Redefining & Reducing Magnetic Energies – Archangel Metatron

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As we are in the process of redefining and reducing the magnetic energies that surround your planet, this will create in many humans, a less aggressive nature. Unfortunately for some, it will mean they err more towards laziness and over-eating, than action. There will be a dramatic increase in the number of humans who are diagnosed with diabetes, through obesity, particularly in toddlers.

The reductions in magnetic energies mean within your area of the world, a higher increase in wind, and very changeable weather is most likely. The eclipses this year may also trigger serious earthquakes in Hungary, Pakistan, Japan and Columbia. These softer energies will also affect the governments, and many will seek to withdraw from those nations which are overly aggressive. This will not bode well for the USA Government, who continues to use fear and manipulation to influence the world. Already, new agreements are being put into place between India, Japan, Russia, China and Australia, to no longer recognise the American dollar as the currency of the world. This will have a great impact upon the United States of America and its people over the next five years. The United States Government are aware other countries are planning to no longer rely on the USA for support, and to stop this occurring, they are creating conflict in their own country and around the world, in a bid to try and keep themselves at the forefront of leadership.

Now I know that some could take our global update as negative, however, in order for change to occur, you have to be willing to see the debris and clutter that needs to be addressed. The more nations who look to focusing upon living in balance with the Earth will find themselves less affected. These energies that are being ushered in, are to help you all seek freedom from fear and domination. Those who try to control others will use ego as their weapon, to their own detriment, and you will see events unfolding which offer you all an opportunity to serve your fellow brothers and sisters. Instead of focusing on trying to control one another, your focus must be on loving one another. The spiritual lessons here are freedom and love.


The following refers to Glenn asking Metatron about his name. Glenn had worked out that Meta, means ‘after’ or alongside, in Greek, and Tron is God’s spiritual name.


Glenn: Tron is an ancient Geek word for an instrument. Metatron is the voice of God. A voice is an instrument. Tron is also defined as a sub-atomic particle. An atom is made up of protons, electrons and neutrons… a trinity. God is a trinity. God, father, Sun (no spelling error there); God, light, the one conscious energy; Mother, Father God. If Tron is a Trinity; is Tron the spiritual name for God. The name God, is the name we give, as is Allah, Jehovah, Wakuntanka, Ra. My name is Glenn, but I have a spiritual name: Yannai, which means ‘God will answer’. Jill’s spiritual name is Sukh Maur Ka. Angela, our friend, is Ellamora. Ian our friend, is Shallmai. How do I know? El Morya told us when trancing through Jill. So we have many incarnate names, but everyone in spirit has one spirit name. Is the spirit name for God, Tron? Since all things are created from atoms, it makes sense; and so this is the question I put to Metatron; is God’s spiritual name Tron?  


Archangel Metatron: Finally, I will answer a question which Glenn asked of me some time ago. My name Metatron means’ after God’, for I am ‘the energy which accelerates the energies of the universes’. As you are aware there are many names for God. However it is not so much the focus upon the name, but upon the energy and mathematical vibration created. I am the after energy of creation, with duality in all things; I ‘am’ and ‘am not’ God. Just as you are a part of creation, you ‘are’, and ‘you are not’ God. Your soul represents a ‘small element’ of God. I have said this specifically for Glenn to ponder upon.


The human consciousness does not have the capacity to understand the many complex structures of creation. Meta meaning ‘after’, Tron meaning, in spiritual terms, ‘the means by which all things come to pass’. I know you would prefer a simple yes or no, but all of creation is built on balance. If Glenn is willing to trust his own intuition more, I will be happy to give him further clarification, on the basis that he follows his instincts personally, rather than relying on you Jill. Perhaps he would prefer to ponder on what thought is?  I would prefer for him to focus upon direction, who and what he is ( said with love ).


Glenn: Pondering on thought: having a thought about what thought is. I realise that Metatron gave it to me. thoughts create the universes. Thoughts are electrical, or light. God is light. Metatron is, I believe, the part of the trinity of God, which is the one conscious energy. He is ‘the energy which accelerates the energies of the universes’. The energy which accelerates the energies of the universes is thought. God IS thought. We use God through our thought. Our thought connects us to God. Thought can create. We can create. we just haven’t tapped into the power yet. God is TRON.


We have been told by Metatron many times that they give us thoughts to prepare us for the future. Thoughts like ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’. The Tron Legacy sequel film from Tron, inferred that Tron was God. Well, wha’doya know?

Living the illusion, is when you only hear, what you want to hear, and disregard the rest.





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  1. Nicely put Glen. Don’t forget that all thought and action generates different vibrations and we respond according to the particular vibration (frequency)of our own minds and bodies. Colour, thought, sound, speech and light, are all different vibrations, so the calmer we are then the calmer is the vibration that others unconsciously recognise in us.

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