherwise poison the lands.

Only animals that eat a vegetarian diet are healthy for humans, due to their slow digestive process. The swine has a very fast digestive process, which is not effective at removing toxins from what it has eaten. Humans who eat swine-flesh are prone to absorbing these toxins, thereby creating acrid body odour and obesity.

(Glenn’s comments: When toxins are difficult for the immune system to get rid of, the body engulfs them in fat and deposits it around the body.)

When it comes to shellfish, again recognise they are scavengers of the sea, and as such, their purpose is to cleanse the sea of bacterial and viral contamination. In particular, now due to the heavy pollution of the seas, shellfish are prone to very high toxic levels of mercury and industrial contaminants. The health implications of this are extremely disastrous for humankind.

Recognise that the guidance given to you is because God, light, the one-conscious energy who created you, knows the best way of sustaining physical functionality. Although you cannot always comprehend our guidance, it is important to recognise that there is a very valid reason for our guidance, for it is our intention is to help you be free of disease, and rid humankind of suffering, and at worst premature death.

I hope this helps you Jill.

Blessings. Archangel Metatron

(Glenn’s comments: go to www.youtube.com and search ‘pork and coke’. Then do a Google search for ‘dangers of pork’. Then see if this link is still available:


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